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  • Jonny Shiloh's Avatar
    Today, 9:54 PM · 4902 replies and 264065 views.
    No, I just snipped it from the latest ATV - timestamp 3.50 or thereabouts if you need to verify the source.
  • Sysmon's Avatar
    Today, 9:53 PM · 92 replies and 1885 views.
    What if you find that mission neither unique or challenging? What if, after doing the mission, you have reached your goal and have nothing else to do? You'd be done with the game and on looking for something else to scratch the itch? Another game, perhaps? What if, trying a bit of mindfulness, you thought of the challenges not as grindwalls, but as things to actually do in the game. Remember the game is not a sandbox, but a mix of simulation and arcade shooter. It simulates being a (semi-)independent space pilot in the 34th century, trying to make a living from what the galaxy has to offer. Play it like that. If that's not your cup of tea, play something else. :D S
  • Bob Lighthouse's Avatar
    Today, 9:52 PM · 11 replies and 72 views.
    Bob Lighthouse replied to a thread CPR in Off-Topic Discussion
    Welcome back from the dark CMDR! o7!
  • Achilles7's Avatar
    Today, 9:51 PM · 76 replies and 1533 views.
    97.2% wish they weren't.....& I'm being generous, while also thinking of those suffering from a cute @ss acute OCD. NB: Sorry for being ever-so-slightly sexy sexist!
  • Flowey's Avatar
    Today, 9:51 PM · 120 replies and 3979 views.
    Getting to the ad hominem falacy already? Nope, each jump takes on average 1 minute and the very fastest you can do is about 45 seconds & I based my calculations on a >50 Ly jump range which in theory translates to 3 jumps between each destinations. Those numbers aren't made up, turn on your game & test them for yourself, the rest is just mere arithmetic.
  • IndigoWyrd's Avatar
    Today, 9:51 PM · 11 replies and 95 views.
    And here I was thinking someone drew in the Lights indicator under Cargo Hatch...
  • Mouse's Avatar
    Today, 9:51 PM · 24 replies and 266 views.
    Mouse replied to a thread PvP mode in ED? in Modes of Elite
    What Wrmiller and Zieman said... that suggestion just means once a month they can freely PVP in the PVE mode while then going back to their PVP mode laughing.
  • VidarSnipes's Avatar
    Today, 9:51 PM · 4902 replies and 264065 views.
    Is that a Photoshop screenshot?
  • Vicktore Beskor's Avatar
    Today, 9:50 PM · 39 replies and 540 views.
    I know that some commanders would like space legs to be developed next but I am of the opinion that a proper colonization Mechanics would be a better addition to the game first
  • Bob Lighthouse's Avatar
    Today, 9:49 PM · 17 replies and 192 views.
    Think about real life bounty hunters for a moment...
  • sidereal6's Avatar
    Today, 9:48 PM · 11 replies and 95 views.
    Here's something you haven't considered: you'll actually have more fun playing this game if you don't use the repair-all function. I know that it's hard to believe. But part of the reason you get bored is that there are no real consequences from combat damage. You have to dock for 10 seconds - but that's just an annoyance, not really a hard consequence. They might as well auto-repair your ship every time you wake. Seriously, why not? Why make you fly back from a CZ? That's annoying. Just repair you as soon as you wake out. Then you can turn around and go right back into the CZ. Does anyone have an argument for why instant auto repair at a station is okay but auto repair in super cruise would not be okay? I doubt it. So here's something to consider instead: don't use the repair-all function. Pick a minor faction. Commit to helping them. And if your ship takes damage, that ship is out of commission (or you live with the damage) until the next day. Pretend that it takes a whole day to repair a ship....
  • stormyuk's Avatar
    Today, 9:47 PM · 40 replies and 730 views.
    Have you all tried using SRVs on a planet surface? 3+ CMDRs all in SRVs is what this bug is about, In ships its fine.
  • Antinull's Avatar
    Today, 9:44 PM · 11 replies and 95 views.
    It's a nice idea. Of course, someone will be along shortly to accuse you of wanting an `I Win` button.
  • Punchdrunk's Avatar
    Today, 9:43 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Punchdrunk started a thread Meta Discussion Powerplay weapons worthless? in Ships of Elite
    I've unlocked the Advanced Plasma Accelerator in the past (before I reset my account a year ago). I currently have the Pacifier (which is really good) and have just unlocked Prismatic shields. Is there anything else worth unlocking? I was dithering about Enforcer Cannons, but the size 1 limitation is worrying me, won't I have armour penetration issues? I've always heard you want cannons/multicannons in the largest slot for greater penetration. Are any other weapons worthwhile, from looking at the forums (mostly very old posts), the Packhound missiles are considered entertaining, but not really any good. The various lasers are all pretty mediocre to rubbish. Is this info badly out of date? Are people still just sticking to lasers and multicannons? I'd love the Plasma Accelerator (and advanced) to be good, but although I find them very satisfying when they hit, it's impossible to deny that I am more effective with some efficient beams equipped.
  • TransTechGirl's Avatar
    Today, 9:42 PM · 9 replies and 38 views.
    Nah alcahol is clearly excellent for your health, especially Lavian Brandy either directly from Lave station or in times of lockdown from EIC.
  • BoggiBlanko's Avatar
    Today, 9:41 PM · 38 replies and 1575 views.
    I'm watching the Premium Stream right now! You can watch it too, but you have to pay 23,80 $ for it! I'm glad it's free for us LEP Holders! ;-)
  • Sysmon's Avatar
    Today, 9:41 PM · 92 replies and 1885 views.
    You probably found the most dull and unproductive way to do that unlock. Good work. :D S
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