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  • Shadowear1991's Avatar
    Today, 2:58 PM · 30 replies and 447 views.
    They have a big enough team to have all of the fallen kingdom stuff finished before the games initial release, as this would be good time management, and state of decay 2 released proper patch notes for its day one patch, plenty of games do this is not a good excuse for laziness But like you say the games fantastic it’s got no issues, came out in perfect condition I hope they never patch it cos it doesn’t need anything adding to it... it’s amazing.
  • maniac_2k's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 PM · 6 replies and 69 views.
    maniac_2k replied to a thread Turning in combat bonds in Xbox One
    Problem solved;: "Picking a faction" does not mean just choosing one, but explicitly join the faction via the FUNCTIONS panel on the left side of the cockpit. Obvious to the many that have already done this, not so obvious to newcomers ;)
  • CARDAR's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 PM · 1209 replies and 81829 views.
    Entiendo. Aún si es tan inmersivo y complejo manejar el juego sigue siendo en tercera persona, siendo esto así no creo que Frontier cambie su primera persona pues el juego fue desarrollado así. Sobre la complejidad del juego, yo quisiera que elite fuera más complejo, pero elite se fundamenta en la experiencia del jugador con su nave más que el jugador con la economía. Elite tiene una economía básica que sirve para que el jugador disfrute de ella, algo simple pero que llena lo básico que espera el jugador promedio. Caso contrario parece eve, que según lo que dices la economía es pilar del juego. Sumado a lo anterior la complejidad de administrar tu nave (no de pilotar). Veo que los juegos tienen fundamentos diferentes en su propia naturaleza, en su propio genoma así que no creo que elite, o parte de él, cambie a algo tan complejo. Elite a lo que puede aspirar es en mejorar todo su nicho de jugabilidad, no llegar a extremos de complejidad, solo mejorar lo que tiene partiendo de su concepto inicial.
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 2:56 PM · 258 replies and 8272 views.
    You can hardly say someone who's got thousands and thousands of hours in the game over numerous years equates to "burned out faster than usual" :) I'm not playing anymore, if you want to call that "burned out," but I can't grumble at the hours worth of gameplay I had in the game. Ultimately, Kornelius is simply like a number of players who I suspect expected the game to be a little bit "further along" by now (4yrs on). And demonstrating how NPCs really haven't progressed in 4yrs in just one aspect of this. That's certrain where I am witt it, where last 6-18mnths ago I started just slowing down before giving up due to what I saw as a poor lack of progress and a series of poor development choices. Anyway, I don't want to put words into his mouth, so I may be wrong, but that's my take on it :)
  • C2306's Avatar
    Today, 2:56 PM · 109 replies and 2106 views.
    C2306 replied to a thread Docking Computers.... in PlayStation 4
    In my opinion, you want to fly a big spaceship, learning to use it is a required action. Auto pilot, Auto plot jumper next?
  • Genus's Avatar
    Today, 2:55 PM · 11 replies and 127 views.
    Christmas can't come soon enough.
  • DeathStroke's Avatar
    Today, 2:55 PM · 11 replies and 127 views.
    When engineering first came out, the mat costs were much higher than what we saw in 2.4, FD lowered them shortly after releasing the engineers. FD also reworked the engineers a lot in 3.0 (not for the better IMO).
  • Streen's Avatar
    Today, 2:54 PM · 2 replies and 56 views.
    I have those links too. I was curious as well if anyone had some luck in a particular system. Back to the spreadsheet!
  • gingeyphillips's Avatar
    Today, 2:54 PM · 24 replies and 677 views.
    Like I said there's no set amount, I imagine once it reaches 10 before its life expectancy then there is a script that activates dictating the likelihood of the animal passing a way, the chances increasing with every age rating around its expectancy. This is more or less what happened in JPOG except it would take longer for the dinosaurs with more health.
  • Jonny Shiloh's Avatar
    Today, 2:53 PM · 9614 replies and 685698 views.
    Yes, but ultimately what's the point? How would you know what any particular NPC's goal was? I mean, they could use floaty icon things a la Sims I suppose, that would be worth a laugh I guess - "heading to the shops", "changing the head on my broom for even better jakes cleaning" etc, but ultimately, I'm never going to care that all these NPCs walking around Hurston or climbing over furniture in Port Olisar are actually using super-intelligent AI to determine the best path to their "goals". I think they've fallen down yet another rabbit hole in pursuit of fidelity - there's just no point putting all this work into a system which most players won't ever care about.
  • ethelred's Avatar
    Today, 2:52 PM · 2 replies and 98 views.
    Not much more to add to what Ian has said. The reality is that most of Open is perfectly safe. Rather than try and defend everywhere and defend nothing (I read that somewhere) it might be better to focus on the starter systems as a defender against the seal clubbers. Using a discord server and getting pilots to issue a distress call via it might work if enough people know about it. (like the Fuel Rats but to defend people) Or pick a side for a CG and go after people there - either a side (and oppose the other) or anyone who is attacking poor old defenseless traders, in say T7s with CMDRs called Bongo Heracles. My own Open Only CG Convoys could do with escorts for example!
  • verminstar's Avatar
    Today, 2:52 PM · 11 replies and 127 views.
    That’s why ye keep something cheap and disposable to do missions like that so ye can ignore the bounties...which is fairly easy to do considering bounties are tied to ships not players. No it doesn’t make sense but the workaround is 100% effective ^
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 2:52 PM · 21 replies and 631 views.
    If the Krait is a Python alternative then it will be fine for exploration. A Python with the FSD boosters can get close to 50ly range. Easily good enough for me. 40ly is good enough for me, as long as it has the internals to explore with a SLF.
  • Stigbob's Avatar
    Today, 2:52 PM · 258 replies and 8272 views.
    True, the games first griefers were just bored billionaires using ships as throwaway griefing tools on launch day after using early unpatched cash exploits. There never was any progression or achievement for them as they broke the game for themselves.
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 2:52 PM · 11 replies and 127 views.
    1) The fact I can have a million credit bounty in a system, but if I go to that system in a clean ship, they are like, "Welcome CMDR Dreaded Pirate Duck, so nice to see you!" That same station that wishes me all this joy and good fortune also lists me by CMDR name and my currently CLEAN ship as "WANTED" on their bounty posters. 2) If as a clean, law-abiding citizen I do something stupid like forget to request docking clearance before entering mailslot, the resulting fine will prevent me from accessing station services until I pay off that fine. I can access any services I want as a murderous pirate if I arrive in a clean ship (see #1), but if I get a parking ticket, the entire town shuts its doors and won't let me buy gas, eat a burger, whatever until I pay off the fine... 3) These red "scales of justice" icons all over the place and anonymous protocols, which just convolutes the UI and game-play. 4) The whole thing just doesn't make sense if we apply real-world logic to it. Now somebody is going to...
  • eyeonus's Avatar
    Today, 2:51 PM · 2750 replies and 434875 views.
    I just want to say, to no one in particular, that I really appreciate everyone testing this stuff, finding bugs, and making suggestions for improvement. It's because of you that I've been able to do so much improvement to all this in such a short time. I am, however, beginning to regret taking on TD development myself. :D
  • Jmanis's Avatar
    Today, 2:51 PM · 11 replies and 127 views.
    Interested to know what's a mess about it. Get a fine in a faction's jurisdiction, pay it if it gets in your way. Get a bounty, pay it off at an IF in almost any low-security system. Get a bounty by killing something that isn't a mission-target, wait for notoriety to cool down, then pay it off. Or, if all the above aren't to your liking, switch ships. Only thing I'm yet to understand is interstellar bounties. I posted this recently, and nobody seemed to know the answer.
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