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  • varonica's Avatar
    Today, 8:14 AM · 2625 replies and 220149 views.
    There were some other ideas that were more useful, for instance setting a cap filter on mats, set it at 10 for stuff you only need a few of, unlimited for stuff you wanted to keep collecting and 0 for stuff you didn't want any of, once it's set up you can forget about it. The cap of 100 for each material seems to me to be an unnecessary dumbing down.
  • Bethy_12's Avatar
    Today, 8:13 AM · 57 replies and 5051 views.
    That is what a Chief Financial officer is for... He contacts Sony.. Tell's them that they are thinking of offering Playstation Camera support and that it will increase their sales of Camera's.. Then works out a deal. This is also how PSVR support happens.
  • Ashnak's Avatar
    Today, 8:12 AM · 46 replies and 865 views.
    Not sure about Wu Guinagi, but there's two factors that play a major role in the missions you get offered: - the current system status. War and Boom are the most profitable for missions. - your reputation with the system's local factions. Just go to any system that has a lot of local factions that are aligned with the major power you want to rank with (in your case, Empire) and work your way up. Wu Guinagi was famous because it - has a lot of empire factions - is often in War - is far enough out of the way that most missions go to a single neighbouring system, and you can usually pick up return missions there
  • Cmdr Aeries Hunter's Avatar
    Today, 8:12 AM · 127 replies and 3097 views.
    The personal narrative looks promising. I hope they keep expanding on it as we go. Has the potential to be one of the best additions to the game in a while.
  • lokvette's Avatar
    Today, 8:09 AM · 67 replies and 1394 views.
    That takes me back, way way back, first LP I brought was complete Madness, but it was seeing them on Top of the Pops doing The Prince that got me into music..I once stood next to Suggs in a pub when I worked up in Soho, I was in awe.......anyway sorry Im not even on topic... Again nice work FD, the news around here has got my ED mojo in full swing, well not full swing but its def on the way up.
  • Jaiotu's Avatar
    Today, 8:08 AM · 19 replies and 365 views.
    Simple: You don't. Why in such a hurry anyway? When I pack an AFMU I seem to never need it or use it. The one time I don't carry one with me though and my ship starts falling to tatters. Murphy's Law.
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Today, 8:07 AM · 38 replies and 925 views.
    Interesting how folks try so hard to create emergence from just griefing. Might as well call glitches "space anomalies" and board flipping "parallel universe surfing".
  • Y2K's Avatar
    Today, 8:07 AM · 256 replies and 5490 views.
    any of my already engineered mods disappear or alter and ED can seriously go and take one - ill simply go over to another well known sim. The time and effort put into engineering those modules because FD made it so hard to get the results in the first place are far beyond all the simpletons ( lets nerf em because were too lazy / cant be bothered ) comprehension. amazes me how idiots can buy the game on sale 2yrs after release then come here complaining theyre 2yrs behind! Lets kick all the Kickstarters/backers in the and nerf thier HARD work so we can cut corners and catch them up. NO THANKS. you want a 1.4billion engineered cutter - do it the hard way and put the TIME n EFFORT in like every else did, although it wont be as hard for you anyway because your gonna be guaranteed a better result every roll - not go out collecting mats for weeks on end just to roll duds!! I spent the best part of 8mths engineering my modules - ill keep them thanks.
  • Mole HD's Avatar
    Today, 8:07 AM · 17 replies and 439 views.
    Mole HD replied to a thread To all explorers. in Xbox One
    Discord doesn't work like that...we tend to use it a bit like What's app on the phone or Xbox live chat...but on the PC. A few of us that met up playing E-D on the Xbox all switched over to PC around the same time...kinda carried the friendship over. I lost touch with practically all my Xbox live friends list once I started playing E-D at the beginning of GPP... most were still doing the BF4/Destiny/Division stuff and couldn't get into E-D. I just made more friends in game, we also play other games aside from E-D...most of us have become real mates outside of gaming since the early days of Xbox GPP anyway, we just get on...if you know what I mean :D (Shout out to Mash, Lee, Ghosty, Stevey, Bambi...not that they read the forum so much these days)
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 8:06 AM · 6 replies and 97 views.
    Very much this one. Highlighting trade routes should work the the benefit of both the trader and the pirate. Since the trade data is a 24 hr trend, there is a chance that no traders will be around to pirate anyways. If it's showing trade data across all three modes (and platforms?), there is even less of a chance. I'm still interested in giving it a try as a tool for piracy, but like Sushi, am not expecting miracles.
  • C64F's Avatar
    Today, 8:04 AM · 2625 replies and 220149 views.
    Okay I see - thanks :) . I am far out in the dark now and I’ll certainly try this method.
  • lokvette's Avatar
    Today, 8:04 AM · 19 replies and 365 views.
    Its the only time I use mine and I have two...once the FSD gets to near 80% I do some repairs, saying that on the trip Im on now not used many NS, was going to be useing a lot more but now with the beta coming and after that the new stuff Im swininging back into the bubble, so might be useing it a bit more.
  • Barking_Mad's Avatar
    Today, 8:02 AM · 67 replies and 1394 views.
    Unless I'm badly misunderstanding it this is correct. Edit: it seemed an odd decision not to show some prerecorded video from the surface (as they did from space) which has muddied the waters about what's been done. Can anyone from the team clarify?
  • Dommarraa's Avatar
    Today, 8:01 AM · 127 replies and 3097 views.
    I sincerely hope that FD do not make the same mistake with this as they did with Engineers. Its a matter of perception. It was clear to me when they first talked of Engineers, and when they talked last night about the Tech Broker, that it is NOT intended for CMDRs to have full access to the whole range of upgrades. As soon as FD allowed people to complain unchallenged about grind walls just because they dont have access to everything, they are on the back foot allow people to demand the game change to fit different set of requirements. I am firmly convinced that if FD had come back immediately about RNGners and told people "You are not expected to unlock all of them at Level 5. You are not expected to have God rolls on all modules. CMDRs having the very best possible modules is not a game style we support nor intend on changing the game to enable". It would have stopped the campaign of complaints. I already fear the same for Tech Broker, and we havent even really seen it yet. FD : Be Clear, state the...
  • Starwolfe's Avatar
    Today, 7:59 AM · 350 replies and 31315 views.
    A fighter doesn't count unless it either has cover, limited opposition or your opponent is not a player. Fighters die too damn fast if you know to hit them. We are witnessing a Chieftain kicking the of butt of the agility of a Gunship's ENGINEERED maneuverability at STOCK levels. Engineered this thing is going to beat an FDL or Clipper in a dogfight. Again, a Fighter is a joke against decent players.
  • Henkka77's Avatar
    Today, 7:58 AM · 19 replies and 365 views.
    EDIT: nothing.. was mentioned already..
  • Wyaston Hypatia's Avatar
    Today, 7:57 AM · 25 replies and 671 views.
    I can't help thinking there should be a way to do these without being detected. Perhaps some stealth equipment from the Tech trader would be required. A way to open the doors etc that might not set of the alarms. Need to use a small ship, etc.
  • Mole HD's Avatar
    Today, 7:56 AM · 59 replies and 1804 views.
    Where have you been hiding...and do you have a note? :)
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 7:56 AM · 2 replies and 52 views.
    Sounds like Grom missiles.
  • Baton's Avatar
    Today, 7:55 AM · 2625 replies and 220149 views.
    I would never thought of that, I think you are the one out of very few who uses the storage like this, normal pilot will need 6 months to gather 200 germanium ;) I am happy with the changes as constantly struggling with storage space and I never remember what I can throw away. Once I bined something that was not used, and then bam! they introduce long range detail surface scanner with this particular stuff needed and it was really really difficult to get some of them back.
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