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  • Siobhan's Avatar
    Today, 9:21 AM · 60 replies and 2526 views.
    I'd heard about data slurping, but not the extent that you posted... Yeah, deffo not going there. I guess I'll buy something else instead.
  • CMDR Cosmic Spacehead's Avatar
    Today, 9:19 AM · 10 replies and 333 views.
    The key is a cargo item that should be ejected from the beacon.
  • amigacooke's Avatar
    Today, 9:18 AM · 72 replies and 1613 views.
    I agree, let the civil servants run the country :)
  • Jorki Rasalas's Avatar
    Today, 9:18 AM · 6918 replies and 604515 views.
    This sort of info should be documented so it’s a little more obvious, thanks! But the Raxxla rumour has been around since before that date so it can’t be an Orbis. However it might be an early Ocellus. Wiki says “Modern Coriolis stations are cuboctahedrons with a 2-kilometer diameter. When it was first introduced by GalCop, the design had a much smaller diameter of 1 kilometer, but beginning in the 3200's the size was increased.” Galcop was the era of the original game, so way back. I’m sure someone else can put a date to it. “Modern Coriolis” implies there was at least one earlier version. This might fit the design shown in the Raxxla codex entry. I think TDW hidden station is an orbis “having originated during the early years of the Federation and persisted over the centuries with minimal changes”. It is clearly a wheel shape
  • Rick Bravo's Avatar
    Today, 9:15 AM · 5 replies and 130 views.
    Rick Bravo replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.3.05 - Horizons] Eagle Eye - no NHSS in HIP 9141 in PC Bug Reports
    What the hell Fdev? No NHSS but it magically burns anyway. Get your together. Is there anyone, other than your sound people (who are excellent), that is competent over there? If so, put them on this. The entire thargoid invasion is broken and has been for months. Amazingly, rather than fix it, you continually break it worse. We are sick and tired of this broken crap.
  • Enderby's Avatar
    Today, 9:15 AM · 72 replies and 1613 views.
    As should apply to politicians - anyone who wants to become mod (why would you, anyway?!) should automatically be disqualified from doing so. :)
  • monogenetic's Avatar
    Today, 9:15 AM · 11 replies and 136 views.
    monogenetic replied to a thread NPC nightmares. in Xbox One
    What kind of shields do you have on it? If it's the smallest size you could fit then that's the problem right there.
  • willisit's Avatar
    Today, 9:14 AM · 72 replies and 1613 views.
    Elite is my favourite game, in my favourite genre. So each time I read things like this I try to remember that it is just a game. My favourite game, but a game none the less. If it dies, it dies. I mean, space games won't go away and neither will Elite. What this community - however vocal - has taught me, is that many people feel it is more than that. That FDev owe us all something. I'm not sure I agree on that. I've kickstarted games that haven't appeared, and this one did. And it's great. I also see things like Star Citizen, or System Shock (the latter of which saw a reboot last year after the game's development went South) and read the same promises and in the world we now live in I just take it all with a pinch of salt. It'll be nice if it happens, and if it doesn't, well it was a nice ride. Perhaps some realignment of our expectations is needed these days. Perhaps developers shouldn't be too quick to show us the shiny. ;)
  • Bigmaec's Avatar
    Today, 9:13 AM · 45 replies and 1331 views.
    By logic we should get space legs and showers then :D
  • CMDR Cosmic Spacehead's Avatar
    Today, 9:12 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Hello! Looking for some guidance on finding (not grinding and trading), Pharmaceutical Isolators, and a few other bits. I've been zooming around outbreak systems, but I can't find any HGEs. Is there something else? What even triggers HGEs? Population? My previous batch of PAs came from random trader murder in anarchy systems, but I only got about 9, in several hours (but I did get shed loads of other stuff). Not fond of playing the crash sites or Dav's Hope, logging game. It's not fun. I usually just go to my target system and look for HGEs while doing other bits and pieces in system.
  • Shnyrik's Avatar
    Today, 9:11 AM · 45 replies and 1331 views.
    Well, the logic for those who expect shipyard is simple: the station got everything one can imagine in terms of services (except for the shipyard) before the CG. And then we all hauled a whole lot of ore and water, so in the end something new has to be added, right? ;)
  • GreyAreaUK's Avatar
    Today, 9:10 AM · 92 replies and 2658 views.
    Citation needed.
  • CMDR_Coenen's Avatar
    Today, 9:09 AM · 1 replies and 30 views.
    I can confirm this. It's an endless freeze I'm afraid. As a workaround I use EDSM synchronised with EDD so I can see what's in the system. But it's far from perfect.
  • hunvagy's Avatar
    Today, 9:09 AM · 60 replies and 2526 views.
    Well for me personally it is the general turnoff of trying to compete by making stuff exclusive instead of say.. a good storefront. Then there's stuff like this:
  • Jorki Rasalas's Avatar
    Today, 9:09 AM · 6918 replies and 604515 views.
    Might be anything. Saying Ed didn’t know what it is tells us nothing, other than Ed wasn’t in the inner circle of TDW! I have several times posted the hypothesis that it could be a station named something like Raxxla Gateway.
  • MickyG1982's Avatar
    Today, 9:08 AM · 11 replies and 136 views.
    MickyG1982 replied to a thread NPC nightmares. in Xbox One
    That's where practice comes in, the more you do it, the more likely it's going to be that you complete the minigame before the difficulty ramps up. I have yet to lose (since the early days of the game) against any ship, in any ship up to and including the type 9, unless I submit to the interdiction of my own accord. Submitting, is something that should only be considered if it is abundantly clear you are going to lose. (This situation should be rare with even the smallest amount of practice, even with higher level NPC's). If you don't want to risk your type 9, buy a small cheap ship, put yourself in the position of getting interdicted (take on missions) and practice relatively risk free. When interdicted put your throttle into the blue and play follow the leader, eventually you'll have a couple under your belt & will win every time.
  • amigacooke's Avatar
    Today, 9:07 AM · 72 replies and 1613 views.
    And when the upgrade arrives I'll be suitably impressed (hopefully). Until that time ... The bickering that goes on in any thread doesn't really make a difference. FD users are able to make their own decisions on the state of the game.
  • amigacooke's Avatar
    Today, 9:06 AM · 72 replies and 1613 views.
    Clearly, they are not obligated to do so, but you equally can't expect 'things are coming' to draw much more than indifference.
  • StefanOS's Avatar
    Today, 9:05 AM · 41 replies and 56174 views.
    Nice info here!
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