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  • GreyAreaUK's Avatar
    Today, 7:36 AM · 20 replies and 183 views.
    Or what? You'll cancel your subscri...oooooooh!
  • donkclarke's Avatar
    Today, 7:36 AM · 34 replies and 771 views.
    Off for me. Spoils the vista with them on imo.
  • J. Calvert (Joshua)'s Avatar
    Today, 7:36 AM · 57 replies and 1301 views.
  • Boomer Kay's Avatar
    Today, 7:36 AM · 2339 replies and 52427 views.
    Just like any other ponzi scheme: yes. Crappy deal. You're too funny.
  • Madrax573's Avatar
    Today, 7:33 AM · 22 replies and 462 views.
    LOL and much happier you will be in it :) My armed and armoured explorer.
  • GreyAreaUK's Avatar
    Today, 7:33 AM · 3 replies and 0 views.
    I would suggest, however, that the Block feature should be used sparingly. This is just my own opinion, but if your block list is into significant double-digits then it may not be the right tool for the job.
  • Jmanis's Avatar
    Today, 7:33 AM · 8182 replies and 589821 views.
    Given Expansion trumps other nonconflict states (e.g boom etc), but Expansion is overriden by a Conflict state, it seems likely Investment has the same override level as Expansion, therefore it couldn't occur with other states active. Quick unrelated question RE: Superpower bounties... I've read a bit about how bounties confer influence to the factions who are subscribed to that superpower (seen as a nerf for independents etc)... either I've missed this in the discussions or I'm just daft. If there's two federal factions, one with 25% inf and the other with 50% inf, and I hand in some Federal superpower bounties at a station.... how is the influence gain distributed? Equally? i.e after tick, factions would be 27% and 52%, with reductions in all other factions; Proportionally? i.e after tick, factions would be 26% and 53%, with reductions in all other factions; or Reverse proportionally? i.e after tick, factions would be 28% and 51%, with reductions in all other factions
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 7:30 AM · 120 replies and 4936 views.
    Yes, the AspX gold paintjob was a freebie, given (I think) when you preordered Horizons. I also got a bunch of "Black Friday" paintjobs with Horizons, again with the preorder (I think).
  • Imo's Avatar
    Today, 7:30 AM · 3 replies and 0 views.
    The biggest issue with the blocking option is that you can not search for players to put them onto your block list. I have already made a bug report to this:
  • Notwyn's Avatar
    Today, 7:30 AM · 3 replies and 0 views.
    Excellent info. Thanks OP.
  • Baba_Ghannoush's Avatar
    Today, 7:29 AM · 5 replies and 77 views.
  • Ashnak's Avatar
    Today, 7:28 AM · 428 replies and 42581 views.
    Well, I don't know who mined, who shot and who rammed me - it was fun, I made some money in the BH, and I never lost my shields. Those shock mines are more for laughs than for damage. Nevertheless, as I found out the hard way, using mines in a pitched battle with the cops involved isn't exactly a good idea... But the next time, if anybody is taking mines, I'll bring point defence :p
  • Stigbob's Avatar
    Today, 7:27 AM
    If this thread has already made you feel very cross indeed scroll to the bottom and read the disclaimer. I've found the advice of Sandro Sammarco ED's lead designer on the griefing issue from way back in 2014. The block function (which has recently been improved) was developed specifically to deal with issues such as griefers. There are a lot of misconceptions about the block function such as why it exists, when it should be used and how it works. Hopefully this thread and especially Sandro's comments can help clarify some of that. Sandro Sammarco on using the block function to counter griefers in 2014: "Hello Commanders!
    3 replies and 0 views.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Today, 7:26 AM · 2339 replies and 52427 views.
    There is a criminal here, to be sure. A guy in it for money. But what's the motive to help Trump win? This is a CLINTON employee- by proxy, so it makes very little sense. And how did he fake all the Russian attacks on voting systems in 29 states? And why is Trump looking to Pardon himself? And why did the House and Senate vote to sanction Russia for the election attack?
  • malenfant's Avatar
    Today, 7:25 AM · 79 replies and 2627 views.
    I'm sure that may have been the idea, but it's implemented in a terrible way. For one thing the sky brightens as you go further from the star (even if you're not even looking at the star or not) which is completely wrong, and when you're on or even near the dark side of a planet the skybox lighting kicks in at that amplified skybox brightness level, so we're getting a double whammy of increased brightness!
  • Darth Krayt's Avatar
    Today, 7:25 AM · 120 replies and 4936 views.
    I think the gold Asp skin was a freebie at one stage. Just checked my screenshots and although I don't recall buying a gold skin, I do have a screenshot of a golden Asp.
  • Baba_Ghannoush's Avatar
    Today, 7:24 AM · 23 replies and 554 views.
    I totally get that the Alliance is just that, a hodge podge alliance of different systems, and that they're aiming for the whole Non-Aligned Movement type of politics, but we are seriously unloved. The imperials have Aisling Duval, we have Ed "Bacon Sandwich" Mahon. The Feds get the Corvette, and the closest we have to a flagship is the Type-9. I mean I love the Type-9, but I'm not sticking a flag onto it and heading into battle any time soon. Anyway, I'm glad to hear other players have also done this, and it makes me feel less bad. Maybe we can organize. Do something to sabotage the other powers? I'm sure there are enough Alliance stalwards out there who can join me to become a fifth column. That'd be funny.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Today, 7:23 AM · 2339 replies and 52427 views.
    So Foxconn investing 10 billion in a plant in Wisconsin that will employ 13,000 workers and expand economic growth for the state by $500 million per year isn't worth an incentive by the state of $3 billion in tax credits (money the state doesn't actually have won't have if Foxconn goes elsewhere) that will at a minimum be recouped in 6 years - not including all the ancillary economic activity produced by those workers spending within their communities, is a bad deal for Wisconsin? It's no wonder I can't seem to communicate effectively here... I suppose if I offered to pay you $500 per year indefinitely if you would give me $3000 today you'd think that a bad deal? Subsidies don't cost the state anything.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 7:23 AM · 146 replies and 6503 views.
    Just read it, and Braben actually goes into this himself. He acknlowedges that what he will never likely achieve what he wants to achieve, and all they can do is strive to make it as good as possible.
  • TinyPwny's Avatar
    Today, 7:23 AM · 120 replies and 4936 views.
    You sure? Many people own a gold paintjob for the AspX without realising... it was given at some point to people who pre-ordered Horizons or something like that.
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