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  • MK_Regular's Avatar
    Today, 11:12 PM · 10 replies and 134 views.
    If the Asp Scout cost half of what it currently does (~3.9M CR) and had a higher base/boost speed (and possibly a third utility mount), I agree that it would probably be balanced in comparison with the Gecko. Unfortunately, that Asp Scout does not have any of these things, meaning that the Gecko would make it almost completely pointless outside of a few niche roles where you might need a bit of extra jump range. So, a combat focused Clipper with power constraints similar to the Vulture? I can definitely get on board with that. You still might want to give it a size 5 FSD and a bit more hull mass unless you want it to have FDL jump range though. I did not think about that. I'll have to reconsider how to divide up the size 6/7 slots, and possibly make a slight reduction to base shield strength to compensate.
  • Manticore's Avatar
    Today, 11:09 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
  • shreddog's Avatar
    Today, 11:06 PM · 56 replies and 648 views.
    I don't think Metatron was to impressed with that either :D
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 11:04 PM · 190 replies and 3114 views.
    Whats funny is that I hardly ever quoted him. He must have been imagining it in his mind and giggling like a maniac in front of his computer. That's if he was talking about me of course. Could have been someone else. I don't really care.
  • Ziggy Stardust's Avatar
    Today, 11:00 PM · 190 replies and 3114 views.
    If you can't beat them in an argument, pretend they're not there. Ignorance is bliss :)
  • Kilokrecker's Avatar
    Today, 11:00 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Whatís there apart from a free Anaconda and a Mug? Just looked on my 46 LY armed exploraconda with engineered FSD and no Guardian booster I can get over half way there on 397 jumps, guessing Iíll probs hot 600 mark to make it there. (Which I thinks pretty great) should I just strip the guns and make it super light and arm it for a Thargoid fight? Once your there any planet scans I get and take back can I make a lot more money just bringing that data back to bubble then I would if I was to hand it in at Colonia? My goal isnít to make money just trying to figure out roughly how many scans I would need to do and how far away I would need to get to get maximum results on Exploraton rank. Thanks
  • Kaocraft's Avatar
    Today, 10:59 PM · 128 replies and 13389 views.
    Kaocraft replied to a thread ANNOUNCEMENT New Player Minor Faction System in News Bulletins
    A possible point being that the *tendency* could be towards more and more people gradually switching over to just running Elite from the launcher without ever opening steam. (Although in all honesty I suspect that the player hours for steam are more likely to be OVER inflated since steam will log you as "playing" even if you quit the game but forget to close the launcher, which I personally do all the time.)
  • Speedcuffs's Avatar
    Today, 10:58 PM · 14 replies and 164 views.
    Elite: Can avoid NPC Belugas with ease.
  • Simoof's Avatar
    Today, 10:58 PM · 2834 replies and 249243 views.
    This Weeks TopicTHE OLD ONES Welcome to the Official Drabble competition for you Drabble enthusiasts!!! Here we run a weekly competition for the best drabble from the community that meets the following rules. 1. Drabbles are stories of exactly 100 words (Excluding the title) 2. Drabbles need to be set in the Elite universe (loosely). 3. Drabbles must meet the theme set by the previous weeks winner.
  • Novo Mundus's Avatar
    Today, 10:57 PM · 22 replies and 579 views.
    Well then, this is all just weird. Oh right, yeah, that could explain it. Jurisdictions, they make everything so fun
  • Hank's Avatar
    Today, 10:57 PM · 91 replies and 1475 views.
    Imho, there are two steps ED needs to take first. No. 1 is to put crew in the co-pilot seats in multi-crew ships. The tools are already there for this one and I hope it comes soon. Being able to Holo-crew like we do to holo-me would also be nice. No. 2 is to be able to walk through your ships. I'm willing to take small steps first. Get those two right then move on to roaming around the interior of a space port or planetary base or be able to EVA on a planet or float outside an orbital station.
  • M00ka's Avatar
    Today, 10:56 PM · 214 replies and 6682 views.
    Going by your tone, even if the Devs announced what they are working on you would probably jump on here and call them liars anyway, or get upset that they are working on something you don't want.
  • Steed's Avatar
    Today, 10:56 PM · 468 replies and 70170 views.
    If you decide to try again go around Maia/Merope. Lots of NHSS 5 with nothing but a Cyclops if you'd like to see how you get on without the marauders getting in the way. To avoid the lighting make 1 close pass (2-250+ but not boosted) before turning back to face, it should have discharged the lighting and you'll have a window where you can just shoot without worrying about it.
  • Xyggy's Avatar
    Today, 10:56 PM · 971 replies and 57514 views.
    That's what happens when I go into a hazres carrying illicit cargo. At one point I had 8 NPC ships chasing me around. :D
  • Vasious's Avatar
    Today, 10:56 PM · 22 replies and 579 views.
    Were you in another factions jurisdiction in the system by being within 1000km of a star ports or 300 km of a surface outpost controlled by the non primary faction of the system?
  • Novo Mundus's Avatar
    Today, 10:55 PM · 22 replies and 579 views.
    Thanks man, I am enjoying it. It's quite possible the OP just saw a ship name of hunter or something :) But I doubt it. There's a lot of factors to make hunter show up (in theory craft world) so it's quite possible you just didn't match them all.
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 10:55 PM · 190 replies and 3114 views.
    No it can't, unless people see through ridiculous and illogical speculation like Sole Hunters, which at a guess I would think most have the intelligence to see through his veneer of intelligence to the bitterness and bile underneath. All he is at the end of the day is a broken hearted fan boy. You should feel sorry for him really.
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