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  • cmdr awesome's Avatar
    Today, 6:40 AM · 417 replies and 54265 views.
    Thanks AD. It did seem better after a restart, but not fixed. I will try doing some unplugging and replugging. I take the handle off my stick for storage, which sometimes causes issues. The bindings all seem logical but relearning years of muscle memory is proving a challenge!
  • Xious's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 AM · 43 replies and 1118 views.
    I have a Cutter but never fly it.
  • TOM USMC's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 AM · 55 replies and 1353 views.
    Thank you as well. There are amazing things to see and a peacefulness in the black that has to be experienced. I wish you the best in your travels and that we do cross paths out there somewhere.
  • GoldenSilver484's Avatar
    Today, 6:37 AM · 245 replies and 5988 views.
    While I agree that the console won't be able to have high quality VR on atmospheric planets, you do realize neither the PC or console you're playing on is keeping track of the 400 billion star systems, right? It's kept track of on FD's servers. That's the main reason why ED requires an internet connection to play. It's also the reason why you can see Xbox and PS Cmdr first discoveries and are affected by our efforts on the BGS, same galaxy database.
  • TOM USMC's Avatar
    Today, 6:36 AM · 55 replies and 1353 views.
    Oorah brother. Thank you for the kind words and thank you for your service!
  • xxSHEPERDxx's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 AM · 62 replies and 5909 views.
    I think that's false. I believe the reason it isn't implemented is because it's a risk factor. The R&D cost to implement the PSVR needs to have a payoff, and at this point it's likely the due to the game being a niche title combined with PSVR sales not being anything stellar ( :P ) that would blunt efforts to make it a selling point for the game at this time. With CCP shutting down the studio that developed the various EVE PSVR titles, it definitely can be seen as a red flag and a warning to those developers looking to invest heavily into VR and have it bite them in the . This can turn around if we get more VR titles actually worth a damn. When it comes to Elite, the upcoming Ace Combat game may be the best point of reference for Fdev to decide if they want to commit to it or not. Definitely can happen, but it is a wise decision on Fdev's part not to make the attempt just yet. I think it will happen, just a matter of feeling out when the situation improves for VR. Sony could always drop the price point...
  • 777Driver's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 AM · 3 replies and 79 views.
    As mentioned, the T10 is just a T9 Chassis that has been reinforced, there are slight differences, although you would probably only notice it if you have VR or maybe trackIR. The entire flooring of the T-10 is different to the T9, the rest are slight visible cosmetic variations visible from the bridge due to the hull changes (T-10 has additional protection above the main canopy)
  • Xious's Avatar
    Today, 6:33 AM · 40 replies and 882 views.
    It's a great ship. I bought mine after selling my Type 6. That was a great day. I bought a Python a week or two later but after a few trips, sold it and bought back the Clipper. Compared to the Clipper, the Python has a butt ugly cockpit and was just not fun to fly.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 6:33 AM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Some cool ideas there. Back when the game was first released there were a lot more authority ship interdictions of players, and it didn't sit well with a lot of people, though. That's one danger here that I can think of. People just don't want to be hassled a lot when they're trying to get from A to B. :)
  • aRJay's Avatar
    Today, 6:32 AM · 18 replies and 206 views.
    Thats the way, it will become so second nature that you will find yourself doing it when approaching Outposts and MegaShips where it is sort of pointless. For high speed approaches you need to get tips from the racing crowd, Buckyball etc.
  • Good Death's Avatar
    Today, 6:31 AM · 37 replies and 1480 views.
    I've been fighting that same battle. When I first got my rift I was upset with the quality. It literally sat in drawer for months until a couple of weeks ago. But, I'm giving her all she's got captain and I'm starting to get used to it. My 1080ti does the VR thing great though. Have you delided that 5.1 8700k?
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 6:30 AM · 40 replies and 882 views.
    Python doesn't turn at speed (frontier nerfed its handling so much, even FA-Off it has the same turn rate!) or go at speed. Python has some advantages, clipper others. It's simple really. Why not both?
  • chay'yim ben david's Avatar
    Today, 6:30 AM · 11 replies and 361 views.
    Joined the Botame Resistance or Botame Machteret. in Hebrew I added a little insignia for them and I made up how to spell Botame in Hebrew which was fun! It was like reverse engineering and stuffs.
  • Charon Black's Avatar
    Today, 6:27 AM · 19 replies and 604 views.
    Guys stop living in another world... we are talking about Frontier here... they are not superfunded...! They need simple ideas that can easily be applied and furthermore, improving the game ***SLOWLY SLOWLY***:x
  • varonica's Avatar
    Today, 6:27 AM · 24 replies and 298 views.
    No.We. Don't. If you have to much money, then stop doing stuff that makes heaps of money, simple as that! I have been playing for two years, I have around 300m in the bank and a half dozen small/medium, ships, and you want to start taking my money away by forcing me to put a crewman in my T6? I just don't get peoples obsession with taking away my hard earned money, little as it is, you just keep your money grubbing fingers away from it!
  • Major Klutz's Avatar
    Today, 6:26 AM · 267 replies and 21212 views.
    You're caught up with us already then. The current waypoint is only about 10 jumps from there and we'll be here until next Saturday. Meetups on Saturday at 16:00 and 20:00 UTC/GMT/In Game Time
  • Coragaon's Avatar
    Today, 6:22 AM · 71 replies and 1060 views.
    The BGS is and will be a black box. We will never have 100% certainty on many things. But that is what makes it so much more intriguing. If we'd know everything down to the last bit it would become a terrible bore.
  • xxSHEPERDxx's Avatar
    Today, 6:21 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Co-op is one of the features of this game I have not done much of. Initially I bought the game for my brothers and we played it a few times, but it was mostly multicrew and SLF stuff and never actually in a wing with each player having their own ship. Mostly looking for combat runs, even running escort to anybody hauling cargo or passengers. PSN: xxSHEPERDxx , though I would need to add you, as I have a youtube channel and have received dozens of random friend requests and have my account settings to deny messages from strangers. (It gets really bad) Drop me a line here.
  • Commander Danicus's Avatar
    Today, 6:21 AM · 497 replies and 14930 views.
    Sorry OP - FDEV built this box. Players do whatever they want with the mechanics of the game. I would personally prefer a structured pvp and wvw system /mechanics within a pve setting on a megaserver but that is not what we have. 20 years of mmos should have offered some foundation for Elite's game structures - but no. Elite will always be indy niche since it caters to the DayZ survival crowd 1st (full pvp open), and the pve crowd 2nd (cheaping out the pve server via pg mode). This C&P fiasco will be a new vehicle for clever folks to inflict pain on pve'rs imo. Hope to see you in Mobius PVE if there is still room. Last time I looked there were over 19k members. More in plain old Mobius. It's fun seeing and chatting with players from all over the world. There isn't one thing wrong with pvp or wvw. There is no moral softness or silly psychoanalysis needed to describe players that like it. The problem is with FDEV and an under-realized game.
  • AJW's Avatar
    Today, 6:19 AM · 4464 replies and 266656 views.
    Over on Spectrum, someone asks "What will be the extent of the first pass on the server meshing planned for 3.4 ?" This is the response: Doesn't exactly inspire confidence. They will 'probably' do things that 'may' require 'key pieces of technology' they don't yet have. And when it is working, they will 'most likely' need to rewrite core parts of the game because it will break them. Two steps forward, one step backward... It strikes me that before they start meshing the servers, they need to start meshing the development process. If you can call it development.
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