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  • Conch's Avatar
    Today, 3:43 PM · 25 replies and 14 views. this is what happens with weak station weapons (yeah healing was OP AF!)
  • Rankaze's Avatar
    Today, 3:43 PM · 1997 replies and 150039 views.
    Rankaze replied to a thread [EVENT] Buckyball Racing Club in Dangerous Groups
    I expect to be able to make it. Note to self, buy an Eagle.
  • MarkAusten's Avatar
    Today, 3:43 PM · 138 replies and 3600 views.
    I did that accidentally once in my iCutter. Instead of pressing the zero throttle key as I got through the slot I missed and pressed the boost. that back wall comes up very fast!
  • Conch's Avatar
    Today, 3:42 PM · 12 replies and 0 views.
    altho i dont act on peoples avatar, i need to say i like what some people doing with theirs, sticking with the same, but tweaking it from time to time.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 3:42 PM · 12 replies and 0 views.
    Movin' to Off-Topic. :)
  • CMDR_Elver's Avatar
    Today, 3:40 PM · 3 replies and 96 views.
    Yeah the current system needs a major rethink as it is not logical regarding what is a fine or bounty. Fines are an income for a faction/power, bounties are an expense reserved for the most undesirable characters in a jurisdiction. Therefore, I would suggest that bounties should be tied to your Reputation level. Crimes should be punished by a loss of reputation and a fine for the relevant faction, power (& Pilots Fed for PvP). As for faction/power are concerned, if a Cmdr is not hostile then a fine and loss of rep is issued for a crime, so therefore, not a bounty target. If a Cmdr loses enough reputation to become hostile then any outstanding fines are converted to bounties, with any subsequent crimes bounties would be added. If reputation is gained and a Cmdr becomes "not hostile" again then the bounties are suspended and therefore a cmdr is not a valid bounty target. Bounties would not be wiped even when suspended but would be converted to fines again, only if the cmdr gains enough...
  • Bran Tse Mallory's Avatar
    Today, 3:40 PM · 1271 replies and 33950 views.
    My hope is that you are right of course. I just feel that after another 85 pages they would at least try to nip this in the bud... Even just to tell us its being worked on would be better than a wall of silence. Communication is key in this case, to little results in these threads while to much is like promising the world.
  • BongoBaggins's Avatar
    Today, 3:40 PM · 6 replies and 142 views.
    There's an unknown installation at Colonia which serves as a picturesque compromised nav beacon. Lots of Elite pirates and no police
  • Cucco-Master's Avatar
    Today, 3:39 PM · 12 replies and 0 views.
    In real life we often judge people based on how they look (intentionally or not). Compare a 7 feet tall guy with a scar across his face and a very short guy with glasses. The tall guy would intimidate most people, whereas the short guy would be considered a nerd or something along that line - despite we now nothing about their actual personality since the two guys never had any say about what they would look like (the scar could have come from an accident as well, not necessarily from a fight). Our avatars, on the other hand, are entirely the picture we chose so they say much more about our personality than our physical appearance does. This only makes it a logical consquence that we are also judged based on these avatars (again, intentionally or not).
  • Rankaze's Avatar
    Today, 3:38 PM · 25 replies and 646 views.
    It's lunacy like this that is the reason I say Cookiehole is the best pure pilot in the BRC, and this is coming from someone who would put himself in the top 5 in that category. He's just on another level.
  • Commander Mike's Avatar
    Today, 3:38 PM · 12 replies and 0 views.
    I see what you did there Made me chuckle +1 ps... FD, thargoid ships are pinky purple things
  • Nirok's Avatar
    Today, 3:37 PM · 209 replies and 5892 views.
    Nirok replied to a thread Star Citizen Updates in Otros Temas
    Beltza, estamos en un post que se llama Star Citizen Updates, para hablar de las actualizaciones sobre el desarrollo, y sí, de futuribles, como se habló durante todo el desarrollo de Elite también y personalmente lo hice también durante el desarrollo de Star Wars The Old Republic. Esto lo hago porque me apasionan los videojuegos y me gusta hablar de ellos, me gusta soñar siempre dentro de la lógica, sabiendo cuales son los límites, y me gusta comentar con otra gente las features que vienen para 3.0, los recortes que puedan tener, lo malo que puede ser eso para el desarrollo o no, y demás aspectos que están más que nada relacionados con los videojuegos en sí. Y como Viajero se asombró de que algunos pasaramos por alto que CIG no cumpliera con lo que dijo, yo le dije que a mi me asombran otras cosas, nada más.
  • Andovar's Avatar
    Today, 3:37 PM · 25 replies and 14 views.
    Because the entire galaxy isn't a lawless anarchy. There's plenty of places for you to be the bad guy. Near or inside a station surrounded by authority ships isn't one of them.
  • Rick Montana's Avatar
    Today, 3:37 PM
    Hi im finally looking for a good home system to increase my reputation to get started with good passenger transport missions. Is it necessary to choose a system with much population or are there no differences? Actually my home system has 45 000 population and I don't want to move if it's not necessary cause my reputation on some fractions is already on allied status. Thx for ur experience 👍😊
    0 replies and 0 views.
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Today, 3:37 PM · 51 replies and 1535 views.
    It's amazing to me that an eagle can host the electronics required to pull a ship that size out of FTL travel without being tethered for the long haul.
  • Panzertard's Avatar
    Today, 3:36 PM · 25 replies and 14 views.
    They managed to outtank and escape the station back then. Clearly not intentional according to FD.
  • DrewCarnegie's Avatar
    Today, 3:36 PM · 12755 replies and 1170828 views.
    I read the bit about me. Don't care about the rest :D
  • Martian Successor's Avatar
    Today, 3:36 PM · 17 replies and 124 views.
    Actually the Xbox section of the forum is one of the most chill parts of the forum. Also keep in mind that many people own both a console and a PC, some of them even play ED on both. So it would be innacurate to assume that the platform one uses somehow denotes their personality and vice versa.
  • Ensign Ward's Avatar
    Today, 3:36 PM · 3 replies and 0 views.
    Not sure how it works as I'm an LEP holder, but should Frontier not have sent you an email with the key at purchase? Maybe check your junk mail folder in case it was quarantined there. Otherwise contact support...
  • QA-Jonny's Avatar
    Today, 3:35 PM · 1 replies and 48 views.
    QA-Jonny replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.3.11] undocking from stations in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Hey SaenSilverfin, make sure your weapons and landing gear is placed away as this should resolve the issue for you. :)
  • Chrystoph's Avatar
    Today, 3:35 PM · 10 replies and 111 views.
    While these ideas are all meant to offer alternative solutions to the problem, the key factor SHOULD be that they ARE all work arounds that could be resolved with a relatively minor programmatic fix.
  • QA-Mitch's Avatar
    Today, 3:35 PM · 2 replies and 41 views.
    Hey astroknott, If this continues to be an issue can you please send us over a screenshot so we can try to figure out what the issue might be.
  • ballingham's Avatar
    Today, 3:34 PM · 25 replies and 14 views.
    That's not good enough, the sentence should still be death but insta death is a load of crap. Just more bubble wrap
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 3:34 PM · 280 replies and 23304 views.
    I've never understood why people make this argument... I have two CMDRs, one male, the other female, and neither look like me. I "play" me in real life all day long, so why would I play "me" in a game? My CMDRs are characters. The real me is the author writing the story; the director making the film. It's no different than Drew Wagar playing Salome.
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