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  • Lora Craft69's Avatar
    Today, 12:59 PM · 1 replies and 4 views.
    There have been many threads about AI. Feel free to join the discussions about AI here and here. Also post your suggestions and feedback about AI/Animations in the pinned wishlist here, to ensure the Frontier Developers will see it. Thank you.
  • Brnkacka's Avatar
    Today, 12:58 PM · 5 replies and 121 views.
    Brnkacka replied to a thread [PC - 1.3.3] No Allosaurus bones at dig sites in PC Bug Reports
    Hello, I've been dealing with the same problem. On Isla Sorna is the last science mission to incubate a Pentaceratops at 100% genome. Mine is at 88% and both digging sites are depleted (with green symbol). Is there any other way to gain genome to complete it? Or I have to restart the whole island and start over?
  • Rubbernuke's Avatar
    Today, 12:57 PM · 117 replies and 1682 views.
    This is the sticking point for many- in a feature about explicit territorial gains and losses its frustrating having a free pass to haul or shoot as much as you like without any potential rivals being able to stop you. Like it or not, the potential hazards in Solo are much less than in Open, being in Solo and PG allows for exploits and game breaking behaviour to go potentially unchecked.
  • Red Fox Four's Avatar
    Today, 12:57 PM · 101 replies and 3691 views.
    Krait needs a pointy nose. It's too round compared to the original Krait. Also got my G2 Dirty Drives, and on my way to Dweller to get my Efficient Beams with Thermal Vents plus Charge Enhanced Distributor :) Time to engineer this bad boy!
  • Eymerich's Avatar
    Today, 12:56 PM · 33 replies and 761 views.
    ! ( ! ( false ) )
  • verminstar's Avatar
    Today, 12:56 PM · 12 replies and 205 views.
    There is one possibly unintended side effect of removing the timer...its now very possible to stack 20 of them and not fail any so long as ye can get them all done within 24 hours. With the timer in place, stacking so many meant failing about a third of them cos ye missed the timeslot. Although I do have to wonder if it was a truly unintended side effect...perhaps this is an example of actively supporting mission stacking...unless there was another reason that makes more sense? Either way, ye removal of those hateful timers is a very welcome move indeed ^
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 12:56 PM · 20 replies and 635 views.
    It doesn't show on my phone, but it does on my PC (I only checked because of this thread). I checked the last couple of newsletters on my PC & they don't include it either (or I can't see it). AFAIK this is the first time it's appeared but the OP suggests otherwise.
  • zn˘rt's Avatar
    Today, 12:55 PM · 117 replies and 1682 views.
    sounds fun! :D why not? it's called incentivisation. i'm not going to say it will work, i don't know, and it needs testing, but we humans are herd animals. create a pvp setting and it is very possible that it attracts people. the experience could actually bring people not interested in pvp to like it. to a degree. people fiddling with router settings for game play reasons should be a minority. and it has already been assumed that making blocklists ineffective in pp would be a necessary part of this change.
  • micryda's Avatar
    Today, 12:54 PM · 71 replies and 2432 views.
    or they should just make an unique dinosaur dlc like rexy with special needs or jp3 spino slightly bigger than the jwe spino and with special needs we allready have one real unique dino the indoraptor. this could also be a way to include blue and his gang.
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Today, 12:54 PM · 5515 replies and 511207 views.
    Is there any provenance for the videos? E.g. were they published originally by HG, or are they 'leaked'? As things stand expectations have perhaps been set too high... yet again... sigh... *shakes head*... my experience is that such 'verdant' experiences are very few and far between. I'm worried that HG have gone to the extreme opposite now in never doing talk-over previews. Maybe they should sub-contract Ed Lewis to do some expectation setting in 'very excited' streams. In fairness to HG, in the original presentations they went out of their way to say that they had hand-crafted an 'interesting' planet for the purposes of their demo. I just hope that what is in the video truly represents the improved planetary generation reported, with more varied and richer flora and fauna. I find it interesting how the stations have been redesigned to cut down on the amount of walking required. *Ahem* :x... It would also be really nice if the flight model and FPS-flight mode benefited from a HOTAS, but I...
  • Rubbernuke's Avatar
    Today, 12:53 PM · 117 replies and 1682 views.
    Then your definition of politics differs from mine. Powerplay has Tier 1 characters that might as well not be connected with Powers at all. "in-game narrative of lore" in ED is state change that is hardly ever reflected story wise, or at least PP wise as Powers do not equal superpowers.
  • Ozram's Avatar
    Today, 12:52 PM · 101 replies and 3691 views.
    “Sure, sure, but is that an escalator or a stairway attached to the front landing gear?” Also, I like how you set it up. Looks fast.
  • Shadowdancer's Avatar
    Today, 12:50 PM · 4 replies and 39 views.
    Shadowdancer replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.1.3 Horizons] Krait cockpit damage incorrect/mismatch in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    If you could please take some screenshots of the differing values, that'd be grand. QA will be asking for those anyway.
  • Blik's Avatar
    Today, 12:49 PM · 1645 replies and 68884 views.
    Нашел. Мерси. Боевой отсек, значит. Стоит вообще ставить его, вместо 5D усилителя корпуса, который у меня там был впихнут? Выходит пока как-то так. Полная лажа, или сойдет для начала? Смущают отрицательные показатели. Где-то я свернул не туда?
  • Shadowdancer's Avatar
    Today, 12:49 PM · 1 replies and 4 views.
    Shadowdancer replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.1.3 Horizons] no visible hull damage in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    The only ship with a visible damage model is the Anaconda.
  • GonerMcGoner's Avatar
    Today, 12:48 PM · 71 replies and 2432 views.
    No point throwing a fit, people. There are other issues that are more urgent than model upscaling. I can respect that the Spino and Giga are immersion breaking for you, but you can just avoid placing them in your park for the time being.
  • Leadfoot's Avatar
    Today, 12:48 PM · 29 replies and 914 views.
    And in this particular case, pleading for lobster claws or tentacles as well.
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