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  • LP Garnell's Avatar
    Today, 6:47 PM · 5 replies and 114 views.
    You're right, I was thinking about the water worlds, such as the one below with "carbon-water-based-life". The primary is not-terraformable, but the moon is terraformable. In general it appears that the terra cutoffs are more closely tied to surface gravity. For HMC, it is pretty hard and fast set from .4 to 1.999 Gs. For WW, lower limit is .4 G's, but upper is either somewhere shy of 2 (1.9?) or I just haven't seen enough data points (450 so far).
  • phong's Avatar
    Today, 6:46 PM · 2348 replies and 183742 views.
    If he wasn't, i doubt you would have survived the fall. p.s.Tried to follow the link in your sig,mr winnard, mispy tells me you don't exist.<sad face,frowny face>.Similar mr midden's has little or know effect.just thought you should no. tI seems kow's attempts to break the internet each week in new and intersting ways is showing results.
  • Imgran's Avatar
    Today, 6:46 PM · 64 replies and 297 views.
    If I wanted a pure single player game I'd have stayed with the X-universe games. It was the indirectly-online feature of ED that pulled me over from X3. Mostly a solo player here, but I love the online interactivity all the same. I like to think that even though I'm isolated in solo, I can still affect the broader universe around me
  • Edelgard von Rhein's Avatar
    Today, 6:46 PM · 9 replies and 96 views.
    There were NPCs at the Hawking's Gap Alpha site when I was there last week. Always two at a time it seemed; they would do nothing but circle the base and then jump out. There was no radio chatter, they had no affiliation and were not hostile - they completely ignored me as I landed and took my SRV around the site.
  • Candy Man's Avatar
    Today, 6:46 PM · 210 replies and 11236 views.
    I really like your thinking here :D
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 6:45 PM · 64 replies and 297 views.
    What a ridiculous topic. Its like asking if a hamburger would be improved if you replaced the beef with chicken. Yes, if you prefer chicken over beef. No, if you prefer beef over chicken. Anyway, turns out that people who like solo would prefer if ED was single player only, and those who prefer Open dont. Fascinating, really. Eyeopening for sure.
  • Maka Gucci's Avatar
    Today, 6:45 PM · 67 replies and 878 views.
    Still tryna imagine interdictions without SC :)
  • Lecitron's Avatar
    Today, 6:45 PM · 64 replies and 297 views.
    No doubt single player will be gorgeous
  • Kaocraft's Avatar
    Today, 6:45 PM · 1018 replies and 47861 views.
    Please tell me where in space the horizon is?
  • xondk's Avatar
    Today, 6:45 PM · 4 replies and 56 views.
    Unfortunately not unless wine has found a way to address the hardware around the macOS limitations, which unfortunately I doubt as Apple does everything it can to lock their systems down. That said it should be significantly easier to dualboot with linux and macos, less complaints like windows does, so it would be entirely possible to have a linux build entirely only to play games with wine 3, and optimising accordingly.
  • Lloyd Morgan-Moore's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 PM · 172 replies and 8203 views.
    I'm afraid I can't give you any more information on what is included in Chapter 1, however consoles will be covered in the change log as usual once we go live. The bug reports forum is my list of issues! :P
  • Darkfyre99's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 PM · 1018 replies and 47861 views.
    My Python has a lift on the front landing gear, leading to an airlock at the top. My Cobra has stairs in the same location, and the door at the top seems to be in exactly the right position for a lift or ladder to lead directly to the door at the back of the Cobra's bridge. Most of the ships I own have similar features. I've also clipped my head through enough ship walls in VR, and "stepped" out of my SRV, to make some educated guesses about the interior layout of some of the smaller ships. Frontier has gone on record saying that the interiors of ships are roughly laid out, and I've seen enough, thanks in part to VR, to believe them. I'm sure they could do just walking around our ships rather easily. But without game mechanics to go along with it, development resources are better spent in improving other aspects of the game. I also fail to understand why you think procedural cities would cause the Cobra engine to grind to a halt. Unlike a certain game "developer", Frontier has demonstrated they...
  • GG7's Avatar
    Today, 6:43 PM · 64 replies and 297 views.
    I refuse to buy/support ANY game that is published by EA. I'm a big Star Wars fan, but I will NEVER buy Battlefront 2. Been burned too many times by them in the past.
  • Krieger's Avatar
    Today, 6:43 PM · 17 replies and 324 views.
    I'm a little surprised by this too but in this thread commander jgm claims to have tested it. There is a video in that thread showing PP output dropping to 40% while malfunctioning. That thread is from the 1.5beta period but the changes to the power plant failure mechanics were introduced in 1.4 already. Googling a bit finds more posts. Most recent hit was in october I've had my PP destroyed once by one of those railbots and to my surprise my ship came to a full stop for a few seconds and then stuff rebooted and I limped off. I always have thrusters in the prio 1 group and below 50% so I didn't understand what happened at the time. A 5 secs power dip to 20% would explain my experience.
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 6:43 PM · 48 replies and 370 views.
    It also means a handful of pad blockers can perma-destroy CGs in open.
  • Van R Flyheight's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 PM · 438 replies and 66124 views.
    Hi there Bigscho, I've asked one of my PS4 lot to ping you but in case you see this first. We are a casual group based in Federal space. We have an active Discord channel and are awaiting a PMF in game. You can find our page here: Federal Democratic Command Good luck on your journey to Beagle point and hopefully we'll see you when you return to the bubble Van
  • Chaz's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 PM · 184 replies and 4756 views.
    No. If you don't mind spending 3 or more hours in a fruitless frustrating search, flying from station to station just to find that ship or module you were after; not required at all. If on the other hand you actually want to enjoy playing the game during the limited free time you set aside for yourself...
  • qsilver's Avatar
    Today, 6:42 PM · 4 replies and 56 views.
    Alright, I thought ED does not use OpenGL but Direct3D on Windows
  • Maka Gucci's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 PM · 184 replies and 4756 views.
    You are right, I think it's just so badly documented in game, that everyone needs those tools before they have ever learnt how to use the galmap etc to do it. Maybe that's a good thing, I'm not so in to hand holding, but at the same time, only now over 1500 hrs in can I confidently use in game tools to do (most) of the things I used to rely n 3rd party tools for, and who knows how much of that is down to what I've learned through using those 3rd party tools. It's all very understandable.
  • Sylveria's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 PM · 64 replies and 297 views.
    Completely agreed. Point being though, people are quick to blame Developers for all sorts of things, when in reality it's the Publishers that are making changes/demands that inherently change games/products. If Marketing doesn't think it's "financially viable enough" they send Development back to their desks to implement features that will make it so. As with any business, it all comes down to the money- but Development usually isn't the department that rules the roost. Development is the "sword", not the arm that swings it.
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