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  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 4:41 AM · 7 replies and 141 views.
    Take boost energy from the weapons capacitor instead, problem solved.
  • House0fDerp's Avatar
    Today, 4:40 AM · 550 replies and 19560 views.
    In the vaguest terms that is "The next step for Elite Dangerous". Which pretty objectively doesn't tell of what is next. Also, not having an obligation to say something or choosing not to say it isn't the same as definitively having nothing to say. Quite to the contrary, it means they and you should expect rampant speculation. Hey, look what's happening. Technically you aren't paying them directly, but at the same time you are a single datapoint in the customer base anyways. If you don't want to know then don't look even if/when they do talk. But you have about as much basis for saying anything yourself as anyone here who wants to know. No one dies over the delay of fleet carriers or the Ice world update. We're still playing. Amazing how we got over that despite the rampant fears of broken promises, almost as if it's just another baseless deflection from people who throw fits over others wanting to know what's going on even in vague terms.
  • StuartGT's Avatar
    Today, 4:39 AM · 550 replies and 19560 views.
    Bethesda are developing Starfield and using their GameBryo/Creation engine (with a few improvements) means it'll be ElderScrolls/Fallout in Space. I think it'll be a great game and will likely enjoy playing it; same with The Outer Worlds and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Lots of wonderful games to look forward to, all with their different gameplay styles and focus. Other games have also come along and captured their niche too, like X4 and NMS. Both were doom-proclaimed as Elite Dangerous killers, but such predictions are often emotionally-driven and flawed. Elite Dangerous will remain the best damn space sim ever for many years to come, because as you say no other devhouse wants to - or can't - compete in such a grand development of expansive and ever-growing featureset. :) Star Citizen was the only contender, yet having been Kickstarted a month before Elite still remains 4+ years away from a satisfactory release state. And that requires Squadron 42 to be a successful and profitable release first, of...
  • Steyla's Avatar
    Today, 4:33 AM · 26 replies and 882 views.
    You just have to check out M67. Every system is tagged. And I am not talking about the incidence which occurred at around the DSE. At that time there were just a few stars tagged. Now every body in every system is tagged. And yes, I was there, just before DW2 started. Perhaps there is a way out of M67. I have not found one. Fly/land safe. CMDR Steyla
  • dkong's Avatar
    Today, 4:32 AM · 3 replies and 288 views.
    In ED ne Dyson-Sphäre zu Entdecken wäre nich schlecht .
  • Lazuras Poe's Avatar
    Today, 4:29 AM · 2199 replies and 50014 views.
    I'm not enrolled in any of your classes. You want be getting anything from me. Ghengis Khan can't hurt me. I'm living in an alternate parallel universe. I think he cleans shoes in my realm.
  • andysonofbob's Avatar
    Today, 4:28 AM · 7 replies and 153 views.
    I found similar. Ice rings. Check volumetric settings. It's probably on ultra. Try turning that down one. Makes little visual difference but certainly boosted my fps. Apparently 3.3 bumpt up volumetric settings :)
  • Pixelated Sparkster's Avatar
    Today, 4:25 AM · 1 replies and 42 views.
    I'd like this too! I had a similar thought with new sandbox maps located on the north, south, east, and western parts of the island. Each one unlocked from 4 starring the 4 islands of the islands of death after matanceros. This will be amazing for console players with limited saves who want to experiment on maps and hold on to one or two favorites parks without needing to restart nublar.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 4:18 AM · 2547 replies and 134134 views.
    He clearly doesn't understand fidelity development.
  • GraphiteGB's Avatar
    Today, 4:11 AM · 19 replies and 705 views.
    GraphiteGB replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Merope Ordnance Import (Trade) in Community Goals
    Smuggling Black market prices for CG remaining item Item CG station BM sale price Barrle weapons -------- 10,341 cr/t....
  • Clanky Munge's Avatar
    Today, 4:11 AM · 9 replies and 96 views.
    Keep the throttle in the blue and you should evade 99% of the time
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 4:11 AM · 219 replies and 6569 views.
    Yeah. Not exactly sure what's happening underneath, but my PC is sweating as well. The game runs good, though. Maybe they will patch the weird resource management on launch. And unlike you I actually really enjoyed those about 4 hours I've put in, this evening. It's really fun. Even playing with randoms. The game does a good job keeping the teem together and cooperating. Not gonna play it every day, but I reckon I won't get bored of this for at least a couple of weeks. :)
  • dunno's Avatar
    Today, 4:11 AM · 59 replies and 1561 views.
    Now sing along with me to the tune of 'CCR - Bad Moon Rising' I see a new cpu on the horizon I see a new gpu for the occasion Don't let your wife decide the occasion Your life is your vocation Don't fear motherboards and lightning Don't let AI do your driving There's always a twist in the wiring
  • Slange Lands's Avatar
    Today, 4:07 AM · 140 replies and 4796 views.
    People just want to talk about themselves. If they ask me questions about my life, they just want to compare it to theirs. I try to avoid conversation in general now. However, although I find most people to be boring, I do my best to respect and honor them and listen politely. Then I try to escape at the right time. That being said, I am a hermit and choose to never socialize because I would so much rather be doing other stuff. We have been so utterly conditioned by societal mores and tradition that a concept of "having a life" has arisen that is pure utter bogus drivel.
  • Clanky Munge's Avatar
    Today, 4:07 AM · 11 replies and 174 views.
    Both posts above are sound advice also, most of my cargo ships are weaponless, but I shift goods rarely and in solo or pg. although it still amuses me to carry 1t of biowaste and watch the npc pirates go mental for it, when bounty hunting. Not recommended in a small ship.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Today, 4:06 AM · 54 replies and 4225 views.
    GJ51 replied to a thread One Jump! (740ly Jump) in PC Bug Reports
    LOL FD gonna take action...
  • Rafe Zetter's Avatar
    Today, 4:06 AM · 550 replies and 19560 views.
    Yet. Until now as far as I know only the "usual suspects" have ventured into this territory of an "Elite Alike", and most have previous dev history to work from a la - Chris Roberts, Egosoft, with other dev houses like Infogrames - Independance War I & II (who've since gone bankrupt), Novalogic - Tachyon the Fringe (ALSO bankrupt), Ascaron - Darkstar One (bankrupt) plus some stragglers who have no doubt gone backrupt too, in the distant history. Anyone remember Software Refinerys Hardwar? I still have my copy, and it runs :) Slim pickin's there bud for any contenders. Of the survivors, CR is doing SC - Egosoft; X4. That's it. A quick google proves all other previous dev houses that have made an "Elite Alike" game are all gone.
  • voidwalker's Avatar
    Today, 4:04 AM · 550 replies and 19560 views.
    I was there for that. Ideas weren't ignored. There was a huge discussion about how travel around the galaxy would be done with lots of good, productive input from the players. There was also a good share of unproductive ideas that were dismissed (not ignored, big difference), because they were bad ideas, and a bunch of people who were just there to say, "nuh this is a bad idea" without offering any constructive alternatives. I'm assuming the person you're replying to was in the 'unproductive crowd' and probably shouldn't have wasted his money.
  • Phisto Sobanii's Avatar
    Today, 4:03 AM · 2199 replies and 50014 views.
    No. It’s history. Your reference to Genghis Khan was more appropriate than you realize. In any case, I fear for your report.
  • Eckee's Avatar
    Today, 4:02 AM · 63 replies and 2201 views.
    Definately need a button to toggle relative mouse on/off. It's essential as FA on/off
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