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  • Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Today, 9:57 AM · 18 replies and 450 views.
    Welcome to the forum. :)
  • Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Today, 9:57 AM · 6 replies and 109 views.
    Welcome to the forum. :)
  • Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Today, 9:57 AM · 4 replies and 57 views.
    Welcome to the forum. :)
  • Fenris Wolf's Avatar
    Today, 9:57 AM · 4 replies and 117 views.
    I'm allergic to cats... Will have to wear my headgear all the time :(
  • Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Today, 9:57 AM · 6 replies and 55 views.
    Welcome to the forum. :)
  • SnowyNI's Avatar
    Today, 9:56 AM · 17 replies and 220 views.
    If there's more than 10 I'd be shocked, the only 1s that#ll play it are the premade wannabe guilds, and gr... pirates that think there's going to be 1,000,000 new seals... opps.. targets! ;)
  • Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Today, 9:56 AM · 10 replies and 82 views.
    Welcome to the forum. :)
  • Exiton's Avatar
    Today, 9:56 AM · 9585 replies and 960053 views.
    Да потому что статистика по паверплею же есть. До хренища народа на самом деле им страдает, но делает это в соло и приватках.
  • Ant_Solo's Avatar
    Today, 9:56 AM · 14 replies and 416 views.
    I am not clear on what you are saying. Are you upset that someone shot at you and, in some way, that showed disrespect to you? Are you sure that the reason you were hit so much leaving the station wasn't because you were speeding and destroyed another ship, to hit you with enough munitions to take down a Cutter and not be insta killed by the stations seems unlikely.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 9:56 AM · 941 replies and 90809 views.
    Closed at the request of the OP. New thread here:
  • Marra Morgan's Avatar
    Today, 9:55 AM · 17 replies and 220 views.
    Why don't you ask in the Powerplay sub-forum?
  • Mordhar's Avatar
    Today, 9:55 AM · 14 replies and 424 views.
    По пунктам: Честно, без обид. Я не ставлю цели "повыделываться" или каким-либо образом дискредитировать Ваше мнение. НО.. Вы НЕ ДУМАЕТЕ, а я ТОЧНО ЗНАЮ. Гироскоп, не важно хороший или китайский ширпотреб (один, без дополнительных средств компенсации), полностью НЕПРИМЕНИМ в качестве хедтракера. Есть такая штука как zero-point drift (накопление ошибок позиционирования). И если гироскоп не дублируется хотя бы магнитометром (а лучше все таки инфракрасной системой позиционирования), то через 10-15 минут активного использования "нейтраль уплывает" и требует сброса. Это можно делать кнопкой. И вполне допустимо на мониторе. Но в случае с VR возникают проблемы (когда положение головы перестает соответствовать направлению взгляда в игре). Последствия (как минимум) боль в мышцах шеи и/или тошнота. У тех кто играет в "Элиту" компы разные. Конкретно эта игра ОЧЕНЬ нетребовательна к "железу" (у меня товарищ на древнем ноутбуке играет без проблем). Это как раз потому что игра изначально разрабатывалась под...
  • Surefoot's Avatar
    Today, 9:55 AM · 7965 replies and 563003 views.
    There's still the whole MMO aspect missing from the picture and i see no timeline for that. Proper networking, single shard system.. all that is nowhere on their 2018-2019 plan. Even if they add mining and economy to the high level gameplay loop, servers are still crawling when 24 people are connected.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 9:54 AM · 1361 replies and 75472 views.
    Another issue that will doubtless be raised is the use of the delayed menu exit when "in danger" to avoid PowerPlay opposition. Have you considered the need to either increase the delay or disable the menu exit feature altogether when the "danger" is provided by a player pledged to an opposing Power?
  • Vasious's Avatar
    Today, 9:53 AM · 3553 replies and 310846 views.
    PLAA AESCS MQ-F c11-10 A 2 a -76.0426 -82.9920 Olive coloured Silicate Vapour Fumaroles
  • dayrth's Avatar
    Today, 9:53 AM · 31 replies and 933 views.
    Now we're talking :D
  • Kiithnaras's Avatar
    Today, 9:53 AM · 0 replies and 3 views.
    Have you wondered why cannons are seldom used in PvP? It's pretty much all PACs, MCs, Lasers, and the odd duck using railguns. Fragments are few and far between, and cannons are niche at best. The fact that larger cannons have such a drastic drop in velocity is one major factor - bigger ships can certainly use those big guns, but they're usually engaging from further distances where those slow rounds will seldom if ever hit. Let's make Cannons great again (assuming they were Great™ at some point in the past)! Proposed Stat Changes for Cannons: General Principles: Even out and increase velocities for cannons across the board. Fixed cannons can remain higher than non-fixed, but they shouldn't lose velocity as the guns increase in size. 1250-1333m/s is a decent speed for fixed and 1000-1100m/s is acceptable for aiming cannons. Increase ammunition stores for combat longevity. Multicannons have a maximum non-synthesis combat time of around 450s, including reloads and without any Autoloader engineering,...
  • Ian Doncaster's Avatar
    Today, 9:52 AM · 28 replies and 738 views.
    True, though a lot of prep sabotage was systems near HQs with big internal overlaps. Without overheads and costs solely based on distance, those systems still wouldn't be great picks, but they might even be marginally profitable. If the distance-based costs are set so that the largest powers don't end up with a severe deficit, more compact powers might find themselves getting a big surplus. Until and unless there's a beta with the changes, it's all speculative.
  • zaikoji's Avatar
    Today, 9:52 AM · 24 replies and 341 views.
    Doesn’t count. Technical reasons.
  • CMDR Zadian Lichtfrost's Avatar
    Today, 9:52 AM · 17 replies and 220 views.
    Considering that PP is designed in a way that doesn't include PvP making PP open only doesn't make the PvP that might happen meaningful for PP. PP is a layer on top of the standard Elite gameplay and PP is a layer on top of PP without any meaningful connection to PP. FDev could have simply added Team Blue, Team Green, Team Red to the game with "enemy" in the HUD shown for opposing teams and it would give PvP more meaning than PvP in PP. Sadly FDev thinks that letting players shoot other players while they are playing a completely different game feature is something that will result in a good PvP experience.
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