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  • DrewCarnegie's Avatar
    Today, 7:15 PM · 2560 replies and 47131 views.
    I know this. But it would still be nice to have a response. Indulge me.
  • Bigmaec's Avatar
    Today, 7:15 PM · 6 replies and 71 views.
    It depends regarding boosters on which kind of shield mod you use. If you use thermal resistant shields, I tend to add one or two resistance boosters, rest heavy duty. If you use reinforced shields, I tend to add two thermal resistant, rest heavy duty. Possibly one res augmented if you apply super capacitors to every booster. (That's usually the better way to go, as it gives you more raw mj, which is better for open too) Regarding the beams, in my opinion the long range beam outfits on Corvette or Conda (two huge or three large+huge) drain the capacitor too much. But you can easily experiment: apply long range G1 to your beams and test the time to kill. It is dirt cheap materials wise, your beams have no fall off until 3.6 km and the drain is basically the one you'll have with G5 long range too. Some like long range more, others efficient.
  • Factabulous's Avatar
    Today, 7:15 PM · 4 replies and 6 views.
    So we have one vote for "it's gone", one for "it's elsewhere", and one for "it's still there" - tension mounts...
  • Sweet&Dandy's Avatar
    Today, 7:15 PM · 14 replies and 273 views.
    He has a shiny black eye!
  • Astrophage's Avatar
    Today, 7:15 PM · 874 replies and 17686 views.
    Вполне может быть. У ФД чёрт ногу сломит в их логике и коде )
  • IndigoWyrd's Avatar
    Today, 7:14 PM · 2560 replies and 47131 views.
    That’s why I like beating other peoples’ heads against it. It’s not like there’s anything anyone here CAN do. If Frontier wants to change it, they’ll change it. If they don’t, they won’t. They don’t HAVE to tell us anything, they don’t OWE us anything, as they have already provided the software with which we play. Anything else is purely indulgence.
  • Roybe's Avatar
    Today, 7:14 PM · 8 replies and 135 views.
    Not free...but, I just paid for the Sirius-XM online capability...listen to hundreds of ad free stations....
  • Spoil-t's Avatar
    Today, 7:14 PM · 14 replies and 288 views.
    Yeah, I can finally see all my ships at once with their ship ID so I know what number is next. It always drove me crazy when I forgot what numbers I used.
  • Ouberos's Avatar
    Today, 7:14 PM · 135 replies and 5658 views.
    Im guessing they are BGS led. Which means they will multiply. You can watch for updates to Inara and Edmc then go look but that's only catching players who use it and doesn't differentiate between Open and other modes.
  • Rock-Hermit's Avatar
    Today, 7:13 PM · 35 replies and 1017 views.
    According to the traffic report at Pallaeni there were 25,000 ships there for launch, so only half of them are part of dw2, the rest? Who knows, onlookers, the PvP crowd, people just curious about whats going on. So a lot of kills at Pallanei may not have been anything to do with DW itself and were just people caught up in the occasion? Also its important to remember who the people are who are compiling these kill-stats. Its the gankers themselves, and they wouldn't fudge the numbers to massage their own ego's, would they? ;) Maybe frontier will be able to confirm it and post something in the newsletter.
  • ViperSixAlpha's Avatar
    Today, 7:13 PM · 4 replies and 6 views.
    Yeah, why do we still have to do this? Why would we not want to know where our wingmates are, and then to tie this unnecessary function into so many of the other wing functions doesn't make sense to me.
  • Armyofducks2569's Avatar
    Today, 7:12 PM · 71 replies and 3194 views.
    Blue badge pads confirmed. Child and parent TBA
  • Ahoyt01's Avatar
    Today, 7:12 PM · 1 replies and 21 views.
    Ahoyt01 replied to a thread General Gameplay Free Range Dinosaurs in Ideas & Feature Requests
  • Justinian Octavius's Avatar
    Today, 7:12 PM · 4 replies and 47 views.
    The reason why you can pay off Power bounties at interstellar factors when you aren't meant to be able to is because of this bug. CMDR Justinian Octavius
  • Factabulous's Avatar
    Today, 7:11 PM · 279 replies and 8523 views.
    ok! Yeah, I guess adding a double-tab 'pick all' (or some-such) wouldn't break anything. Was interested as someone else in the last few days was suggesting the most important QoL change they wanted was a 'take all'. They were even willing to pay a monthly subscription for it, I guess I'm not as click & hold averse as some :)
  • Dilophosaurus500's Avatar
    Today, 7:11 PM · 2 replies and 13 views.
    Dilophosaurus500 replied to a thread Buildings & Attractions Banners in Ideas & Feature Requests
    I think that would be very interesting. :)
  • Astrophage's Avatar
    Today, 7:10 PM · 4949 replies and 563009 views.
    А я и не заваливаю. У меня на тяжёлых планетах порой плюхается если просто дать немного тяги вниз и сразу вверх, не успевают трастеры погасить инерцию и достаточно замедлить снижение. Причём вниз даю самый малый из висения, аналоговым министиком джойстика, т.е. это не кнопка, где нажал и сразу 100% тяги. Несколько раз, поначалу, только пересев с питона, не успевал даже бустом полностью погасить скорость снижения, при выходе на больших углах пикирования, и вписывался в планету (не смертельно). Тут недавно попробовал на тяжёлой планете немного вперёд в положении пикирования, потом немного назад в положении на кабрирование, разумеется всё с малыми углами атаки. Так несколько раз. Притёрся аккуратненько, хоть и с помарочкой небольшой, на щите чуток отразившейся )). По факту обычно просто "плюх" из низкого висения, высота часто не верная для начала снижения из висения, для его замедления с обнулением при касании. )) Смысла конечно во всём этом мало, так иногда, саморазвлечение с претензией на перфекционизм, но...
  • Spaceman Si's Avatar
    Today, 7:10 PM · 795 replies and 29554 views.
    :O :O :O :O Really?! That amazes me - I would have thought you'd knocked them off years ago! Maybe it's all the time spent racing :)
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