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  • dc83's Avatar
    Today, 1:28 AM
    It IS lovely. On the fringe of the galactic core, you can see the glow of the galaxy sweeping towards you, over you. It's not like out in the Bubble, where the Milky Way is this insubstantial thing, this little wisp of cloud that you only know is really made of stars because... well, you read it in a book? Learned it in school? "Everybody knows"? You never see it. Here, you do. It feels wrong here. Something inside me is deeply offended at how full of stars the sky is. "The Milky Way" isn't some faint wisp that we only know is made of stars because we learned about it in school; it's everywhere. The sky glows even in the middle of the night. It's beautiful when I'm awake, but hard to get to sleep. Somehow, even with my viewport at full black, I can still feel them, those big blue stars. It must be hard for people on the farming planets; at least I can turn up the opacity on my viewport. At least I can leave here if I can't learn to sleep again. All those people down there, so many of them having...
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  • aRJay's Avatar
    Today, 1:27 AM · 11 replies and 273 views.
    There is one at Campbell Horizons in Abroin and at Bushkov Dock in Borovii.
  • Calrissian's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 AM · 2 replies and 56 views.
    <Hand Claps and Whistles> Bro, it's even WORSE with the coercion with those folks BECAUSE they can't or don't fight well. That said, there does need to be a place for these types of players to have another aspect of gameplay. I'n not a fan of the level of reward and importance this coercion plays in Elite Dangerous but that is a matter addressed in another thread.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 AM · 9 replies and 352 views.
    I would buy the game three separate times if we had true cross platform connectivity. I'd love for those guys to become my content!
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Today, 1:25 AM · 98 replies and 7060 views.
    Even if you didn't this is simply meaningful player agency at work; if people don't want Sirius to lose its presence in these systems the way to deal with that is to oppose the action using the in-game mechanics provided, not to go begging FDev to descend like some deus ex machina, wave a magic wand and make it all go away. Honestly I despair of the player base of this game sometimes. Spend half the time begging for more meaningful gameplay and the ability to make a greater impact on the game universe, then as soon as it actually happens the toys come out of the pram because although they want to be able to influence the game themselves they don't want anybody else to be able to influence it in a way they don't like. It really does defy belief.
  • SpacialKatana's Avatar
    Today, 1:23 AM · 74 replies and 1674 views.
    Hey Nutter, Ziggy, Ziljan ! I used to be an explorer like you guys, then I took ..... You know the rest ;)
  • CMDR Hagglebeard's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 AM · 121 replies and 4943 views.
    I share this sentiment 100%. I rarely play ED anymore, because the very basic, core mechanics of one of the advertised professions, my favorite profession, piracy, are borked. Piracy is a joke. Missions? A joke. Exploration? honk point jump. rinse and repeat until you kill yourself. Mining? Even more tedious exploration. Trading? move from a to be to a again for hours on end until you have the best ship ever, the Anaconda, and then stop playing. or go exploring and kill yourself.
  • oldusphart's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 AM · 959 replies and 134764 views.
    Thargoids, no Thargoids .. I'm an explorer .. am I going to have to arm up in the black is my biggest concern !
  • Calrissian's Avatar
    Today, 1:17 AM · 50 replies and 1286 views.
    And finally we get to Rob. If you think I'm complaining then stop reading the thread. Just say what you mean. You keep trying to be whitty and it has us really thinking that the two above that like responding for you are indeed, your older siblings.
  • KillWhitey's Avatar
    Today, 1:16 AM · 11 replies and 92 views.
    KillWhitey replied to a thread Sag.A trip in PlayStation 4
    2.4 aint hitting that soon, is it? I've got about 9000ly 'til Sag A, and then probably back in the bubble in another week or two.
  • dogbite's Avatar
    Today, 1:16 AM · 14 replies and 308 views.
    No its not sloppy programming. Its not unique to the Cobra engine. Pretty much all VR titles have issues maintaining 90fps. QUOTE] I have found that Lone Echo, Robo Recall as examples run at 90 fps pretty much all the time, but they are native VR. Both the are set to max everything. The reason I say "pretty much" is there is the occasional drop by 2 or 3 frames. But, since this occurs at PD 1 as well as PD 2 and seems to have no pattern that would be attributed to work load, I think it might be an ATW phenomena. Close as dam is to swearing though, so love my 1080ti for that.
  • Neofactor's Avatar
    Today, 1:16 AM · 80 replies and 4083 views.
    I don't understand most of these responses. "You shouldn't have been speeding" is one of the weakest replies I've heard. A WANTED ship instantly appeared in front of a massive fast moving ship and was destroyed and the station retaliated killing the speeding ship? There are at least two broken game mechanics in that sentence. How is fleeing from a pursuing the same as reckless flying? How and why did that ship appear directly in front of the other but close enough for the station to take notice and fire? And scanning before engage a ship is beyond dumb. This is an issue that effects multiple aspects of the game. Wanted targets wandering into your line of fire while your attacking another wanted targets make you also wanted? The number of multi-crew sessions that have been ruined when I engage a wanted wing and my player controlled wing-man attacks a hostile wing before scanning and gets another bounty ending the session. Somehow he isn't getting my scan data even though his ship and mine are directly...
  • TheSisko's Avatar
    Today, 1:15 AM · 9 replies and 352 views.
    You should have asked him if Sony would allow it, or if they intend to block it to protect the children. Cross-play in this game for all platforms would be fantastic, but I fear that day is far off in the future.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 1:14 AM · 14 replies and 104 views.
    Off topic and unproductive. Closing.
  • b101uk's Avatar
    Today, 1:11 AM · 157 replies and 5122 views.
    given the relative mass diffrance bitween station and ship, and the perceivable thickness of the station walls, it would be like.
  • Scottvdken's Avatar
    Today, 1:10 AM
    Scottvdken started a thread Buttkicker in Virtual Reality
    Apologies if this is in the wrong place - I figured the most likely users of this are going to be the VR folk. Can anyone who owns it tell me what settings they have their Gamer 2 set to? What cutoff frequency, specifically. Do you use any other software to enhance it? I know Simvibe doesn't support ED, but is ther anything else out there? Thanks!
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  • Calrissian's Avatar
    Today, 1:10 AM · 50 replies and 1286 views.
    Thing is I'm not personally attacking you. YOU are taking what I said personally. My explanation, fact, and my opinions on what you quoted were not directed at you. I BEG to differ on the maturity level. I really do and I think you've done enough to support my opinion on the matter. ;-) Oh, and another reply to a response for Rob. What, is Rob like 9 years old? Are these 2 your older brothers Rob? P.S.--Trust me, we are reading all the responses here.
  • CMDR Hagglebeard's Avatar
    Today, 1:10 AM · 28 replies and 525 views.
    You only touch the surface - you're talking about what's going on in that instance. A pirate lord shouldn't be a single fight - it should be a series of fights. Perhaps you come across his lackeys attacking a trader, and you kill one. The other submits (becomes invincible for a few seconds), stops, and sends you a message. "If you're after our boss, we lasty heard from him in system X, but please, don't kill me!" You can then kill the pirate for a bounty, or continue onwards towards your target. You arrive in system X. A passing trader or system security (RNG to decide) warns you to steer clear of celestial body Y - ships go missing over there. You, obviously, head right over there. For shorter missions, you meet the pirate lord. You attack him, bring him low on health, and he high wakes. perhaps, faster than a normal NPC or even player could/would. You track him. You meet him in supercruise in system Z. You interdict him, and murder him. Maybe, if you didn't murder that poor lackey a couple systems...
  • aRJay's Avatar
    Today, 1:09 AM · 4 replies and 68 views.
    When I had a regular crew rather than one on a one trip contract they showed up back in the lounge after I had switched from my Anaconda to something else and back in fact that's why I went to hire and fire as they were still getting their cut of my profits whilst sat in the crew lounge.
  • TheSisko's Avatar
    Today, 1:08 AM · 43 replies and 1806 views.
    TheSisko replied to a thread Wormhole in Dangerous Discussion
    The trouble with wormholes is, you don't know what's going to come out of them. Just ask the guy in my Avatar about the Dominion. :p I'm actually against the idea of wormholes in ED, for the same reason I was against instant ship transfer - the scale of the galaxy would get artificially reduced. Besides, I think ED are heading towards enabling long distance travel with dock-able Megaships which would move across the galaxy now and then, or at least I remember reading that on these forums a while ago.
  • Faded Glory's Avatar
    Today, 1:08 AM · 14 replies and 104 views.
    Edit... Misread.
    Today, 1:08 AM · 43 replies and 1806 views.
    Agree with this. As always, can't rep because gotta share the rep. Stop putting such good comments will you :p Also for people saying it's not realistic or whatever, neither is faster than light travel or even witchspace and for that matter neither are Thargoids
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 1:07 AM · 9 replies and 352 views.
    I saw a player named CMDR Sinkingxboxpeasant the other day and thought the same thing about cross platform play.
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