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  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 2:36 AM · 23 replies and 585 views.
    PvP is the reason why I abandoned the HOTAS; I just couldn't get the accuracy I needed. I've found the gamepad and mouse to be best for that kind of action.
  • Ramsey Sparrow's Avatar
    Today, 2:35 AM · 4 replies and 102 views.
    that I figured STRONTIUM DOG ;)
  • PenguinActual's Avatar
    Today, 2:34 AM · 3 replies and 66 views.
    I run an FDL with 5B Standard shields (I don't have a 5A because of the fact that they weren't available where I found the 5B). Right now, I can survive several fights against medium-largeish ships but as soon as an Anaconda (Or larger ) shows up and the fight is over, my shields have taken a beating. As I stated in my first post, I have 1.3 GJs of shielding. I have some mods on my 5 boosters with 2 Thermal Resistance, 2 Resistance Augmented, and a Heavy Duty Booster while my Generator is Reinforced G4. My Boosters themselves are 1-2G mods. My thoughts are to grab some G5 Resistance mods for a few of my 5 boosters and just Resistance tank my fights with a lower shield output. My SCBs are rather lacking in shield strength as I can get back a partial ring with 287.7 MJs after 3 seconds as both banks are discharging and firing a Heat Sink. Also... How do you unlock Didi Vatermann?
  • MyklAtrum's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 AM · 5 replies and 110 views.
    MyklAtrum replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.3] CTD while following wake scan in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Hey Mitch, sorry it took a bit. Didn't see the response. Just going to toss the whole log in spoiler wrap. There are actually 2 that have the system in it. I'm not sure which is correct so I'm adding both. Log 1 ============================================ Logs/netLog.170418195804.01.log (part 1) 2017-04-18 19:58 Central Daylight Time ============================================ {00:58:04GMT 0.030s} ClientBuild 2.3 r141964 (win64) {00:58:13GMT 9.099s} GetPortMapping(65235) failed with code -3 (UnknownError) {00:58:13GMT 9.103s} AddPortMapping(65235, 65235, ) failed with code -3 (UnknownError)
  • G4RY's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 AM · 13 replies and 147 views.
    Love these kind of threads... telling a story along the way. Orca looks great in red!
  • Vasious's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 AM · 122 replies and 20266 views.
    They were the only example to date I have come across.
  • Penny Umbra's Avatar
    Today, 2:27 AM · 932 replies and 66552 views.
    Anita Anita Juri, an explorer taking a break from flying for a few days, put her id bracelet on her right wrist, and lifted her carryall over her head and onto her shoulder. Leaving the apartment, Anita retraced the journey to the docking hangers that Lucy had taken an hour before. A different train to a different hanger. Anita's ship was larger and stored in hanger 03. Entering the hanger, Anita surveyed her ship with a sense of dismay. It was an Asp Scout that had clearly seen better days, maybe better years and decades. The paint was almost all scrubbed off and the canopy looked clouded and scored. Worse, there was a wound in the port side exposing the ships inner workings. This was a ship that had gone a long way, and fought hard to make back home, or that was how it looked. A control box adjacent to the pad accepted Anita's id, and transmitted to the ship the command to open the hatch and deploy the boarding ladder. The ships secuirty system sent back a challenge, demanding a voice print and...
  • CMDR Arguendo's Avatar
    Today, 2:24 AM · 23 replies and 585 views.
    You should have joined us :) I do have a nice little Vulture as well. A bit twitchy for my HOTAS though, so I need some weird power curves for it or just buy a better one. Will probably end up doing the latter, because the Vulture is fun with a bit of a punch. And as you point out, not too expensive to lose :)
  • Devari's Avatar
    Today, 2:24 AM · 13 replies and 198 views.
    The class 4 multi is actually quite a nice gun (both aesthetically and functionally) as it actually uses a unique reciprocating quad-barrel design. Rather than being a gatling weapon (like all the smaller multicannons) it fires with two of its four barrels simultaneously. The action uses the recoil from the firing of each pair of barrels to load the alternate pair, meaning that the shots will alternate between the top and bottoms barrels as you fire. It's still a multicannon (as it uses multiple barrels) but the reciprocating design uses relatively larger-calibre rounds with a lower ROF. This has quite a solid "feel" to it (since you're firing two large shots at the same time) and also avoids the spin-up time of the smaller gatling multicannons. This means that as soon as you pull the trigger it will fire without any delay. It really is sort of a cross between the gatling multis and the larger cannons and fills a rather unique "niche" in terms of the kinetic weapons.
  • Arvel Yael's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 AM · 13 replies and 147 views.
    02:07 HOP FOUR - Sirius Industrial Ocellus Station Ashby City, orbiting Luyten's Star. I like the picture. I tried to get closer to the letterbox, but I was bashed out of the way by departing orcas and belugas. I guess they're on a schedule! I quit the game at this point, dropped another couple of quid out of my steam wallet on nameplates, and decided to give the Ferrero Rocher a nameplate worthy of her passenger-moving endeavors!
  • SocraticMammal's Avatar
    Today, 2:22 AM · 3 replies and 50 views.
    Try resetting the 'fastest route' setting.
  • Sapyx's Avatar
    Today, 2:22 AM · 122 replies and 20266 views.
    I don't believe there were ever any procedurally-generated Imperial Anarchies. All were either player-made or, like Emperor's Dawn, FD-handcrafted. Same goes for the Feds. There was an unlisted Fed Anarchy I saw in one of the CG systems a few months ago. That would be "Election". The Sublime Order is fighting an election right now in Epsilon Eridani, against a Fed Democracy.
  • KellyR's Avatar
    Today, 2:19 AM · 369 replies and 14124 views.
    Python is called Nightunner. Dolphin is called Stargazer. The Python is a real beast, but Stargazer, she's a slippery little porpoise. And she screams when you light off her boosters :D
  • Limoncello Lizard's Avatar
    Today, 2:19 AM · 33 replies and 925 views.
    Plenty of both in the forums.
  • RevLogos's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 AM · 7068 replies and 599499 views.
    True. Seems the usual way this kind of thing is handled these days is to encrypt the whole lot of it, and have a dead-man switch that reveals the password if something happens to them. Might take longer but the information still gets out.
  • DaveB's Avatar
    Today, 2:17 AM · 56 replies and 1975 views.
    Admittedly there is something somehow less satisfying about merely hitting an ignore button when compared to firing up the editor to add them to the killfile, but somehow they seem to still make the same noise when they land there :) Folks clutching their pearls over how anarchic the internet is (when of course, by "internet" they mean "web") have no memory of the early days of usenet or of certain "interesting" BBSs. Although it does seem that the big difference is that these days on the web it's pretty much all in alt.*
  • Clicker's Avatar
    Today, 2:16 AM · 13 replies and 339 views.
    If a bug, please may I also have a 9 million CR refund? Clicker
  • Sunleader's Avatar
    Today, 2:16 AM · 364 replies and 11109 views.
    Ah its fine if its not a Cave ;) Its just meaning to give you something to do. An Explorer can Scan it for some Flavor Text and can make some Close Scans of it for a Better Reward. Does not need to be anything Special. (I would actually like Caves to come in lol. They would give going down to a Planet a new reason albeit another short lived one I guess) But any Terrain anomaly does. An Extra high Mountain thats not usual. (You just have to fly over it and Scan it) An Meteorite Crater (You have to take some probes from inside and around the crater) An Volcano that has a different material than normal on that Planet (you have to scan the Volcano from your surface vehicle) An Field of unusual many Volcanoes in one Spot (you have to scan several Volcanos as well as do an detailed scan from right above with your ship) An Vein of Minerals or Metals not normally Found on this Planet. (you have to probe the content of the vein by using a Mining laser or a prospect drone)
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 2:14 AM · 7 replies and 186 views.
    WD boost seems alright. No NS in the neighbourhood.
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 2:12 AM · 1 replies and 13 views.
    No that's right. It's like with the normal missions - after you're at least friendly, they will start giving you worthwhile assignments. If you're able to find a tourism economy system in boom state, though, even the basic and cordial missions aren't that bad. Passenger missions also depend highly on the distance. If it's just a taxi run around the neighbourhood, it'll never pay really well.
  • clivewil's Avatar
    Today, 2:12 AM · 5 replies and 63 views.
    confirmed after my own tests in the systems i work in, there is always one major pirate faction which spawns in reasonable numbers, but the other 'good guys' factions have rogue pirates of their own which also become targets for missions. these rogues frequently spawn in numbers too low to allow the mission to be completed, OR as in one of my test cases, require you to pretty much play for the full 30 hours without eating or sleeping re missions obtained from LFT 926 for the V886 Centauri system: V886 Centauri Family (local pirate clan) = easily completable V886 Centauri Future = not completable V886 Centauri Autocracy = not completable Bureau Of V886 Centauri = barely completable after a huge amount of effort
  • Gunnet's Avatar
    Today, 2:11 AM · 7 replies and 186 views.
    Sounds annoying. I'll have to remember to not use any boosts until it's fixed. Has anybody tested it with a neutron star boost?
  • KellyR's Avatar
    Today, 2:11 AM · 46 replies and 2303 views.
    KellyR replied to a thread Dolphin Owner's Club in Ships of Elite
    I bought one of these beauties. Named her Stargazer. I've made about 10 million in sightseeing missions and exploration data sold. And that's just fit out with economy cabins. I know, it can fit luxury cabins, but the thing has paid for itself 10 times over. And yeah, she's a real screamer when you boost. I put a 4A fuel scoop on her and she don't never need to stop for fuel. Goes from almost dry to full in less than a minute. Thank you FD for the "Apply filter to route". Now maybe I can get my Python fit out as a warship before I'm old and grey. Hauling contract freight with it just wasn't doing it. Made more in 1 mission with this little lovely than I did in 7 with the Python.
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