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  • Jon Hirsch's Avatar
    Today, 8:00 PM · 304 replies and 73550 views.
    I play on the PC. I just bought the app and get the “invalid scope” error when I enter my email.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 8:00 PM · 683 replies and 12486 views.
    See, this is what happens when a handful of obstinate explorers use false language like "over-engineered combat build". They get people believing that engineering for offensive combat is the only kind of engineering there is. Psychomorph, the defensive buffs that you can stack from engineering are well worth the grind, even for explorers. Not to mention the buffs you can get for heat, weight, jump range, etc. I highly encourage you to go for it. Where you might be confused is in listening to explorers on these forums poo-poo on anyone trying to give them advice. They claim it is due to the disparity between combat and exploration ships, when in reality it is their strange adherence to waving around their max jump range stat like it's something that's going to win them a medal or something. If they were to sacrifice some of their jump range they could have ships that are not only capable of exploration, but also of surviving PvP combat encounters. For proof of that, just have a look at a bunch...
  • Deadlock-3000's Avatar
    Today, 7:58 PM · 266 replies and 3352 views.
    You'd still have the option. The option to leave it turned off. Just like the OP said. No-one wants to make people use a DC. It was merely suggested that not having it built in to a warp-capable starship, activated should you so desire, is stretching credibility past snapping point. But you knew that because you read the thread.
  • Sylow's Avatar
    Today, 7:57 PM · 3 replies and 15 views.
    Or just cuddle them a bit, tell them "no, no", remove some of their gains from exploiting and move on. So Brett, if you don't remember what i refer to: there once was large scale exploiting on engineering. There were players around, who had whole fleets of god-rolled ships and used those to inflict a lot of damage on other players. The whole "massive punishment" was to remove all the exploited engineering, with no further negative consequences. The memory of that still sticks around here for the oldtimers. If you cheat and exploit, you shortly get frowned upon, then later invited to FDs stream and praised how awesome you are.
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 7:56 PM · 281 replies and 8749 views.
    But we just got an update, a pretty major one at that. If not for the bugs, I'd still be enjoying it, not having yet even tried a fraction of what's in it. Let's fix the bugs in this update and actually spend some time with it before rushing the next feature-focused update.
  • Darkslayer's Avatar
    Today, 7:56 PM · 248 replies and 7346 views.
    I agree that HRPs and MRP stacking is stupid. How does this even work. You have a space on your ship that can hold a AFMU or a limpet controller but if you put an HRP in that space your hull is magically stronger. This is why there are no internal models of the ships. It would look stupid.
  • Tiny_Rick's Avatar
    Today, 7:55 PM · 266 replies and 3352 views.
    Show me on the doll where the comment touched you. It's ok, the healing begins today.
  • TheLawful's Avatar
    Today, 7:55 PM · 266 replies and 3352 views.
    Those were the days! And if they had no MA missions available, you could always fly over to Obsidian and do the Palin missions for 21m each, and the frequent hyperdictions cared for the entertainment :D O7,
  • EUS's Avatar
    Today, 7:55 PM · 2284 replies and 163270 views.
    The "upside down" of don't starve together?
  • Ashnak's Avatar
    Today, 7:54 PM · 2352 replies and 375000 views.
    If you can't find anyone im Mobius Eurasia either, it _might_ just be your internet connection. If you can't see anyone in open either, it definitely is your internet connection. But yes, the best I could suggest right now would be Mobius. My connection apparently isn't that great, either - but with in-game friends and, if necessary, wing invites, instancing can be made to work. On the other hand, I don't have to share my Haz Res with too many other CMDRs. While we're at it - did you join up in time to catch the Fleetcomm discord, or did you miss that one, too?
  • Leadfoot's Avatar
    Today, 7:53 PM · 266 replies and 3352 views.
    Simple answer: Some people like the music as well as the convenience of being able to sit back after a long hard flight, take a swig of beer / Pepsi / Coke / whiskey, gin & tonic while the ship lands itself. Other people like to put their hands on the controls and land the damned thing like a real pilot. It's called an "option" because of the above. FYI, I have one docking computer in one ship (the anaconda). I like the music and I like to use the external camera and play JJ Abrams with the camera. All the other ships I own, I control the landing myself. Why? Because I have that option.
  • Laste's Avatar
    Today, 7:53 PM · 1062 replies and 38361 views.
    After traveling the galaxy and trading, fighting, exploring and putting in enough hours to make me question my life choices, i put on a vr headset. I sat on a pad in my asp explorer and just stared at the sheer scale of everything in the station. Vr was done right in elite, and now i understood the size difference in all the vessels. Coming up on a station is mesmerizing as it starts to fill you vision and you realize you can fly between the gaps in the structure if you wanted to. The opening to the station that i always worried i would hit, now loomed large. The landing pads enveloped your ship. Planetary landings and canyon runs are now filled with wow moments. The cockpits now feel as they should,the anaconda having a huge bridge with the next seat across the room, and the eagle all snug like a fighter jet. Thank you for doing VR right.
  • D3rv1sh's Avatar
    Today, 7:53 PM · 31 replies and 560 views.
    All besides the point. The game has crime and punishment to punish anyone killing indiscriminately. How you deal with the notoriety and if the punishment is severe enough is an entirely different matter on its own. This doesn't change anything about the fact that killing everything in sight is a way of playing that is allowed within the confines of the game. Weather you like this or not.
  • eyeonus's Avatar
    Today, 7:53 PM · 183 replies and 7179 views.
    Sure thing boss. :)
  • Harry Hates Golf's Avatar
    Today, 7:53 PM · 10 replies and 317 views.
    Although I can understand why some commanders would like to have a choice of colors with the HUD display, I don't mind at all that the HUD display is orange. I love the color of orange. And as a tribute to the orange-color HUD display of Elite Dangerous, I would like to present this tribute, present by the greatest villianess of all time....WITCHIEPOO!
  • Rhaedas's Avatar
    Today, 7:53 PM · 19 replies and 261 views.
    Wow, you've just helped me eliminate yet another firegrouping. Pretty smart arrangement.
  • Webgear's Avatar
    Today, 7:52 PM · 9 replies and 130 views.
    Which airforce are you a dude in? Maybe your account got messed up because you're in the "wrong" one. Just kidding. I'm 100% certain FD will fix this. They are a good company.
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