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  • Valorin's Avatar
    Today, 6:57 AM · 505 replies and 24202 views.
    This is probably one of the most ridiculous threads on the forum...
  • Kubicide's Avatar
    Today, 6:55 AM · 505 replies and 24202 views.
    Well, did you pull together any useful stuff here, really? You didn't quote any facts with numbers. DB certainly didn't say any numbers - for all we know there may have been only one or two people working on Elite before he put another one or two on the team for Beyond. That would be doubling the number, and make a great sound bite for the media and fan base. He could also have folks assigned to support Elite part time in a matrixed staff, and then simply count them even though they may spend very little time on Elite. We just don't know. Consider this: Wiki site says Frontier has about 300 employees. Take that number and deduct about 40% for the employees that don't actually develop (managers, HR, sales, marketing, the big team of customer support, etc.). So there's maybe 160-180 folks developing one or two major titles, and also Elite. Do you really believe there's more than a few working on Elite compared to the demands of the new franchises?
  • M00ka's Avatar
    Today, 6:54 AM · 1 replies and 70 views.
    Oh I love (repeat for emphasis) LOVE seeing that message pop up. If they haven't specified the amount of the reward, you could find yourself 2,000,000 credits or more better off if you make the new schedule, Well that is what I have found, biggest bonus is have received is an extra 3.5m on a 12m fetch mission. Definitely worth making sure you make the new timeline.
  • Cari's Avatar
    Today, 6:54 AM · 9621 replies and 1108868 views.
    That's normal. The war state continues for another day once the assets change hands. The outcome is decided at the end of day 3 (providing you've hit the 3% / 5% lead), no matter what happens on day 4.
  • Ashnak's Avatar
    Today, 6:54 AM · 23 replies and 504 views.
    "A High-end small ship" he says, "too sluggish" he says - and misses the fastest and only truly high-end small ship in the Galaxy from his list? If you haven't flown an iCourier, you don't know what a high-end small ship is. You could say she's what an Eagle wants to be when it grows up. Of course, like with any other ship nowadays, you need a little bit (or not so little) of Engineering to make her truly shine, and a few scraps of Guardian technology also won't come amiss. I'm also really tempted to go for a Guardian Gauss Cannon, although the unmodifiable mass still puts me off. Meet Midnight Tango in her combat outfit. Currently, I'm at Rebuy Prospect for the race, but afterwards, I'll strip her again for >40 ly jump range and make a run for the Gnosis (where i've stocked the scouting gear) to join the expedition again.
  • Shnyrik's Avatar
    Today, 6:49 AM · 25 replies and 637 views.
    Shnyrik replied to a thread greatest hopes for Q4 in Exploration
    And a way to manage them, i.e. folders and filters.
  • IamMe's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 AM · 505 replies and 24202 views.
    Basic atmo landings in 2020 at best......beyond Q4 will be delayed in mid 2019.
  • Barking_Mad's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 AM · 505 replies and 24202 views.
    Thank goodness you're here to bring truth, wisdom and to shatter our false idols with your insight and knowledge. /s
  • Baton's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 AM · 70 replies and 6883 views.
    There were trees last time I checked, but you can never be too sure, sometimes things do not work correctly. . Synuefe PJ-D b46-10 is an icy body, fairly rare, maybe something does not work right in your client because of that, or FD has taken them away from icy bodies entirely. I am away from Elite at the moment, so cannot offer more help I am afraid. Yes, the arrow on your picture points to a perfect example of an ejecta crater, but the body has to meet the requirements listed in OP.
  • Jaylem's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 AM · 1 replies and 15 views.
    Not at all my friend, I relish the idea of more content that supports the narrative of the game and provide more immersion! :) You bring out a fair few points in this very detailed suggestion, most of which cover the one topic. variation (or wrinkles as you say ;) ) I admit personally that all the missions are repetitive in some way, the only odd events you encounter are maybe a pirate ship when you are trading? I can't think of much else. Chain missions have been done horribly, they almost never spawn, and when they do it will be something either ridiculously irrelevant (combat for cargo ships) or under paid. this is why a while back I suggested the system be removed and replaced with 'Operations' instead of 'missions'. Basically the Operation consists of numerous missions tied together for one big reward at the end. allowing for plenty of variation of rescue, trade, combat and surface operations. I agree with the random event idea, but not just for missions. the whole game could use these...
  • PublicWifi's Avatar
    Today, 6:25 AM · 39 replies and 886 views.
    Exactly. That's why I'm more then likely bringing a throw-a-way ship. A month is a long time.
  • CMDR Karrde Sun's Avatar
    Today, 6:25 AM · 1524 replies and 229421 views.
    Yep. Osx is still like that. At least in intent, osx is still a pure os, theres no services business model meta put ontop of it, and its far from an appliance as it was pitched a decade ago. Its only the most rare thing you get turned away from, and on hackintosh none. In the utility + development context its incredibly powerful to make your own. Too long ago now i used to main linux... funnily enough as a command line os i was in love. It was only when x got involved that it felt flakey enough to look elsewhere. OSX has an iron clad windows environment for graphics and a mouse. Having said, im sure especially with ubuntu doing what it does i'm sure its alot better these days. The OSX distro of bsd isn't too bad :P Lol given frontier is frontier id laugh if the stellar forge was being powered by a 400.
  • kiario's Avatar
    Today, 6:19 AM · 43 replies and 1396 views.
    Great, continue to train :)
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 6:14 AM · 23 replies and 504 views.
    Their new thrusters that came with the Engineers was enough; actually Engineering them is just to keep up with the then new meta regarding viability, though of course more agility and speed is a good thing in general.
  • Commdor's Avatar
    Today, 6:11 AM · 31 replies and 916 views.
    Just to clarify, Hudson technically isn't up for re-election next year. Federal Presidents are elected to a single term of eight years, and face an automatic vote of no-confidence in Congress after four years (although Congress can also approve a motion for a vote of no confidence at any time, as seen with Halsey). If a Federal President survives the vote, then they continue their term. If they fail the vote, they are removed from office and the Shadow President (the leader of the opposing party) then attempts to gain Congressional approval to form a new administration; if the Shadow President's administration is approved, then he or she becomes the new Federal President, but if it is rejected, then a full election is triggered. Full elections are also held when a Federal President completes their term and leaves office normally. Assuming Hudson survives his vote of no-confidence (which is the most likely outcome at present considering there's no indication that he is unpopular) and completes his term, we...
  • Cari's Avatar
    Today, 6:06 AM · 30 replies and 758 views.
    In the video I saw on YouTube, there was only 2 ships attacking you. And you logged out to avoid destruction. Assuming it was the same incident?
  • CrazyDiamond's Avatar
    Today, 6:02 AM · 9621 replies and 1108868 views.
    Had a new one for me last night - the system is in War when in the system, it's in War on Galmap, my faction is in War on the faction summaries in all its systems. In fact it's been in war for 4 days and I was expecting it to be resolved today. However despite being in War and still having CZs all over the system, and the mission boards spamming massacre missions as usual, the system and the only asset in the system had been handed over to my faction already. Is that normal? I thought it only got handed over when the War had ended and was resolved?
  • Ashnak's Avatar
    Today, 6:01 AM · 4 replies and 74 views.
    Broo is level 3, so of you haven't unlocked the preceding engineers you won't see him in-game . But The Dweller also does bursts up to grade 3.
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