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  • CMDR Nef's Avatar
    Today, 7:22 AM · 26 replies and 658 views.
    That's what I have. Heat vent efficient. The rest of my weapons are just there for show. Those beams freeze my Vette, never run out of juice, let me spam packs, and gave me enough power to have full shield boosters.
  • V'larr's Avatar
    Today, 7:21 AM · 3 replies and 30 views.
    Yes, I remember finding this out - afterwards. Which is truely scary that Frontier seriously considered something *twice as expensive* as what we currently have. Completely, utterly boggles my mind. I have used ship transfer possibly twice since the feature came out, both times only on a Hauler taxi ship. That should tell you how much "quality of life" it's brought me. Wrong already. They didn't introduce or implement anything first - they brought it up as a point of discussion during a live stream of one of the game conventions they're involved with.
  • Bob Lighthouse's Avatar
    Today, 7:21 AM · 3 replies and 47 views.
    Gambler's fallacy. Also use two modules and you can accept every better roll. There should be no agonizing over that part.
  • varonica's Avatar
    Today, 7:20 AM · 26 replies and 354 views.
    Not instantaneous here, but still fast enough on my laptop that I can load and quite the map while FSD is charging, 3 seconds I would guess, and sometimes I am on a really terrible internet connection so I don't think it is that much connection dependent, but my laptop does have a decent amount of memory and a good vid card.
  • -JAFO-'s Avatar
    Today, 7:18 AM · 32 replies and 1300 views.
    -JAFO- replied to a thread No 5th Aegis CG in Aliens
    Or they just figured ya know we are wasting Dev time NERFing this stuff. Let just not release it and then we don't have to NERF it. BRILLIANT TODD YOUR A LEAD DEV NOW!
  • Karamon's Avatar
    Today, 7:17 AM · 1343 replies and 208241 views.
    Karamon replied to a thread Fer-de-Lance Fer-de-Lance Owner's Club in Ships of Elite
    I was using 1 huge beam and 4 multicannons but it is eating ammo like it is hot dog eating contest . Try 4 medium pulse lasers with rapid fire mod + huge MC with corrosive ammo . Lvl 3 rapid fire is fairly easy to obtain and gives huge boost. Obviously fixed , but if you can't aim like me gimballed pulse lasers are nice too. Rapid fire is key here, without it this weapon setup was not so special. Only downside is i run a little hot before me energy runs out
  • CMDR Nef's Avatar
    Today, 7:16 AM · 26 replies and 658 views.
    3385m/s on mine. I routinely ram my way through Res sites with her 6k shields.
  • Valethar's Avatar
    Today, 7:16 AM · 25 replies and 458 views.
    Rumor has it, if you Bask properly while flying a Cutter, it generates more power. Well, unless you're a Fed, that is. :D
  • Buio's Avatar
    Today, 7:15 AM · 8000 replies and 806139 views.
    Buio replied to a thread Screenie(s)... in Dangerous Discussion
    Viper IV in front of Coriolis Viper IV pilot seat
  • Curvemn17's Avatar
    Today, 7:15 AM · 26 replies and 200 views.
    Pirated 26 low diamonds in Jang Di with my Anaconda, after 100k to refuel, repair, reload I made 1.3m.
  • Tom Melegaris's Avatar
    Today, 7:15 AM · 3 replies and 47 views.
    * Looks over at both couches I have here a few images, please describe with one word how you each feel about each image. :p
  • d4eaming's Avatar
    Today, 7:14 AM · 3 replies and 51 views.
    Most pirate NPCs will spawn 3-5km from the base right next to me, sometimes almost colliding with me (and a couple of times actually colliding with me). They will also teleport 3000ls from behind me to in front of me if I drop to normal space and appear inside my instance before I finish dropping from supercruise.
  • KillSwitch69's Avatar
    Today, 7:10 AM · 22 replies and 419 views.
    Sorry to be that guy, but in physics size does not equal mass therefore large stars do not automatically have large gravity wells. just look at neutron starts and black holes... their size is relatively small yet have immense gravitational effects. cheers
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 7:09 AM · 18 replies and 754 views.
    Neutron boosts are risky but pretty easy once you get the hang of it, and they can save quite a lot of time if you plan your route well. My first trip to Colonia was 3.7 hours, and I was a Neutron Highway noob. I'm sure I could get there much faster with practice. Pro Tip: bigger ships are better at navigating the jets.
  • Witcher7's Avatar
    Today, 7:08 AM · 27 replies and 699 views.
    Thanks for the chart. You can see how ELW looks like blue WW and HMC. Anyways, I lost my chartographs when a Thargoid Interceptor killed me
  • ZakNaZul's Avatar
    Today, 7:08 AM · 3 replies and 30 views.
    just to refresh memory - timeline of events: 1) FD introduce and implement new feautere, totally necessary and good one. 2) Some trolls start whining about how OP it is 3) Mindless herd shows up and provide support 4) FD decides start voting. 5) And just becouse almost 75% of ppl living on planet has varying severity of mental handicap, variant "Pay money AND wait" wins. You've got what you asking for, along with what you deserve. I never gonna understand those who voted for "Pay and Wait" thou... as if we spend too little time on all sorts of nonsense without it. Apparently some people like waiting more then actually playing.
  • znôrt's Avatar
    Today, 7:07 AM · 18 replies and 754 views.
    this game teaches you barely anything. you have to either experiment yourself, which often involves risk, or seek information online (forum, youtube, external apps) or from friends. if you decide to experiment yourself assume anything can kill you with no warning, so minimize the risk. that's actually fun, but don't try out new stuff in an expensive ship or with lots of exploration data or bounties or bonds or valuable cargo. do it in cheap ships. once you know, you know. be advised that playing all by yourself you will miss a lot of content, i.e., it is very unlikely that you ever see a thargoid, or an ancient relic, or that you engineer a dirty drive worth of mention. there are some clues in galnet, and here or there, but you'll have a lot to read and then solve puzzles ... often not very smart ones. this brings us to the other route: learn from others. there is a ton of knowledge about the game online but it is dispersed in different sites. the forum, as you can see, is quite messy (and as for...
  • 3navis's Avatar
    Today, 7:06 AM · 214 replies and 4217 views.
    Ytri, no soy Oscar pero si tiene razón en que falla, a mi por ejemplo la versión actual se me ha quedado congelada unas cuantas veces, no me molesta en exceso porque vuelves a entrar y sigues donde estas, pero pasa. Cuando empece a jugar recuerdo que al entrar a una estación se quedaba en la pantalla de entrada 1 o 2 minutos, era insufrible, y mantuvieron el error durante meses. Menos mal que finalmente lo arreglaron, porque era como para dejar el juego. Hay otros menores de texturas, y algunos graves como el de que no aparecen misiones de ascenso de manera recurrente, ... En mi opinión nada grave, pero errores los tiene.
  • yolomcbobbinz's Avatar
    Today, 7:06 AM · 5 replies and 83 views.
    it's gone now, I had a power flash and well, R.I.P 55ly jump range on my DBE
  • Phazon Xenomorph's Avatar
    Today, 7:04 AM · 16 replies and 346 views.
    Gravity scooping is fun... but I prefer combat on a HIGH G planet (in the actual planet instance), nothing like the comforting sound of the heat damage alarm to help you fight.
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