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  • Burke's Avatar
    Today, 7:05 PM · 82 replies and 1967 views.
    Are the screenshots offered wrong in some way? Or specific to a certain area? You know why flamingos are pink? Could be anything... microscopic life, pink salt rock formations...easy to explain if you try :)
  • da_wae's Avatar
    Today, 7:04 PM · 227 replies and 2837 views.
    The sheer amount of photons being emitted by a star would probably literally blind you before you could notice any changes in light, that is true. But a LED in front of a black cardboard box doesn't really prove anything, as the amount of photons being emitted is minuscule compared to a star.
  • TOM USMC's Avatar
    Today, 7:04 PM · 6 replies and 131 views.
    TOM USMC replied to a thread Hotspot! right? in Xbox One
    Not bad, and didnt know what I was doing with the new gear. So wasted a lot of subsurface missiles.
  • Lestat's Avatar
    Today, 7:03 PM · 2 replies and 23 views.
    Well I don't think you use the Galaxy map or System map before accepting a mission. So the fault lies with you. If you use those features you would have saved some time and effort instead of complaining about the distance you would have skipped that mission. Now asking to have in system jump ruins Galaxy Map System map feature. Because all players would Ignore all those features that already help determine if a location too far or not. That at full speed. When the Op talk about 30 Minute trip we already know he was in the blue and not at full speed.
  • GODofDUTY83's Avatar
    Today, 7:03 PM · 1 replies and 33 views.
    Agreed. Its pure class. Best thing about it was, its all free.
  • KombattWombatt's Avatar
    Today, 7:02 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    So, I took a mission called "Federal Navy Strike Contract". All I need to do is kill 1 Pirate of a particular faction. When I get to the system, there is a USS there to scan that is mission related, but there are also ships flying around in supercruise with the right faction and labeled "mission objective". So I just popped one of them out of SC and blasted them. Thought that would have done it, but the mission wasn't able to be turned in when I returned to the mission giver. Tried three separate targets and can't get the mission to pop. So, I went into the USS, but there's two pythons and a cobra and a viper in there or something. I'm playing around in an IEagle because reasons, and I didn't feel up to a 4 on 1 at that moment. I have just got back into the game recently so my combat skills are a little rusty.
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 7:02 PM · 70 replies and 1899 views.
    Old Duck replied to a thread Not a fan of beyond 4 in Xbox One
    I'd just like to observe that some CMDRs are notorious for "hating the game", whereas others religiously love whatever Frontier puts on their plate. Neither extreme lends credence to their judgement of a new feature. I hate how ED looks on PS4 (even more so now), and I have let you all know it since my precious graphics were first nerfed. So when a grumpy gus like me says, "I really, really LOVE the new discovery tools", well that should at least give the developers something to think about. "If Old Duck likes it, then it can't be that bad!"
  • krautbernd's Avatar
    Today, 7:02 PM · 227 replies and 2837 views.
    Do you need me to disprove this to you with LEDs in front of black cardboard? It's literally what the game calls 'realistic'. It's what the game defines - in-universe - as a realistic depiction. Tinting the background is not realistic by definition, since they are different. I get that you don't like it, but that's the way it is.
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 7:02 PM · 768 replies and 28958 views.
    Прикольный на моем компе баг :) Залазаю в Шинарте в ФСС, сканирую, пытаюсь найти ВСЕ сигналы, выхожу из ФСС, игра вываливается на рабочий стол :) Думал случайно, повторил, опять вывалилась ... прикольно.
  • jason 55's Avatar
    Today, 7:02 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    jason 55 started a thread [ED64 - 3.3 Horizons] PROGRAM CRASH WHEN EXITING FSS MOODE in PC Bug Reports
    IP Protocol IPv4 Date & Time of Occurrence 17.55 Frequency 2 VR?
  • GunnerBill's Avatar
    Today, 7:02 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    I've taken a couple of these now (by mistake) and I just can't figure out how to complete without wiping the entire base out, getting wanted (alot) and incurring bazillions in bounties. Basically I have to hack a comm's array at a +++ Hi sec base and obviously can't get anywhere near to do this without the base attacking me. What gives, am I missing something or are these missions just not worth the effort?
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 7:02 PM · 341 replies and 11915 views.
    Nah, I would be very surprised if it is that fast. CIG have shown an extremely good resilience to doom prophecies so far.
  • Harley Quinn's Avatar
    Today, 7:01 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Harley Quinn started a thread [ED64 - 3.3 Horizons] CZ bounty issued in PC Bug Reports
    IP Protocol IPv4 Date & Time of Occurrence 16/12/2018 17:45 Frequency 1 VR?
  • Speedcuffs's Avatar
    Today, 7:01 PM · 83 replies and 3326 views.
    You need... BIG LAYZORS!:D
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 7:01 PM · 11 replies and 186 views.
    I always liked the mk.IV despite the general opinion. :) But now, if she's the motherlode hunter I think she could be, I'm going to love her.
  • JohnMiller1132's Avatar
    Today, 7:01 PM · 8 replies and 296 views.
    I both agree and disagree. First, for the film, I think Jurassic World final battle scene between the naturals and the hybrid is EPIC! It is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time!! I always craving for more Dino battles, especially between the gigantic Sauropods with the large Theropods. However, when it is implemented into the game, there are a few problems. Story wise, it does seems unnatural and immoral. It is an evil thing to put animals to fight in a cage (except for experimentation purposes ;) – which I did a thousand times in-game). If they want to do it, they must make it feel complete. They must give a detailed plot of why such a battle is necessary and the uniqueness of it (of course, associating with unique game features and animations). And for the animation system. I fully agreed with you. Not to say that the concept of turn-based system is not good. In fact, I do think it is a very good starting point, gaming wise. The system needs a complete revision however– by adding...
  • Blackcompany's Avatar
    Today, 7:00 PM · 81 replies and 1423 views.
    The simple truth is there is no logical, sane reason why we need anything more than a single limpet controller. Or even the innate ability for our ships computers to control the things. Not being able to partake of game play is not an interesting choice; its shooting your game in its own foot design wise. People want to have fun. That is, chiefly, why most people play games. And constantly leaving a USS because you dont have the correct limpet controller thanks for your psychic medium outfitted having taken the day off, is simply not enjoyable. Whether to pack scatter weapons or machine guns on a combat ship; whether to hull or shield tank (shop choice)...these are meaningful decisions. Whether to drop a cargo hold from your mining trade/ship or protection from your combat vessel in favor of a fuel limpet controller, on the OFF CHANCE you MIGHT need it, is not meaningful. Its just locking useful ships out of fun but niche game play for literally no valid reason whatever.
  • Arrak's Avatar
    Today, 7:00 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Hello, After returning from almost 2 year hiatus I was refreshing my feel to the game and went some bounty hunting to nearby RES. After opening fire on a wanted Vulture I got obliterated in a span on 7, maybe 8 seconds by the Vulture. I didn't even have time to press hotkey for SCB or try to boost away before my hull ran out. I have absolutely no clue what happened since last time I played, I had quite easy time on even against larger ships with my Python. Getting killed in a span of seconds doesn't feel quite right especially when the Python is fitted with the best shield/armor you could get. Are NPCs getting boosts or something or what gives?
  • DrewCarnegie's Avatar
    Today, 6:59 PM · 24 replies and 552 views.
    Don't worry, the other usual suspects will be along in a while to tell us how awesome it is. Talking of which, I haven't seen Eagleboy or MaxFactor since the patch dropped. I hope they're both* well. *assuming it's not just one person with two accounts.
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