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  • Blackcompany's Avatar
    Today, 4:31 AM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    Players who murder innocent commanders who are not legit faction/PP targets anywhere but Anarchy must pay both the victims rebuy, and a fine not less than 25% of their credit balance, up $5 million credits. Meanwhile, murderers and criminals get discounts and other bonuses in pirate faction anarchy systems, because what society sees as noteriety, pirates see as cred, and reward. Want to play as a psychotic murderer, fine. The galaxy will treat you as one.
  • utahtide's Avatar
    Today, 4:28 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    I have come across several websites that have list of Systems useful for mining or exploration...They include a "ClipBoard" Icon next to each system with the intended use of copying the system name and then copying it into the Navigation panel on your ship... This does not work for me and now not sure if that was the purpose.. I am running a PC with Windows 10. Any idea on this or how to transfer a system name without having to manual input every system ?
  • CMDR Karrde Sun's Avatar
    Today, 4:23 AM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    From a player who has joined your group(s) since first hearing about board hopping (oh wait...) Id absolutely find the setup described normal acceptable, and where to go. You could easily remove the distinction we currently have between open and solo with that. Some flourishes for the idea: - Create real incentives to go to anarchy systems. We need an very desirable incentive to run the gauntlet. To make this work effectively, this probably can't be in every anarchy system, but a dozen or so around the bubble. Regardless of how annoying pvpers can be, making it to the no fire zone of a golden station should be manageable by all. - Ensure new players start in a bubble of hi sec zones and make them aware of it. Ensure its possible to outfit to some minimum level within that bubble.
  • BurntJello's Avatar
    Today, 4:22 AM · 39 replies and 572 views.
    I disagree. What's the difference between 1 notoriety and 10? Nothing! Both, you lose starport services. Both, are back at 0 by the time you wake up the next day, ready to murder some more. The system is far too punishing to non-career criminals and not punishing enough to habitual space killers. (all of which was pointed out during beta)
  • Mobius's Avatar
    Today, 4:22 AM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    this would require frontier to remove their thumb from their backside and make this Elite 4.0, I feel that if frontier was to take these ideas onboard it would be the beginning of the end of the PVE community. players not wanting a pvp life style would choose to be an independent faction, this would offer them protection in all security systems. frontier would need to implement a deadly NPC security force to protect such players, but those players who were not adverse to pvp would chose to take the benefits of aligning themselves to a power faction to either reap financial rewards or influence their faction. I also suggest that players wanting to change faction would lose all faction ability's and enter into a 48 hour cool down period as an independent faction player. if an independent players chooses a faction to join its an instant process. basicly being an independent player means that you do not get any faction missions and as such are unable to influence any BGS.
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 4:20 AM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    Maybe for some of those "hiding" in PGs. I'm in Solo for very different reasons though. I'm not really interested in the respawn arena death match elements of the game so much. I might consider Open more if they get rid of the insurance rebuy system altogether though, which will never happen, unfortunately. Oh well; their loss.
  • Cosmos's Avatar
    Today, 4:20 AM · 87 replies and 1924 views.
    Whilst it may spark my interest, it moving to Open, it also requires removing much of the dreary grind. If they want to make a success of it, it should really be fully player on player driven. This would mean ditching the renamed combat zones etc, and really investing some effort to make it a full on adversarial player mechanic. I fear it, if it even is realised, that the only change will be that we can only affect the current system in Open. If this is the case, then.. meh.
  • dfgqsb's Avatar
    Today, 4:20 AM · 24 replies and 313 views.
    Totally agree, and interesting ideas. I also came to ED to fly spaceships, and that's why PvP interests me so much. Other than that, only canyons and asteroid field seem appealing.
  • krylite's Avatar
    Today, 4:20 AM · 87 replies and 1924 views.
    I'd bet it won't make much of a difference to those who pledge to powerplay for far more than the modules. Except the bots and 5C preparing ungamey loopholes will be much more easily exposed. I'd also suspect most who pledge for the modules that play primarily in solo/moebius, will still take the time to haul pp materials in open, for the brief time needed to do so every 4 weeks for the pp module "shopping" , then duck back into solo/pg. In summary, imo, it really isn't that big a deal for solo/pg mode players who just module shop and could potentially improve the pp game for those who play it as intended.
  • Mouse's Avatar
    Today, 4:18 AM · 51 replies and 801 views.
    read the threads here... people openly admit to just wanting it for salt mining so how is he wrong?
  • Mengy's Avatar
    Today, 4:18 AM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    Honestly that sounds kind of sweet. As long as the punishment for murdering an innocent legal commander was hefty enough to have meaningful consequences. Not the notoriety we have now which can simply be AFK'd away, I mean meaningful, game changing consequences.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 4:18 AM · 651 replies and 42498 views.
    I hope so. People are so concerned about shoving their barrow of opinion and requirements for frontier to be "correct" about an approach, they've not stopped to think "am I part of the problem?". Because of course they aren't. The truely worst thing Frontier could do, is seek a broader, less unhinged community perspective, that is not encumbered with 5+ years of insular group think. It's easy to look at one or other recent announcement in an emotional cloud of anger and have some feels about that; but when you look at what the broader community is actually saying and asking for? Frontier seem to be starting to address that. That may well mean Frontier is seeking a little more clarity of vision. I will never have a problem with that; because it's pretty normal to expect that kind of approach. And I tell you one thing; I had a ton of feedback that people are dropping exploring and other pursuits and gearing up for next week, whilst I expedited a 10 kylies run in an Orca yesterday to get back 'home'....
  • Phisto Sobanii's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 AM · 13 replies and 383 views.
    Why would you start a fight by underestimating your opponent?
  • Sebastian Rooks's Avatar
    Today, 4:13 AM · 26 replies and 322 views.
    Edited and thank you kind Sir. Please excuse my faux pas. You're a Scottish gentleman and a scholar. Have some rep! Rooks o7
  • BurntJello's Avatar
    Today, 4:11 AM · 87 replies and 1924 views.
    I only ever did Powerplay for the modules, and I've already gotten all of the ones I wanted. I'm actually planning to unpledge once Small Worlds 3 starts this weekend, since I'll be away from the bubble for 3 weeks anyway. Unless I have a reason to, I won't go near it again. (only reason is if "open" actually makes it fun)
  • Tarman's Avatar
    Today, 4:10 AM · 39 replies and 871 views.
    I agree completely. I get out the Sidey and such for fun flight of itself, but they don't have much real purpose to me beyond that due to the abilities of the rest of my fleet; which is sad because most of the smalls are good inside their own operating class. There's not even a small-only landing facility, let alone specific small-only gameplay loops.
  • SAB380's Avatar
    Today, 4:09 AM · 6 replies and 0 views.
    Done. How do we implement this? :)
  • Xious's Avatar
    Today, 4:08 AM · 48 replies and 615 views.
    Welcome to Gank Central...
  • DukeIronHand's Avatar
    Today, 4:06 AM · 9 replies and 176 views.
    Thanks! And with an exact date to boot. In case you’re curious (I would be :) ) I’ve been trying to determine the activity status of that PMF.
  • KW001's Avatar
    Today, 4:06 AM · 651 replies and 42498 views.
    'bout an hour ago, for a moment I thought that was the case when I jumped into a HAZ and the first kill was a conda that dropped 3 pharmaceutical iso's. I mean yeah I know they've been dropping rares since 3.0, but Ive never seen a kill drop more than 1 PI before.
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