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  • Deekin Scalesinger's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 AM
    About 6 months ago i decided to head to Colonia. I took my DBX and neutron stard myself out there. I bougt a viper mk3 out there and did some bounty hunting. Jaques was always on lockdown and there were hardly any good missions. So i took a look at the galaxy map and saw that BP was "only" 44000 something light years away. Should i?? Should i not?? I said "what the hell" and went for it. My diamondback has a jumprange of 35.25 lyrs and that should be enough. Went for a straight line, crossing the abyss. The abyss... now that one was a hassle. Lots of synthesis was required. When i finally reached Beagle, i realised how far away the bubble is. Gonna be fun to jump 3000 jumps to get back. Yay!!! But before that i had to scan everything and land on everything. Getting the 15 seconds airtime is good. Flying out to BP and getting it on the second planet is priceless:D.
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  • Rob_the_Sparky's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 AM · 5 replies and 71 views.
    You forget the biggest problem - the flight model is a flight sim, not a space sim. In space there is no top speed until you get close to the speed of light and you would need massive thrusters on all side to achieve the manoeuvres we can pull off. However, as a game I love it. What about travelling at greater than the speed of light? I can travel 50lys in a few seconds and travel at much more than the speed of light in super cruise. Note in the original there was an option to change the passage of time and speeds were more realistic but that does not work for an on-line game. . However, without all this stuff the game would be a sim and really not that much fun.
  • Han_Zen's Avatar
    Today, 8:16 AM · 827 replies and 70790 views.
    Han_Zen replied to a thread INRA Base Discoveries in Aliens
    Very good timeline. I think perhaps the Thargoid war was even shorter than ~25 years? Galnet writes: "Not long after(3125), reports of Thargoid encounters came to an abrupt halt. In the decades that followed, not one credible account of a Thargoid encounter was reported. For some, this was proof that the original reports were groundless – 'the fantasies of lonely pilots, looking for attention', as Arvan Corto of the Imperial Navy said at the time." I don't know exactly what 'Not long after' means in terms of years. Perhaps 5-10?
  • GraXXoR's Avatar
    Today, 8:16 AM · 6 replies and 185 views.
    Classic... Bollywood style.. He has been called a Mexican before, too. Yes, that's exactly what came to mind. LOL... Hence the commander formerly known as...
  • Witcher7's Avatar
    Today, 8:13 AM · 21 replies and 460 views.
    Good in you CMDR for standing up against pirates and doing authority ships' job.
  • Candy Man's Avatar
    Today, 8:13 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    I hear you and heartedly agree. I'm trying to get an invite from Eurybia Blue Mafia. The fact that the bosses don't want to talk to me is fine. I'll keep doing their missions until they grant access to their engineer. I'm in their hood, along way from mine. Their rules. Some would see this as a grind. I see it as a means to an end. Do what they want and then screw em. I'll probably hang around and work for the other factions after I'm granted access in spite.
  • LKx's Avatar
    Today, 8:11 AM · 406 replies and 10977 views.
    Just a funny note: Do you know that expendable, space junk limpets were announced on a first April? I was pretty sure it was an April fish, considering how lame it sounded. Unfortunately it wasn't an April fish.
  • EvE4evah's Avatar
    Today, 8:10 AM · 265 replies and 3994 views.
    EvE4evah replied to a thread Aliens are ruining PvP in PvP
    PvP community is awesome in this game. Cheers, guys. Edit: oh, and Ganking IS part of the game. As Dale Emarisi once said, "nasty things will come your way"
  • andysonofbob's Avatar
    Today, 8:09 AM · 17 replies and 573 views.
    Nah! That's not true. CMDRs FA off on whatever rig they choose. I am rocking twin sticks and racing pedals for forward and reverse. For those not bigging up Isinona's skills, the CMDR inspired me to perma FA off and it TRANSFORMED the game for me. Notice how nothing he does seems to be a grind? In FA off, nothing is a grind. Even mining in a non-engineered Sidey, without drones, is a blast! Forgive the music :/
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 8:09 AM · 67 replies and 1138 views.
    That's your opinion and that is fine. For me ED is exactly good for that, because it does not force aims, goals, whatever. I just play it and I progress naturally. I understand you want everything to be forced upon you in games, but this isn't that kind of game, and obviously never will be for you.
  • WallacEngineering's Avatar
    Today, 8:08 AM · 88 replies and 11846 views.
    WallacEngineering replied to a thread Asp Explorer Owner's Club in Ships of Elite
    Next ship project: Upgrading my exploration ship! Currently in DiamondBack Explorer, looking to upgrade to ASP Explorer soon! Below is my Coriolis build, a few features that I wanted were: Larger SRV Bay for upcoming SRV Updates, Larger Fuel Capacity and Large Fuel Scoop for worry-free traveling, still be able to haul a bit of cargo (mainly for escape pods found along journeys), OK defense and offence in case of attack (although very unlikely so priority for offence and defense is low), High Jump Range and Decent Maneuvering. I believe I have achieved these goals with this build! I call it the Santa Maria XXVI (Ver 26), after the famous ship that Christopher Columbus used. Here is my Coriolis build:
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 8:07 AM · 319 replies and 14508 views.
    Well, when there isn't much of a game to play, all that is left is theorycrafting. Its what the reddit sub is best at. I particularly love threads that are like "When SC releases, i'm going to do X"... where X is something that probably won't even be possible should SC achieve everything that have said they want to. Exploration based ones are the funniest. Even with 100 systems, everywhere is going to be fully explored within days or weeks.
  • cmdr clawfinger's Avatar
    Today, 8:07 AM · 1 replies and 233 views.
    Hello Poe, don't know what ur are doing in Magellan. But if u and ur people grow further there u make chaos and war in our Home system. Tryed to add u ingame to discuss the situation there.
  • Lysander lysan's Avatar
    Today, 8:07 AM · 406 replies and 10977 views.
    Now I don't disagree with some of the points being made, but calling ED vaporware just make your whole post look like a silly troll outburst, vaporware would be THAT OTHER SPACE GAME, to my knowledge ED is a released game still in development. We can argue if what we got is good or not, vaporware it's not.
  • _RUKUS_'s Avatar
    Today, 8:07 AM · 75 replies and 1616 views.
    _RUKUS_ replied to a thread DECE EyeCandy in Exploration
  • hunvagy's Avatar
    Today, 8:06 AM · 319 replies and 14508 views.
    At least Ion Storm did put out Anachronox, which was awesome. And Shroud of the Avatar is nowhere on the level of fail that SC is. At least Shroud has an actual gameplay loop, but is bogged down by investment speculants. Which is a shame, because the betas had a nice community and some proper RP that made visiting towns fun. Too bad Garriot started riding the koolaid train like Fidelity Roberts. What SC sells in ships, Shroud sold in houses.
  • Rob_the_Sparky's Avatar
    Today, 8:06 AM · 13 replies and 195 views.
    NPCs that randomly spawn are related to your rank and ship size so should not kill you too fast but mission spawned NPCs depend on the rank of the mission so if you took a high ranking mission then expect high ranking NPCs to attack (not every time but they will). That you dies so quickly at their hands suggests a combination some of the following: room for improvement of combat skills, poor ship load-out and higher ranking NPCs. . You can mine in peace if you do not take missions but if you are to make any money like this then you need to only mine metallic rings and ideally pristine ones (more ore per chip). Once there concentrate on the high value ores, particularly Painite that can be worth up to 80K per tonne at a system in boom state (40k is about as low as it goes). . FYI I started mining in an Adder so although not ideal a Viper can be used for mining.
  • Stigbob's Avatar
    Today, 8:05 AM · 265 replies and 3994 views.
    Stigbob replied to a thread Aliens are ruining PvP in PvP
    How do you make that work, I want to laugh at how rubbish I am.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 8:05 AM · 60 replies and 2486 views.
    But by your own words you already have more credits than you need..... And you can make plenty of money playing the game. I'm not saying that missions for example couldn't do with more work on the risk/reward front. Some of those are pretty out of whack. But money is easy to make these days. So, not sure what your issue is here anyway. What content do you enjoy now? I mean, for the enjoyment of doing it, rather than the credits?
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 8:04 AM
    After several threads here about grind and game I started to think what it is why i enjoy ED and why I don't feel game way some other players do. And I realized that big role in this is my casual approach to game. I play it basically when I want to relax, when I want to feel like I am space commander doing some mundane and some exciting things in equal measure. I don't play ED. I live in it for several hours, and then just quit and go on with my life. And that's what I really wanted from ED. That's why I am happy. Yes, I have ideas what I would want to acquire in game - I want to do trading with big Ts, more combat in badass Cobra, take part in some of CGs I like background story for... But they are just like real life thoughts - they are far, far beyond this or next gameplay session. Despite that I have millions, I am upgrading ships, and getting more bolder in combat.
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