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  • Tarman's Avatar
    Today, 5:42 AM · 43 replies and 1024 views.
    Both as it happens. "Competition" is a fairly useless concept here, since none of the spacegames that are out or pretending to be out one day in the future step on each others' toes except that they're all based on space-genre SF. NMS and Space Engineers are closer to each other than Elite and EVE for example, but even both of those space-building games are really different. So unless you only have room for one game at a time or are one of those players who only engages with a single game at a time, it's a poor framing to call other games competitors. It's not like the shooter selection, where you can find 5000 Battlefield and CoD clones; the space selection has sufficiently different experiences from just about every available and pending title.
  • Cruis.In's Avatar
    Today, 5:39 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Is there a list of proven combat loggers? If not shouldn't there be? Should you even bother fighting a combat logger? If fighting a known combat logger and you happen to lose, shouldn't you also deny him the satisfaction of the kill?
  • Captain Jack Sparrow's Avatar
    Today, 5:38 AM · 17 replies and 422 views.
    No it's not. It's capable of the 2nd best shields in the game, 2nd only to the Cutter.
  • Dagwit's Avatar
    Today, 5:35 AM · 9 replies and 158 views.
    Just knowing what Road to Riches is, if you choose to use the knowledge, essentially short-circuits the early game.
  • C4R1TON's Avatar
    Today, 5:34 AM · 2 replies and 1 views.
    C4R1TON replied to a thread What is o7? in Xbox One
    And the view is from the rear so that's the back of the head and right hand!
  • CoyoteNZ's Avatar
    Today, 5:26 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Upgrading from a GTX 760. of the two choices which would 'probably' give me the better performance in ED?
  • Hanerib's Avatar
    Today, 5:24 AM · 3 replies and 100 views.
    I guess they'll reveal something about those new aliens floating about soon, and Aegis is going to declare a state of emergency in both Sol and Pleiades region, and maybe there are new kinds of Guardian places too. But I'd really like to visit a hot tub spa next to Sag A before it all get's too crazy.
  • Rade Konn's Avatar
    Today, 5:21 AM · 35 replies and 632 views.
    That's the problem with Seth, he's too into relationships to the point where he's with Halston Sage now (I guess they hooked up during season 1 in real life) which is the reason why she left the show from what I heard. It seems like all the captain is worried about is getting playtime with a female crew member or getting back with his ex wife.
  • pnellesen's Avatar
    Today, 5:19 AM · 5 replies and 73 views.
    pnellesen replied to a thread [3.3.03 - Horizons] 1st Discovery Disappeared in PlayStation 4 Bug Reports
    Yeah, like the OP I've been hitting system after system trying to confirm Codex entries based upon what's been reported (and becoming increasingly suspicious that more than a few entries are completely bugged) and after today I'm just not even going to bother. If I get lucky and find something, that's great, but I'm not going to waste any more time trying to use the Codex as a guide for anything...
  • Phezzan's Avatar
    Today, 5:14 AM · 1 replies and 19 views.
    Phezzan replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.3.03 Horizons] Rammed and yet I get the fine in PC Bug Reports
    I suppose you could fight the ticket in court, but as they say - tell it to the judge. Frankly the game isn't going to split hairs over which law breaker is more wrong. At least they didn't do it in a %1 hull sidewinder and get you notoriety for PK. There's no way to code a 'fair' system so you're spitting into the wind.
  • metatheurgist's Avatar
    Today, 5:10 AM · 819 replies and 15813 views.
    That's incorrectly attributed btw. That quote originally came from AA literature, which makes sense when you think about it. Also, oddly appropriate for this thread. ;)
  • Lightspeed's Avatar
    Today, 5:07 AM · 4 replies and 80 views.
    Yes, that was a missed opportunity.
  • Gregg Rulz ok's Avatar
    Today, 5:03 AM · 28 replies and 1127 views.
    Well, the cluster is about 6000 Ly from the bubble so jumping there isn't an issue of time IMO.
  • Zirus Blackheart's Avatar
    Today, 5:02 AM · 2 replies and 10 views.
    sounds like a no then.....? Wondering if it was different mappings when in VR too
  • Captain Thea Kreutzer's Avatar
    Today, 5:01 AM · 32 replies and 618 views.
    When you think exploration is all about the jump range smh.
  • Captain Thea Kreutzer's Avatar
    Today, 5:00 AM · 2 replies and 1 views.
    Captain Thea Kreutzer replied to a thread What is o7? in Xbox One
    Its the in game version of a salute o being the head 7 the arm.
  • KriptoYeti's Avatar
    Today, 4:55 AM · 2 replies and 1 views.
    KriptoYeti started a thread What is o7? in Xbox One
    I keep seeing a "o7". What does it repersent?
  • Speedcuffs's Avatar
    Today, 4:51 AM · 2 replies and 10 views.
    Um. Dunno exactly. I've just moved to PC from PS4, and immediately remapped everything to be as near as I could get it to PS4. Works pretty well for me. Touchpad just works as one button only. No vibration. Some of the dual button combos don't work quite the same. Gyroscopic thing not recognised for headlook.
  • Micha's Avatar
    Today, 4:48 AM · 24 replies and 687 views.
    There's slight differences in the HUD readouts, but IMHO not sufficient to justify the modes. Also in "scanning" mode you get an overlay after surface-mapping a planet or ring (which many people wish they could toggle off). Mainly the fact that fire-groups are not mode-specific BUT most weapons/scanners can only be used in one or the other mode makes them more of a hindrance than a help. Speculation is that they're not fully finished and that there will be further differentiation after the next update. The obvious one being mode-specific firegroups, the other main one being far more differentiation between what information is displayed in each mode. And perhaps splitting "mining" off from "scanning" so there'd be 3 modes. My personal hope is : 1. HUD Modes switch between what's displayed AND firegroups.
  • Orvidius's Avatar
    Today, 4:47 AM · 31 replies and 625 views.
    Orvidius replied to a thread T-7 as an explorer in Exploration
    True, but these days I still usually run Clean Tuning anyway too. It helps with hyperjumping right off the surface of warm planets. :D
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