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  • Eliza's Avatar
    Today, 4:57 PM · 5 replies and 86 views.
    CQC seems to be a nice Engine-Demo, what Elite looks like, but would give those interested a false idea of what Elite really is. Free to Play...why not? But as an example for Elite: Dangerous the Game? No! As if we don't have enough forum-salt already. I literally can hear/read the future threads: "What the frak! I thought Elite is Battlefield / CounterStrike / (insert Shooter of your liking here) in Space!!!1eleven! Making Elite:Dangerous Free to Play? I don't think so. Okay...there's that microcashing-cosmetic-thingy, but Frontier really deserves a few bucks more, purely because they delivered and still developing a great space-experience.
  • Straha Yeagar's Avatar
    Today, 4:56 PM · 21 replies and 322 views.
    Soul crushing. You forgot soul crushing in your list.
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Today, 4:56 PM · 1 replies and 11 views.
    Incursion is outside of the normal BSG states. At the moment, systems come under attack from Thargoids according to their plan. We only know about them due to the work that Cannon, AXI and the Eagle Eye network do. If a system is not defended properly, then it seems the system will gain the state of Thargoid Incursion and will only revert to normal once the Thargoids have been repelled.
  • Tippis's Avatar
    Today, 4:56 PM · 8283 replies and 449969 views.
    No, that is not actually the topic. That's just how you choose to generalise an already skewed perception on your part into a complete strawman so as to allow you to — on false premises — dismiss a discussion that you do not agree with. …except, of course, that this is not what he said. Rather, what you just said qualifies as one of those pre-emptive ad hominems you talk of, and if you want to suggest otherwise, I would like you to pick up any of the discussions he (or any of those non-descript “others”) have had where opinions have differed and show prove this universal pattern. Prove it.
  • Rowander's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 PM · 18 replies and 344 views.
    I wouldn't play Elite anymore if it wasn't for VR. It's just a whole new experience, and it's worth every penny. No 3-monitor setup can come anywhere close to it. Dropping from your giant ship in the SRV never gets old, it's always awe-inpiring. Just make sure you've got the SRV view locked to horizon while driving.
  • Spaceman Si's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 PM · 86 replies and 1932 views.
    Long running performance due to end shortly. Sequel "When Worlds Get Nudged" due Q4 2018. ;)
  • Darth Ender's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 PM · 9 replies and 135 views.
    aside from the incredibly annoying dogge meme crap .... your analogy doesn't hold. you disappear because forcing you to exist in the game while you are signed off would result in you being destroyed while being away. So few people would play such a game and for those that do, it would limit their activity to only things that they'd have time to do and still dock properly or find a place to hide in relative safety. That amounts to a compromise in gameplay that isn't acceptable. As opposed to mission timers that are set at realtime. These are often based on current system status's and so makes sense to be tied to them. They dont halt when you logoff. So it makes sense for them to be tied to realtime since the system states are tied to realtime. If you have a problem with the timers, perhaps you should be arguing that such a mission shouldn't be on a timer because it's not tied to any sort of system status. Or perhaps you need to pick your missions better to suit your schedule. The suggestion...
  • Phisto Sobanii's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 PM · 271 replies and 6792 views.
    That's the crux isn't it? Who gets to decide what a valid PvP interaction is? Everyone has an opinion on what that is (even PvPers don't agree). But the ultimate arbiter - the game mechanics themselves - allow for it regardless of what any of us think. You click Open you get what Open is. No words change that. Would strongly recommend folks come to grips with that and prepare accordingly. If Open ain't your thing, Solo and Private Groups exist to tailor your game experience.
  • oscarmr's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 PM · 830 replies and 26675 views.
    Pues quédate que en vídeo de la DW2 salía la gente haciendo Destruction Derbi con los SRVs. Yo pondría otro al menos XD.
  • Mengy's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 168 replies and 2967 views.
    War on exploration? Really? :rolleyes: This is beginning to sound more like a crusade than a discussion.
  • dannysquid's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 43 replies and 708 views.
    Yes, you don't really need it for NPCs. A lot of boosting in directions that aren't straight towards your enemy works for me.
  • Shnyrik's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 86 replies and 1932 views.
    Difficult to argue with that :) But still those pink gas giants looked awesome, sad to see them go.
  • Rooster Podunk's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 4 replies and 29 views.
    I''d sacrifice that 2.5 ly jump difference between a 4c fuel tank and 5c fuel tank. You'll still be over 60 ly.
  • Ulon Origal's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 39 replies and 750 views.
    I don't see this as big problem. After all you can formally leave the squadron to hide your allegiance, if necessary. Not being in the squadron doesn't prevent you from supporting a group or engaging in covert activities for it.
  • Shir's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 4 replies and 29 views.
    That's a solid build. I would either carry a second AFMU, although you can reboot the first one and it works again if needed, or carry a cargo rack case i find something i want to carry. Also a second heat sink launcher isn't needed, since with some preparation you can easily have a hundred refills available through synthesis with only one onboard. Finally i like to carry a mining laser or mining lance if you have access to it. Just in case you need or feel like getting materials in an asteroid ring.
  • GODofDUTY83's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 43 replies and 708 views.
    Manoeuvring nowadays is heavily tied to boosting. I remember when I could manoeuvre my Vulture onto Conda rears and stick it there with no boosting required at all. Just constant thruster control to keep pace and sit there hammering until it goes pop. It wasn't very exciting. Combat is more fast pace now with more effort required to maintain position and thank Fdev for it. I never want to see the deathroll again.
  • h347h's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 99 replies and 2929 views.
    The restricted modules are supposed to represent a role for a ship. People wanted more role definition for ships a fee years ago. It was nice because it balanced out ships so they couldn't stack modules making other ships competitive in their roles while making sure multi purpose ships weren't going to be the kings of Elite. It IMHO was a great step forward in making the game more interesting. I hope they don't go through with this because it's just one more drop in the bucket for making things more bland.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 18 replies and 243 views.
    I cannot un-see this comment. Who's your favourite Handegg team?
  • rote1's Avatar
    Today, 4:52 PM · 0 replies and 6 views.
    I am currently preparing for the mining update and am considering the Cutter as my new vessel for it. Is there anything about it that make it unsuitable for mining that I am not aware of? I do know that if your plans for the day include braking that it would not be the first choice but other than that the maneuverability seem to be adequate enough for the job. For those of you that use the Cutter for mining, what are its disadvantages in your mind?
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