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  • CMDR Saberlin's Avatar
    Today, 7:44 AM · 21 replies and 880 views.
    Word around the station is that the pilot's federation is going to push out an update to all registered ships across the galaxy sometime soon. I think I'll chill out in this station until the update, as it might enhance the continued journey. To be resumed!
  • Eymerich's Avatar
    Today, 7:42 AM · 13 replies and 209 views.
    Considering that we have both payed the same amount (I am lep owner too) we should have the same chance: in solo it's a great improvment. That's enough for me Period
  • K M Butler's Avatar
    Today, 7:41 AM · 213 replies and 5140 views.
    Yet another /signed.
  • Zieman's Avatar
    Today, 7:41 AM · 6896 replies and 364238 views.
    Are those promises or threats?
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 7:40 AM · 13 replies and 209 views. Only Squadrons will be able to own them. Access yes, it will be available from all modes.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 7:39 AM · 528 replies and 8151 views.
    Mad Mike replied to a thread ∞ probes? in Dangerous Discussion
    Lol as I said yesterday I am done being salty on this. If it's a done deal it's a done deal, however I am still going to poke holes in flawed arguments. By this logic just make all player ships invincible then. Immersionist players can always pretend they can get destroyed by self destructing. Or give everyone unlimited money. ED is not a pure sandbox imo good games have rules. For me using those rules efficiently is how I enjoy games. You don't it seems. That is ok too :) Single player games get around this by giving us options before starting a new character. For better or worse ED is a multiplayer game however with a shared universe so to some degree we are stuck playing by the same rules hence the grating between different player types
  • BradHann's Avatar
    Today, 7:39 AM · 35 replies and 557 views.
    Volcanism tourist beacons. Large numbers of rocks in a small area, usually including three or four top grade. I've made a spreadsheet so you can find what you need quickly. Has somebody mentioned the crashed 'condas and mats traders? Somebody has probably already mentioned the crashed 'condas and mats traders.
    Today, 7:36 AM · 13 replies and 209 views.
    What I want more than a fleet carrier is a way to dock a small ship to the outside of a large ship for cargo transfer and even hyperspace jumps! There would be jump range costs and flight model consequences of course. Also, danger of the ship you leave being attacked while your gone. If the Panther Clipper ever comes out, I want it to be able to do that.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 7:36 AM · 13 replies and 209 views.
    No and carriers are delayed from Q4 release. They are also not meant as personal bases.
  • r4nger0's Avatar
    Today, 7:35 AM · 29 replies and 481 views.
    I agree. They should add things to find to improve exploration, not a minigame.
  • Kari Kerenski's Avatar
    Today, 7:35 AM · 29 replies and 481 views.
    Don't worry about it, you'll get used to it soon enough.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 7:35 AM · 528 replies and 8151 views.
    Mad Mike replied to a thread ∞ probes? in Dangerous Discussion
    Good work on sinking that misstruth. I thought it was the case but I could not be bothered installing the base game to be certain so I took the people saying it was not possible on good faith. My mistake!. Poor show that people make stuff up just to win an internet argument.. Hell it's not even an argument, there is nothing wrong with saying "I don't like limited stuff I want unlimited and no synthesis" without making stuff up.
  • Han_Zen's Avatar
    Today, 7:35 AM · 29 replies and 481 views.
    If you have the skill to read the result of the honk, you don’t need to point at anything. If the system looks dull, you move on. Same thing you used to do with the system map. The new system probably takes a bit more skill but when you master it, it’s probably faster. You don’t have to load the system map.
  • reti's Avatar
    Today, 7:33 AM · 213 replies and 5140 views.
  • Faybs's Avatar
    Today, 7:31 AM · 94 replies and 1809 views.
    Exactly. The #1 reason it's been months since I last bought anything from the FDev store, is that I've already bought everything that I'd want to buy.
  • TankMaster's Avatar
    Today, 7:30 AM · 528 replies and 8151 views.
    It's distressing to see how many people want others to have to play the game their way when they can just play the way they want to without bothering the rest of the playerbase... Why should anyone be concerned with how probes are unlimited? You have an efficiency target, you can use that to role play your own way, reach the target but haven't mapped the whole planet? Then go to another planet or leave the system or wait 2 hours or go on a material gathering binge, whatever makes you happy, leave the rest of us to play our own way without being forced to play to your "vision" or "ideal"of what the GAME should be. Any kind of synthesis or limit on probes or anything like that introduces EPIC levels of grind on anyone that goes on months long exploration trips; the way the mapping mini-game will work already introduces a not insignificant time increase to the current surface scan mechanic, so, to then be forced to pause your trip to gather the materials necessary to "refill" your probes to then continue...
  • AveCandido's Avatar
    Today, 7:29 AM · 199 replies and 4575 views.
    ¿Dime cualquier juego o cosa cotidiana de la vida que no sea repetitiva?. Todos los días comemos ( algunos), todos os días vemos el sol, todos los días hablamos ( incluso algunos decimos tonterías). y Cada día siempre entramos en actos repetitivos, en los juegos pasa igual, los de pegar tiros siempre es lo mismo tiro para arriba tiro para abajo...y casi todos los días sale el sol, es repetir. Sin embargo esa repetición se vuelve distinta según como afrontemos su encuentro. Asi si al Explorar con las nuevas mecánicas nos enfrentamos a realizar los mismos actos de escanear y averiguar que hay detrás de esa señal, no es lo mismo con una actitud u otra con la que te enfrentes. En este caso de exploración te dan una nuevas formas de como descubrir y cartografiar... pero lo mismo se puede decir para otras actividades dentro del Elite Dangerous, no es un tema de repetición es un tema de como percibimos ese instante de descubrimiento, pegar tiros o actividad minera, etc etc. Con lo cual quejarse de repetición...
  • r4nger0's Avatar
    Today, 7:27 AM · 40 replies and 929 views.
    I've changed my mind. F--- the scanners. Here's the loadout I'm looking at now: Can this loadout reach Semotus or will I need to drop the extra fuel tanks? (loadout without extra fuel tanks:
  • Yaakov Sinan's Avatar
    Today, 7:27 AM · 2 replies and 47 views.
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