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  • CMDR Maelstrom Dragons's Avatar
    Today, 6:11 AM · 10 replies and 134 views.
    the main idea would be to keep it simple as possible. You would have 2 chasis types: flatbed with 2 small weapon mount and box for module. The flatbed would allow for 2 small weapons of your choice (beam, burst, pulse, multi, canon, frag, railgun, plasma, missile rack) and cargo capacity of 2-6 depending on what fdev chose. The box variant would be very close to the image shown and would allow for a 2-6 cargo capacity + 2x size 2 optional internals of your choice (shield, fuel scoop (geysers could provide fuel to the ship and save explorers), cargo rack, limpet buggy, repair buggy, geyser scanner, vertical thrusters or medium weapon mount at the expanse of the 2 internals). The vehicle wouldn't have vertical thrusters unless it is judged feasible.
  • Sapyx's Avatar
    Today, 6:09 AM · 2 replies and 38 views.
    Sapyx replied to a thread other galaxies..? in Newcomers Forum
    Probably the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds - medium-sized satellite galaxies of the Milky Way. They look like nebulae on the skybox, only they look the same from everywhere in the galaxy. Other neighbouring galaxies are visible on the galaxy map and on the skybox: Andromeda, the Pinwheel, Triangulum; there's a thread where someone charted the two dozen or so galaxies that are visible in-game. They're just skybox decorations, you can't actually fly to them.
  • InertFurry's Avatar
    Today, 6:08 AM · 2 replies and 32 views.
    Just add that puppy as a blip on your social menu. It won't be missed by anyone who doesn't notice it there any anyone actually using that information is looking for it actively anyways.
  • Coloratura's Avatar
    Today, 6:08 AM · 2 replies and 23 views.
    There are definite areas where tedium has taken hold. Here's the thing, though, even though I know it's tedious, even though I know there are times when I'm bored out of my mind working towards one thing or another, I keep playing, because I'm flying a spaceship. It doesn't feel like work, for now, because I can just let it go for a while and just fly around in my spaceship, but yeah, I get what you're saying OP.
  • n4p0l3on's Avatar
    Today, 6:08 AM · 7 replies and 56 views.
    My guess it has a thing or two to do with the way the scope of the game works corellating with the technical side of things, mainly networking? It's already hard enough just to pull procedurally generated mission list in the game, evident with the relatively long wait we have to suffer. Now add search functions that is required to sync with and repeatedly update the data from like 20,000+ game 'zones' (that's just the human inhabited systems) that are somewhat interactive for the players, that can be a technical nightmare. Remember almost all systems have more than one stations, there are more than a hundred commodities, several dozens ships, several dozens outfitting items, etc. The software and hardware infrastructure that need to support in game real time searching feature for that many items is possibly not worth it, not to mention the maintenance side of things.
  • brodster121's Avatar
    Today, 6:08 AM · 2 replies and 18 views.
    I meant to mark it as that as well as set it to severe because i am unable to continue with the mission, but the verification timed out and I'm assuming that it set those two back to the default settings.
  • m0rl0ck's Avatar
    Today, 6:06 AM · 9 replies and 56 views.
    I have it on good authority that loitering is punishable by death.
  • Faded Glory's Avatar
    Today, 6:04 AM · 78 replies and 3700 views.
    They are entirely temporary. One can pay off a bounty immediately (unless it's a murder crime, in which case you have to wait a bit). But yes, I was referring to the timers previously, but essentially there's no difference now. In fact, they are easier to get rid of. A murder bounty only need last 2 hours now, not a week. Being locked out of outfitting where you are not wanted doesn't make bounties non-jurisdictional. It just makes no sense. Any half decent criminal would have a clean ship to swap into, not rely on the very expensive route of trying to clean all modules and swap them to a clean hull. Bounties are jurisdictional by design. Surely part of the idea of consequences is that if you can plan your criminality to not impact systems where you want to do legitimate business that is a positive thing. Yes, criminals can circumvent the law, so they can keep playing. It's not a problem to me, and I'm not a criminal. It's just a game, and if people aren't breaking the rules they should be...
  • El_Hefe's Avatar
    Today, 6:03 AM · 40 replies and 747 views.
    I have read your comments,and others. Im against your ideas. I was happy enough with the implementation of wing missions as was. I felt they just needed tuning. Your suggestions would require a redevelopment of missions that were implemented 3 weeks ago and will do nothing to redress the problems we currently have in the short term. As is wing missions are not worth doing. Thats just a fact,and a sad one at that. Ill be leaving this thread now for reasons.
  • zzUrbanSpaceman's Avatar
    Today, 6:03 AM · 115 replies and 6716 views.
    zzUrbanSpaceman replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.0.3 Horizons] No 'Rank-Up' Mission in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Look I get it, but be reasonable. They acknowledged the issue at 11:34am local time in the UK, so they had the rest of that day to look into it. It's currently 5AM UK time. There is not likely to be any change while they're all asleep, and I wouldn't expect anything to happen at the stroke of 9am UK time either. Hopefully they'll have a server side fix out tomorrow UK time, but that will entirely depend on where the actual problem is and whether it can be fixed server side at all.
  • Malicron's Avatar
    Today, 6:03 AM · 1994 replies and 187357 views.
    I'd assume that's referring to Jammeson's lost ship. Note that it's A Cobra, singular. It was arguably the most famous lost ship, before it was found.
  • Zarek Null's Avatar
    Today, 6:02 AM · 10 replies and 151 views.
    Zarek Null replied to a thread Yield to me in PvP
    I already explained what I was doing (in my first post to this thread). Never make an overlord repeat himself.
  • InertFurry's Avatar
    Today, 6:02 AM · 9 replies and 140 views.
    I've been noting this same problem. Salvage missions are impossible by their reward standards. Rescue missions are impossible without a Type-7 or Type-9 full of hundreds of limpets. It's like they only want us doing cargo and data delivery missions.
  • UnaSalusVictus's Avatar
    Today, 6:02 AM · 81 replies and 1061 views.
    if soon is next week, then yeah they will... same as with the other stuff they removed because vets complained it was ruining the game... gone for a week or 2 then back!!!!
  • Alias_Reign's Avatar
    Today, 6:00 AM · 81 replies and 1061 views.
    Well I donít know if itís cuz of vets complaints as much as itís a bug, Iím a vet and Iím stuck at 100% chief petty officer for fed so if it is due to ďvetsĒ Iím from beta, (and you donít get much more vet than that) Iím saying fix this ASAP lol.
  • Lanceor's Avatar
    Today, 5:59 AM · 9 replies and 56 views.
    Just log into another mode and dock. Outposts only have one medium pad, so even if every commander vacated landing pads quickly, there would still be a pad shortage any time two players with medium ships are instanced together.
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