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  • Patrick_68000's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 PM · 7 replies and 66 views.
    And Welcome to the great family of JWE and welcome on the forums ! Long life to you among the raptors :)
  • Orvidius's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 PM · 13 replies and 301 views.
    Yeah, they're quite rare within the plane. Looking at my current copy of the EDSM data: mysql> select count(*) from stars,systems where stars.systemId=systems.edsm_id and subType like 'White Dwarf%' and ABS(coord_y) < 950; +----------+ | count(*) | +----------+ | 345 | +----------+ 1 row in set (24.47 sec)
  • Achilles7's Avatar
    Today, 6:40 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Shhhh! Don't mention 'stacking massacre missions''ll set 'em off in the forums & they were just about to have their evening nap, as well.
  • Jastebro's Avatar
    Today, 6:38 PM · 5 replies and 69 views.
    You haven't really visited HD 148937 3 until you've flown upside down across its surface. ;) Just make sure to sell data at Colonia before.
  • Bob Lighthouse's Avatar
    Today, 6:38 PM · 42 replies and 1278 views.
    No, because it's a confounding variable. Just getting over the base shield engineering concepts seems to be enough for the OP.
  • Macros Black's Avatar
    Today, 6:38 PM · 1023 replies and 71971 views.
    Macros Black replied to a thread DECE EyeCandy in Exploration
  • MQC's Avatar
    Today, 6:37 PM · 48 replies and 1496 views.
    Una nueva sesión de juego, esta vez de 2 horas, y unos resultados magníficos: Una ruta breve de unos 20 sistemas desde el borde de la burbuja en la zona de Denton Patreus, adentrarnos fuera de esa zona, aún en una zona de muchos sistemas habitados pero aún sin adherir a ninguna potencia, y de vuelta pero a la zona de Aisling Duval. De dicha travesia, casi todos los sistemas de un único sol y sin mayor interes, pero 2 o 3 sistemas con bastante información. Al llegar a la estación de destino y vender la información a UC, 1.600.000 créditos en total.
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Today, 6:36 PM · 17 replies and 325 views.
    Not just possible, incredible easy. Regarding leaving mines for a cmdr, it's not going to work unless you remain stationary at the drop out point. If you drop to normal space then continue on a trajectory with thrusters, the cmdr or NPC will drop at your current location, not the original drop location.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 6:36 PM · 15 replies and 131 views.
    Then don't play. It is simple as that. Rest of us enjoy seeking and finding stuff in game which doesn't tell how to do that and how OMG good my meta build is. It is almost like FDev read those articles, realized it is all basically on rails experience with many people loath with passion, while same time not being capable to enjoy small moments. Because they afraid to make commitment to the game and want it all. ED doesn't take no prisoners. Either you play it or don't. There's not 'I will just check how nice this big Anaconda is' middle ground. Anything else just undercuts street smarts you are required to find out stuff.
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 6:35 PM · 68 replies and 1316 views.
    Well, no, not really, to be honest. I've only ever lost one ship to them once since I started playing the game in the spring (northern hemisphere) of 2015, not including the clear-save I did after my first couple days of playing (not really sure what happened there and didn't bother keeping track of it). The only ship I ever lost to NPCs, that I'm aware off, was my Vulture while farming combat rank and getting way too complacent taking on an Elite Anaconda. It was sometime around December of 2015, and I haven't lost a ship in the game since then. Since then the lowest they've gotten me down to was 51% hull, which was sometime soon after the Engineers update. They may have had the rail spamming bug. Not sure.
  • Donutgun's Avatar
    Today, 6:35 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Hello everyone I am currently scouting out UK players that are wanting to help me support the Empire! Get up with me on PSN! Psn ID Donut-Gun
  • Crimson Kaim's Avatar
    Today, 6:35 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    Iirc there is a group dedicated to causing lockdowns and UA bombing for the sole reason to tighten the bubble so that further disruptions have more impact due to less alternatives. I myself support this idea as I dislike the fact that we have dozens of copies of already existing stations where one equals another.
  • Beetlejuice1686's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 PM · 8 replies and 245 views.
    and the galaxy was never the same again lol
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 PM · 15 replies and 131 views.
    System is working for some players. It isn't for those players who are dead set to use very specialized ship configurations, despite very marginal benefits.
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 6:32 PM · 118 replies and 2644 views.
    On the subject of FSD supercharge wear and tear, two possibilities occur to me. Perhaps it's proportional to the amount of time we spend in the cone? (with a really efficient FSD boost that triggers just as you're leaving the cone causing less?), or perhaps it's proportional to the length of the subsequently boosted jump (with truly massive range jumps putting a real strain on the drive?). More testing definitely required. P.S. nice post Ozric (sadly out of rep), your reliance on the in-game plotter matches my own (could never be faffed with manual plotting ... perhaps this slacker attitude to racing is why you and I are not always in the top 3)? Good job on this one tho, congrats!
  • Indigosun's Avatar
    Today, 6:32 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    I've been at this game for a few months now. Got a few hundred hours in, and have gotten pretty good. Started getting a little bored with the day-to-day of the game, so thought I'd change things up and actually start doing some of the community goals. Always wanted to, just had more important things to do before now. I participated in both sides of the last one, and had a good time, and made some OK money. Figured I'd go at it again this week. Anyway, enough backstory. I've been doing the Empire side of the current CG, going out in my FDL or Vulture as the whim takes me, and killin' lotsa mofos. As of this writing, sitting at around 7.7 mil in combat bonds turned in. Not too bad! Been a lot of fun, too. And hey, you can stack a massacre mission on top of it, too, which lends itself to a decent little payout. Until today. This evening, whenever I fly into any CZ in Zibal, immediately I get one of the big- Federal naval ships spawning in. Farragut Class, maybe? I dunno. It's big, and it's kicking...
  • turkwinif's Avatar
    Today, 6:32 PM · 13 replies and 301 views.
    Oh god don't get me started on white dwarfs...there's so many of them around Sol, but once you leave the bubble - zip, zero, nadda! They ONLY appear in the neutron star fields +/-1000 lightyears above and below the galactic plane. So they're even worse off than neutron stars when it comes to the galaxy generation.
  • Taimaru's Avatar
    Today, 6:31 PM · 68 replies and 1316 views.
    The quote "Winter is Coming" appeared in season 1 of Game of Thrones, seven years ago, and winter only really started at the end of the last season, so there is still plenty of time left for winter to come in ED. :p
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 6:31 PM · 15 replies and 131 views.
    Player plays the game, complains about playing the game. News at 11. If you view ED as game only to fly ships, you will be disappointed by this. Fortunately, ED isn't game about only flying space ships.
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