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  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 AM · 18 replies and 138 views.
    Baba, just be a good sport. Never clog, be gracious on comms, don't take offense. That's all anyone really cares about. The only time waking etiquette kicks in is if A--you are the one doing the interdicting, or B--you've joined a group that has their own clearly outlined rules of etiquette you've already agreed to. If you're just learning the PvP ropes at a CG it's ok to try to save your skin. No shame in running....though often you learn more by fighting to the bitter end then always jumping out at 1 ring.
  • Tezcatlipoca's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Looks like it is due to Xbox Live falling over yet again! :( I don't remember XBL having so many problems in the days of the 360.
  • Cmdr Eran Mintor's Avatar
    Today, 1:37 AM · 23 replies and 601 views.
    I think you might have missed the point this entire time and I believe it's that the OPs suggestion would both add perks to gaining ranks, which there are few, and also it's nice to get stuff for free.
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    Today, 1:36 AM · 145 replies and 2125 views.
    Hmmmm. Anytime open players complain about how easy it is in open, the NPC's get ramped up, and are inflicted on solo as well. It works both ways. Here is something simple for you to understand: I Am Not Your Content. Shove us all into open, and you will lose enough players to make the game nonviable. No "majorities" are required. Just enough of them to sink the game. Enjoy the game as it is, you keep telling me when I get my empennage handed to me by it. It works both ways.
  • MTBFritz's Avatar
    Today, 1:35 AM · 745 replies and 45934 views.
    I thought I d leave this here as I didnt see any mention of it on the last page in this thread Well I had ME:A on my wishlist for the longest time but was unsure to get it because of the return value. It looked good but replay factor seemed really low and the single player campaign seemed lackluster to justify an expense of 45-60 bucks. I couldnt care less about the multiplayer part of the game. Maybe now there will be some "serious" sales going for this thing?
  • FourRomeoAlpha's Avatar
    Today, 1:33 AM · 3 replies and 72 views.
    Hey Meadows65 ... I made the exact switch to PC last month for the exact same reasons. It was hands down one of the best decisions ever. I bought a new gaming rig and Oculus and have been having a blast since. My PC is on the other side of the house and I have no issues picking up the wifi. I also use an Elite controller with no issues. I even added in some rudder pedals for more control and it's been great. I can do maneuvers I never dreamed of. If if you do make the switch and have no intention of playing on your XBox account again Frontier will move the value of all your assets (value of ships and credits) over to your new PC account. Money is the only thing the can. I've, you'll lose all of your rank, faction rep and store purchases. Hope me this helps a little. Good luck!
  • sovapid's Avatar
    Today, 1:33 AM · 25 replies and 283 views.
    Any engineering you can do is gonna help. Don't have to go all out and min/max. Before I started doing actually shooting PVP I was doing open CG runs in a T7. Was a lot of fun trying to get through. Did get to the point where I was hoping for interdictions and was disappointed if no one came after me. But a T9, ugh, so slow and unmaneuverable. Be on the lookout for station rams as well as the interdictions.
  • Vasious's Avatar
    Today, 1:32 AM · 145 replies and 2125 views.
    Too easy or just a lack of consequences for choices and the dislike of opportunity costs. People as a whole it seems push for having cake and eating i too, wanting all the options where no option carry a risk and limits choices later. Not that I am saying a hard lock out by any means but more Say trading, to then maximize profit as anything that detracts that is "bad" from game play choices of undersized or no shields, to increase the SC safe disengage distance from 200 km to 1Mm, the drop in distance from 20 kms and far outside the NFZ, to 10 kms or less, to the speed of the landing pads, to not wanting to be interdicted when taking smuggling or delivery missions, to not wanting mission wrinkles, to not wanting Mission ratings to matter in terms of difficulty just scale up the payout, to trading in Anarchies and low security functionally no different, when you can just escape before the security forces will ever turn up anyway. A trend toward more of the path of least resistance, and removing of...
  • Cmdr Eran Mintor's Avatar
    Today, 1:32 AM · 50 replies and 1642 views.
    I will say the most surprising thing I've garnered from this is that SDC members would fly that far to gank a group of explorers.
  • your mom's Avatar
    Today, 1:32 AM · 63 replies and 6590 views.
    Hope you thanked them for their emergent content and/or role play... /end sarcasm
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 1:31 AM · 50 replies and 1642 views.
    That's easy: despite considering themselves the protectors of Colonia, these players aren't used to looking at their radars. They might not even be aware that they have a Contacts tab, or how the information displayed there might be relevant to their survival.
  • Fyrd Judge's Avatar
    Today, 1:31 AM · 3659 replies and 120024 views.
    The fact we stood alone against the last former European dictatorship for over a year ( like others over the centuries) hell bent taking us over while bombing our towns and cities day and night during WW2, we actually know what it means to be under threat from a vile political system. The fact we never lived under the jackboot is because we have fought many countries off trying to do just that, and that means out of all countries in the EU we are the ones who can spot a poilitcal system years ahead of every other country in the EU, who have a history of making people bend their knees. Our history is one of destroying them, Napolean is a good example. Ireland is a knee bending country, they had to have more than one EU ref, vote to get the answer the EU wanted, bending the knee to their new masters the EU, As they did to Britain many years ago, odd how they still keep doing it :) I supppose we are just a proud people, we like to make our own destiny and choices, not all countries in the EU have that...
  • Tezcatlipoca's Avatar
    Today, 1:31 AM
    Severity Severe Frequency All of the time (100%) Time of occurrence 01:00 BST Date of occurrence
    1 replies and 0 views.
  • rrobes's Avatar
    Today, 1:30 AM · 25 replies and 283 views.
    All T ships are speed bumps to combat ships. All you can do is try to outfit one that allows you to run. Once you lose shields, you are done. With specialized weapons, drag munitions and what not, it's no contest. If you run into a wing, the ships will many times have assigned roles and loadouts to achieve their task. Big, slow moving targets only make easier prey. However, if you do run the gauntlet and survive, you will experience a rush!
  • Chunky007's Avatar
    Today, 1:29 AM · 139 replies and 5698 views.
    Done that twice now, on my way to Sag A and at least 10kly from colonia so better be careful now lol
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 1:29 AM · 23 replies and 601 views.
    But you can just buy one from the store.
  • sovapid's Avatar
    Today, 1:28 AM · 25 replies and 283 views.
    At least the T6 is somewhat fast and maneuverable. Think I'd rather be in a T6.
  • Quake13's Avatar
    Today, 1:27 AM · 4 replies and 105 views.
    This is affecting me as well. I tried the old fix for the login bug from a previous update (i.e. deleting local stored data from the xbox and cloud) to no avail. My network is fine in all other aspects.
  • Goose4291's Avatar
    Today, 1:27 AM · 145 replies and 2125 views.
    To be fair, he could write up a decent and succinct argument based on the kickstarter material, promotional marketing material, and the lore as well. Wouldn't stop people doing a 'I see no ships' response to his points. And this isn't Majinvashs alt account, before we go down that witchhunt route. To be fair, he could write up a decent and succinct argument based on the kickstarter material, promotional marketing material, and the lore as well.
  • The Kraken's Avatar
    Today, 1:25 AM · 8 replies and 163 views.
    Turn off automatic updates for the system, and games. Just update them manually.
  • Coloratura's Avatar
    Today, 1:24 AM · 145 replies and 2125 views.
    Or, I could just get better at fleeing. I can be really slippery when I wish to be. :D
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