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  • DrewCarnegie's Avatar
    Today, 6:13 AM · 2413 replies and 43270 views.
    Aye, they did. I'm just asking them to reconsider, and to come up with something that works (reasonably well) for everyone.
  • Spike K's Avatar
    Today, 6:13 AM · 3 replies and 17 views.
    Spike K replied to a thread game 2 broken plz fix in Modes
    o Yor sitch seems quite significant my friend! Please make more words for me. \\/// Oo > "what is ganker ship?" or : "hardpoint deploy not work"
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 6:12 AM · 172 replies and 2744 views.
    So, are you saying all those MMOs that have PvE servers are erm... oxymorons?
  • n4p0l3on's Avatar
    Today, 6:12 AM · 2045 replies and 95687 views.
    audio tech has always been deemed unimportant in the gaming industry because ultimately visual is much more selling and somewhat easier to achieve, because even many hardcore hardware enthusiasts (and gamers) that have hundred core cpu and multiple titan gpus are still using just average audio setup. just search for real time audio propagation or real time audio videos in youtube and you may get amazed on what actually could've been achieved, but as exactly what I was talking about, even in these videos you'd hard pressed to actually experience the quality if your audio setup that you use to view these video isn't adequate :D it's also evident that to this date on the pc world there's no effort to adopt modern digital output from the hardware itself, there's no soundcard with HDMI or display port output AFAIK for example, even then from the software side itself, the industry doesn't support that kind of connection easily, windows don't allow you to use both display port for your display and hdmi (from...
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 6:11 AM · 2045 replies and 95687 views.
    He's also assuming CIG is telling the truth in that they scrapped a near working product because it wasn't up to scratch. To be blunt though, its messed up either way. Either: a) They are outright lying and it was nowhere near ready for release in the first place. This is quite believable considering they have been telling people since 2014 it was close to release. That is either just lies or incomeptence. Considering we can see from the SC side that loads of stuff still isn't working right and loads of tech and ships needed for SQ42 simply are not there, it seems like even if they had quests and locations done, it was quite clearly nowhere near ready for release anyway. OR
  • oogabooga's Avatar
    Today, 6:05 AM · 3 replies and 17 views.
    oogabooga replied to a thread game 2 broken plz fix in Modes
    can someone tell why there is no damage against gankers
  • Kaocraft's Avatar
    Today, 6:05 AM · 14 replies and 367 views.
    Until those volcanos start ejecting conductive ceramics and core dynamics composites I don't see much of a problem. Plus y'know it's nice to have *something* to gain by visiting those sites in the first place.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 6:00 AM · 280 replies and 4356 views.
    Most of my gameplay revolves around achieving goals. I want to reach that system, I want to complete a mission, I want to dock at that port. Sometimes I meet other players while doing this and sometimes their actions are in conflict with the achievement of my goal. I don't need to kill them, I only need to survive, to escape, to give them the slip. Armour & shields can be handy, speed generally more so and unlike armour & big shields, speed is also useful for more than those rare adversarial encounters so I prioritise it and other stats that similarly improve the chances of my goal being achieved. The foe only has a few seconds to stop me, I appreciate it isn't easy for them. Must be boring, all that waiting for someone to show up.
  • disorganise's Avatar
    Today, 6:00 AM · 224 replies and 3915 views.
    Watched some of the vids..... Wow.... Such a challenge. It's so impressive how you have to coordinate pressing the fire button once and.... Well, that's it really :/
  • Brianna of Ardagh's Avatar
    Today, 5:59 AM · 1 replies and 24 views.
    Brianna of Ardagh replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.3.02 Horizons] Benitoite Fragment stuck inside Asteroid in PC Bug Reports
    I can corroborate this bug report. I've seen it under two similar situations. 1. When I've blasted off a fragment from a split asteroid while core mining. The fragment will clip inside the asteroid, usually destroying my limpet. On one occasion it clipped back out and I was able to scoop manually. 2. The collector limpet flies up to grab a fragment too close to the asteroid and knocks it into the asteroid, again the fragment clips inside and the limpet gets destroyed. Just tonight I lost 2 fragments on two different void opal cores.
  • RamirezKurita's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 AM · 27 replies and 403 views.
    It does depend on what sort of depth you are talking about, there's a clear distinction to be made between narrative depth and mechanical depth for instance. There's also the issue regarding complexity and how it is often conflated with depth, when in fact they are quite different things. In a nutshell, complexity his how far you must go to begin with something, while depth is how far you can potentially go. Put another way, complexity requires knowledge, while depth allows for understanding. For example, a complex story has large numbers of characters, numerous plot twists, large amounts of special setting-specific shenanigans or generally has a lot going on. Someone reading/listening/experiencing/watching a complex story would likely be left feeling confused and not be able to follow what's going on without going through it multiple times or reading up further. It's unapproachable, yet not necessarily actually interesting. A complex but shallow story is difficult to understand and piece together, yet...
  • Noobilite's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 AM · 9 replies and 94 views.
    Sorry, this is a simple thing to implement and it's the point of the suggestion forum. It would be insanely useful for everyone and enrich the game on all sides.
  • Hacker#451563's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 AM · 14 replies and 367 views.
    If you need basic stuff like SRV repairs and reloads or multi-cannon, frag reloads etc. then just sodding about on a basically decent metal rich world is better. If you need the lvl 4 mats or rare lvl 2's (Techtiom or something and Zirconium and Arsenic) then the Geo. Locations are a solid bet.
  • Bob Lighthouse's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 AM · 280 replies and 4356 views.
    That's what you just did. What does "master" mean to you? How can a "master of none" logically "hold its own" against "master" ships? Simply put it can't, and it shouldn't. You must introduce a confound, ie make a moving goalpost. It's not about the ship anymore.
  • Hacker#451563's Avatar
    Today, 5:48 AM · 43 replies and 1029 views.
    Defiantly time too call the 33rd Century version of Alex Jones. He's gonna loooove this.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 AM · 19 replies and 273 views.
    If you set yourself a goal to reach 1BCr in total assets it's an achievement. If you are looking to compare your rate of progress against others I think that's only really going to be useful if they play the way you play, with your moral code on exploits or whatever. Most players probably don't get past a Cobra MkIII, many may not get out of their startwinder. You are doing well ;)
  • mossfoot's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 AM · 280 replies and 4356 views.
    I can't help but think you're misunderstanding my stance, because I am not, nor have I ever, moved a goalpost. Holding one's own means to maintain your position or condition despite great difficulties. It does not mean in any way "equal"
  • Bob Lighthouse's Avatar
    Today, 5:46 AM · 7 replies and 55 views.
    You're probably fine but it should be a cheap fix for peace of mind if you want to have a professional flush/replace the fluid. If you elect to leave it just make sure you're checking the fluid level at the correct operating temp.
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