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  • vrod's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 PM · 100 replies and 32304 views.
    Sounds like you want to figure-out a certain task/hobby. Once you have it 'figured' out, then you have completed the challenge and can move onto the next challenge without going through the final and often 'boring' parts of putting 'icing on the cake'. Taking it to the last level may not really be the fun challenge for you. Right now, I am writing an AutoHotKey program to extract the events from the Commander's Log. I should be able to display some of my ship's info on my character display. I should also have ED control my LED lights based on game events. (video control may also come) Do you have any controllable LEDs on your setup? If so, I can give you my program when I am done. If you do not have a control board, I would recommend the Win-IPAC Ultimarc. You can easily connect lots of buttons to it as well as LEDs (which you can control).
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 PM · 177 replies and 3958 views.
    Not to mention that the ships being transferred don't even need to have an FSD that will let them jump any distance at all, nor a fuel scoop....
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 PM · 91 replies and 1297 views.
    *sigh* Again, another doom thread? Really? X-series has nothing to do with ED. It sucks to fly their ships, there is no exploration, you cant land on planets, space is just a fancy backdrop, space is much smaller, ship customization is extremely limited. All of that is countered by very deep empire management, which is something completely different. April-august wont be a 'red-line'. It'll be a bunch of months like any other. The game will improve a bit, some other games will come. Biggest thing for FD will be the timely release of EW to go with the film.
  • sandkid's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 PM · 7 replies and 271 views.
    Very true! Do bounties apply in anarchy? This could be done one jump off a station in the black. Extends the time, but still viable. Again - from a 'normal' player perspective, there is no concern here. Only an idiot would do this and think it is worthwhile. However, should the economy transform to where RL farming becomes a valid business, exploits like these are why those businesses even form. When it comes to this sort of thing, I'm a big proponent of preventing problems by not creating them in the first place. From a coding perspective, flagging a ship accruing player kill bounties in rapid fashion - or acquiring all sidewinder kills in rapid fashion - could be one method for quickly identifying and stopping such play. You just have to watch out for the fact that there are player groups that only PvP in sidewinders (given the low cost) so they can get more bang in the same hour.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 PM · 8 replies and 182 views.
    LOL - I usually line up and boost out when leaving a station and usually enter at somewhere around 200M/S. Never get rammed. What i'd really like to see is not having another ship parked on my designated landing pad, but that's another issue...
  • MBaldelli's Avatar
    Today, 4:29 PM · 5 replies and 72 views.
    This would be common sense if the mission generation were based on niche, supply and demand coupled with player population in the area... The problem is -- with Ceos/Sothis -- it seems to be one of those problems that comes with update code breaking established patches. As it stands -- the way I was able to generate 7+ million credits last night in an hour of courier missions -- it would appear that Update 2.4 broke that section of space to pre Update 2.2 (as was mentioned here) It's only a matter of time it'll be fixed, and while I know that gaming code does break with updates (heh, you should see the spectacular way Companion movement has been broken in Warframe); there's a palpable difference between DE patching daily and weekly when something like this happens, and FD taking months to apply a repair. And I think this is causing issues within the player community.
  • Jorki Rasalas's Avatar
    Today, 4:29 PM · 499 replies and 15114 views.
    I watched the Beyond Crime & Punishment livestream last Thursday and have been mulling over the discussion. I don't at all like the idea that ships incur bounties, it is totally illogical and breaks immersion; it is clearly the pilot (human or NPC) that commits the crime not their ship. The problem is that currently crimes can be committed without appropriate penalties being applied. I suggest to keep things as simple as possible, while keeping the Dangerous in ED: continue to apply bounties to the pilot no matter what ship they are flying remove timeout from all bounties and totally do away with legacy bounties; bounties should be paid off or stand. Current rules of anarchy etc still stand. To prevent circumvention of penalties through "suicide by sidewinder" then suicide should incur loss of half of accumulated funds and all ships currently owned; better still ship self-destructon could be removed entirely if a Galactic Rescue Service could be created to provide succour to pilots with disabled ships...
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 4:28 PM · 282 replies and 5930 views.
    Sorry, i have read some of the other threads, but i don't see how PvP is blocked by private modes. I hear stories of people doing PvP all the time. I'm part of a PvP discord where they are always talking about the great PvP they are having. Maybe you have a problem with your installation if you can't get PvP....
  • IndigoWyrd's Avatar
    Today, 4:28 PM · 6 replies and 225 views.
    They do. I get these assassination missions all the time.
  • ryan_m's Avatar
    Today, 4:28 PM · 3 replies and 126 views.
    ryan_m replied to a thread My First PvP Kill! in PvP
    Congrats dude. Welcome to the club.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 4:28 PM · 601 replies and 68077 views.
    You need to upload a pic to imgur or somewhere for it to show up, your link is to a local file. Well done too btw ;)
  • Orvidius's Avatar
    Today, 4:27 PM · 14 replies and 207 views.
    Great pictures! It sounds like you had a wonderful little expedition. Just a word of caution-- It can get addicting. ;)
  • ALGOMATIC's Avatar
    Today, 4:27 PM · 1559 replies and 24114 views.
    If you stay and fight when in OPEN you will see the rebuy screen much more, anyone can spam the fsd button and high-wake, its not big deal, its the basics of the game (while some people cant even do that). Your statement is absurd.
  • StiTch's Avatar
    Today, 4:27 PM · 55 replies and 1511 views.
    Quite, but intention goes some way to contributing here. Microsoft flight sim, to use a broad example, intends to provide an experience nearing the realistic. Whether or not it takes into account chaos theory in weather cycles, it attempts to replicate something IRL. ED deliberately breaks the realistic to achieve gameplay, from projectiles that lose their kinetic energy after a few km down to atmospheric turbulence when landing on a planet without atmosphere. If you refer to any game as a simulator because it is themed around something then hell, Call of Duty: Zombies is a combat simulator and Harry Potter is a school simulator.
  • Rampant's Avatar
    Today, 4:27 PM · 1559 replies and 24114 views.
    Hey, I'm just using someone else's maths equations. The results, for me, show that Solo is more dangerous. I've died to NPCs multiple times. I've died to players never. Looking at the population of Open versus Solo, the population in Solo is lesser. So if I played in Solo, statistical chances of being destroyed are greater than the statistical chances of being destroyed in Open. Numbers don't lie. (But sometimes equations are incorrectly constructed. Particularly if they are being written by someone with a pre-existing bias, who wants their black-and-white workings to be seen to correlate to their pre-existing bias!)
  • MottiKhan's Avatar
    Today, 4:27 PM · 20 replies and 714 views.
    Yeah, but you can add a disturbing smile to them with that smiley app. You should see my driver's license photo. I look like a North Korean hit man there. Really, I'm not as evil as I look.
  • ALGOMATIC's Avatar
    Today, 4:25 PM · 1559 replies and 24114 views.
    What challenges are compelling and rewarding? Give me ANY challenge so I wont fall a sleep behind the monitor. The whole point of PVP is that this is the ONLY challenge this game throws at you (correction, not the game, but other people). It requires a lot more then honking and scooping while watching the loading screen, or target and fire on repetitive npcs. That's why I want more content behind this game-play, THIS is both rewarding and challenging unlike the rest of ED. You finally stated something in this direction.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 4:25 PM · 177 replies and 3958 views.
    Then make the journey in your ship. It wasn't designed for moving fleets around the galaxy at a whim. I voted for it for the same reason you did, though to be fair I was thinking more of Corvettes and Cutter.
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