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  • GroundxZERO's Avatar
    Today, 4:18 PM · 3 replies and 44 views.
    Itís good to see a fellow pilot take pride in their ship. Iíd love to introduce you to Genesis one day! That said, Iíve put her away and opted for a combat ieagle. Being the grim reaper is only fun for so long and I feel combat is more enjoyable in unengineered/A rated small ships. As for the log, it sucks. I hate that there canít at least be a ďghostĒ of the player left behind who we can get a kill confirmed but, this is the game.
  • CMDR Beni Stingray's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 PM · 1 replies and 0 views. Click on expand and you see where they are. A quick google search helps wonders some time :p
  • Ensign Ward's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 PM · 22 replies and 92 views.
    It is my opinion that large ships are just dull dull dull. Give me just one small or medium ship of my choice and I'm as happy as a pig in... clover.
  • Sucky's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 PM · 237 replies and 7754 views.
    You can't tell a company what to do, all gaming companies need to do these kind of sales. Steam did a big sale on Elite as well most recently with loads of other games, you going to tell them as well to stop doing sales on all games because of bots? Just report the bots if it happens again and hopefully FD can work on something in the future to stop these kind of activities but from my experience in gaming, it will be hard, they always find a way unfortunately. :(
  • CMDR Arguendo's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 PM · 1 replies and 42 views.
    Wait. You believe those characters are looking for a fair PvP fight? You must be new around these parts :rolleyes:
  • steffshow's Avatar
    Today, 4:16 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    my problem is this, the Y-rotation (the dial around the "E" button on the throttle) is not working properly, mechanically the dial turns just fine with no problem, but in game ( i use it to switch between the right and left side panels ) it turns to the right panel on its own, im not even touching the dial when this happens. when im looking at the x-52 controll panel where you apply the deadzones, the little red needle under "Y-rotation" moves on its own, its creeping slowly to the left until it comes outside the deadzone and makes the in game view switch to the right side panel. and its really annoying. i have googled for a few hours now and found nothing about this specific issue, ive tied updating the software and drivers and have the latest of both now, but it has not fixed the issue. does anyone have an idea what the hell is wrong?
  • Valorin's Avatar
    Today, 4:16 PM · 35 replies and 3372 views.
  • d8veh's Avatar
    Today, 4:15 PM · 14 replies and 191 views.
    I'm not sure that's true anymore. This was an NPC ship that took down a level 5 reinforced 4A Prismatic shield with two level 5 boosters and 4 pips to shields in less than a second. What weapons without special effects can do that? According to, they should last for 108 seconds against a stock Corvette,. { "timestamp":"2018-03-16T21:39:20Z", "event":"UnderAttack", "Target":"Mothership" } { "timestamp":"2018-03-16T21:39:20Z", "event":"ShieldState", "ShieldsUp":false }
  • Good Death's Avatar
    Today, 4:15 PM · 76 replies and 1238 views.
    This, or give it its turn rate back to compete with Chieftain and the other two.
  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 4:15 PM · 2099 replies and 173069 views.
    По моему даже до заядлых ПВП-шеров уже дошло что броня это фигня. Вроде уже все себе БИ-Вайвы вкрячили. Притом что Питон достаточно крупный не фига не маневренный в него попасть даже без ракет достаточно просто.
  • CMDR Arguendo's Avatar
    Today, 4:15 PM · 142 replies and 2904 views.
    Strange. I never figured you for a saltminer vin. Oh well. Live and learn I guess.
  • frostypaw's Avatar
    Today, 4:14 PM · 5387 replies and 349028 views.
    Gotta add that when people admit they've not tried it in a year but are simultaneously sure that they've made great progress it's not a good start.
  • Weps's Avatar
    Today, 4:13 PM · 22 replies and 92 views.
    I'd have been pretty bummed if wouldn't have been able to fly my Type-9, back when I still had fun doing so. I don't think the problem comes from the fact that players *can* end up having a certain ship, I think the problem is that the game actively encourages all players to do so (simply because it doesn't have anything better to offer). And one way in which it achieves that is making these special ships the equivalent of Tyrael's Might in space. Ironically it undermines it's own MTX model in doing so... It's as if Travolta has a 747 with the agility of a Raptor and the offensive capabilities of the Zumwalt. Who wouldn't want to give that a spin?
  • Tippis's Avatar
    Today, 4:12 PM · 5387 replies and 349028 views.
    Right. That bolded bit is interesting because, while accurate, it also somewhat belies the first point. Suggesting that network performance has not been an issue on the client side is silly just on the face of it, considering how much performance improves when the network is taken out of the equation, but beyond that, if bind culling helps reduce CPU processing time and update processing, then pretty much by definition, it is network code that helps with client-side performance. Which is somehow not a problem that needs to be solved. I know that they are trying to come up with excuses and create expectations that it will aaaal be fine, no client performance problems here, no-siree-bob, and the bugs are committing suicide by the hundreds and there are no tanks in Baghdad fundamental design flaws in their network approach… but they really need to work on not continuously contradicting themselves like this. I wonder how they imagine that regular studios playtest their builds throughout development…...
  • Genus's Avatar
    Today, 4:12 PM · 123 replies and 4388 views.
    X4, Empyrion, Rodon. To name a few.
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 4:12 PM · 1053 replies and 23698 views. Have a read. I've posted this link so much recently it's on my google homepage as a frequently accessed site :)
  • wrmiller's Avatar
    Today, 4:12 PM · 22 replies and 92 views.
    I spend almost all of my game time in either my Corvette (bounty hunting, general run-around), or my Cutter (doing missions for credits and/or materials). I do own a Python, FDL, and Asp Explorer, but those only get used infrequently. Not sure I'd quit if you took my large ships away, but why would you? NOTE: Didn't read the thread, just responding to the original post
  • ChrisH's Avatar
    Today, 4:12 PM · 112 replies and 4164 views.
    I've got a lowly GTX 750 Ti (with the settings mostly set pretty high - I'm not sensitive to lower frame rates!), and the only time I see textures like that is when I go from Ship to SRV, and it hasn't yet had the time to generate/load high-res textures of my ship's insides. (Originally with Horizons 2.0 it sometimes never loaded those textures, and I even had similar problems with buildings at ground bases - but with each release of ED they've gradually improved performance & reduced memory usage, so I basically never have that problem now.) A few suggestions: * Are you using reasonably up to date gfx drivers? If not then download them from NVidia website. * Check your "Terrain Work" slider in gfx settings. Make sure it is set all the way to the LEFT. (If it's set to the right, then the gfx card will waste time generating distant terrain, rather than doing useful stuff.) If those don't help, then I'd suggest reporting this is a bug.
  • verminstar's Avatar
    Today, 4:11 PM · 22 replies and 92 views.
    Same answer Im afraid...Ive always been a fan of big ships in all games of this nature, not least of which I count eve which I played fer 8 years. In the game before this, I used mainly the medium class and the carrier class, 6 years there. The pattern would be exactly the same here...Ill play big ships until theres no big ships left...bigger the better ^
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