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  • sovapid's Avatar
    Today, 4:45 AM · 72 replies and 1573 views.
    Good stuff!
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 4:45 AM · 10 replies and 154 views.
    Mine's 682K but I'm not sure if I trust that figure since it used to be 1.2M some time ago.
  • Jmanis's Avatar
    Today, 4:41 AM · 13 replies and 559 views.
    Tangent,,, but I remember when the "exploits" were things like "Seeking Luxuries" or the "excessive" boost Archon gave to his blackmarket prices, offering =~5-6k/t profit on Slaves bought from Torval. (The Forum) screamed for them to be nerfed... I remember thinking they should just be left alone at the time. But that set the tone for where we're at today, with "exploits" today raking in cash in massive amounts compared to those older "exploits". Makes those old things not look so bad by comparison now...
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 4:40 AM · 72 replies and 1573 views.
    Essentially, that is what the developer appears to want to do. Provide more context and meaning. Perhaps the developer hasn't misheard any such requests, but is simply slow to adapt to them and is trying, in an environment that includes the highly recalcitrant? This reminds me of running the gauntlet from Sothis, Ceos, Fehu and so on. Chased the entire way, endless dudes trying to make me a better deal, endless cops, endless pirates; trying to to get scanned so running the risk of stations blasting holes if I hit anything - it felt like the entire sodding galaxy was after me. Did I make some bank? Sure. But it was brilliant; because it created a sense of urgency and purpose that simply otherwise did not exist. I miss that. A lot. I've had a lot of other people say they miss that sort of racy adventure as well. The credits? Eh, that was useful. But that sense of being a misanthropic han solo doing my bit for economic stimulus was cool. Nothing offers that now. Not a thing. It's all just dry soulless...
  • jessydion's Avatar
    Today, 4:40 AM · 1568 replies and 98354 views.
    I am 100 % on with those ideas!! I feel the devs for this game could use an animal behaviorist expert. I could help them if they asked me in fact. I would love to see the gallis and Struthis flocking together, raptors rushing to the forest when a single dino goes in, defensing formations like you mentionned. If the dinos can form "chatting circles" like we see in the game, they should all form defensing circles with horns out! ( some species). Maybe all ceratopsians could be programmed to react this way. Imagine a wall of Styraco horns and spikes!!! The Hadrosaurs could place their bulky bodies sideway to a predator to show their full size and intimidate them like many animals will do. Im disappointed a bit about not being able to have some carnivores in a large herbivore enclosure.. I wanted to recreate a Jurassic Yellowstone park but the Jurassic wolves are very blood thirsty in Evolution. I wish they were more passive. And again I repeat myself from other posts; CAN THEY LIVE LONGER...
  • dunno's Avatar
    Today, 4:36 AM · 1018 replies and 95789 views.
    dunno replied to a thread PiMAX 8K VR in Virtual Reality
    Allow me to fix it for you; "I think Fallout 4 will be fantastic on the Pimax 8k". Easy as Pie :-))
  • Vasious's Avatar
    Today, 4:33 AM · 87 replies and 2952 views.
    The Kereru Sidewinder Mk.I
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 4:32 AM · 44 replies and 566 views.
    People suck. People are never there when you need them. NPCs will remain loyal and be with you whenever you need them.
  • Sysmon's Avatar
    Today, 4:31 AM · 11 replies and 158 views.
    When switching from your Anaconda to your T-10, remember that the T-10 cockpit is sitting LOW on the ship when going through the mailslot. :D S
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 AM · 43 replies and 570 views.
    Yeah, when reading the proposal it got me thinking how many new module slots all this is going to require. I mean, i have a CM4 for mining which has a good number of internals, better than some medium ships, and still mining in its current form takes a lot of module slots. Hopefully Sandro keeps this in mind.
  • dunno's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 AM · 274 replies and 15661 views.
    Is ED installed on 'C' drive ?. also, is everything game related installed on 'C' drive ?.
  • BradHann's Avatar
    Today, 4:22 AM · 11 replies and 158 views.
    Don't disable your thrusters when in supercruise, no matter how much you suspect they aren't required.
  • Orciencor's Avatar
    Today, 4:21 AM · 81 replies and 1734 views.
    So, I suspect this will probably be repeating of what people have suggested before, but.. meh, whatever. First off, the mass majority of these suggestions are quite nice, really, it will certainly add more to do instead of hold the trigger and read a book. I will definitely be looking forward to these additions coming out, even if they stay exactly as stated at present. Will just have to hope that the payouts will actually be worthwhile for the additional time investment, and doesn't get stuck being ignored because standard mining is comparatively more lucrative. The idea of having a new hud display mode is quite interesting to me. I can't help but wonder how that's going to get displayed. I'm hoping it will actually be displays up on/in the canopies like parts of the current hud (and thus subject to missing info should the canopy be broken). Though this would likely take a lot more work due to all the different cockpit layouts compared to a universal holo display, or being displayed on the...
  • Damocles's Avatar
    Today, 4:18 AM · 13 replies and 559 views.
    Hmmm, exploits - its almost now just part of the game. I jumped on the last big one, made 700 million, Elite trader. Then did the sightseeing from Darwin, made another 400 million and made Elite explorer. Though that's not an exploit really - no logging off needed. Bit of an empty feeling but in reality, the alternative ways were so slow I doubt I was ever going to get there. Focusing now on combat rank and can only do that by blowing stuff up, just like the original. Fairly happy really. I won't follow on any more exploits - like CmdrKafka, but now I don't need too. Sorta setup just to now bum around, exploring and doing what I want. I guess there was no pressure to not do that anyway, but I like the Elite badges and have been playing casual since beta release so......all good for me.
  • Phisto Sobanii's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 AM · 72 replies and 1573 views.
    I've known this since his original post in Focused Feedback.
  • Marc_Hicks's Avatar
    Today, 4:16 AM · 43 replies and 570 views.
    Pretty sure the devs mentioned combining limpet controllers into 1 module, during the 3.0 Beta. Hopefully we will get that in 3.1!
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