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  • Major Klutz's Avatar
    Today, 9:30 PM · 157 replies and 10510 views.
    Do they send a friend request to the same name as the group?
  • dizzoballs's Avatar
    Today, 9:29 PM · 2485 replies and 239534 views.
    Someone in a facebook group I am in says wrote that FD has confirmed that the system Raxxla is in has been honked. I assume this is ?
  • Krash's Avatar
    Today, 9:29 PM · 9 replies and 49 views.
    Lowest size A grade you can get away with, saves on weight too, which is definitely what you want.
  • Wobblin-Gobblin's Avatar
    Today, 9:28 PM · 6 replies and 180 views.
    Wobblin-Gobblin replied to a thread Newsletter 228 in Newsletters
    Cards for zero for LTP-owners? Meh, keep them. I'd like to have some REAL news about the upcoming :rolleyes:
  • Ebel's Avatar
    Today, 9:27 PM · 9 replies and 49 views.
    Enter it into this site and try again.
  • Space Mage's Avatar
    Today, 9:27 PM · 397 replies and 8117 views.
    That would be excellent. Already happens to some extent among powerplay factions that are committed to open play. For example recently my group helped some Feds win an expansion and were paid by joining wing missions that the Feds did for us and collecting the rewards. It was a great bit of emergent content.
  • ExoForce's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 PM · 42 replies and 2372 views.
    ExoForce replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Los Chupacabras Campaign (Trade) in Community Goals
    Sometimes I boost with my Cutter to get in. And close my eyes a second before when it reaches those poles on the other end of the station.
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 9:25 PM · 20 replies and 446 views.
    Congratulations either way. o7
  • Losco Nosciuto's Avatar
    Today, 9:25 PM · 2 replies and 58 views.
    Just sayin', but in the end, one company could more realistically apply to different quality standards and a different quality range. You could say Red Planet Products are the cheapest entry level, but considering the number of ships in the game and the total amount of NPCs, players and so, it might be hard to consider a "Universe-Wide" company, with all of his incomes, as an "entry level". A more reasoned (but difficult to manage) way could be to totally remove the "GRADE" as it is, and keep it just for comparation: Galactic Exploration Industries White Shark Power Distributor (A) Sea Wasp Power Distributor (B)
  • babelfisch's Avatar
    Today, 9:25 PM · 66 replies and 2799 views.
    Here is a tip: If you have 3 billion in your pocket (I guess that's what you wanted to say) the weekend probably isn't for you. They could throw another billion at you and you would hardly notice. Maybe the bonus is for those who didn't use every exploit and play the game like normal people.
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 9:24 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Ignoring whole engineering because you can't find one material and can't create one upgrade? Sounds a bit excessive. Whatever it is you need, all materials except one or two have at least two or three ways of how you can get them, be it different places, mission rewards or material brokers You are making the most basic and most common mistake - you are tunnel-visioning on ONE thing, getting frustrated when it's not working. It can destroy a game for you. So don't do that. :) Most things in Elite are RNG. So don't forget - Casino always wins. Try different things. Mining, surface prospecting, maybe some combat. Run missions. Something simple like deliveries won't take much time. You will end up with HEAPS of various materials. Then go to the broker and change them for things you need.
  • PCMR4Life's Avatar
    Today, 9:21 PM · 9 replies and 208 views.
    I know, that why I said it. :) But I heard recently that Brontosaurus might be considered it's own Dinosaur or something like that. Like it used to be when I was a kid.
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    Today, 9:20 PM · 97 replies and 3987 views.
    Yes, Big Pharma certainly would. :)
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 9:19 PM · 332 replies and 13672 views.
    Well some impressive surface engines have been produced with just 1-12 people teams :) And of course JWE has some surface rendering in it that might be useful for FD atmospheric landings... I'm hopeful that's what the DLC is... If Q4 is a snore fest of new mechanics for Mining, Exploration, and the DLC is forgettable... Oh well! At least I can save time by just giving up with the game completely.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 9:19 PM · 69 replies and 3808 views.
    Beta released. Change log: 1) Slight modification to left, right and centre MFD space allocation - left and right display elements now the same width as the top and bottom display elements. 2) Font size detemination for display elements now more efficient. 3) MFD displays will not be redrawn unless there is a change - either to the text or colour of display elements - subject to a minimum 1Hz refresh. 4) MFD display elements that pulse can now be set to flash - reducing number of display refreshes required. 5) Compiler updated to MinGW-w64 GCC-8.1.0. 6) Now compiled with "expensive optimisations" that improve performance at the cost of executable filesize.
  • FrankMurphy's Avatar
    Today, 9:19 PM · 66 replies and 917 views.
    I hope the AI has better lines than 'I'm going to boil you up etc'
  • PCMR4Life's Avatar
    Today, 9:19 PM · 9 replies and 107 views.
    I thought we would have 60 species in game. But I was wrong. But 50 is a lot and we might reach 60 with DLC updates. Once Frontier figured out how to make the Dinosaurs I imagine the DLC will come pretty quick. I don't mean that quick though.
  • EUS's Avatar
    Today, 9:18 PM · 11 replies and 344 views.
    EUS replied to a thread Is it wrong.... in Dangerous Discussion
    I was a Fed, then turned rascal that is patriotic towards credits; politics, and politicians are for the dreamers. So I now fly whatever fits the job.
  • Kaocraft's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 PM · 253 replies and 7671 views.
    Frontier communicates their announcements with the rhetorical logic of an evil genie trying to trick someone into wasting their three wishes. If anyone at Frontier ever offers to "make you a sandwich," you'd better run away as fast as you can.
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 PM · 126 replies and 2684 views.
    Could you please stop being snarky. It's hard to have a serious conversation with a person who has a proverbial smirk on his face all the time. There are no "cash nerfs". The amount of money one can earn through legitimate ways in a set ammount of time has been creeping up since launch at a rate of several thousand percent a year. The only thing that gets "nerfed" as you say are the exploits. And frankly, if you need to use exploits, it says something about your gaming habits.
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