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  • sovapid's Avatar
    Today, 4:04 AM · 74 replies and 2204 views.
    Were they other combat ships?
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 4:04 AM · 5 replies and 208 views.
    I dunno what they call themselves but I call them Melanie and Serge. Melanie is from South London and Serge is from Belgium. I have a crush on Melanie, and she always sounds pleased to see me again. The Federation controllers I call Lance and Sharon. Lance is your classic American military clone output, but Shaz is an Aussie. I think she's from Tarnagulla but must have spent a long time in Woolongong working on the docks. (Ship Control - What were you thinking?) Voice like a cheesegrater. Hates my guts.
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Today, 4:03 AM · 2 replies and 9 views.
    Nice Got to see it before being taken down...
  • Azmuth Divarchchron's Avatar
    Today, 3:59 AM · 2 replies and 44 views.
    So more of an exponential powerplant growth? I thought about that too actually, however with integ increase you are still facing power fluctuations on powerplant damage, which could make things more interesting if its not immediately hitting 0. But the shards/shroud prevent fluctuations untill they are down, but then the powerplant's integrity is still the same afterwords and supceptible to being sniped with shards out of the way, hmm. An exponential integrity increase could be viable.
  • BFD Slayer's Avatar
    Today, 3:58 AM · 2 replies and 9 views.
    Nice flying. Unfortunately it is against forum rules to name and shame here. Besides Frontier won't do anything.
  • Loworbit's Avatar
    Today, 3:56 AM · 3 replies and 79 views.
    No, thats not how the internet works (and I'm shocked that QA-Mitch thinks it might be a solution...) . Elite isn't working because of a changed IP address. Thats not the IP address assigned by your DHCP server (in your router) to your PC but the IP address assigned by your ISP to your router. You can't change that, only your ISP can change that. A simple solution: If your ISP disconnects you every 24 hours and assignes a new IP to your router, manualy restart your router in a timeframe you usualy don't use the internet (like 5 am in the morning?). Your next reconnect and IP address change will most likely be 24h later at the same time.
  • Lngjohnsilver1's Avatar
    Today, 3:56 AM · 8 replies and 212 views.
    ED server or your ISP - how would you know...?
  • GJ51's Avatar
    Today, 3:54 AM · 469 replies and 14002 views.
    Yeah - they should wait until they actually get nuked again...
  • Azmuth Divarchchron's Avatar
    Today, 3:53 AM · 21 replies and 1431 views.
    Thanks for all the input guys and for some extra lore info!
  • MarcusBritish's Avatar
    Today, 3:52 AM
    The Galaxy Map Powerplay view should have filters to allow us to turn on/off each Superpower's expanse colour instead of just having the entire Bubble displayed. I mean, it's impossible to see the Federation (red) area given that it's surrounded on all sides, it would be helpful to be able to selectively show the powers to help establish their borders without having to mess around. Given the extend of filters available on the Map view I thought this would be already available, but was surprised to find there are no filters except in the form of an Allegiance filter which only shows the Major factions, not the seperate powers. Cheers.
    0 replies and 1 views.
  • Teh Smoo's Avatar
    Today, 3:51 AM · 8 replies and 287 views.
    I'm a little torn between fast-regen shields, and massive HP shields. Max resists both ways, really. I guess if you can get loose and run, HP pool wins. For smaller engagements and lulls, though, regen might win out. Depends on combat style a lot, though. My choice on prismatics is easy enough, though: I haven't pledged ANY faction for PP yet, so it's not an issue. :P
  • ALGOMATIC's Avatar
    Today, 3:51 AM
    2 replies and 9 views.
  • Anorax's Avatar
    Today, 3:49 AM · 4 replies and 70 views.
    I don't understand why you would say this. The suggestion is to make it easier for people to change ship configurations without the need to buy multiple ships. It is a time saving function that would definitely help new players and old.
  • acela2163's Avatar
    Today, 3:48 AM · 1473 replies and 64380 views.
    Right then, let's do this CMDR Acela2163 Ship - Diamondback Explorer Ship Name - Just Seeing the Sights Ship ID - AC-20D Jump Range - 51.60ly Time Zone - Central (GMT -6).
  • 22tma's Avatar
    Today, 3:47 AM · 907 replies and 315514 views.
    This permit is on the permits spreadsheet, and already specifically notes that 4 Sextantis Inc and the other 4 Sextantis faction that is accessible do not appear to give out the permit.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 3:45 AM · 8610 replies and 674706 views.
    Targeted expansions work by making the system you want be the best closest legitimate candidate. I'm not sure of the arcana. Filling up unwanted systems is part of it, but in previous patches there were other methods, too. Targeting systems is one of the reasons why AEDC isn't running the most expanded factions. There's a lot of softening up of the target, managing the side systems and so on. Certainly going in a direction is possible. Putting the system into expansion that is closest to the way you want to go. It's a tier two question: Where do we want to take this faction? People accuse the AEDC of being aggressive or that we're creating a challenge to lore by targeting high value systems.
  • UseLessUK's Avatar
    Today, 3:41 AM · 7 replies and 112 views.
    UseLessUK replied to a thread A Colonia question... in Xbox One
    Well the original idea for the trip out here was to get the CR to buy some bits for my Beluga.... Just had to have one and with A parts costing 51mil a piece I had to do something... I have tended to go with C parts or A if available as B parts weight more and C weight the same as A parts. I am currently in Colonial Dream and the issue I have is there are only 2 factions so limited missions... But I have just transferred some passenger cabins here to I guess time will tell.... As always thanks people for the help, advice and suggestions.... Got interdicted again just after scooping a sun and this time I managed to avoid the interdiction and NOT crash in to the sun and lose my ship, the ship is not the thing I am worried about I have it insured... Its the data I have collected... That's twice I have spent hours collecting data only to lose it.....
  • Loworbit's Avatar
    Today, 3:40 AM · 6 replies and 79 views.
    Loworbit replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.3.11] Ranks stopped in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    You have to complete a naval ascension mission. Quince don't offer them. Head back to the bubble, fly to an empire aligned system, do some missions for them and wait for a naval ascension mission to pop up.
  • simulacrae's Avatar
    Today, 3:36 AM · 9 replies and 215 views.
    Is this some form of hedging your bets before the thargoids come?
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