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  • Frenotx's Avatar
    Today, 1:07 PM · 12 replies and 123 views.
    Murderhobo crime sprees are still extremely possible in non-anarchy security states. I'm all for that being a thing you can do, but it really should come with some rapidly increasing opposition. Murdering for than a few folks should start to get extremely difficult, and staying in the system after doing so should be downright impractical.
  • Truesilver's Avatar
    Today, 1:07 PM · 112 replies and 2745 views.
    Fair point. This ^^ is indeed the crux of the matter. Some interesting ideas above, TY.
  • babelfisch's Avatar
    Today, 1:07 PM · 12 replies and 123 views.
    Take a look at the digital manual, not the flyer they printed out.
  • MTBFritz's Avatar
    Today, 1:06 PM · 8025 replies and 566965 views.
    I like the video and even agree with the OP up to a point...being that the community is partially responsible for how SC turned out to be. Offering CiG all this easy money for next to no return doesnt mean tho that CR and his baby are out in the clear. They still could ve stayed on the correct path and do the right thing. So the video comes down to the old saying "money corrupts" but the thought that was stuck in my head all the time while listening to the OP talking was "when did the money milking begin and the game stopped becoming a game?" Or was there never such a thing in the first place and SC started out as the scam I see it today? Trying to hold the players responsible for what happened also loses lots of its weight when you consider that the community at large was manipulated by reputation rating companies or similar individuals financially vested in the project. CiG itself ignoring valid concerns or distracting arising problems with lots of flash adds more credibility that the company...
  • starman's Avatar
    Today, 1:06 PM · 31 replies and 568 views.
    There is a current investigation so explicitly stating the detail could impact this. Its being done on industrial scale. Obviously no one who uses the forums are involved.
  • Tuub t Tute's Avatar
    Today, 1:06 PM · 8025 replies and 566965 views.
    100 days for a Reclaimer... for that amount of graft I'd expect to get Charlie and Craig! :P
  • aybkamen's Avatar
    Today, 1:06 PM · 124 replies and 2308 views.
    En Powerplay los meritos son cosas que sales a buscar, y hay muy pocas formas de conseguir meritos. El BGS se ve afectado por naves destruidas, por mercancias comerciadas, por datos de exploracion, por comprar componentes para tu nave, por todas las misiones,... practicamente por todo lo que hagas. No es facil meterle mano a esto. Y desde mi punto de vista, no es recomendable hacerlo. Diria que es mas facil y recomendable añadir nuevas mecanicas para que los jugadores PvP se olviden de intentar manipular el BGS para conseguir conflictos. Si pueden conseguir conflictos mas facilmente y mejor con otros medios, el interes en manipular la BGS se reduce a los que realmente quieren manipular la BGS.
  • Lora Craft69's Avatar
    Today, 1:05 PM · 22 replies and 1669 views.
    I highly doubt that there will be vr support, therefore the maps are way to big. Also doubtfull we will be able to walk into any of the shops, but I expect it will be possible for the viewing gallery and gyrosphere.
  • Andrew2018's Avatar
    Today, 1:05 PM · 14 replies and 381 views.
    I still prefer to play on a console I wouldn't worry op about it, you always have to remember that some people will try to convince you that whatever they play on PS4 PRO, XBOX One X, PC is the best. Play on whatever you want and enjoy the game the way you will. I have said before that Frontier designed it so that it would play the same on all 3 ports, Just look at a lot of the recent games that have come out, the realism on them is amazing.
  • Marra Morgan's Avatar
    Today, 1:05 PM · 68 replies and 1454 views.
    Even a stopped clock... :D I jest! Head nodded, rep given :)
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Today, 1:05 PM · 12 replies and 123 views.
    The instruction manual for my phone is shorter than that "summary".
  • Dino droppings? Droppings?'s Avatar
    Today, 1:04 PM · 65 replies and 941 views.
    Can I ask you a question. What's the utility in NOT expressing any concerns about gameplay mechanics/choices? I think it's fair to assume that some suggestions have already been taken on board. If people hadn't expressed their wishes/reservations for the game, it may have turned out very differently.
  • Frenotx's Avatar
    Today, 1:04 PM · 140 replies and 2272 views.
    If you see a post that you believe should be moderated, use the report button.
  • Speedcuffs's Avatar
    Today, 1:04 PM · 52 replies and 635 views.
    Bang! Better incentives for bounty hunters. You Nailed it. This really needs looking at.
  • Cmdr Beteran's Avatar
    Today, 1:03 PM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Cmdr Beteran started a thread [ED64 - 3.0.5 Horizons] Can't board ship in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Severity Severe Frequency All of the time (100%) Time of occurrence 11:50 GMT Date of occurrence
  • Rob At Work's Avatar
    Today, 1:03 PM · 570 replies and 35065 views.
    Server load test? To be fair Will has already explained why Fdev are doing this. Don't you believe him/them?
  • babelfisch's Avatar
    Today, 1:02 PM · 12 replies and 123 views.
    True, I cleared my entire ignore list on Christmas Eve 2016. Must have been drunk.
  • uliando's Avatar
    Today, 1:02 PM · 37 replies and 559 views.
    My iCourrier can smuggle 10 people under 5 parsecs!
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 1:02 PM · 136 replies and 4679 views.
    Rootstrat - fear not about your English - I think you've put across this problem better than any post about "burn out" or disillusionment that I've ever read on the forums. I'm not there yet but I can't argue with any of your points about the game, about the things that don't make sense, about the things that are awesome and about where Frontier should be focusing their efforts (but aren't). I too play ED with a passion and fear for the (I suspect) inevitable day when I really want to love the game and continue playing ... but just can't. Thankfully, as I say, I'm not there yet. We'll talk more at Lavecon I'm sure (an event which will be awesome irrespective of the feelings you've expressed above). Oh, and Frontier ... if you read one "quit" post then read this one. Rootrstat has always been a highly respected, level headed and reasonable member of this community and, as someone who hopes they can be placed in a similar camp, I endorse this post 100%. I know the love and passion for the game is...
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