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  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 AM · 32 replies and 362 views.
    While it may seem a good idea it'd be the death of wings, random co-op play and any kind of interaction at all. Given that I reckon most of us are way more likely to enjoy a friendly o7 than be griefed I'd give a solid no to this idea.
  • Rudolphus's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 AM · 3 replies and 93 views.
    yes glide I do and follow blue dots, then I land and look with my srv for hours but find nothing, so I was thinking do i it right.
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    When installing the module on the ship, you need to be able to choose from all modules from the warehouse. If this module is not available at this station, it would be possible to arrange its delivery. This is an option as an alternative to the filter at the warehouse of modules.
  • rlsg's Avatar
    Today, 9:14 AM · 51 replies and 1028 views.
    Actually, their explanation may lack detail but they have explained the problem reasonably well. The issue is with the Tuning process itself and it is one of my pet hates of the new system. ED is not an Arecibo Observatory Simulation, it is primarily a space flight simulation and the manual tuning malarkey (and general representation of the frequency data) is inappropriate in that context. The frequency representation lacks correlation with the special component and does not vary depending on where you are pointing so it is up to the player to make a punt on what frequency to monitor, follow the arrows and hope that the zoom works when you think you are in the right area. It is a reduction of a 3 dimensional data space (Azimuth, Elevation, Frequency) into a pair of poorly represented and poorly related 2D representations (Azimuth/Elevation data, and a consolidated static frequency spread). There is essentially too much data loss in the representation process to make a sound judgement regarding the tuning...
  • Brrokk's Avatar
    Today, 9:12 AM · 5 replies and 72 views.
    I've been defending systems by fighting Thargoid scouts and I'm about to hit Elite as a result. I'm slightly embarrassed about this as I'm not really a good combat pilot, just an efficient one. Set target for the four AX turrets, press fire, reverse a bit until the target blows up, repeat! But really, all the Elite ranks are for playing efficiently, not gitting gud. I don't think there's a serious grind for any.
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:12 AM · 14 replies and 100 views.
    The floor looks clean to eat above. :p
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 9:11 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    The corresponding engineer had the opportunity to disassemble his module with the return of materials to the warehouse. Partial loss of materials is possible.
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Today, 9:09 AM · 7 replies and 73 views.
    Can I have your stuff please?
  • Faybs's Avatar
    Today, 9:09 AM · 5 replies and 155 views.
    Faybs replied to a thread Missile speed in Dangerous Discussion
    You have a point... the main reason for giving ships a maximum speed, as opposed to a maximum acceleration, is to prevent most fights from devolving into jousting matches where you flash past your opponent in a couple of frames and combat becomes a bunch of quicktime events. That doesn't apply to missiles or ammo rounds.
  • zombieapocalypse's Avatar
    Today, 9:08 AM · 7 replies and 73 views.
    You think the main ED demographic is kids still living off their parents? Interesting...
  • lokvette's Avatar
    Today, 9:07 AM · 17 replies and 177 views.
    I don't understand why people object to these sort of requests, (ok the had one the other day that was a stretch) Stan Lee gave joy to millions of people all over the globe for many years via the characters he and others created and he will still be doing that for many years to come, so for me yeah he does fit into the definition of a great man if not a creative genius for sure. I was never really a Marvel fan back in my youth, as being British it was 2000 AD that gave me my heroes. But I watched the Original TV shows of the Hulk, Wonder Woman, and Spider Man not to mention all the cartoons. Seen all the films and waiting for the new ones. For me the cameos where a highlight more than a downer. Space is big in this game and I'm sure FD can slip a name on at least one of the stations among the stars that make it up.
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:05 AM · 8 replies and 114 views.
    Good choice.
  • Stigbob's Avatar
    Today, 9:05 AM · 226 replies and 5028 views.
    Paige already told us they are working on that, so no biggie really.
  • AlBalearicus's Avatar
    Today, 9:04 AM · 3 replies and 77 views.
    Buenas as creo que hemos coincidido la pasada madrugada 😀 No me di cuenta y se me hicieron las 2:00. Si te parece te añado como amigo.
  • Notwyn's Avatar
    Today, 9:03 AM · 8 replies and 109 views.
    Well some good probably came from the thread. OP now knows about the "New Posts" option.
  • Snowymonk's Avatar
    Today, 9:02 AM · 3 replies and 99 views.
    I would suspect you have split the tick. The Election against KPF has been completed and NMP are now moving into a second round of elections, against PFC. One state is actual election and the other is preparing for election
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 9:01 AM · 12 replies and 133 views.
    I propose to launch a kickstarter to make a gift to the newlyweds. :)
  • gooddoc's Avatar
    Today, 9:01 AM · 5 replies and 102 views.
    The more I use the new method, the easier it is to have done with it & scan all the Planets anyway. Though I have had a couple of times an ELW turning out to be a disappointing Rock Ice world. The Asteroid Clusters do have a distinctive sound, I only scan those if they are interfering with the Spectrum - of which I noticed since the last update, scanning one identifies them all! - clearing the interference for that last Metal Rich Planet.
  • Wolf Starslayer's Avatar
    Today, 8:59 AM · 35 replies and 631 views.
    If OP wishes to introduce his own rules set he is welcome to make a PG rather than try and enforce his vision on FD and the rest of the game population. You can make any rules you like in a PG; no CL , no PvP , open only etc.
  • DLewth's Avatar
    Today, 8:58 AM · 8209 replies and 445145 views.
    I think that's a handbagger.
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