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    Today, 11:06 AM · 13 replies and 124 views.
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    Today, 11:06 AM · 1 replies and 37 views.
    Ceekay replied to a thread Meta Discussion Medium Sized Core Mining Ship? in Ship Builds & Load Outs
    It was probably me that suggested the Challenger ;) but more as fully featured miner capable of all types of extraction, it works really well but does have limited cargo and range. For DC mining only the Krait mk2 should work as you need decent agility to place the charges, if you're surveying rings (or belts apparently) for the first time you need the DSS to highlight the hot spots, a pulse wave scanner to locate suitable asteroids (KWS in the build), a prospector to highlight the fissures on the rock and the seismic charge launcher to place the charges. Something like this as a starting point, add engineering to taste ;)
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    Today, 11:06 AM · 8 replies and 53 views.
    You bought an EVGA branded product that was no doubt advertised to be stable in it's out-of-box config, irrespective of it's baked in OC. If it's not, it's not living up to it's specifications, that they undoubtedly place a price premium on. If it's not stable and you didn't break it, it's a clear cut QA problem on EVGA's end. If it needs to be modified to be stable in a system that isn't itself defective or deficient in some way, they are breaking all sorts of rules. The very fact that underclocking it resolves the issues shows that the factory OC should not have passed testing. It can be a relatively good 1080 Ti sample and still be defective if it's marketed as something even better.
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    Today, 11:06 AM · 1074 replies and 176728 views.
    Cmdr Rydaer replied to a thread [INDEPENDENT] Canonn in Dangerous Groups & Squadrons
    The Zurara is in close proximity to the Planet and so you have to use probes to scan the planet to find it.
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    Today, 11:05 AM · 258 replies and 8939 views.
    Don't forget that normalisation can create fluctuations in influence for up to weeks on end. Those adjustments are within bounds of normal bounds of fluctuation due to daily normalisation imo. Because of that, it's entirely feasible for influences to be locked, but changes to still occur. Happy to do a worked example if you need clarification, but for those who don't know what I'm talking about... because individual faction influence is a rounded figure, it never *exactly* equals 100%, so normalisation can cause all influence to change slightly.
  • Xani D's Avatar
    Today, 11:04 AM · 50 replies and 797 views.
    I've had the following (None of which, prior to the patch, I have encountered before) Random freezing up of the game for 5-10 seconds (Seems to recover by itself though) Total loss of controls of ship (Fortunately only happened twice, and neither time in combat). Logging to menu and back in fixes it. Arriving at a CZ, playing it fine for about 10 minutes, got into a dog fight with a viper, then suddenly after exchanging shots, being told im commiting a crime, then wanted for murder... Dropped into a mining installation instance.... and watched it fly away from me.... even on full boost I couldnt keep up with it! Other than that, I could list many les with instances and USS signal oddities, but none that are super game breaking.
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    Today, 11:03 AM · 463 replies and 172504 views.
    Yes - there's this "Panels" app ... RELEASE-Panels-for-iOS-(Android-Coming-Soon)-Alternative-to-Roccat-Power-Grid
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    Today, 11:03 AM · 5 replies and 27 views.
    Multitasking! And I'm massive and gassy, so between us, we really do have the 'star' thing covered...
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    Today, 11:02 AM · 7 replies and 359 views.
    i have the same problem
  • thevilone666stef's Avatar
    Today, 11:02 AM · 145 replies and 3880 views.
    Signed up for that purpose. I want this to start working again. thanks for the tip :)
  • NeilF's Avatar
    Today, 11:02 AM · 247 replies and 5664 views.
    One of my fondest memories of early Elite was when a group of use would "work" a region, but scouting out new trade routes, then en-mass working that trade route until it became less vaulable where then a couple of use would then again scout around for the next route(s). Of course, as the nuances of the economic model became more obvious, and third party tools meant great trade routes were only a click away, it became less appealing. If the mechanics behind new mining lend themselves to this, not only just in sale prices fluctuating but ideally their resource levels fluctuating (via mining them), that sounds good.
  • Sunyavadin's Avatar
    Today, 11:02 AM · 7 replies and 65 views.
    It's really quite something. What it normally looks like, for comparison.
  • Lysette's Avatar
    Today, 11:01 AM · 5 replies and 55 views.
    Well, 8 variants per ships type sounds good to me - one cannot have too many ships, just too less of them. And Mo, once you'll get access to the imperial Courier, i bet you will want at least one of those as well. Your dream of a really fast ship with excellent cockpit view will get reality with this ship. And it is still small, does not require a medium or large landing pad. Btw: the name MSS Rattler fits that ship so well - a really good choice.
  • Hacker#451563's Avatar
    Today, 11:01 AM · 38 replies and 672 views.
    A point to make with Q. 1 is that I have got kicked from the server in a CZ and then re-entered the game and been back in the CZ with the 2 bars at about the same place as I left them when the server kicked me. So they did not reset.
  • Shiro Akai's Avatar
    Today, 11:01 AM · 5 replies and 179 views.
    FoIP - face over IP. Similar to VoiP but uses cam to capture your face movement and emulates it in virtual setting. How exactly it was used - ask the maker. And yes, rule of six... Well played.
  • Whitehair's Avatar
    Today, 11:00 AM · 10 replies and 216 views.
    I've seen this argument in other threads. "I've found a hotspot, I want the first asteroid I target to give me the highest payout. Otherwise I'm not going to play your game." Prospecting doesn't work like that......
  • gcze's Avatar
    Today, 11:00 AM · 47 replies and 347 views.
    Co daje ponad 4k na oko, już przy 200% większość gier ostro tnie u mnie na GTX1070Ti, 400% to ustawienie pod sprzęt którego jeszcze nie ma na rynku.
  • Mugur's Avatar
    Today, 10:59 AM · 10 replies and 178 views.
    I noticed a decrease in performance on planets (Ryzen 1600 / Vega 56 / 16 GB RAM / NVME SSD). I played on Ultra + terrain generation to max right + 1.25 supersampling at 2560x1080@120Hz vsync off or enhanced sync. I got 60-70fps on Dav's Hope, now with the same settings I have 52-60fps. After I reset to Ultra and put just the 1.25 again, I managed to have around 70fps (so basically just resetting the terrain generation slider to the middle). But I also changed the video driver, so it's hard to do an apples to apples comparison. And since in stations looks like the same as before, maybe the slider with terrain generation was the only thing that mattered or changed.
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    Today, 10:58 AM · 5 replies and 27 views.
    But he does that too....
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