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  • WeavingBird1917's Avatar
    13/07/2018, 2:35 PM · 381 replies and 6803 views.
    I've noticed that when players talk about the game getting boring, they usually get accused for 'grinding' the game. I myself haven't made any threads or comments about Elite Dangerous getting boring, but I disagree that the player should be blamed for grinding the game. And to state my view clearly, I do agree that the game gets a little boring after 100 hours, which is about over half a week worth of time. I mean, I was checking out 'games to play while watching something' on Reddit, and one of the most recommended games is Elite Dangerous, and looking at the 'helpful' Steam reviews, a lot of people seem to be talking about the game getting boring. So I don't think that most people who find the game boring do so because they've simply tried grinding it. A lot of people do rightly state that it is a space sim, and there is 'a lot of space', however I also think that it would be more enjoyable if flying required more skills. For example, I play flight sim, truck sim, where you basically just drive or fly...
  • ZiggyGG's Avatar
    16/07/2018, 7:25 PM · 316 replies and 7166 views.
    Hello Commander. Do you want Spacelegs? Do you want to run on stations, or planet and see how big your ships are? NOW YOU CAN! Just download this mini game (914MB) and enjoy it! FDevs get to work guys :D ->
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    13/07/2018, 12:48 PM · 320 replies and 6240 views.
    Oh dear. So, with the 3.4 Mining Update, FDev have announced that they're committed to the idea of "Specialised ships" for specific roles. This is completely the wrong way to go, IMO, and the antithesis of ED's existing "blaize your own trail" philosophy. I guess any blaizing of trails will now only be done in the ships FDev thinks are appropriate for a given task. Want to go mining in a Beluga? Not any more. Want to go exploring in a Corvette? Sorry.
  • Aaron T's Avatar
    13/07/2018, 4:38 PM · 237 replies and 5630 views.
    Addendum: 1. I do not do 5 minute missions, I fly for 30-45 minutes at a time so I can keep up with my current netflix show, without netflix in my cockpit in VR there is just not enough reason to even keep ED on my PC. 2. Before the update for as long as I have played the game I became allied with a station and loaded a ship 90% of the time on one board. If FD intended the board to be opened one time, then you leave with whatever missions you have found on that one and only board, they would have never created the Beluga, period. Because unless you want to make 30 jumps to 30 different systems, you would never be able to fill it's cabins. So, many of you expect someone to take a mission going up a jump, then have to jump back down two jumps, then a jump to the left, and two jumps back to the right, then make 6 jumps, to a geyser, 3 jumps to a beacon, 4 jumps to a memorial, and then 20k+ jumps to Colonia and another 20k jumps back because that is what was available on the board?
  • rOmiLaYu's Avatar
    17/07/2018, 5:09 PM · 151 replies and 4655 views.
    Or something akin to that... I've seen it asked occasionally and it has, without fail, produced salt on both sides of the aisle...but the livestream with Paige the other afternoon (for us Yanks) made me, for the first time, actually ask the question of myself. Now, before I jump in with both feet, full disclosure. I love the game and accept it for what it is. It has flaws, it has bugs, it has (Yamiks voice) e-muurrrrrr-shin (/Yamiks voice) issues...some of them are defendable, others are not...but I do love the game. Over 1,000 hours in, half a million kylies on the clock, unlocked all ships, etc, etc. And that's just the thing...I have all of those things....I do. It doesn't appear that they do, though. Sure they can dev-tool up themselves whatever they want...and probably do in the office, but at home, on their personal accounts, they all seem to be fairly casual best. And I can't say that I blame them. I've been noticing it lately more and more. When the Krait and Challenger were being...
  • Red Fox Four's Avatar
    12/07/2018, 9:31 AM · 113 replies and 4240 views.
    I used these once... or twice... during Gamma or something back in 2014. Are they any use at all? I figured maybe I'll give them a chance... but they seem useless. Except on something like a Viper MK3 while shooting Asps and Clippers or some other huge target surface at point blank range. Does anyone even use them?
  • Kenneth Mcgrew's Avatar
    12/07/2018, 11:29 AM · 112 replies and 3695 views.
    Hi Frontier... Its me again I started the Lemon campaign of 3303 i remember it fondly, loud outcries from beta forum folk saying it was a stupid idea.... Campaign here Beta thread here
  • Sylveria's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:06 AM · 118 replies and 2444 views.
    Title says it all. Enough of the "handwavium reasons", if a ship is of appropriate size/mass, you should be able to slot the appropriate amount of internals- or equip modules that fit into those internal slots. There are ridiculous disparities between a lot of the ships because "reasons", and it's time to balance them all so there's appropriate reasons to utilize the internal space available. The fact that the Beluga is larger than the "Big 3" ships yet a Cutter can hold up to 792 tons of cargo is absolute proof of this. The Imperial Clipper is one of the larger ships in the game- yet the Python as a "medium" ship can hold more cargo? Then we have that absolutely laughable 400T mass on the Anaconda... yet when compared in size to a similar ships- they simply don't hold a candle to the ability it gives the Anaconda in terms of Jump Range and being able to equip modules based on mass. Anaconda needs to be 800T, plain and simple. There are many other examples - even down to the medium/smaller ships-...
  • Erminaz's Avatar
    13/07/2018, 4:46 PM · 113 replies and 3337 views.
    Its what you're looking at for 99% of the game how hard is it to implement and why has it taken soo long? Do they just not care about money or is there some sort of rediculous reason why i have to stare at orange for hours on end? You can buy dlc to change weapon color, paint jobs, even your engine color, but not this?! Im sorry for being disgruntled but when something is soo close to being perfect and leaves such an annoying itch unscratched for soo long its just mean. Its like Rome 2 leaving out family trees for half a decade but this isnt even anywhere near as complicated. Its a color slider. Like WHY?
  • Red Fox Four's Avatar
    17/07/2018, 11:46 AM · 123 replies and 2569 views.
    Why is there no reload button? Why do magazines not get topped up when retracting the hardpoints? Why do we have to fly around with 10 bullets left in our multi-cannons so our next engagement is just "brrt" and then we are sitting ducks while stuck in reloading? Would the magnitude of work really be so astronomically hard to overcome that this is completely unfeasible for Frontier to accomplish? A simple "Press R to reload". Or retract hardpoints and deploy them again and et voila, magazines are full again.
  • Para Handy's Avatar
    12/07/2018, 12:46 PM · 95 replies and 3490 views.
    So they introduce the Krait MkII and everyone goes - Yippee a new ship: I finally get around to trying one out and I end up:
  • Kietrax's Avatar
    12/07/2018, 12:53 PM · 82 replies and 5916 views.
    Summary System: Ebor Station: Morris Enterprise (Ocellus Starport, large pads available, 10 Ls from main star, 127.93 Ly from Sol) Objective: Hand in Bounty Vouchers Time limit: 19th July 3304 @ 15:00 UTC Description Cobra Wing, an independent organisation based in Ebor, has launched an initiative to build a new research outpost in the system.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    16/07/2018, 10:47 PM · 103 replies and 2677 views.
    Within my circle of friends, I'm the only one who uses seeker missiles. Not counting Packhounds mind. I'm just curious... Does anyone have any idea how common, or indeed rare, the use of seeker missiles is? I swear by them, but have never found anyone else who does! XD
  • earlten's Avatar
    16/07/2018, 8:52 PM · 90 replies and 2786 views.
    I've been playing for a little more than a year now. I've watched many conversations about "the grind" and "mission rewards". I've had my opinions for and against... But I think I'm done. Or getting close to it. All this game has become for me is grind. GRIND GRIND GRIND. Because I played long enough to buy a fleet of ships. To build assets. To get some engineering done. And now that I have? What is my reward? MORE GRIND. Because now, even though it's supposed to be "easier", there's always a material I can't get, or I get involved in a mission that involves losing more money than I make, because I drop into a location (mission signal source today, threat: 0) and have 6+ ships drop in right behind me, leaving me JUST enough time to actually hit the "deploy weapons" button and get them deployed before I die. 6 seconds today, from the time the NPCs dropped in, until I was dead. I was playing solo. I was in an A rated Challenger with enough armor and weapons to be able to sit in a combat zone for a while. I...
  • Thepirateorc's Avatar
    15/07/2018, 1:57 PM · 109 replies and 2066 views.
    If you happen to be in open trading at the cg and I interdict you please come to a stop and comply with further instructions. If you are going to log like all the cmdrs who I tryed to pirate this morning then stay out of open if your not willing to accept any consequences. Cmdr thepirateorc over and out
  • Hellfire85's Avatar
    15/07/2018, 1:41 AM · 85 replies and 3236 views.
    Having recieved intel of some people out for random murder in our region of space, the 44th has decided to increase security in LHS 317 and specifically around Northrop Port. Any ship that does not comply to a random security check will be fired upon. First as a warning, if no response ensues, fire will continue. If fire is returned by the concerned ship or ships, we will proceed to its elimination on the spot! We suggest any ship who does not wish to be engaged to comply to random security checks and openly state their business when entering LHS 317. P.S. yes I know, it's much more RP than most people will agree upon, but well, that's the game :D
  • Kietrax's Avatar
    12/07/2018, 12:57 PM · 70 replies and 4731 views.
    Kietrax started a thread COMPLETED CG Ebor Research Outpost (Trade) in Community Goals
    Summary System: Ebor Station: Morris Enterprise (Ocellus Starport, large pads available, 10 Ls from main star, 127.93 Ly from Sol) Objective: Deliver Aluminium, Computer Components and Coffee Time limit: 19th July 3304 @ 15:00 UTC Description Cobra Wing, an independent organisation based in Ebor, has launched an initiative to build a new research outpost in the system.
  • mephisto9466's Avatar
    12/07/2018, 1:10 AM · 95 replies and 4041 views.
    so i just found this the flak cannons working as expected????
  • Ananym's Avatar
    16/07/2018, 8:33 PM · 97 replies and 2204 views.
    I've been playing on-and-off since launch but I haven't progressed super far. However, I'm sure it's not just me that feels like combat payouts are abysmal right now. Combat zone payouts are tiny, mission target counts are unrealistically enormous, and half the time your kills don't count towards the mission anyway. Your hour to hour income rate is strongly affected by how much the enemy cares to target you en masse. Assassination missions are the best I've found but there's still a lot of risk involved for the comically small rewards. You just never know when you're going to get an elite corvette generated for you to take on in your poorly engineered vulture -- I guess it's too much to ask for mission givers to even mention the kinds of ships these "notorious pirate lords" have been flying. Whether or not you can take these missions in the first place relies on BGS luck and a healthy amount of boardswap nonsense. Wing missions are a joke. Incredibly dangerous, and yet somehow pay even worse...
  • Shiro Akai's Avatar
    12/07/2018, 8:34 AM · 71 replies and 2264 views.
    Muscle atrophy. Plain and simple, our CMDRs will be physically unable to move in 1g gravity. Most of our time we spend in space, flying between places. Our ships aren't equipped with artificial gravity so all the time we are affected with 0g. Occasional force induced upon our bodies while maneuvering isn't enough to keep our muscle's strength. And I don't see our CMDRs take extra exercise to stay fit. The only source of gravity strong enough is within space stations - which we don't stay long inside. So when hypothetical space legs would arrive it would be doom for all of us. Weak, unable to maintain vertical posture we would break. And then we would die. Horribly.
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