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  • Thargon's Avatar
    Today, 3:01 PM · 919 replies and 67928 views.
    There is some material: I think there is more - one talks about the toxic atmosphere within CIG.
  • Jason Lightning's Avatar
    Today, 3:01 PM · 74 replies and 939 views.
    In most games what constitutes 'grind' is still a fun task, and one that perhaps goes unnoticed or has definitive progress. Hopefully the future changes to Elite factor in rebalancing the 'grind' to be interesting and not a chore.
  • robjef's Avatar
    Today, 3:01 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    robjef replied to a thread Future updates in PlayStation®4
    According to FDev all updates to ED will be simultaneous across all platforms, however there may be smaller updates here and there (bug fixes etc specific to eac platform).
  • Jukelo's Avatar
    Today, 3:01 PM · 33 replies and 642 views.
    This and that are the reason why you'll never fix griefing. On top of the fact everyone has their own definition of what is a legitimate and fun interaction with another player and what is griefing.
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Today, 3:01 PM · 31 replies and 642 views.
    Yeah it's particularly bad when exploring. For example I'm currently putting a sprint on through a neutron star field so I'm plotting jumps of roughly 220LY. I'm heading to a specific destination, trouble is zooming in tight enough to be able to get mouse-over data from a star (and therefore see how far away it is) means that I can't see anything like as much around my path as I used to be able to. That in turn means I'm no doubt missing things that I would have diverted a jump away from my path to check out. Actually checking say a 40-50 LY radius around a 220LY jump path takes so long now that I'd be spending ten minutes and more per jump just scouring the galmap. It seems to be a completely pointless change that has taken something that worked fine and turned it into a broken and infuriating chore.
  • Ackley 280's Avatar
    Today, 3:00 PM · 8 replies and 181 views.
    If your on Xbox and playing in Australian time zones then the answer is not very. I don't play all the time, i tend to go in bursts of activity but over the past 18 months I have encountered a total of 2 other cmdr's. One is a friend who I had to fly across the bubble to wing up with and the other was a random that interdicted my friend then fled when I dropped in. I never even had time to say hello:). I nearly got to wing up with another Xbox player from discussions on the forum here but en route I got drunk and crashed into a planet losing three weeks of exploration data. I took a break from elite for a while after that incident
  • Snarfbuckle's Avatar
    Today, 3:00 PM · 919 replies and 67928 views.
    Perhaps we need a new leak of assets for people to sift through. no, im saying that people give the wrong information when they said a game has been spending 150+ millions for 6 years when they only had the money for 5.
  • Hoodathunk's Avatar
    Today, 3:00 PM · 265 replies and 21571 views.
    I'm pretty sure the 'event.landable' variable requires a DSS to be valid. The 'reportbody' object data comes from a cache of the EDDN/EDDB database, so one would think that this data is not dependent on a DSS. The only downside of using BodyDetails() is that if no one (either you just now or another CMDR in the past) has scanned the body with a DSS, the data will be incomplete.
  • MarkAusten's Avatar
    Today, 3:00 PM · 15 replies and 181 views.
    You were probably correct then.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 3:00 PM · 217 replies and 4591 views.
    There will be three chain links to stop commanders farming chain. It will make a huge amount of noise but not achieve anything. So yes, mostly I think that's about what we're going to get. A mostly irrelevant change that will be capped because people will pretend it's a farmable thing which will neuter any actual affect Frontier were going for. That help?
  • Mu77ley's Avatar
    Today, 3:00 PM · 919 replies and 67928 views.
    So, what you're saying is that Chris Roberts was lying when he said it had been in development for a year at that point.
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Today, 2:59 PM · 919 replies and 67928 views.
    So, from the reddit examples AA notes above, how much longer is it acceptable to wait/continue funding? I see the 'just be patient' sentiment presented in so many guises, some explicit, some implicit, but it's never made clear how much longer is acceptable. Most, no matter how 'faithful', will have a limit. So what is it? 2 more years (2019)? 5 years (2022)? 10 years (2027)? 15 years (3032)? 50 years? And to those in the 'I'll wait forever' camp, would you really wait until 2067 for this game? And if you really wouldn't, then you are not prepared to wait for 'as long as it takes', no matter what you say.
  • JesusRocks1988's Avatar
    Today, 2:59 PM · 30 replies and 2362 views.
    OP are you sure it always said "Align with Escape Vector" and not at any point "Align with Ship Trajectory"? If you're aligned with the escape vector but the direction of your ship's motion is not in the direction your ship is facing, you also cannot jump... and both of these alignment issues can easily come into play in the heat of trying to escape from battle. It's also one of the main reasons Neutron Stars and White Dwarfs are so deadly. Evasive manoeuvres and initiating the FSD don't go together.
  • Dutchman141's Avatar
    Today, 2:58 PM · 4 replies and 130 views.
    Don't you ever call the Courier weird again........ever, you hear? Ugh, the brutality........ ;)
  • Cobolt's Avatar
    Today, 2:58 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    Cobolt replied to a thread Future updates in PlayStation®4
    From what I've seen and heard all platforms get them at the same time.
  • SockMonkey's Avatar
    Today, 2:58 PM · 31 replies and 543 views.
    I will be working :| ....
  • MarkAusten's Avatar
    Today, 2:58 PM · 74 replies and 939 views.
    That is progress, just in the other direction.
  • CMDR Valleys's Avatar
    Today, 2:58 PM · 8 replies and 174 views.
    I found the same thing, the struggle to find ways around the lack of Keyboard to communicate with other players makes for a frustrating experience. Especially in CGs. but if I'm honest with myself here, my main inhibitor to playing is two children and a lingering exhaustion due to lack of sleep. I'm waiting for someone to develop a keyboard for VR... i dont think thats a bigs ask really and could be very simple with that Vive addition that you can clip to things... or should i start thinking about patenting the idea now. Fly safe CMDRs - update incoming (new alien things in the black) if you want to wing up let me know I'm in the Maia system atm
  • Nutter's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 PM · 168 replies and 33860 views.
    Nutter replied to a thread Update 2.3.10 in Patch Notes
    There are a lot of Thargoids to let out!
  • Javert's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 PM · 168 replies and 33860 views.
    Javert replied to a thread Update 2.3.10 in Patch Notes
    Quite probably they are implementing all the server side support the PS4 version so that it's ready tomorrow - hence the long server downtime.
  • HBK's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 PM · 74 replies and 939 views.
    Because it often feels like grinding. Many games offer some form of grind one way or another. Dare I say most of the games do in 2017. But most of the time it's just transparent. In (e.g.) many RPGs you "grind" your levels while not thinking about it because you're questing/exploring/whatever. In ED, many times you grind because you effin need it. Yeah you could just mess around for decades waiting for that Fed rank to go up. Or you might want a Vette, have the money for it, and then are left with two choices: Don't buy one, or grind the ranks. Guess what most players do when then want to experience something in a game? Yeah, I thought as much.
  • MottiKhan's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 PM · 49 replies and 1133 views.
    Wrong thread.
  • MarkAusten's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 PM · 74 replies and 939 views.
    Beg pardon, I read the topic as being about the grind and players complaining about it. Is that not the topic? So I didn't understand your reply at all in that context. One the other hand, maybe I need some more caffeine.
  • Dutchman141's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 PM · 31 replies and 543 views.
    Is it only me? I'm getting signs of withdrawal already, staring at the Xbox dashboard, browsing my games but not actually playing any, making the umpteenth cup of coffee, ugh, never realised this strong that ED is realy the only game I play seriously. What a waste of money buying all those other games.........
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