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Originally Posted by Erimus View Post
No they're not. The only similarity between the two videos is they're spaceships fighting in or around an asteroid belt. The video you provided is more akin to combat in Eve Online. It looks pretty slow and mundane.

The combat in the Elite dev video is fast paced and takes place actually inside the asteroid field - close up and personal to the actual rocks. David Braben is flying the lead ship and is purposely using the rocks as cover, making tight turns in and around them to shake off his attacker. He eventually clips one and explodes.

That's the kind of combat I'd want to see for small fighters. The Vendetta type combat is fine for large ships imho so hopefully there's a compromise for both styles.
Hello, I was actually the one who recorded the video footage TerranAmbassador linked to. I know it's hard to really tell what is going on from just a video with no narration / explanation, but the combat in Vendetta is far from what I'd consider slow, and it's certainly nothing like Eve online.

If you watch some of the rail shots (2 blue streaks) there is a window of maybe a few milliseconds in which I could have successfully landed a shot. The refire time on a rail is a couple seconds; that means if I miss I'm at a disadvantage for the next several seconds in which all kinds of accelerations may occur, totally changing the field of combat. In that sense, it "feels" a lot like I'd imagine firing an arrow from a moving horse would feel like. It has to be part prediction, part reflex. If the combat were sped up much at all, this would put things outside the realm of ordinary human reaction time.

The blaster fire tends to be more "spray and pray"; at least, it looks that way to an untrained eye. At an intermediate level, however, there are things like energy maintenance and distance control that come into play. At an advanced level, you actually get into things like staying off an opponent's line, and shot prediction. In other words, I may begin a burst knowing the first two shots will not hit, but using their trajectory to time my third shot in such a way to increase the probability of scoring a hit. This is all kind of esoteric stuff, but it comes after years of practice and training.

Dodging is about visualizing an imaginary line extending from an enemy's point of view, knowing what weapons s/he is deploying, their velocit(ies), and using one's momentum in such a way to bring him/her into one's own firing solution, while staying out of the way of all probable shots from other nearby hostiles as well as the target itself, which can be predicted by being aware of these lines.

If I could capture the essence of the thing, it would be part sword-play, part archery, part martial arts / grappling, in a space setting.

There are several flight modes as well, including control over whether or not one's thrusters will auto-correct the ship to keep one moving "generally forward" or not, and also a targeting computer which can be switched on or off. I tend to look at combinations of these as different styles which may be more effective than others in certain situations. This also lends some depth to the combat in Vendetta.

I hope this post doesn't come off like I'm riding in to defend "my game"; I just thought I'd give my 2 cents on the matter as a long time player.
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