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  • Exlare's Avatar
    Today, 7:05 AM · 12 replies and 134 views.
    i understand, but i think you have to calm yourself and wait for the game to be released and see if it is the same, * We don't now what build they have used. * They haven't ( quite sure) showed us everything yet.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 7:05 AM · 45 replies and 617 views.
    Perhaps one way out of the mess would be to have more engineered defenses, so that an unarmed trading vessel could survive an attack wing long enough to jump out. If the PvPers couldn't kill their targets, maybe they would get bored and the slaughter would stop.
  • Perseus's Avatar
    Today, 7:04 AM · 193 replies and 3104 views.
    I like the cut of your jib!
  • Tyres O'Flaherty's Avatar
    Today, 7:04 AM · 15 replies and 232 views.
    Hmm. I must have pressed esc to the menu but not actually saved...
  • SushiCW's Avatar
    Today, 7:04 AM · 162 replies and 5046 views.
    This run might get disqualified since the video recorder kicked in a quarter-second two late (first frame is 2 m/s). Still, I think it's got some useful tricks worth demonstrating that perhaps not everyone already knows. Trick #1: nav lock. The radar display isn't particularly accurate when it comes to lining up you're heading. If you lock in Smith base in the nav panel, you get the much more accurate compass to go by. You can see around 0:20 that the radar makes it look like I'm off course, but the compass (and the view out the top window) show that I'm going the right way. Trick #2: Direct targeting. I "target ahead" the base directly around 0:50. The gunsight lead indicator is really useful because it gives me a way to visualize how true my flight path is. Ideally you want it lined up with Smith Base. If it's veered off to the right, it means I'm drifting left, and vice versa. You can see this really clearly after the bounce at 2:40. It's most useful further out. Trick #3: curving your...
  • lokvette's Avatar
    Today, 7:04 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    horah for eveything :D
  • Jack Schitt's Avatar
    Today, 7:04 AM · 484 replies and 29825 views.
    If every supermarket in every nation across the whole planet decided to offer the exact same deals at the exact same time, and then every branch of Halfords, AutoZone and regional equivalents followed suit, and none of them gave a reason, wouldn't that seem a bit odd? Might shoppers not wonder why, as they're filling their carts with cheap booze and slapping modifications on their cars, what the agenda was? I don't personally care for countless other MMOs. I do care for the fictional world, shallow and inconsistent though it can be, in which I've been dabbling for three and a half decades via games and other media. I don't expect everyone to understand that, but I expected better from those whose hands are currently on the tiller. At this point I'm reasonably sure that FD will attempt some in-game explanation before the event begins, even if it's a tongue-in-cheek dig at players who've reacted in a similar way to me. I just wish they'd had the awareness of their community and their history to have...
  • Flimley's Avatar
    Today, 7:03 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Amazon are in talks to possibly buy the show. \o/ Flimley
  • space voyager's Avatar
    Today, 7:02 AM · 25 replies and 422 views.
    Why, oh WHY did I ever go to SagA?! ;) Yes, road to riches is not something that should stay in the game. And the solution is just so easy and logical.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 7:02 AM · 45 replies and 617 views.
    What's the word on ATR and Notoriety penalties, for gankers doing this now? I can imagine ganking outside of a CG being too expenisve to do more than a few times, after which, rebuy regrind stops it being fun? It's not priftable surely? Aren't we still in a settling down period for ATR which is still pretty new because part of me thinks that if people really want to pit themselves against ATR and rebuy penalties, there's actually some honour in it. I'll still be running trade CG's in open as per, though with high wake escape route pre-plotted in nav panel as per.
  • Dino droppings? Droppings?'s Avatar
    Today, 7:01 AM · 12 replies and 134 views.
    I guess what I find jarring about your response is that I have seen you countless times ask for EXACTLY the same things.
  • Antrys's Avatar
    Today, 7:01 AM · 2 replies and 55 views.
    Antrys replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.0.5 Horizons] Unable to supercruise from planets in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    It's not an SC issue, it's a targeting issue. Pressing SC button still says to align with jump destination trajectory, not escape trajectory.
  • MrGoodbytes's Avatar
    Today, 7:00 AM · 620 replies and 36193 views.
    That's up to Universal.
  • lokvette's Avatar
    Today, 6:59 AM · 8 replies and 108 views.
    I saw the OP and thought its going to be this .. and at the other end of the spectrum of music. I love them both. :D
  • Dino droppings? Droppings?'s Avatar
    Today, 6:59 AM · 12 replies and 134 views.
    I'm curious, did you actually read anything of my post other than the 4 things I listed? My concerns were a lot more nuanced than me simply saying 'I want these features'. You're also somewhat helping to prove my point by making unnecessary compromises about features that are standard for these types of games. What is occuring on the other five islands is completely irrelevant to anything I have spoke about and I've never asked for a story mode for Nublar.
  • Bigmaec's Avatar
    Today, 6:58 AM · 67 replies and 2219 views.
    Is there stuff I can haz? :D
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 6:58 AM · 45 replies and 617 views.
    And here we have the perfect example of why PG/Solo modes must continue to exist... As a player who wants no part of combat (and isn't physically capable to compete), who would like to play the game for FUN and not be molested by gangs of hoodlums, I have every right to play in Solo. If ED was Open-only, I'd probably quit playing or spend even more of my time exploring outside the bubble
  • space voyager's Avatar
    Today, 6:58 AM · 1 replies and 34 views.
    What are you talking about, we already have these missions. We get missions to scan things from an SRV, even in assassination missions to locate the target. A tiny problem might be that we're unable to do so undetected, we gather fines and bounties and need to fly to an interstellar factor to remove them, being a legally viable target for destruction meanwhile. On the serious side, this is one of the most underdeveloped side of missions. So much so that I stopped doing them altogether. I support your suggestion very much.
  • zarking's Avatar
    Today, 6:58 AM · 67 replies and 2219 views.
    Have to agree about 2.4, I still haven't really recovered from that lol. Like you I expected something very different, I was hoping for lore and science and new things to learn and discover, maybe special missions and tasks which led to unique discoveries and the exploration of alien life and culture. What we got was a NHSS with a thargoid in it :( everything else was just more of the same (community goals, inra bases with zero interactivity). Fdev do keep coming up with great things, the thargoid bases, Guardian sites, generation ships, inra bases, burning stations etc etc, but seem to scupper them be either adding no actual gameplay to them, or turning them into copy and paste repetitive "do this 1000 times" grind quests. And thargoids still haven't moved beyond the "alien in a box" NHSS thing, yes there's the eagle eye thing (thargoid Thursday), station rescue, scout ships, but that all still amounts to very little, it's still just "find signal source, kill thargoid, repeat". After two years of...
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