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  • Backer42's Avatar
    Today, 1:23 PM · 7145 replies and 588232 views.
    In fact, Twitch metrics are more indicative of trends even on PC, as I pointed out here and here We wouldn't use GOG metrics either.
  • marx's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 PM · 8 replies and 185 views.
    Oh, yeah. If memory serves (I don't have a timestamp), on one of the streams they said that neither superpower will get a rank-locked exploration ship. So that would rule out a Gutamaya explorer, unless it weren't locked - but even the Courier is restricted. Oh well, Frontier can always change their minds. Besides, I think plenty of people would be happy to take a multi-role Gutamaya ship that's good for exploration, much like the Clipper. In fact, unlike what its name implied, the Imperial Explorer of FFE was more like a destroyer.
  • Jeep Regent's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 PM · 51 replies and 1368 views.
    I hope for a Hud change and an off button. Sometimes I just have to sit in the darkness
  • keith_p's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 PM · 696 replies and 71573 views.
    My second favourite moment from an ED livestream, that one!, after "Killed by CMDR Harry Potter" of course!.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 PM · 84 replies and 3567 views.
    An unspecified later date. When it comes to games, I file everything that is officially 'indefinitely postponed' under 'cancelled'. If and when they commit to it again I'll put it back under 'likely to come'. Just a matter of managing expectations. :)
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 1:22 PM · 281 replies and 7256 views.
    But it is irrelevant to myself, Bitstorm & others here because we did not buy the 130 LEP. You are fixating on a detail that has no bearing on the issue I (and others) are concerned with. I'm sure it has some relevance to others & is worth including as an addendum, but it does not need to be repeated ad nauseam as a toddler repeats "but why?" to every answer. On the other hand, Frontier the company has consistently failed to meet self imposed goals and in my view regularly chasing up progress is warranted. Belittling those that chase up progress seems counterproductive, on those occasions when Frontier has responded they are to the benefit of the whole community. So give your bleating a rest please, it is irritating (trolling) and nothing more.
  • Sterlino's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 PM · 6647 replies and 351701 views.
    Don't underestimate the power of StarCitizen's ideas... join us : buy a ship
  • thistle's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 PM · 696 replies and 71573 views.
    Wait. Aybkamen is a developer, but he's not going to get a job (?) because your co-workers are developers?
  • Rob At Work's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 PM · 696 replies and 71573 views.
    That makes no sense. Are you a developer?
  • Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 PM · 696 replies and 71573 views.
    I would say irrespective of your personal feelings this isn't going to change. I'd just accept this is the way FD want to run the beta and if you are participating enjoy yourself.
  • Oss133's Avatar
    Today, 1:19 PM · 696 replies and 71573 views.
    Existence of spycam confirmed?
  • elkiller's Avatar
    Today, 1:19 PM · 696 replies and 71573 views.
  • SenseiMatty's Avatar
    Today, 1:18 PM · 51 replies and 1368 views.
    I hope in the next 1286 years the coffee technology will get some improvement :D Easy one, Samantha Cristoforetti took it into orbit.
  • Max Factor's Avatar
    Today, 1:17 PM · 696 replies and 71573 views.
    Oh god, please stop.
  • M00ka's Avatar
    Today, 1:17 PM · 186 replies and 5400 views.
    guess there will be no stacking 20 missions at a time huh ;)
  • Dural's Avatar
    Today, 1:16 PM · 1987 replies and 144269 views.
    Skyrim VR - Love Skyrim and now that most SSE mods, SKSE etc now work with VR it's quite frankly (coming from someone who grew up playing things like Chuckie Egg) 'kin amazing to be this much inside a game world. There are about 20 must have mods and a few ini tweeks which turn if into a really great experience. Standing up playing games also counts as exercise, right? :) GTA5 now and again - bit sad because hardly any of my GTA friends are online anymore but doing the odd heist with randoms is still fun. Started new Prey, bored after 1 hour. Started AC BF, about 2 hours in. Have also been playing the new free pre alpha Unreal Tournament, that's great fun, it feels very much like original UT.
  • elkiller's Avatar
    Today, 1:16 PM · 696 replies and 71573 views.
    yea but is better to release the whole "package" so the devs can work on all the bugs within a month instead of 2 weeks.
  • Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Today, 1:16 PM · 696 replies and 71573 views.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 1:15 PM · 6647 replies and 351701 views.
    But SC really doesn't offer anything like that and to be fair, there aren't indications they can even do it. Emergent gameplay is attractive, I give you that, but it has it's limits from both sides - how much game platform can allow you to go sideways and how much creativity there are in community. From development costs standpoint it is huge black hole which can eat lot of resources without bringing much of benefits. Most likely some really well designed middle way is way to go. For EvE they figured this stuff out...after 5 years or so. But CIG hasn't even indicated they have idea how to do it.
  • marx's Avatar
    Today, 1:15 PM · 2789 replies and 331976 views.
    Which would be the fourth on the list, and none of the other three have a binary pair of moons. Good to see that an ELW can still host those. Congrats on your find, and best of luck on your way back! Sad to hear that, but I can certainly understand it. Still, I hope the beta will change your mind, and probably mine too. In either case, thanks for all your submissions!
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