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  • Beetlejuice1686's Avatar
    Today, 8:58 PM · 130 replies and 3354 views.
    I'm with you @Ouberos, it definitely wasn't pixel related. If it was, I would have kept my 2 cents or started a counter rp for a campaign agaist racism (i.e. lets hunt space hitler) which would make sense as it's a huge galaxy with all walks of life (thargoid worshipping and all that). yet the mention of fd and the "direction" they're taking automatically knocks off any type of rp value or claim it COULD of had
  • Faybs's Avatar
    Today, 8:58 PM · 1 replies and 9 views.
    I used to, but depending on where everyone is, instancing can be an exercise in frustration (and it's not obvious, I could play just fine with someone on the other side of the world but a guy down the road from me wouldn't instance properly). So now when I'm in open I fly solo :)
  • Tarman's Avatar
    Today, 8:58 PM · 18 replies and 455 views.
    You gotta have an inventory looking like 500 hours of Fallout 4 by now, doing that. I agree with the others that the comms tools inside the game proper are pretty clunky; lots of room for improvement. Even a Standard Response set (programmable or not) would go really far in providing easier comms. Something that isn't so cumbersome that by the time you remember how it works the person you wanted to talk to is 3 systems over.
  • Archerelblanco's Avatar
    Today, 8:58 PM · 2 replies and 42 views.
    Suchomimus, Spinosaurus and Baryonix.
  • Le-Betz's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 PM · 100 replies and 1596 views.
    Wow, what a relief! I'd still like a smoke.
  • Krash's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 PM · 50 replies and 2853 views.
    I want the option to do stuff while noteriety degrades. If it's just a fine, I'll pay it off at Maia.
  • Remus's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 PM · 100 replies and 1596 views.
    Remus replied to a thread FIFA World Cup in Off-Topic Discussion
    At the last second ! Goal from Germany at the very last second ! I feel bad for Sweden...:(
  • Faybs's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 PM · 4 replies and 112 views.
    If the other ship is sufficiently far, you won't see them in the scanner even in supercruise. He probably targeted your ship to send you the message while he was still in range, but by the time he typed it up and sent it, you were beyond scanner range. That's why you got a direct message but couldn't see him.
  • Zieman's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 PM · 100 replies and 1596 views.
    Zieman replied to a thread FIFA World Cup in Off-Topic Discussion
    Wow, what a thriller!
  • Erectifier's Avatar
    Today, 8:54 PM · 1654 replies and 102268 views.
    My Wishlist: Please get rid of the sabotage system, or at the very least get rid of the disgruntled employee opening all of the gates and letting the dinos loose. Not only is it infuriating to the point of making me want to rage quit, but it makes no sense at all that anyone would see it as ok to release dinos onto the public and kill them, because they're not getting enough attention from their park manager.
  • the100thmonkey's Avatar
    Today, 8:53 PM · 11 replies and 158 views.
    For you, yes, I'm sure it does.
  • Nomad Fox's Avatar
    Today, 8:53 PM · 3 replies and 73 views.
    Gas giants can be done well and interesting. Floating outpost because of the atmospheric pressure is easy to keep them in the air. Resources in the form of gas clouds that can be collected. And that is just mirroring current atmospheric-less planet features.
  • MightyBOB's Avatar
    Today, 8:53 PM · 6 replies and 111 views.
    Asteroids are not RNG. You can't instance hop to generate a new set of asteroids the way you can board flip for missions, and I don't see why that would suddenly become the case when the new deposit types are added. Asteroids remember when they've been mined for 2 hours. I don't see why this "problem" can't be solved simply by extending the timer before you can re-mine the same asteroid from 2 hours to, say, a week or two the same way that you can't re-harvest the material nodes from volcanic sites and brain tree sites for 2 weeks.
  • BlackSpaceCowboy's Avatar
    Today, 8:52 PM · 1 replies and 9 views.
    If so, can you give some details? How often? How do you connect with them? Do you voice chat? What do you do together? I sometimes play in open but I never meet anyone. I guess I have to fly back to the center of the bubble? I think a lot of players must also be confused about how to play in open with others.
  • the100thmonkey's Avatar
    Today, 8:52 PM · 21 replies and 1406 views.
    Have friends.
  • the100thmonkey's Avatar
    Today, 8:51 PM · 8 replies and 151 views.
    Longer-term, you should probably investigate why it's lockdown pending - lockdown only occurs through player interaction.
  • Tarman's Avatar
    Today, 8:51 PM · 20 replies and 346 views.
    Yes. You just have to pay attention to the scales.
  • Athan's Avatar
    Today, 8:50 PM · 77 replies and 15568 views.
    Done, thanks for the heads up.
  • Tarman's Avatar
    Today, 8:50 PM · 48 replies and 1444 views.
    The point is that adding more time and inconvenience to a convenient time-saving feature is counterproductive to that feature. It's got nothing to do with challenge overall, and far more to do with not making ship transfer itself annoying instead of useful. There are plenty of other areas of the game to add risk and challenge. Looking forward to people crushing themselves with exploded asteroids, for one. There's far more player agency involved in that type of ship loss. As far as getting your ship back, meh. Rebuy does a pretty good job of that already, right down to your bobbleheads. I don't see much sense of accomplishment in getting back something that's relatively easily replaced for all other forms of ship loss. It'd be an odd outlier to the entire rest of ship loss mechanics.
  • Variance's Avatar
    Today, 8:49 PM · 5 replies and 150 views.
    I also find it pretty easy to house them, it must be too large of enclosures for you guys as Astaran said. I have had a group of 6 stegos in an enclosure with 4 diplos and 4 apatosaurs for at least 8 hours of game time now and not once have they tried to escape or had their comfort drop below the threshold. I honestly don't find them to be annoying to keep at all, none of the dinos if you build the enclosures properly give me any challenge to keep. The only time I ever have any dino trying to escape is after a storm or if a twister knocks out a fence and they run out. Sometimes comfort will drop while I am initially optimizing enclosures but after I let them wander around and adjust the balance of grassland/forest so that needs are met in all parts of the enclosure I never have any problems. It must be enclosure design/optimization that is causing everyone comfort issues.
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