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  • GTwannabe's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 AM · 21 replies and 544 views.
    The downside to multi-cannons is frequent trips back to a station to rearm. Also, NPC's spam chaff constantly. My current Corvette loadout: 2 huge PA G5 efficient with plasma slug 1 small G5 extended mag MC with corrosive All other hardpoints G5 rapid fire pulse turrets with scramble spectrum I set the turrets to fire at will, then shoot NPCs in their stupid face when they pull their chaff, spin, facetank BS.
  • KellyR's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 AM · 22 replies and 482 views.
    It is a simulation; of space flight, although probably not of space combat and definitely not of engineering. And before you say there is no speed limit in space, there isn't in Elite: Dangerous either save what the ship manufacturers have put in. The reason you can't go faster than a certain speed is due to the ship's computer programming not allowing it; even with flight assist off. But within the speeds set by the ship manufacturers, it's completely Newtonian space flight if you turn off flight assist. But not even the astronauts use complete manual control all the time. Humans just can't be that precise.
  • BluWolve's Avatar
    Today, 4:16 AM · 11442 replies and 893580 views.
    Ah is quite a significant difference in that example, left quite a bit out :/ I have been slowly collecting them in game anyway, so will keep going about recording them for personal use but the spreadsheet you linked looks like the best way to keep track for those that can use it
  • Devari's Avatar
    Today, 4:15 AM · 219 replies and 3637 views.
    Are you suggesting that there aren't white knights on these forums who defend Elite no matter what? I see those players on these forums on a regular basis. The term "white knight" is widely used in multiple different situations. It describes a clear behavior that is very readily apparent on these forums. Next maybe you're going to tell me that there "are no griefers in Elite" and that we shouldn't "label" players with the term "griefer"? Or that anyone who uses the term "griefer" has automatically "lost an argument" by using the term?
  • clinton's Avatar
    Today, 4:14 AM · 5 replies and 29 views.
    I think you misunderstood the request Brett. X-terminator wants CGs to be only be available to those in open play, i.e. not solo or private group. Which is a silly request anyway, as anyone can play in open but effectively be in solo, just by firewalling off any connections from to ED from other peers except a whitelist of ED servers, so his request will only achieve people getting better at setting up firewall rules (which perhaps isn't a bad thing anyway).
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Today, 4:13 AM · 5 replies and 29 views.
    That won't be a thing from what i understand from fellow devs either. :P
  • JDBooker's Avatar
    Today, 4:12 AM · 87 replies and 4672 views.
    I'm UK based, but tend to play all day every day, actually i'm doing a cargo run on the PC as i type this :) Welcome to wing up anywhere. except maybe Beagle Point! LOL Pilot names in the sig
  • Sunleader's Avatar
    Today, 4:11 AM · 5 replies and 29 views.
    I think what he meant was the Gamemode. He want Community Goals to be only available in Open Play Mode. So People dont do it in Solo Mode. Not a Good Idea in my eyes tough given that they tend to result in alot of Griefers. And with the Grandious Bounty Mechanics putting the Insane Bounty of 5k on these Griefers per Kill. No Bounty Hunter will Risk his 1-2 Million Rebuy Ship to Attack them before they racked up a Bounty thats at least Equal to their Rebuy. (Which effectively means unless they Kill like 200-500 People in that System nobody will do anything about it as the Risk vs Reward situation would make it stupid..) So its better if CGs stay in Solo
  • Commander Biscuit's Avatar
    Today, 4:08 AM · 219 replies and 3637 views.
    Seems like a question you should bring up at the next shareholder meeting.
  • Devari's Avatar
    Today, 4:07 AM · 219 replies and 3637 views.
    I'm sorry, you can't seriously be asking this can you? You realize that many players paid for Horizons in advance, 1.5 years ago? Right?
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 4:07 AM · 219 replies and 3637 views.
  • Thatchinho's Avatar
    Today, 4:07 AM · 11442 replies and 893580 views.
    Not sure why people are saying this. It's only bugged if we have found every single Guardian site in the game. It's been hinted there are thousands. We've found what, just over 100?
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 4:05 AM · 219 replies and 3637 views.
    And based on how slowly new cosmetics come, its likely they do it when they are low on other work.
  • Gunnet's Avatar
    Today, 4:04 AM · 1 replies and 8 views.
    As nice as it would be for photography, it would also effectively create a rear view toggle.
  • ibanix's Avatar
    Today, 4:04 AM · 338 replies and 31682 views.
    Made it to Camp 22 today after a long delay - my other commander back near the bubble has been charting other POIs for EDSM. Didn't land at The Nest, wanting to continue on. I noticed what Corbin mentioned, that H-class and G-class systems are increasingly rare out here. As I head on toward Beagle, I'm going to be taking some detours just to see what I hit by random chance. Sure is quiet out here....
  • Commander Biscuit's Avatar
    Today, 4:00 AM · 18 replies and 795 views.
    Biotech conductors still dropping as mission rewards as of today. High level planetary scan missions are giving them for sure
  • Merkir's Avatar
    Today, 4:00 AM · 5 replies and 167 views.
    For your setup I suggest SS=1.0 and HMD=1.25, with SMAA=On. I have a 1070 and I use SS=1.0 and swap between HMD=1.25 and HMD=1.5. HMD=1.25 gives me good performance when approaching planetary bases (which I find the worst for FPS). HMD=1.5 is great for exploring when there's not many dynamic effects going on. I also dislike the shimmering and keep SMAA on, even though most people say turn it off. Leaving it on definitely reduces shimmer, but doesn't eliminate it completely, at the cost of about 5% lower FPS.
  • acidburn2k20's Avatar
    Today, 3:58 AM · 19 replies and 402 views.
    well i will be in open from the start, the only time i will ever be in solo is if i have psn+ payment issues. so i am basically good to go
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 3:58 AM · 219 replies and 3637 views.
    I understand your point. It's not a either/or situation, imo. It seems likely they can develop core gameplay and cosmetics.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 3:57 AM · 219 replies and 3637 views.
    There is a business to run as well. Ok, so they go ahead and hire new devs, they have to pay those devs. Where does that money come from? You contend that getting rid of some of the art team would help. That would in all likilhood a) reduce income - less stuff going into the store and b) Slow devleopment because the devs would be waiting for the art team to catch up on their side of the work. If FD did what you are suggesting, the most likely outcome would be things would get worse, not better. But for some reason, you don't see this. Yeah, once you are into the realms of labelling people who disagree with you, you've already lost the argument. It wouldn't be right for me to label you a troll now would it?
  • Gunnet's Avatar
    Today, 3:56 AM · 18 replies and 795 views.
    Thanks, good to know. I guess it's time to run some missions then :)
  • Foozle's Avatar
    Today, 3:56 AM · 3 replies and 123 views.
    Foozle replied to a thread [v2.3] Broken Mission waypoint in Xbox One Bug Reports
    hey CMDR, are you saying if i locate those coords the mission can be completed? if so, would you mind detailing for me how to navigate using coord? Ive never even noticed we have coords ha. Are they on my hud somewhere or in the suface map screens?
  • Commander Biscuit's Avatar
    Today, 3:53 AM · 250 replies and 7253 views.
    There are no FD shills around here, they can't afford it, they can't even afford moderators. Clickbait videos with attached ad revenue does however stink of an agenda. Ant even monetized Eurogamers clickbait, in the name of journalistic integrity and serving the ED community, of course.
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