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  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Today, 4:36 AM · 4 replies and 10 views.
    Oooh, yep. Some of the mat's that are currently hard to find at USSs are available as rewards for straightforward passenger missions. Might seem like a bit of a faff, having to do a tourist mission just to get 2 or 3 PI's, but in a ship with decent jump-range they're usually only 3 or 4 jumps and it does get you a guaranteed supply of them. If you just need them for, say, one DD5 mod' then you can get enough in half an hour of tourism missions and that's not terrible.
  • Gregg Rulz ok's Avatar
    Today, 4:36 AM · 1116 replies and 18961 views.
    Riverside (and others) have justified what I said, my replies on the last page do so as well. You said it yourself, it's often used for low or near min spec as a comparison to something better.
  • Stutter11's Avatar
    Today, 4:32 AM · 6 replies and 120 views.
    I do like the idea of dinosaurs testing the fences, especially when they're first introduced into the enclosure. However, I dislike the idea of them going straight for the fences whenever there's a power outage.
  • House0fDerp's Avatar
    Today, 4:32 AM · 1116 replies and 18961 views.
    So being belligerent still. The use of the word useful hasn't actually drifted in the manner you seem to suggest as it's often use in shorthand for low or near min spec almost as a comparison to something better. You're just trying to shoehorn it to your advantage here by ignoring use rather than properly citing it.
  • Garand1987's Avatar
    Today, 4:31 AM · 4 replies and 10 views.
    Thanks for the info Ill give this stuff a try :)
  • thecatismaybe's Avatar
    Today, 4:31 AM · 196 replies and 26908 views.
    thecatismaybe replied to a thread Patch Notes Update 3.3.04 in Patch Notes & Server Status
    My game crashes 75% of the time I come out of FSD. I have been playing for hours so this is off of a huge sample size. I have sent lots ofcrash reports so please developers havefun withmy notes.... and use me to fix this
  • Kenpachi85's Avatar
    Today, 4:31 AM · 12 replies and 163 views.
    I'm in dumata right now and just tested this dropped in and out of super cruise several times in a row with no issues but I'm not discounting those of you having this happen. I've been keeping my stuff backed up to online ps+ storage ever since around xmas when stuff really hit the fan. Don't know what was going on over the holidays but my ps4 was routinely crashing and turning itself off whenever I would close the game out. Hopefully they get this straightened out soon I can imagine how frustrating this would be for yall.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 AM · 1116 replies and 18961 views.
    "I am going to insist that you explain every term you use to my satisfaction while, at the same time, I will expect you to take what I say at face value and not justify any of it"
  • Ko Shiji's Avatar
    Today, 4:29 AM · 6144 replies and 549792 views.
    What if Raxxla stands for "right arrow, x, x, left arrow" as a code to be punched into an xbox controller like some other games have? Anything is possible.
  • Gregg Rulz ok's Avatar
    Today, 4:28 AM · 1116 replies and 18961 views.
    You are wrong on such account, even the most superficial examination of human conversation will show that many words take meanings beyond the diccionary, BTW, I'm still waiting for you to answer the millenia old question of what is life with a diccionary.
  • Speedcuffs's Avatar
    Today, 4:28 AM · 4 replies and 10 views.
    Also missions/passenger for G5 manufactured. HGEs can go do one.
  • Jaball's Avatar
    Today, 4:27 AM · 39 replies and 884 views.
    Chiming in - this is ridiculous. Took multiple assassination missions in Maia from Merope, upon interdicting the target or dropping into mission-related signal sources - CTD. Every. Time.
  • House0fDerp's Avatar
    Today, 4:27 AM · 1116 replies and 18961 views.
    There is nothing about the context that invalidates the definition. You're just being belligerent because you can't figure out when to use a word like proficient over useful.
  • Devari's Avatar
    Today, 4:26 AM · 1116 replies and 18961 views.
    Well I'm sticking to the inherent value of the Cobra IV by focusing on what it offers as a ship, i.e., it's a small pad ship with 8 optional internals and that is also exclusive. You can argue that in the broader context of ridiculous credit goldrushes the value of anything that isn't an "endgame" ship in some manner is minimal but that's not really what people are really arguing here. I rarely fly my Cobra IV now because I would rather fly my Krait or Mamba or Corvette but there was a period of time after Horizons launched where it was my main ship specifically because of what I could fit into it in terms of internal slots. Mostly however the main reason I stopped flying it was that I miss the white keyboard that FD removed from my Cobra IV's cockpit. My sense of immersion was destroyed because I obviously can't type "premium" text messages without that "exclusive" looking keyboard. My Cobra IV cockpit no longer feels special and that makes my CMDR feel all sad and unimportant.
  • rrobes's Avatar
    Today, 4:25 AM · 109 replies and 2183 views.
    All we need is Slim Pickens, riding the bomb on its way to the target, waving his cowboy hat. Except in this case he would have to have to be wearing a space suit.
  • Gregg Rulz ok's Avatar
    Today, 4:25 AM · 1116 replies and 18961 views.
    So a dicctionary definition that doesn't take into account context is the best you have? Nice, now tell me what life is with a dicctionary.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Today, 4:25 AM · 4 replies and 10 views.
    G5 data should never be a problem. Just go to the Jameson Crash site (HIP 12099 1b), scan the datapoints there (over and over again, while relogging) and then go and trade it for what you need. G5 raw mat's shouldn't be a problem either. Go to these planets with a DSS and then visit the surface Geo' POIs. Trade down for other mat's but you'll also collect a heap of other stuff at these sites. Antimony : Narenses 1 (1.4%) Polonium : Tiris 1c (1.2%) Ruthenium : Atropos 1 (2.3%) Selenium : Wolf 587 4ea (4.9%) Technetium : Shoujeman 1 (1.3%)
  • House0fDerp's Avatar
    Today, 4:23 AM · 1116 replies and 18961 views.
    useful adjective use​ful | \ ˈys-fəl \ Definition of useful 1 : capable of being put to use especially : serviceable for an end...
  • Skawt's Avatar
    Today, 4:22 AM · 3 replies and 141 views.
    Skawt replied to a thread General Gameplay Tall grass from lost world in Ideas & Feature Requests
    Maybe have it count as 133%-150% of normal grassland requirement but make small Dinos hidden from visibility of they're in it? Just brainstorming.
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