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    Today, 6:54 AM · 223 replies and 7989 views.
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    Today, 6:53 AM · 49 replies and 1674 views.
    I am a king, an Admiral, elite in trade and exploration, 32% deadly in combat, and the last thing I want to do in the grindfest of a silly game is land. I can land all day, woo hoo, big deal, I'm going to brag to all my family that I can land a space ship in a silly game. Get over yourselves, "I'd never use a docking computer." Guess you'd never use cruise control in a car either. I admire your skill, I want you to marry my sister.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 6:51 AM · 13 replies and 145 views.
    Yep. I would also enjoy, that's a proper spectator sport! I might check if anything (possibly minor) is underlying. If you can do something about then it's worth breaking down (sorting is an achievement worth celebrating) and if it's something out of your control why worry, because there's nothing you can do! Agree with cycles mentioned. I don't know who sits on top of the happy hill, 100% all the time. (Psychopaths that's who!) So as 'feeling down about feeling down' can leave you paralysed, movement sideways is easily good enough as whatever it is, it can wait.
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    Today, 6:51 AM · 318 replies and 6104 views.
    Restricted slots such as used Orca and Beluga and Dolphin (the only three plagued by this ridiculous approach by Frontier) are not the same as military slots. The former replaces a standard module bay, the latter does not. Anaconda did not lose a slot for the military bay. In the same way FGS did not lose any existing module bays for it's new military bays. The former is also a flawed experiment and I'd like to see Frontier solve that by adding standard module bays back into all three to improve their value. So which are you arguing makes ships less capable? Forced choice; or optional improvement? Because Frontier seem to be suggesting expanding on the military module bay model concept (ie additive). Not ripping out existing bays. How does this reduce a ships value, stealthie? This is what I can't understand about your argument. The entire point of the military slots on the likes of FGS was to improve it's value. Which it did. I really am lost here as to quite what the problem is.
  • DoppelGanger's Avatar
    Today, 6:49 AM · 97 replies and 2420 views.
    I love this one, not only for Elite, but for many other occasions. It's basically a sound of a universe, the music piece which I would send to another alien race to describe humanity and that we are in essence - Explorers of the Galaxies.
  • Aaron T's Avatar
    Today, 6:48 AM · 36 replies and 723 views.
    "You won't have fun in a bigger ship..." I beg to differ. I have always loved combat, but sparring in a long winded dual sucks, I love my engineered Vette, I kill very quickly. Screw a little weak mosquito pestering little piece of crap ship. And yes, the game is a grind.
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    Today, 6:47 AM · 389 replies and 31871 views.
    space voyager replied to a thread Station Repair Totals in Aliens
    Artemis Lodge is being repaired?! Ok, I need to get to Colonia ASAP and neutron my way back.
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    Today, 6:45 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Severity Severe Frequency Most of the time (75%) Time of occurrence 04:30 GMT Date of occurrence
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    Today, 6:43 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Yes, it lands on you. :) From back during the Crab Nebula Expedition of 3302...
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 AM · 273 replies and 6348 views.
    I'm sorry to say but it's obvious that most don't have their heads wrapped around it and don't seem to understand at all. Even after explaining to them all the gameplay it could offer, they just ignore it and continue saying stupidity like what's the point of walking around for a few minutes. It will get boring and then nobody will do it. The you get the people saying the game is a space ship sim and I don't want to get up and move around. Well in my view the game is a galaxy sim with a gameplay part added to it which is far from complete. Like the rest of the planet's that we can interact with and eventually FPP gameplay. If I wanted a spaceship sim I would be playing rogue system which incidently has moving around inside your ship as it is a space ship sim you need to interact with your space ship more then from the cockpit.
  • straha20's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 AM · 273 replies and 6348 views.
    If it was a paid expansion like horizons, I would buy no question because there would no doubt be features I would be interested in, but if it changes the game in such a way as I would be compelled to use my wasd and mouse to walk around with my screen bobbing around to do thing I am already able to do, then my time olaying Elite would likely come to an end, as I don't enjoy FPS game mechanics. Simple as that.
  • XComanceX's Avatar
    Today, 6:40 AM · 5 replies and 52 views.
    XComanceX replied to a thread Matando sucios federales. in PvP
    Me alegro de que te haya gustado.
  • BurntJello's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 AM · 318 replies and 6104 views.
    Rather than respond to individual posts, I'd like to use an example: Federal Gunship, where 3 "military" slots were added to FGS because it was lacking in combat. Did this help it to become more effective in it's supposed role (combat)? Yes. Is it worse in all other roles than it was before the 3 military slots were added? No. If the slots were unrestricted, would it be overpowered in...
  • cmdr milesred's Avatar
    Today, 6:37 AM · 3 replies and 31 views.
    its all about being prepared when you are doing what you are talking about, start with the right ship, a 264t cargo python. when I go looking for doing either passengers or cargo, I have 2 ships with me ready to go, I first use the python and check the missions board. then if nothing is there, I switch to the passenger ship and check the passenger mission board.. if I'm at a large pad station, if not, then I use either 2 pythons, or a python(cargo) and an Aspx(Passengers)... Passengers are never delivered to outposts, so the last part here is just for getting them missions. there is no cargo mission that a cargo python cannot accept and there is no passenger mission that a conda cannot accept and very few that a passenger python cannot accept
  • MrGoodbytes's Avatar
    Today, 6:35 AM · 8 replies and 288 views.
    I have the console version and I haven't experienced any lag.
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 6:35 AM · 273 replies and 6348 views.
    Right. No point in talking to you if your are just gonna be silly and completely ignore or refuse to accept what is there. ED is far from a space ship sim. And if you want a space ship sim the surely getting up and moving around to interact with your space ship more would just complete the space ship sim experience wouldn't it. Personally I think the game is a stations services sim. We should just get rid of the space ship flying bit and just teleport from station to station. Easier that way and it gets rid of that flyijg your ship time sink.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 AM · 273 replies and 6348 views.
    It has been a part of the plan for the game since the beginning, though. Many of us have been waiting for it since day one. Its great that you love the game as-is, but I would argue that adding a radical new way to experience the game would be a positive thing for all. It is unlikely that first person play would be forced on anyone, especially if it's a paid expansion like Horizons. The renewed interest (and sales) would help FD prolong the life of the game, too, leading to more development that may track closer to your preferred playstyle. The alternative is mild and incremental additions that, while welcome, will not satisfy many long time and new players who see the great potential of Elite and want it to grow beyond its current limitations.
  • Dr. Nagi's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 AM · 4732 replies and 377574 views.
    How about some flight-stunt-shows? SRV's VS Fighters?
  • straha20's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 AM · 273 replies and 6348 views.
    I've been around since the kick started, and while some really are desperate to cling to what they wanted to hear, space legs was something they wanted, sure, but was hardly a definite, and was not going to be something done when in the distant future when the game first released. In case you haven't noticed, the game has deviated in many way from the original mental visions since people created for them selves. As I have said before, I am all fine with space legs so long as I don't have to use them. If it is something like say missions, where I can ignore passenger missions, or massacre missions, them it's all good. The people who want to go eva to fix their ship can do that, and I'll use my repair units like I do now. If people want to hang out in a station bar, more power to them. I will just ignore that as I do most other multi player aspects of the game, which by the way was another one of those kickstarter things... being able to play without having to deal with other players if I don't want to,...
  • Cerberusx32's Avatar
    Today, 6:33 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    So, I've seen quite a few games do this. Where they will post a page/poster type info sheet with all the stats that have happened in that game. Example: World of Tanks did one a few months ago were they mentioned tanks destroyed, shots fired, tanks destroyed by falling, fire, drowning and etc. Now I know of a few other games that have done this too. Like Tom Clancy's The Division and Rainbow Six Siege (not 100% sure). But does anyone know if Elite Dangerous posted something like this? Cause of love to see it.
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