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  • Enexemander's Avatar
    Today, 2:33 AM · 256 replies and 6153 views.
    I just want to say hi, buddy. Curse my ulterior motives!
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 2:32 AM · 5 replies and 130 views.
    Lets see some screen shots. If it's as you say report it as a bug.
  • Jack1253's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 AM · 3 replies and 65 views.
    I know but in everynightriots video he had two basic dinos, the cerato still won somewhat easily. the fight starts at 45:28 But keep in mind that both videos are an early build of the game
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 AM · 1 replies and 27 views.
    I don't think that would help at all. You fly away fast enough to SC, they interdict you again. All that happens is you run out of boosters. If you're going to highwake, you can do that in any well shielded ship now anyway, you don't need any speed boosters.
  • Igor[Rock]'s Avatar
    Today, 2:31 AM · 135 replies and 9818 views.
    I used the sale to buy myself some new paint jobs for my DBX - no more midnight black (which didn't look too good on screenshots in space... :D ). And I've landed on the (exact ;) ) coordinates for WP0. It's really nice here with a fantastic view! :O
  • NewBlacksmurf's Avatar
    Today, 2:29 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    After the recent Xbox one update which changed Edge, is anyone able to add items or select items to put into the cart anymore? I can highlight, but can’t click anything anymore and then the pages just resets This is going to end purchases but bothers me due to the sale this weekend.
  • CMDR Percivus Keenblade's Avatar
    Today, 2:29 AM · 1491 replies and 114595 views.
    This reminds me that I have way too many games that I've bought and registered on steam but yet to install and play yet. Damit... Gods! Will I ever live long enough to play all these games!?
  • CMDR Percivus Keenblade's Avatar
    Today, 2:26 AM · 8 replies and 108 views.
    I would guess this collection of data comes from a combination of collective efforts of players considering theres near zero chance of a habited system or one near the bubble have never been visited up until this date it shouldnt be too hard to register all those special commodities and such (there are tools to gather up data, specially market and exploration), and I assume in most other cases, also from shifting and digging through the game files or data, as sometimes referred to datamining. For example I remember someone finding permit locked systems in middle of nowhere in the galaxy through that shady method sometime. Disclaimer: It's shady to dig the game files. Might be against eula too. I openly state I do not approve such behavior and never have done it (I don't have enough coding knowledge anyway)
  • Curvemn17's Avatar
    Today, 2:26 AM · 71 replies and 1921 views.
    Not even close Mr. Mountain, but it would be foolish to suggest it’s not an element of it. I like how you place victims at the end. PowerPlay is warfare or gang warfare for territory. So by clicking on that power you make yourself an enemy of all other powers and the cmdrs that are pledged to that power. Nothing happens in PowerPlay without player interaction. So if I have pledged myself to a opposite power as another cmdr how does that make me a victim?
  • AJW's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 AM · 1491 replies and 114595 views.
    The first two aircraft for the IL-2 Battle of Bodenplatte expansion have been released: a Spitfire Mk.IXe and a Bf 109 G-14. The Spit in particular is a masterpiece. :cool: Optional clipped wings, high and low-altitude engine variants, and an optional gyro gunsight. Pure joy to fly.
  • Tarman's Avatar
    Today, 2:23 AM · 75 replies and 975 views.
    The reference itself puts you in a 40+ category at least till the 3rd movie gets made. Also that avatar is the only good thing about that album. ;)
  • yolomcbobbinz's Avatar
    Today, 2:20 AM · 75 replies and 975 views.
    Wow, I was expecting some younger people here. I don't know why. I'm probably the youngest here, 17
  • MTBFritz's Avatar
    Today, 2:20 AM · 8165 replies and 576717 views. entitled :eek::eek::eek:
  • n4p0l3on's Avatar
    Today, 2:20 AM · 8165 replies and 576717 views.
    RIP but I'm very sure he isn't the only one, we have some people here openly stated that they are in old age and no longer sure if they would ever see SC, hell there's a meme posted a few pages back. And then you look at this scam masquerading as developing a dream game :-/ Speaking of which, I have a disturbing question, what if Crobber died? Would he be Judas or Jesus? You know what I mean.
  • BDelacroix's Avatar
    Today, 2:20 AM · 18 replies and 354 views.
    BDelacroix replied to a thread I've Got The Scoop in Exploration
    You can practice at Jackson's Lighthouse. It is in the bubble not far from Deciat. The process is simple. Don't get close to the star. Fly toward the purple end of the nearest particle stream. Ease into the stream and charge. Then get out of it and head away while determining where you want to go.
  • Tarman's Avatar
    Today, 2:20 AM · 256 replies and 6153 views.
    Cheating is a valid choice in the face of legitimate ingame actions you don't like, and takes less time than other more non-cheaty ways like piloting, planning and mode selection. >_______>
  • Commdor's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 AM · 606 replies and 148012 views.
    There actually haven't been that many CGs with new location rewards over the past couple months, and apart from the Rekohu megaship, none of their rewards seem to have been added yet. - Pilot training center in Rind (although I think this may not refer to a physical PoI in the game, like an installation): - Military installation in Narri (or Antal, which I previously thought was Utopia's home system): - Riker Class Prison Ship in Veroklist: I checked all four systems within the last hour, no installations or megaships. If the rewards aren't added after the next server downtime on the 31st, then maybe Frontier is withholding them until the 3.1 update. They did the same thing in the weeks prior to 3.0 and 2.4, if I recall.
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