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  • FJX2000's Avatar
    Today, 3:37 AM · 2 replies and 123 views.
    I also have this happen. By the time you're fighting for a 5 star on challenge mode especially, the lag is defintiely noticable and makes me wish something could change to fix it!
  • GeoJase's Avatar
    Today, 3:37 AM · 7 replies and 156 views.
    Just got hyperdicted too. Certainly a new one for me, I tend to avoid Thargoids. I had to leave the cockpit to clean out my flight suit...
  • Daynen's Avatar
    Today, 3:36 AM · 53 replies and 983 views.
    The solution to the "too many credits" problem is obvious: ships need to cost commensurately more to rebuy when engineered. Can't recall if they do already (haven't lost a ship in quite a while) but if they don't, then adding to the rebuy would make sense and help keep the ease of buying mats in line. I mean come on--you cannot tell me with a straight face that a G5 modded corvette WOULDN'T be worth astronomically more than a stock one. I'll call you a liar to your face.
  • Noobilite's Avatar
    Today, 3:33 AM · 6068 replies and 545775 views.
    I already left. And it's hard to get pics. Someone may need to go with a more nimble ship. The gravity well from those planets is pulling you even when next to the gen ship. (I have a low thrust high jump range anaconda.) I let the gravity well pull me till I was like 200KM+ away from the gen ship(turn gravity assist off and it will start to pull you.). I wonder where it takes you in the end. It only goes a max of 500m/s though. so, it may take a long time for it to finish pulling you. someone would have to leave a ship adrift for a good part of a day or more. to find out. Preferably a cheap one just in case. Maybe it would lead you to something. I don't have the tools to do it atm. Either no body left the gen ship. They left and the gravity well overtook them. They had sufficient thrust to get away and could be in any of the many landable planets in the system. Assuming those messages were take while in the system.
  • Asmodeus's Avatar
    Today, 3:33 AM · 13 replies and 169 views.
    Takes me away from the mad crazy world.
  • valbarr's Avatar
    Today, 3:33 AM · 333 replies and 234073 views.
    Regularly updated? does this mean something different now....
  • Ulaidian's Avatar
    Today, 3:31 AM · 8 replies and 218 views.
    Ulaidian replied to a thread How to fast chat on xbox in Xbox One
    Same as me, a wee cheap wireless usb chat pad thing. Works well tbh
  • PiLhEaD's Avatar
    Today, 3:30 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Oh... a galvanized paint pack for the Python says you... ...well... then just three more of my great British pounds says I....... But that's it! Not a penny more!! No way!!!.... ...unless there are hula girl/boy bobbleheads... :x
  • Hellfire85's Avatar
    Today, 3:29 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Been into combat my whole ED "career" As far as that goes, I am still having fun from time to time, but recently, the imbalances start to become very present, and not only to people like my squad and myself, but for other groups as well. All Frontier does is give the commanders, who lack the drive to become better, tools and gimmicks to git gud without the need to train to get the skill. ED was advertised as a skill based space sim, that includes PvE and PvP. All I see now is Fdev adding stuff that makes skill a secondary trait to succeed in combat. Heavy hulls with massive hitpoints, that ignore the time and energy required to accelerate their mass, tremendous amounts of Mj shields stacked with tons of shield boosters and GSRPs, mechanics that stretch fights into unbearable endurance test on who runs first out of ammo or falls asleep... I feel like every time somebody cries out loud enough and gets enough acknowledgment from others, fdev goes all *pat on head* "here you go, eat a cookie and have...
  • Ulaidian's Avatar
    Today, 3:27 AM · 13 replies and 169 views.
    Find raxxla.. discover something amazing. The universe is your oyster.
  • Daynen's Avatar
    Today, 3:23 AM · 8 replies and 226 views.
    I'm not sure upsizing a ship counts as a "Mk II" really. A Mk II is a refining and adjusting of an old model. A new name, a new design goal and a new purpose should accompany a bigger ship. If you wanted another Vulture, it would make sense for it to be another small ship with a different focus. A different sized, differently designed ship should rightfully have its own name I think. There are plenty of birds of prey to name it after; I'm sure there are some good ones that would fit. The Buzzard, the Osprey or perhaps even the Owl, if you like.
  • NMS's Avatar
    Today, 3:22 AM · 118 replies and 2956 views.
    "Z" works for me all the time.
  • Speedcuffs's Avatar
    Today, 3:18 AM · 66 replies and 821 views.
    Yeh, you want the gloop left in the pan cauldron.:D
  • GraXXoR's Avatar
    Today, 3:17 AM · 93 replies and 3120 views.
    Wait, I thought everyone did that. Looks around nervously... Lets himself out...
  • Daynen's Avatar
    Today, 3:16 AM · 2 replies and 38 views.
    I think the vulture does NOT need more firepower. It's already overgunned for a small ship; having C3 weapons on a ship that size with that much agility already makes it an absolute assassin to anything smaller than an Annie. Adding more hardpoints would only push it over the top and having less utility slots means sacrificing shield boosters, KWS, point defense or other supplementary tools that are quite important for most of its roles, pushing it further into the pigeonhole, so to speak. Also it already has distributor issues with the large weapons; adding more would only exacerbate its current weaknesses further. The vulture is already an example of specialization with major sacrifices; trying to push it further is just asking for fatal flaws, engineering be damned.
  • disorganise's Avatar
    Today, 3:11 AM · 274 replies and 6412 views.
    disorganise replied to a thread [Distant Worlds II Event] Let's see your DW2 photography! in Distant Worlds II
    I'm (slowly) catching up after an absence.... Found a nice ringed WW And a ringed lava world :) And who couldn't like the Fish Eye Nebula?
  • Factabulous's Avatar
    Today, 3:11 AM · 13 replies and 169 views.
    I haven't tried accumulating money or ships yet, I'll get to that after I finish the game - it's more fun with limitations :)
  • GraXXoR's Avatar
    Today, 3:11 AM · 667 replies and 12912 views.
    Except that itís pretty much the best small Void Opal mining ship in the game.
  • Madrax573's Avatar
    Today, 3:08 AM · 673 replies and 102480 views.
    Madrax573 replied to a thread Lakon Keelback The Keelback Club in Ships
    Do it!!
  • picommander's Avatar
    Today, 3:02 AM · 13 replies and 169 views.
    I'm over 7000 hours and still critically addicted.
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