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  • Jockey79's Avatar
    Today, 4:56 PM · 31 replies and 356 views.
    Locking current content isn't expanding anything its restricting it. Adding something to the game is expanding it. But thanks for proving my point. You cannot even see the difference between expansion and restriction.
  • Heater's Avatar
    Today, 4:56 PM · 5 replies and 213 views.
    Because FDev screwed the pooch with the missions.!
  • Afterglow [SecB]'s Avatar
    Today, 4:56 PM · 103 replies and 2588 views.
    the whole "open-play" worshipers just whine around because they can not find any "victims" anymore.
  • Ziggy Stardust's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 PM · 366 replies and 5142 views.
    Went to Barcelona, forgot what happened after rioja. How about a sense of humour? Or is that needed arcross the modes?
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 PM · 366 replies and 5142 views.
    Does it need to be pointed out that Private Groups are multi-player too?
  • Speedcuffs's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 PM · 3 replies and 27 views.
    C5 pointy end of my Corvette.:D
  • Maligno's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 PM · 3548 replies and 310244 views.
    First of all, good job documenting so many sites on one body! I share the same suspicion regarding permanent outcrops. I think outcrops represent places that were eligible to become sites of some kind, either organic or geological. I've seen permanent outcrops in areas were you would expect to see a volcanic site, such as right at the bottom of a canyon. Maybe on the first pass of the volcanic algorithm the number of total possible sites is rolled. Then some other component of the algorithm populates candidate spots with appropriate sites (e.g. Brain Trees within a certain radius from a splash crater, fumaroles within a certain radius of a canyon, etc.). Some spots are not deemed worthy by the algorithm and are given an outcrop instead. Soon I'll be finished with the complete survey of a Brain Tree planet. So far I've documented 8 permanent outcrops. I wish I would have done the same in planet-wide surveys I carried out in the past, but I have a feeling that maybe the total number of possible...
  • Goose4291's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 PM · 366 replies and 5142 views.
    I'm trying to avoid starting a tribalism argument, I'm just pointing out one issue: Without strawmanning this out, lets say for example, theres a competing trade CG. Your on the PvE server where the most youre going to encounter is some lacklustre AI. I'm on a server where PvP is enabled. We're both flying T-7s and do a trade run. You can safely do this and carry 308t I on the other hand, can't due to the risk of pvp meaning I can only carry 244t. Thats a disparity that would need to be addressed. And note, I wasnt saying that it wasnt achievable for those reasons, just that normally any changes like the one youve discussed causes the Maynardbot to copypasta a response of that nature.
  • nrage's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 182 replies and 3867 views.
    Time for a multiverse! The issue, I think, is that despite the galaxy being procedurally generated and procedurally maintained, there are manual steps and actions required to keep things running smoothly, so that if they were to split, they would have to double those support staff. It may simply not be workable.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 366 replies and 5142 views.
    I refute the allegation that I fly anything shieldless or D-rated....! ;) You must have missed my suggestion in the Flash Topic thread for a "Locked Open" mode with its own BGS, PowerPlay, etc.....
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 80 replies and 1564 views.
    I've been using only fixed weapons on most of my ships but a HOTAS makes it difficult to not have that spring effect while trying to stay on target. Using a K/M is easier because you don't continually overshoot the target. VR with fixed makes it much easier, since you can head track your opponent and position yourself to be there first (in the turn or just staying on them). HOTAS is required (for me) with VR. I am not THAT good that I can blindly use a K/M with VR. HOTAS is fun but it has drawbacks.
  • MottiKhan's Avatar
    Today, 4:54 PM · 366 replies and 5142 views.
    This is all so confusing to me. Power Play is a Player vs Player function. It doesn't have anything to do with PvE. Players who primarily play PvE (myself included) should hope that Power Play goes Open only. Those who primarily play PvP will be drawn to Power Play. If PvE players don't want PvP, we simply don't need to pledge. If we do pledge, we should accept that it's primarily a PvP function and bring the appropriate ship along. Nothing is going to fix the seal clubbers. The dedicated PvPers hate them as much as the rest of us. Probably more so, since seal clubbers gives the real PvPers a bad name by incorrect association. They're being painted with the same brush in the same way that PvEers are being painted with the same brush as those who use PG and Solo to exploit Power Play. Both views are wrong. There are good and bad actors in any mode. We should at least give it a try. If it doesn't work, FD will likely change it back.
  • Perseus's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 366 replies and 5142 views.
    Aye, what's happened to the 'single shared galaxy state' mantra? Separate servers are a bad idea - which one accounts for the lore or direction of the game? Not to mention the costs associated with it. Seems the nadir of hissy-fitting and over reaction has been reached. A multi-player component to the game not being available in solo or private groups. The injustice of it!
  • Slange Lands's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 16 replies and 413 views.
    Ian is totally correct. I forgot that when I first got my stock anaconda, I was so taken aback by its lack of maneuverability that I got stuck in the mail slot, panicked, and then went blooey. Yes, it is truly awful to fly when stock. Needless to say the first thing I did afterwards was to A rate my thrusters and put grade 5 Dirty Drives on it. I forget which experimental. But did that, too.
  • tony123's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 2 replies and 45 views.
    lol, no problems with mission 4ly hop and a quick dock bagged 40mill, im operating in the maia system, I guess i spent more than 40mill on donations on empire rank so I guess I got most of my donations back :)
  • Ian Doncaster's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 30 replies and 2289 views.
    For the Colonia one ... anything with an SRV, discovery scanner and surface scanner will do. Smaller ships are probably better as they're easier to land - I've been using a Cobra III, and it looks from the traffic report that most people are just using whatever they normally explore in. But you'll need to pick something fast to get it out here before the CG ends - so I'd say a lightweight DBX is probably the best option, if you don't already have an exploration ship set up to go. If you know how to neutron boost and can get a 50 LY range, the trip can be done without excessive effort and just using the in-game neutron plotter in 6-8 hours.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 366 replies and 5142 views.
    PowerPlay, like the BGS, offers players the opportunity to engage in indirect PvP (i.e. not in the same instance, mode or on the same platform). Additionally, PowerPlay offers those in the same instance the opportunity to engage in direct PvP. Direct PvP, however, being entirely optional - dependent on one's choice of game mode. If the change is made and if those expressing their boredom at CGs are diverted to PowerPlay then that would be a decent outcome. Whether the change is made and whether the predicted outcome transpires both remain to be seen.
  • Ranualf's Avatar
    Today, 4:53 PM · 34 replies and 977 views.
    HMM guns eh...this isn't the wild west!... nope, princess you are not in Kansas anymore! YEA......... about that.... IT IS A TRANQUILIZER gun! And you missed the "simulator" part out... And having seen several vids of players attempting to knock out the dinos, i`d say that a ranger training sim is desperately needed for some of them! To say that they couldn't hit a brontosaurus at point blank range... hmmm As for trolling - nope i`m serious.
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