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  • Dutchman141's Avatar
    Today, 6:50 PM · 49 replies and 989 views.
    Dutchman141 replied to a thread What's it called? in Xbox One
    Don't get downhearted by those with a bunch of ships, you'll get them in time. Besides that, if it some of comforting to you, I like flying the smaller ships a lot, like the Cobra mk3, Viper or even the Adder. It's not that once you have one of the Big Three that you'll have the ultimate fun in ED. o7
  • Greybeard_LXI's Avatar
    Today, 6:50 PM · 8 replies and 97 views.
    Most missions have timers. Theses timers are wall time (like the clock on your wall), not in game time. So if a mission says it has to be done in 10 hours you will fail it if you log back in at the same time the following day. I also noticed a couple bounty hunt missions that said the target would be in a system between 0100 and 0230. These are Galactic Mean Time (AKA Greenwich Mean Time). Looking outside these hours won't help. Just info for when you feel ready to try the bounty hunting. Good Luck!
  • rucky's Avatar
    Today, 6:50 PM · 5 replies and 0 views.
    yes. HazRez, I couldn't fire. Because Buttons got rearranged. I wondered. After the session we talked and he said he had done it, but he didn't know that this had influenced on my settings. FD, please keep both set of button controls/settings absolute distinct from each other! Furthermore keep any weapon/utility/scb in Helms setup intact - besides he presses/set some toggle saying otherwise! It's a mess the way it is now. And it's not that people want to grief others, they just don't know...
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Today, 6:50 PM · 82 replies and 1666 views.
    Thanks, I'll stay tuned!
  • DefiledDragon's Avatar
    Today, 6:49 PM · 350 replies and 10448 views.
    Indeed. When I played through the whole of the tutorials (2 hours worth) I was staggered by how much actual content he had managed to create. He's clearly a man with a vision and the ability to realise that vision.
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 6:49 PM · 167 replies and 6444 views.
    Judging by how the station in the background looks, it's probably not the highest setting and resolution.
  • mung0's Avatar
    Today, 6:49 PM · 15 replies and 165 views.
    mung0 replied to a thread 16 Players Per Instance? in Xbox One
    16 is a very common number in computing; it's a power of two. Computers work off electronics and when it comes down to basics they have but two primary states; circuit ON or OFF - a binary system. Everything else is built on top of that as a foundation. Numbers that are powers of two are found very often. You'll see these numbers crop up a lot when dealing with limitations especially. Say if an mmo had a limit of 100 players doing something, 100 is not a natural maximum number for a computer - but 128 is. Games designers often round things down / up to make nice round-looking numbers for players. Other times they're more restricted hence you'll get say 16 players in an instance. Next physical limit would be 32 but the network might not be able to handle that much data at once. - - - Updated - - -
  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 6:49 PM · 82 replies and 1666 views.
    20h15 - 20h30 French time for a minimum of reliability. In Belgium and Switzerland, they give Macron in pole position and Le pen / Fillon in the fight for second place
  • GreyAreaUK's Avatar
    Today, 6:48 PM · 29 replies and 177 views.
    Awesome thread. Thanks. Just as I leave human space for a while..!
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Today, 6:48 PM · 4 replies and 115 views.
    Any new user's first few posts are pre-moderated. It's one of the lines of defence we have against spam, so we use them to make sure that you're human and not about to try and sell fake driving licences or little blue tablets. That way we keep the spam off the forums, we deal with it so you don't have to. You should be good to go now.
  • CMDR Poet Starwind's Avatar
    Today, 6:48 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    In truth, I am a bit confused as to the goals of CoR. As Salomé is their "leader", could she pose a risk to their group as well, and might not she become a target for elements within that organization to martyr her to their own ends? CMDRs are, after all, only human. Who knows what ideals might lurk in pockets of their rank and file?
  • Fishy's Avatar
    Today, 6:48 PM · 355 replies and 13400 views.
    No Zodiacal Light or Nostalgia for Infinity? I am disappoint!
  • Noctover's Avatar
    Today, 6:47 PM · 29 replies and 177 views.
    To those saying thanks, youre welcome :D. To others, i didnt know about some of those either, so thanks :D.
  • woodhouse's Avatar
    Today, 6:47 PM · 29 replies and 177 views.
    I recently moved from SOLO to MOBIUS and I get very confused. When using the TAB key, the comms console shows the ship type but not the name of the CMDR, so I can't use it to reply. I keep forgetting about /R. The /help is new to me, this is the one to remember!
  • stormyuk's Avatar
    Today, 6:47 PM · 144 replies and 8876 views.
    I think their matketing team took a holiday. We have basically had no new info since PAX.
  • Godnamedthor's Avatar
    Today, 6:47 PM · 49 replies and 989 views.
    Godnamedthor replied to a thread What's it called? in Xbox One
  • jonesskill's Avatar
    Today, 6:45 PM · 54 replies and 1273 views.
    What? are you insane? They dropped money from 20 MI to ONLY 9 Mi doing a 1000Ly (3 sites scan) trip (Highest reward avaliable) For me i`ts ok, i will not do this type of missions anymore NOW, with 9MI reward bcause they DON`t worth the risks: Passangers that don`t DROP when you complete the mission, forcing you to self-desctruct (And pay the rebuy) , High value targets, that paint a big RED target in your ship and make you get inderdicted in every system you pass.
  • Ra'Kaan's Avatar
    Today, 6:45 PM · 29 replies and 177 views.
    Thanks for the TAB cycle tip! /help /r reply /t target /d direct name /v voice /w wing /L local /clear
  • clavain's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 PM · 355 replies and 13400 views.
    Couldn't fit the original name of my Asp (There Must Be Intelligent Life Out There Somewhere) so had to change it to Gravitas? Who Needs It I'll be damned if I'm giving them money for a nameplate though.
  • E4GLEyE's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 PM · 167 replies and 6444 views.
    Are the textures on the Cobra MKIII Supposed to look so bad? (the rusty paintjob) it looks like it did not load in correctly, and I can see others have their paintjobs look the same... so bug or feature? (i get it has to look rusty but it looks like someone spilled a bucket of brown paint on my Cobra :(
  • steve_muzz's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 PM · 29 replies and 177 views.
    The messaging/chat UI just need work.... but yeah I didn't know about slash R until recently and I've been playing since beta.
  • Andrew_Sonar's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 PM · 968 replies and 31094 views.
    Попробовал Питона в ПВП обвесе на фаоффе. Ну... боковые трастеры очень слабые, без форсажа вообще не вертится. Зато мощности щита, запаса банок и корпуса хватает, чтобы врага измотать и оставить без патронов, но эти бои по 20 с хреном минут я могу позволить ну разве что пару штук в день, рука отваливается :)
  • GreyAreaUK's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 PM · 29 replies and 177 views.
    Does it still work with 2.3?
  • Zyll Goliath's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 PM · 40805 replies and 2664909 views.
    Almost no one is denying good graphics and solid design in SC.....let me remind you what are the few"things" that people usually have problem with":1)Lame FM,2)Worst Networking,3)Broken promises&Lies,4)Controller Agnostic in dreams,5)VR NO VR,6)Breaking Immersion BUGS everywhere,7)Pay 2 Win,8)Suspicious Grey Market.......Roberts Pyramid Familly Scheme....etc.......
  • BangerSC's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 PM
    Severity Severe Frequency All of the time (100%) Time of occurrence 13:25 EST Date of occurrence
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