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  • rlsg's Avatar
    Today, 8:20 PM · 192 replies and 3025 views.
    Prominent names? I would not give half of those prominent names a fig leaf. :rolleyes: While I agree they can not invite everyone on-site, the point is they would not have to. They have the mechanisms to support closed distributions of trial versions at their disposal - c/f the closed Beta mechanisms.
  • Pville_Piper's Avatar
    Today, 8:20 PM · 4 replies and 13 views.
    All of these issues will be solved in the ongoing probe debate...
  • askavir's Avatar
    Today, 8:19 PM · 3 replies and 7 views.
    I don't think the modules will be upgraded or replaced, they will just do different things.
  • Basyan's Avatar
    Today, 8:19 PM · 1054 replies and 50244 views.
    Даже непись-пират бывает вываливается уже спустя минуту, а то и более (время субъективно), успеваю почти все материалы собрать. И если в супере ты просто уворачиваешься от интердикта, то здесь на своей "исследовательской картонке" просто услышишь "бух", что кто-то пришёл в гости, радар и не нужен... за счастье будет если просто полетишь слегка чиниться. На "картонке" в Пузыре вообще сигналы мне по-барабану
  • Greybeard_LXI's Avatar
    Today, 8:19 PM · 16 replies and 104 views.
    When this happens to me either I forgot to lower the landing gear or I am facing the wrong way. Check the landing gear and if it is down and locked use the yaw control so the chevrons (arrows -- >>> or <<<) are facing the same way as the ship. You should be facing the pad number with blast shields behind you. Or maybe I am not at the right pitch/roll angle to the pad.
  • Tippis's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 PM · 6983 replies and 369253 views.
    I mean, 1 out of 6 isn't that bad… it's a quarter of the way to a passing grade, at least.
  • SenseiMatty's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 PM · 168 replies and 1971 views.
    Most of players happy with unlimited still thinks that craftable probes would be a nice addition ;)
  • Prorokpl's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 PM · 3 replies and 7 views.
    IIRC it will be a basic scanner for all of us that will get upgraded. ADS will be taken, but the cost of it will be returned to the player. But there shouldn't be a situation where you are out in the black and you are with no scanner anymore. Don't you worry.
  • rlsg's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 PM · 192 replies and 3025 views.
    Wrong - the principles of agile and rapid prototyping actually allow for presentation, demonstration, and trials of potential upcoming solutions. In fact, in the case of the Agile methodology, when applying it properly allowing for complete rework of an element is part of the course. The point of Agile is to minimise the potential level of rework if the target audience requests revisions. Whether FD adhere to the principles of Agile though is pretty moot - the fundamental point is consulting with less than 20 people is a far cry from consulting with the community - to claim otherwise is a total fallacy.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 8:17 PM · 668 replies and 14620 views.
    Why do I even try... There are no double standard. I had zero issues with traveling to planets while pointing cursors at them. Does new system removes a bit of traveling? Yes. Does it replaces with something worthwhile? Remains to be seen, but it feels so. Yes, new system takes away snap decision time, while in same time gives tools to explore system faster regarding bodies than before. So it seems devs felt that would provide deeper context to exploration. And it feels pretty much so. If there would be last step where I have to travel to planet to discover more about it besides surface map I wouldn't mind, at all. But it seems FD has covered that. Nope, I wasn't concerned and I never said that. I welcomed surface scanning as way to get POIs because it just make sense.
  • AdmiralXanos's Avatar
    Today, 8:17 PM · 9 replies and 159 views.
    Great idea, but instead of module size have it based on grade: Basic = 20 probes & 8 minute regen (160min from empty to full) Intermediate = 30 probes & 4 minute regen (120min) Advanced= 40 probes & 2 minute regen (80min) This would effectively make the basic only good at mapping moons and small planets. Intermediate could excel at larger planets. With the advanced allowing an expert pilot to map a system without slowing down. The regen timing and clip size discourages just wildly shooting probes unless you're just trying to map a single planet for something like mission locations.
  • Vash627's Avatar
    Today, 8:17 PM · 192 replies and 3025 views.
    They can't invite literally the entire exploration community as a whole. So they hand picked a few prominent names, and yeah they used it to publicize upcoming content. It is a business that they're running after all. A business with no publicity doesn't really function very well.
  • MiiC's Avatar
    Today, 8:17 PM · 1932 replies and 108997 views.
    MiiC replied to a thread Star Citizen in Otros Temas
    La gente con el FOIP se está montando unas películas brutales xD
  • Stigbob's Avatar
    Today, 8:17 PM · 198 replies and 8944 views.
    The Kraken wakes. An excellent book I'd forgotten how good old school slow burn sci-fi can be.
  • hookandsling's Avatar
    Today, 8:16 PM · 146 replies and 5313 views.
    +1 for Archon Fury Sidwinder streams are amazing
  • Turd Ferguson's Avatar
    Today, 8:15 PM · 4 replies and 13 views.
  • Stigbob's Avatar
    Today, 8:15 PM · 192 replies and 3025 views.
    They've been doing exactly that for years, the seventeen visited after that and the beta's upcoming IIRC. I'm not sure why you think they've not done/are not doing these things.
  • askavir's Avatar
    Today, 8:14 PM · 238 replies and 3820 views.
    True, also because truly intelligent people have a tendency to second-guess themselves because they are usually so open to new information that they keep redefining their own conclusions and "certainties". The more people know, the more people realize how much they also don't know. They also tend to not give that much of a fart about how other people see them, so claiming superior intelligence is definitively not a sign of superior intelligence at all. And being full of oneself is not a sign of intelligence either, it's just a sign of being full of oneself.
  • rodvik's Avatar
    Today, 8:14 PM · 763 replies and 22616 views.
    rodvik replied to a thread Q4 Exploration Reveal in Exploration
    Totally agree. After ignoring exploration for so long then to cripple the ADS is really annoying. Why not just add stuff? Still I maintain hope, FDEV have realised mistakes in the past and fixed them. For example they put in auto zero throttle after jump in a beta recently, then removed it after players objected. So hopefully the new nerfed ADS system will be removed as well and they will be put the superior old one back in and keep the golf scanner which is an improvement.
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