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  • Curvemn17's Avatar
    Today, 3:08 PM · 22 replies and 210 views.
    I agree. It should be way more than just buying the modules. Personally, I’m not in it for the modules and I quite enjoy it. The key I think is finding where your power communicates it’s plans for that cycle. The first time I pledged for a week I hauled a litle to a system based on what was in the PowerPlay map. This is very misleading for 2 reasons, 1 is 5C people that are trying to sabotage that power. The other is you simply have no idea what the priorities are that cycle, are they trying to fortify, undermine, snipe, expand. It makes a huge difference to find how the group coordinates its efforts and then PowerPlay takes on way more meaning than just module shopping.
  • iggy097's Avatar
    Today, 3:08 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    iggy097 started a thread [Connection] Lost Connection To Server in Elite Support
    Lost connection probably 10 times this morning, gave up playing for now. Anyone else?
  • BongoBaggins's Avatar
    Today, 3:07 PM · 12 replies and 117 views.
    BongoBaggins replied to a thread 89%... in Xbox One
    88% deadly here with the same problem. I don't think I can do it
  • Ninj's Avatar
    Today, 3:07 PM · 28 replies and 573 views.
    Small world. Just outside Oswestry:
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 3:07 PM · 47 replies and 838 views.
    Galmap is fine in vr when set up. The system map is awful however as just too slow. Generally I just don't use it
  • rlsg's Avatar
    Today, 3:07 PM · 383 replies and 11407 views.
    Again with the min-max arguments... the point is even without the sacrifices required for the min-max builds the Beluga, Orca, and Dolphin are ALL viable from an operational perspective when considering tour missions. So what if you can min-max to the wazoo and get better performance out of any given ship - the fundamental point is that they are viable options without doing that. Viable meaning you can earn at least the rebuy with-in a reasonable time frame. As for the rebuy of the Beluga, it is the pilot's fault if they over-spend and fail to manage the rebuy levels appropriately. Even with the upper level of the rebuy for the Beluga, a single 4 group tour trip should more than cover the rebuy - and the risk associated with such missions is typically very low IME. Even if the Beluga does happen to get interdicted, the SLF capability is not to be underestimated as either an effective distraction or an effective wingman. Whether it is a Beluga, Orca, or Dolphin - personally I would not be considering...
  • CMDR labrunning's Avatar
    Today, 3:06 PM · 22 replies and 210 views.
    Bi weaves don't really work for me as I have a deadly combination of neither the presence of mind to fly away to allow the recharge or the wisdom to know when to back down ;-)
  • Narfiam's Avatar
    Today, 3:05 PM · 12 replies and 325 views.
    Gracias, no sabía que se podía configurar eso con teclas, la verdad es que con la cantidad de horas que llevo ya jugadas aún no he mirado con detenimiento la vasta lista de asignaciones al teclado, solo busco lo que necesito cambiar en un momento dado. PD: No me deja darte rep.
  • Tiny_Rick's Avatar
    Today, 3:05 PM · 8 replies and 113 views.
    I really wish we could do this on PS4
  • CMDR labrunning's Avatar
    Today, 3:05 PM · 22 replies and 210 views.
    To Thanks Bob. I'll just have enough time to get a nice spread of prismatics hopefully. I seem to recall Sandro upping the module storage for 3.0 quite considerably too!
  • varonica's Avatar
    Today, 3:03 PM · 259 replies and 23234 views.
    CMDR Varonica 23rd Feb 3304
  • khaos526's Avatar
    Today, 3:02 PM · 8 replies and 113 views.
    Great having that progress thing is good, though knowing me, I'll still be maxing everything up to 100% I'm sure. I've always manually entered in my data into Coriolis and then exported all my ships data after so that I never have to enter it all in again. How do you import all the data first into Coriolis without having to enter in everything from the start? Didn't know that was possible?
  • mpfj's Avatar
    Today, 3:02 PM · 17 replies and 521 views.
    Awesome job ... +1
  • The-DemoWolf's Avatar
    Today, 3:02 PM · 3 replies and 38 views.
    o7 for the sapill lawman
  • stormyuk's Avatar
    Today, 3:02 PM · 5 replies and 83 views.
    stormyuk replied to a thread Question about ELWs in PlayStation 4
    While he has a glitch there the texture is much, much, much, much sharper than Wilfreds OP.
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Today, 3:02 PM · 7 replies and 70 views.
    Bank loans (for insurance) has always been in the game. They massively increased the amounts a while back back. Loan amount is based on your highest rank, up to 10 million credits at Elite rank, it used to be max 600,000cr. You pay the loan off gradually through your ingame earnings.
  • Han_Zen's Avatar
    Today, 3:00 PM · 1817 replies and 170608 views.
    When I find Raxxla, I will tell here as soon as I see it. Then I will have an RL emergency and someone else will get there first. :p
  • Mrjupp's Avatar
    Today, 3:00 PM · 170 replies and 52530 views.
    May the Creator be Praised. For our Faithful have expanded our influence into the Feudal system of Yu Shanwen. Our Faithful are now spreading the Holy Writ of the Sacred Text of the Creator to 23 star systems and control 28 bases with a current war to capture a 19th system embracing our Faith. Sacra Oculus will welcome Commanders seeking to embrace their Spirit and join us in our Sacred Undertaking to bring everlasting salvation to the Galaxy.
  • Bomba Luigi's Avatar
    Today, 2:59 PM · 12 replies and 217 views.
    Planet Wilson is actually a good place for that, aside from deep canyons to jump down and lose your ship in there there are also other parts of the planet where you can find giant mountains like that one: Got back in the recent beta there just for fun and to do some recless beta jumping (thanks to very low gravity without explosions) Alltough I completley lack any concrete coords, would have to go back and look. Tough places for base jumps are plentyfull, cruise around a bit in SC around the planet and you gonna stumble upon something pretty soon. Only downside is its about a 1000ly travel from the bubble.
  • Dommarraa's Avatar
    Today, 2:59 PM · 2 replies and 14 views.
    Additionally, it does not contribute to increasing your Rep with the Engineer (but you are level 5 already right, so it doesnt matter), nor can you apply any different/new specials
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