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  • Kamiyoda's Avatar
    Today, 3:16 AM · 115 replies and 2191 views.
    What do you mean "Overheat like thermals"? Thermals "overheat" the same way kinetic weapons do, they just do it faster. Do you mean intoduce another overheating mechanic on top of that just for kintetic weapons then?
  • SotF's Avatar
    Today, 3:16 AM · 15 replies and 1115 views.
    I'm kind of hoping for another set of 5 dinosaurs and a hybrid soon. Stegoceratops was on the computer screen in Jurassic World, and adding one more to unlock on each island would have 1 final unlock for each division.
  • Devari's Avatar
    Today, 3:15 AM · 115 replies and 2191 views.
    None of those game mechanics make sense based on how an actual firearm works. That's the problem here, FD is using arbitrary limitations to provide an artificial "game balance" that just ends up being annoying and destroys immersion. A projectile weapon in Elite should not overheat, regardless of the type of round fire, because the only heat generated is from the propellant and the friction that is generated when the round moves down the barrel. That is a trivial amount of heat compared to a MW-range laser or plasma weapon and any cooling system that can handle those weapons should easily manage any projectile weapon using chemical propellant. Even using specialized incendiary rounds would not affect this heat generation in the slightest, they simply have an incendiary explosive that causes high heat to occur to the target upon impact. It doesn't overheat the barrel just because it carries an incendiary payload any more than an explosive round deals explosive damage to the barrels or a corrosive round...
  • Graelock's Avatar
    Today, 3:15 AM · 1 replies and 31 views.
    Start with hunting scouts (NHSS threat level 3's and 4's, namely). For these you don't need any particular setup. Just whatever you would use in a high resource/ haz rez zone. Standard gimballed/ turret weapons work on them. For Cyclops, though, that is a different story. One I cannot speak to since the most I've managed to do is destroy two hearts, and have spent 50+ million in rebuy trying to kill them. For those I would say, safely, a maxed out Conda...but whatever you decide to use they hate the Guardian Gauss. 4 of those and 1-2 remote flak to dispatch the swarm seem to be a popular setup. Load your utility slots up with point defence, as that seems to help with the swarm as well. You'll need a Xeno scanner for the big guys, but the scouts don't require a scan and are a pain to try and scan.
  • WR3ND's Avatar
    Today, 3:12 AM · 100 replies and 1972 views.
    Keep in mind that significant rebalancing means overall power-creep, as ships out in the black, etc., can't be nerfed beyond their current viability without having likewise significant ramifications for players just going about playing the game, regardless of the current meta.
  • Hawkflight's Avatar
    Today, 3:12 AM · 145 replies and 22978 views.
    Right, I have passed on the Endurance to CMDR Lost Raven. I'll have my own stories up once I gather up some pics. ....Wait ... my pics were on my old hard drive ... crap....
  • uuska's Avatar
    Today, 3:12 AM · 150 replies and 11618 views.
    i hope jurassic world will support korean language
  • StuartGT's Avatar
    Today, 3:11 AM · 2737 replies and 451787 views.
    Copy-pasta of BrettC's comment on Reddit Actually, if we don't find any further issues with the new process, we will be making it live quite soon. Myself and a few others on the team have been throwing just about every combination that we can think of at it just to break it. Regardless, the new process is quite simplified and much more real time. You'll be able to do the following... Login with your frontier account, Submit a PMF app (what else would this be for?), Can do near real-time checks of system occupation and restrictions when desired systems are inputted,
  • Jmanis's Avatar
    Today, 3:11 AM · 2313 replies and 237923 views.
    Err.... yes? Except that's not what currently happens, because of what I argue is a bug. When you have something on-board which is of interest(1) (Guardian cargo, meta alloys, thargoid items)... the reactions *used to* be as per the videos in my thread here: Note that they "wait" for 25 seconds in each video there. Those videos are all pre-update which then made them do this: When I looked into this, there was no pattern to the spinning between encounters with all other variables fixed. Spinning is of varying magnitudes, in varying directions relative to the player, with no discernable reason. Honestly, I thought someone may have bug reported it, but maybe everyone really thinks it's new behaviour. The old behaviour of just standing there most definitely corroborated to a "This is your chance to drop the relevant cargo" situation. If the "spinning" behaviour is relevant, nobody has found any sensible reason...
  • Surprised Brony's Avatar
    Today, 3:10 AM · 28 replies and 342 views.
    To show them the true meaning of slavery.
  • Kamiyoda's Avatar
    Today, 3:10 AM · 4 replies and 292 views.
    So... how would you think Pulsars would differ from Neutron Stars in Elite Dangerous
  • straha20's Avatar
    Today, 3:09 AM · 35 replies and 562 views.
    I dropped the class 5 AFMU for the FSD booster, and kept thee 3a AFMU because I can refill it, and time isn't an issue for repairs out in the black
  • Riverside's Avatar
    Today, 3:05 AM · 89 replies and 2035 views.
    You enjoy combat in the game, (most people do), but you don't think it pays very well. You are motivated by money. Yes? So you are naturally put into a situation where you are effectively being forced to choose between what you consider a decent income, and the activity you enjoy/are best at. Through this logical series of statements you are being encouraged to vary your activities by the current state of the game. You don't have to, you could just carry on fighting NPCs, but you want to earn money at a faster rate, which other activities provide. This is not complicated :)
  • Surprised Brony's Avatar
    Today, 3:05 AM · 115 replies and 2191 views.
    Anyone suggested we get rid of the magazine mechanic for projectile weapons and have them overheat like thermals yet? Make the effective mag size* smaller to account for being able to constantly unload whenever you get a line of sight, but remove the need to reload completely. I know it sounds like making weapons samey, but get over that. It's the simple act of reloading, not how the weapon is used that would change. Also, I would suggest an overheated kinetic weapon would have a mandatory full cooldown period after fully overheating. Would help keep things balanced and differentiate thermal from kinetic. I honestly don't know why so many are against a QoL update for this. *mag size refers to shots fired before reload/overheat
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