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  • RevLogos's Avatar
    Today, 3:11 AM · 2 replies and 4 views.
    I haven't had the problem you describe. After a few minutes the mission target will spawn. Sometimes if I'm lucky the mission target will interdict me before I get to the planet. All the better. There are two missions I have tried that are either un-survivable or un-doable (for a casual player). One is the illegal Wetwork mission. You don't know what it is until you get to the system. Then discover you need to kill 40 civilians, or medical transports or something else where the NPCs are clean, and usually in a high security system. Then you get only 1 day 16 hours to complete. If I play say 1 to 2 hours in a day that gives me about 4 hours to finish. Problem is the spawn rate is too slow. I get maybe a few an hour. Repeatedly relogging helps some; but that isn't fun. The other is the assassination missions where you first have to scan a comm beacon at a large high security site to get the location of your target. There is no stealth way to get in there that I can find. So breach the security barrier...
  • rrobes's Avatar
    Today, 3:11 AM · 56 replies and 674 views.
    Let me think about it... NO! Set to ignore: All threads that begin with "Would you pay".
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Today, 3:10 AM · 45 replies and 970 views.
    LOL exactly, renaming because some could be offended. Really? And yet in a game like Elite we can still buy and sell SLAVES!
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 3:08 AM · 83 replies and 2112 views.
    While I agree it's frustrating, I'm a lot more tolerant. I'm a software engineer. Most people have no idea how hard it is to work on a large codebase. It can be really hard to fix or improve things, without breaking stuff. It's clear to me that FD needs more automated testing, that should catch a lot of the bugs. It's also likely that the code needs to be cleaned up "refactored" to move forward. It's a good sign that FD is taking the time to fix the basics, before adding new stuff. I'm sure that wasn't an easy decision, but it should help the longevity of ED. I'd rather they do a good job, than a rushed job.
  • Faded Glory's Avatar
    Today, 3:06 AM · 2 replies and 4 views.
    I don't believe for a second that the scenario you describe is anything other than a bug. :) To your question, no I don't think FD put missions out there that must fail. I've never heard any comments from devs regarding this, and while they are I'm sure content that certain activities take a bit of time to complete, I don't believe that they intentionally send you on a quest that is doomed to failure. Edit: It seems you are not alone... Link
  • Suvi Anwar's Avatar
    Today, 3:05 AM · 83 replies and 2112 views.
    The reality of ALL game development is that you never end with a game you started to make, ever. I've been in this industry since 1982, and through all the games that I have worked on through the years, not one ended up being what it started out to be. Some ideas just don't work, or are impossible to accomplish in the current tech level, some just don't fit and make the game flail and fall apart. Like movies, a lot of stuff hits the cutting room floor before the product goes to market. I'm sure the OP is genuinely upset over what he thought he was going to get, but he obviously doesn't understand that nothing ends up being what the idea starts out as. Ever.
  • Storm Valkyrie's Avatar
    Today, 3:03 AM
    Severity Severe Frequency Most of the time (75%) Time of occurrence 8:50 PM CST Date of occurrence
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  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 3:03 AM · 27 replies and 452 views.
    Both NPC Crew and NPC Wingmen were discussed in the DDF:
  • Konnivar's Avatar
    Today, 3:01 AM · 2265 replies and 413938 views.
    Name: Rimor Captionem Galmap Ref: OEDGAF DL-Y G0 Type: Black Hole Description: In October of 3303 the third explorer to visit this system became stranded after failing to scoop sufficient fuel from the previous star to return. It was only through the heroics of Fuel Rats' CMDR TNTom, traveling over 60,000ly in 26 hours, that the explorer was able to leave the system with all his data. One of two black holes within 1.2kly of each other on the fringe of the galaxy discovered by Allitnil; the black hole in this system is virtually invisible unless viewing it looking toward the galactic plane. This system allows for some fantastic screenshots. However, a warning to all CMDRs to watch their fuel when jumping to this system as the black hole is the only body in the system. Link to CMDR TNTom's Imgur Album:
  • Sup3rfluiD's Avatar
    Today, 3:01 AM · 18 replies and 515 views.
    If he does I bet he's a first class griefer. Just like at work
  • Vistitor010100's Avatar
    Today, 3:00 AM · 3 replies and 133 views.
    Gawd! Now another complication on what to due> Thanks,,,,LoL
  • Verlaine's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 AM · 27 replies and 452 views.
    NPC crew please. Would be nice to use them as gunners with more advanced AI than turrets. For example, NPC crew could use beam weapons when enemy shields are up only and projectile weapons when enemy shields are down only. Additionally, having NPC crew members fill the seats in the bridge would be cool.
  • Moribus's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 AM · 1044 replies and 91967 views.
    Moribus replied to a thread INRA Base Discoveries in Aliens
    Good question. I don't know if there's a better answer already, but this is what I reckon. In FFE the Alliance was really newly formed. It was basically an upstart bunch of folks (I think mainly Turner and Argent) who didn't like the Feds or the Empire so they decided to make a government of their own with blackjack and hookers. At the time, that area of space was on/near the Frontier (Hyperdrives were a lot slower back then). It's possible it's a coincidence that the secret INRA bases are in Alliance territory. I mean, I think they were both just "on the edge of known space" sort of thing - since hyperdrives were slower, a system 15ly away (for example) was literally days away, a system 50ly away was like a month away or something. So, the proximity nowadays might just be an artefact of expansion over 150 years and the new faster hyperdrives. However... Maybe not... I don't really know if there's any hard facts on it really?
  • Vistitor010100's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 AM · 2 replies and 33 views.
    Thank you Cmdr! What super sample number did you use to upscale to that res?
  • Bounder's Avatar
    Today, 2:55 AM · 445 replies and 11165 views.
    ..basically, all ED ships are hard limited to less than their free-fall speed. No matter how "strong" a body's supposed "gravity" (in the ED sense of whatever passes for its pseudo-gravity), once you hit your designated speed limit, gravity stops working, even if you have no engines or thrusters left... An unpowered lump of rock can fall out of the sky faster than any ED ship at "full thrust"... ..and seamlessly, without suffering the indignity of the "orbital cruise" and "glide mode" transition-fests on the way down. Rock = 1 : ED "ship" = 0
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 2:54 AM · 46 replies and 1227 views.
    In God we Thrust.
  • Curvemn17's Avatar
    Today, 2:54 AM · 36 replies and 341 views.
    If it's an area of space that is less frequented you can definitely make an impact, I've seen it once before in Summerland doing passenger and data courier missions. The rail guns can really make life difficult as a pirate and the NPC at elite is spot on with those. I'm not prepared enough for elite level yet so I've started to not go do those as I prefect the craft. I tried a type 9 and barely warped out as he was doing rails and elite just circling me. There are some nearby systems with black markets, we will have to try those for smuggling for profits. o7
  • TireSpin's Avatar
    Today, 2:54 AM
    New user here, looking to learn more about this great game. Hope to see you online in the future.. Cheers...
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  • Ozram's Avatar
    Today, 2:52 AM · 24 replies and 682 views.
    I don’t believe you. The only way to get truly favourable rolls is to abandon 200 platinum exactly 900 meters above the station. If you can get ten or more to land on your designated pad, you’re guaranteed a god roll.
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