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  • Pville_Piper's Avatar
    Today, 11:07 PM · 26 replies and 372 views.
    I've basically decided to sell off my fleet. I really don't want to keep up with engineering all those ships. Let alone do the guardian grind. The Krait makes me happy and ticks all the right boxes and fits my play style. I'm tired of keeping up with the Jones...
  • aRJay's Avatar
    Today, 11:05 PM · 59 replies and 4098 views.
    That behaviour is the same in Private Groups as well as Open it is only avoidable if you are the only player in the instance, if there is another player not winged with you they could get the last shot and the kill.
  • CMDR Maymo's Avatar
    Today, 11:04 PM · 1 replies and 2 views.
    If you help bust up some ‘Condas in a high res you can pick up thermic alloys and trade down for tons of them. Alternatively, if you go to a system in the war/civil war state and search for high grade emissions USS you can pick up some military grade alloys and again trade down for them.
  • Vandaahl's Avatar
    Today, 11:04 PM · 112 replies and 2968 views.
    Heh, yeah :D It's an undocumented feature. In code world, if you are using undocumented features, you're on your own.
  • TheOriginalB's Avatar
    Today, 11:03 PM · 2779 replies and 245318 views.
    Dirty? Son, you ain't seen anything like dirty. Trust me. Yeah, your shiny Clipper might have gotten smudged by some laser fire, but back in my day? Remember CMDR "Pantless" Jack? Entire cockpit got burned by lasers, including his pants. Your smudge don't impress me much. And, son? This bull-crap whining about "ship loadouts" and how you're going to have get your ship outfitted. Back in my day? You lubed up your elbows with space-grease and you swapped the modules yourself. It once took me three solid days to get a better power plant in my Cobra! Man, you kids...
  • Mxpower76's Avatar
    Today, 11:02 PM · 1 replies and 19 views.
    I'm a missile fan. They seem pretty effective against the small ships at my local CNB. Plus I think they make ED feel like a real world flight sim. I've thought about buying a T10 again just to have a multi cannon missile boat.
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Today, 11:02 PM · 26 replies and 372 views.
    It bypasses all of the gameplay designed to keep you looking forward to that next ship, spending time grinding to outfit it and finally engineer it before setting your sights higher. Instead, you hit a gold rush, you bypass the entire fleet and go right to the Anaconda, A rate it, engineer it and then come here to complain there's nothing to do (rightfully so). The content in this game, for many, is the grind. Bypassing it bypasses the game. FDev knows this.
  • krusty23's Avatar
    Today, 11:01 PM · 766 replies and 104081 views.
    Well done BigMaec :)
  • Oscar Brannen's Avatar
    Today, 11:01 PM · 26 replies and 372 views.
    Good point, but the Pareto law depends on a square root... if there are 2,000,000 players, then ~1,414 make half the credits earned in the game. If the FDev philosophy is to "fight" them not only will they be unsuccessful (since those players will still earn half the money, it will just be a smaller raw number), they'll alienate the remaining 1,998,586 players (AKA 99.92% of us). So, I'm sympathetic to people who dislike the meager rewards. To me it's a question of time. A 4hr play session should leave you feeling like you made good progress toward whatever your aim is; a new ship, module unlock, engineer level, etc. I only played the Guardian sites after the retooling of the blueprints, but that was the only time I think I got to a happy place with progress. I got enough mats for an unlock or two, learned how the puzzles worked and didn't spend an inordinate amount of time in some kind of travel. It felt worth it so I did it for something like 10h over a few sessions, came back and mopped up the booty (FSD...
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Today, 10:59 PM · 12 replies and 305 views.
    Movies were ranked here. Of them all, Batman Year One is my pick. Justice League Dark should really be more about the magic users, and Constantine could have headed it as protagonist, as we already have (too) many Bat-films. For some reason DC seems shy about using Constantine, who richly deserves a movie.
  • z993126's Avatar
    Today, 10:59 PM · 26 replies and 372 views.
    Wait, zoo animals? Dinosaurs as a commodity confirmed!
  • MQC's Avatar
    Today, 10:58 PM · 39 replies and 1204 views.
    Pues sí que me está pareciendo dura (y absorbente y divertida), pero estoy esperanzado en estas próximas sesiones, en llegar rápido al borde de la burbuja y explorar muchos sistemas cercanos al limite en "poco tiempo", y ver si me da el dinero suficiente. Y no sufro ningún percance por el camino, claro está. Eso sí, por el momento nada supera la dureza de la primera misión de minería, jejeje. Jejeje, desde luego su boda está creando mucha polémica, ahí seguro que sacamos algo. Bueno mejor, ahora mismo, me concentro solo en la exploración... Saludos.
  • aRJay's Avatar
    Today, 10:57 PM · 19 replies and 210 views.
    The only thing in the PP changes discussion that was talked about for any length of time was the Open Only fight which died of boredom a couple of weeks ago at least so PP is a dead issue. BGS seems to be ticking over with few problems. The only people who have a major issue with all CGs are the ones who use them as a hunting area for Player versus Victim assaults because they attract a lot of targets into the area. Your anti combat logging solution doesn't require a whole new game to implement just convincing enough of the right people that it is a worthwhile solution. I wasn't aware you could block players other than their comms, which I feel is a more useful tool on the forum anyway.
  • Schmack's Avatar
    Today, 10:57 PM · 26 replies and 372 views.
    Consider this: The payout imbalance puts a lot of people where you are, frustrated and confused. Why? Because they got a fleet of ships and A rated everything with Cr but they spent so much time doing gold rush activities that they didn't actually learn to play the game. Not saying you haven't learned the game, but there's a reason 6 ships dropped in on you (you likely have either a bounty on your head or you chose a stack of missions and likely received incoming enemy alerts). It takes less than ONE day to make a billion credits during a legit gold rush. So without that, a lot of people are stuck trying to chase ships. Once they have ships so easily through gold rushes, they have nothing to chase but engineering. That's where frustration sets in.
  • Stigbob's Avatar
    Today, 10:56 PM · 31 replies and 574 views.
    I had a mystery gastric disorder serving overseas along with half the camp and we all spent a week sitting in the showers on plastic slatted chairs as putting any clothes on was just making unpleasant work for ourselves. If you ever need to lose two stone in a week I'd recommend a poorly maintained military water treatment plant.
  • Kezal's Avatar
    Today, 10:55 PM · 26 replies and 372 views.
    Why does ANYONE care if some players are taking advantage of gold rushes? Seriously. Who cares of a player makes 10 billion credits in a day. does that change YOUR game? I could kinda see the Dev's getting bent out of shape if there was a way to share funds in game, then the issue of one player making a fortune and sharing it so everyone is wealthy without work, but even that is really kinda the whole point of the MMO approach, allowing natural systems and balance to develop. I was SO jazzed to be able to finally dedicate the funds for a decent gaming box to be able to play Elite. I convinced a few friends/coworkers to play as well. Like any new game there is a desire to get into the mix as soon as you can. We found a spot to make passenger runs that were pretty lucrative, then NOTHING. Found a new place, worked it awhile then NOTHING. Both were supposedly due to "nerfing" If the expectation is that to play this "right" that you need to accept many months of even a couple of years of grinding...
  • Mr.Ishijama's Avatar
    Today, 10:55 PM · 1 replies and 27 views.
    Possible explanations that I can think of: 1. He used a combination of Phasing Sequence and Thermal Shock / Thermal Cascade weapons and you overheated yourself damaging your modules. 2. He used Remote Release Flak or Flachette Launchers and the lasers were just distractions. Feel free to correct me, but to my knowledge Phasing Sequence does no damage to modules through shields, so it must be something different.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    Today, 10:55 PM · 115 replies and 3681 views.
    Sci-Fi themed metal.
  • jafo657's Avatar
    Today, 10:54 PM · 1 replies and 44 views.
    i'm happy to fly with you. What time zone are you in and what platform do you fly on?
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