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  • damon8r351's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 PM · 8 replies and 59 views.
    I thought that was only if the reputation was above 75%? Has it changed?
  • dasketh's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 PM · 6 replies and 881 views.
    Ahoj Piloci!!!! W dniu dzisiejszym uruchamiamy publicznie Głos Renegatów, blog/gazetę frakcyjną RNG. Będą się tam znajdować ogłoszenia na temat eventów oraz relacje z różnych Naszych akcji. Poszczególni Renegaci udostępniają też swoje kanały filmowe oraz galerie swoich zdjęć ze świata Elite Dangerous. Adres: Na stronie znajduje się również bezpośredni kontakt do Nas. Zachęcamy do odwiedzania, komentowania i wpadania na TS na wspólne loty w przestrzeni i do wspólnej zabawy!!!
  • Faded Glory's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 PM · 16 replies and 58 views.
    Yes, and no... Of course the graphics are night and day, and actually the flight model in ED is IMO more fun than it was in FE2. There's actually also much more variety in missions and other activities than there was in the older game. But still... ED has growing pains, that's for sure, and the multi-player aspect has complicated certain mechanics such as C&P. ED is also I suspect a bit of a victim of it's own scale. In FE2, if you aligned with a superpower, missions tended to send you to the other power's territory which made more sense really, and in FE2 it really was difficult to rank up in both the Empire and the Federation. To be fair, I'm sure I've put more hours into ED than I did in decades of playing FE2, and playing now in VR has just added a whole new life to the game. I also really like being able to have multiple ships, and have genuine uses for them in this game. But I think from a Commander's story perspective, ED is a bit muddled, while in FE2, that role playing (dare I say...
  • Mengy's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 PM · 57 replies and 364 views.
    True, it is my opinion, based on hundreds of hours of post 2.2 exploration versus 1000+ hours of pre 2.2 exploration. Where I used to absolutely love flying low over planets sightseeing and landing on them to explore them up close, now they all look so very similar, drab, and boring that I've completely lost the will to even bother anymore. I'm not tired of the game, the difference is the planet changes made in 2.2. But yes, that is my opinion, based on the evidence at hand. Thankfully Frontier agrees with me and admits to 2.2 having mistakes, and desires planet terrain improvements as well.
  • Hell Razor5543's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 PM · 5661 replies and 485013 views.
    Well, now there are official Fuel Rats in the real world!;
  • AnvilHammer's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 PM · 6 replies and 294 views.
    +1 for AOD, but then again, I am biased! :D Seriously though, best gaming community on the net.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 PM · 3 replies and 51 views.
    The galmap filters know all populated systems, so you cant truly discover them. The idea of finding isolated systems is correct.
  • CaseyWilliams121's Avatar
    Today, 6:40 PM
    Severity Minor Frequency Most of the time (75%) Time of occurrence 19:37 CEST Date of occurrence
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  • Tadeus72's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 PM · 365 replies and 11961 views.
    Wait. What? Are you sure you know what you are talking about, is this some "common reddit knowledge"? :) EVE always had real money trading in it, because it's unavoidable with this game design. And legally buying player characters is an old thing from before PLEX. But there are no things that give you advantage that you can buy ONLY with $ and not by playing the game (like it is in classic p2w games). It just makes things much faster. It's an entirely different game design than ED, which is good. Other than that, EVE players are a funny bunch, they actually like players, who buy expensive things with $$, cause destroying insanely expensive stuff is so much more satisfying :) Coming back to ED. It's designwise not ready for any player economy, there are no failsafes in its core mechanics.
  • damon8r351's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    This is just me talking off the cuff using whatever bits and pieces of scientific knowledge I've gathered over the years without citing any references, but wouldn't having liquid water on the surface almost virtually guarantee having an atmosphere? Say an icy comet impacts the surface and introduces liquid water, eventually that water evaporates into water vapor and whether it stays as the beginnings of an atmosphere depends on whether or not the planet has a magnetic field or not. For instance, I thought I read somewhere that the reason Mars doesn't have as much water as we theorize it should have is because it evaporated into the atmosphere, then the atmosphere got gradually stripped away by the solar wind because Mars doesn't have a strong enough magnetosphere to protect it.
  • Edelgard von Rhein's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 PM · 16 replies and 870 views.
    Sidgoir is much smaller than the other permit-locked regions I have been to - it is a sphere about 200 LY across, whereas the others are about 1000 LY across. There seems to be an abundance of life-bearing gas giants here and I have also located two Earth-like Worlds and an Ammonia World, as well as plenty of green systems, one of which is 'gold' - it contains all the elements currently available from surface mining. I am ready to move on but am waiting for 2.4 to check whether anything changes with its arrival. It will therefore probably be about another week or so before I write up the report. Until then I might either take a break, or just go looking for some good scenery to fly around in one of my fighters. . I have noticed numerous tags in the region close to the border, most of which are just from one other CMDR - it seems someone else has done some survey work here but the systems with the Earth-like and Ammonia Worlds were all untagged.
  • Captain N's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 PM · 16 replies and 58 views.
    The one thing I really miss is the truly seamless universe (only "loading screen" was the jump between systems) The flight model being truly newtonian (no max speeds) was also cool. ED is without a doubt a better game overall, though.
  • gazelle's Avatar
    Today, 6:38 PM · 781 replies and 50761 views.
    For me it was Deluxe Paint (on Amiga). :)
  • Ailonur's Avatar
    Today, 6:38 PM · 199 replies and 9417 views.
    el problema es que si le revientas la BGS a alguien su faccion puede llegar a perder bases o incluso sistemas enteros, y eso lleva mucho tiempo recuperarlo, no estamos hablando de unas pocas horas sino de tal vez meses de trabajo y tu vas y les revientas su trabajo, ya sea a mala leche o sin querer por desconicimiento. y se conocen casos de que unos jugadores han ido directamente a reventar el trabajo de otros jugadores a mala leche utilizando bombardeos de UA por ejemplo, y eso tampoco esta bien
  • Arioch's Avatar
    Today, 6:38 PM · 16 replies and 58 views.
    I had a bit of a retro urge last month and ended up losing a weekend to Frontier: Elite II on Dosbox, one of the first games I got for my 486 SX25 in Ye Olden Dayes (massive framerate increase compared to my Amiga, and texture mapping, oh yes!). There's a few things I think it does better than ED, and even though it looks primitive these days there's still a lot to be impressed by (cloud shadows, clock tower time and bezier curves are my favourites). There's even detail that isn't clear but is still there - a radiation warning sign on the back of the Cobra III for example (I remember seeing that in a mag just before release but you can't zoom in close enough in-game to read the text). I got to wondering how much more stuff you could display on a modern computer while keeping the same simple polygon shapes - cities of hundreds/thousands of buildings and cloud groups that could span a globe? One thing I found was that I was better at Engine-Off combat these days (the best way for FE2) possibly thanks to...
  • Ben Sevil's Avatar
    Today, 6:36 PM · 3 replies and 51 views.
    Now I am, yes. :D Thanks!
  • Tetzmol's Avatar
    Today, 6:36 PM · 9 replies and 95 views.
    Just what one calls 'propaganda'. Unprovoked? Those Faragut cruisers are a provocation by themselves.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 6:36 PM · 57 replies and 364 views.
    Thing is I never would have made any jokes if OP hadn't severely overestimated his power. "I'm a kickstarter, they should listen to me." Fun fact. Any kickstarter who owns the LEP, is actually the least important customer for FD to think about.
  • Himynameiswardy's Avatar
    Today, 6:35 PM
    Hello fellow Cmdrs. My wing are currently in the col 285 sector qn-t d3-77 system looking for the crime sweeps. Currently having no luck locating. Have searched entire system and still nothing. Has anyone found them yet? If so, where abouts are they? Thank you! Cmdr Wardy
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  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 PM · 57 replies and 364 views.
    To be fair, that is just your opinion. While I want more colour, I MUCH prefer current over 2.0 planets. To me its ten steps forwards and one back.
  • Factabulous's Avatar
    Today, 6:33 PM · 12 replies and 384 views.
    1) Find a permit locked system - what is it called? 2) Look in nearby systems - is there a faction with a name containing the system name from (1) 3) Get allied with faction (2) 4) If that does not work return to (2) - find another faction to get allied with 5) Done (or faction is broken) No external tools, pretty straight forward really. You should try doing things in-game, rather fun. That's what we're doing to try and find the broken permits. (Of course it will take longer doing things completely manually as there is more chance of trying to get allied to the wrong faction, but you did that after using the forum already - didn't you :))
  • kris44dad's Avatar
    Today, 6:33 PM · 19 replies and 35 views.
    That's pretty much what I see as well. I grab my type-7 and all the missions at my home base. I grab other suitable missions as I go. At one obscure drop off, a mission that looks fun, but I'm up to my cargo hold in bio waste. There no way to get back before it disappears. Or I'm in my multi-purpose and there's that mission for 200 units of haulage for a gazillion credits, and a hyperspace jump of 2 systems.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 6:33 PM · 8 replies and 59 views.
    Well that's all I needed to hear. When I can get online tonight, I'm sure going to add that to the list of tasks for me to do to wreck my own Federation reputation.
  • Mengy's Avatar
    Today, 6:32 PM · 57 replies and 364 views.
    There is no denying that 2.2 brought better up close planet texture quality and performance, that's just a fact. And for the most part ice worlds do look better post 2.2. However, HMC, MR, and RW's lost (mostly) all color variety at the same time those better textures came. Also terrain mesh variation was flattened and lessened, thus resulting in less interesting planets overall. So 2.2 was a one step forward but two steps back deal. For the most part it was far easier to find interesting looking planets pre 2.2 than post 2.2. Even though the 2.2 Stellar Forge might "technically" be better, artistically it is not. Again though, this has only resulted in exploration becoming worse solely due to the fact that exploration is lacking in meaningful mechanics and content. Eye candy was all we had, sightseeing, and when 2.2 took that it thus resulted in a degraded exploration "experience". Improving planet graphics might help make sightseeing what it once was, but to truly improve exploration it needs...
  • Shadowdancer's Avatar
    Today, 6:32 PM · 16 replies and 58 views.
    FE2? Navigating around a dead, static galaxy with glitchy graphics, and mostly navigating by cheating your ship into stations by time acceleration on maximum impossibility drive? Yeah, it was amazing for the time, but once you look past the nostalgia filter, it's pretty far behind what you're offered here. Let's boil it down, the ships were in huge parts a stylistic hodgepodge, "atmospheric landings" were just setting down on differently coloured spheres with rare weird setpieces, the crew was mostly an attrition mechanic ("Want to fly that ship? Enjoy waiting around this for for a few weeks and see if enough crew spawn lol"), and FE2 didn't really have a storyline anyway. The missions were pretty cool for the first couple runs, but ultimately also very few archetypes with slightly different greebles. Now I cant speak for FFE, always thought that looked like a big steaming mess just from the visuals, so didn't try it.
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