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  • grytpype-thynne's Avatar
    Today, 5:57 PM · 89 replies and 1966 views.
    And if that doesn't work, then 'SUDO make me a sandwich - with bacon'
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 5:57 PM · 73 replies and 3714 views.
    Phew - what a faff it turned out to be to retrieve "Nuts To Your Watches" from Epsilon Indi, where I left it after Aquarian Job. Basically left my iCourier at Okinura for the station sprint challenge, bought a hauler to go get "Nuts", sold the hauler, re-fitted "Nuts" for the journey to Koine, got to Koine, put my 3A FSD into storage and fitted the 3D one, then discovered Viete doesn't sell the 3E sensors or shield generator (presumably a stock Adder would come with those already fitted?), so put the 3D FSD into storage and retrieved the 3A FSD, flew to Borovii, got the 3E sensors and shield generator from Bushkov, was about to run the race in reverse when I realised I'd left my 3D FSD back at Viete, fly back to Viete again, put my 3A FSD back into storage (again) and finally re-fitted the 3D. Phew! After all that I didn't actually have that much time left for racing today. Luckily ... it turns out I didn't need much! (baddum tish) ;) Run submitted.
  • Simian75's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM · 18 replies and 159 views.
    Cobra Mk.III - Last Laugh, because it sounded cool. Dolphin - Gallivant, which means travel around in pursuit of pleasure or entertainment, so it seemed apt for a pleasure cruiser type ship. Diamondback Explorer - James Caird, after the small ship Sir Ernest Shackleton sailed from Elephant Island to South Georgia to seek rescue for the rest of the crew of the Endurance during the Imperial Trans-Arctic Expedition. Covering 800 nautical miles in appalling conditions, the voyage of the James Caird is generally considered one of the greatest small boat journeys ever undertaken, so my dedicated exploration ship is named in its honour. Asp Explorer - Problem Child, because at least one of my ships had to be a reference to a Culture novel.
  • Warjah's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM · 4 replies and 52 views.
    This is insane, but i love it! Nothing comes easily Thank you for the head up Cmdr! Much appreciated! And yes i have B graded Wake Scanner :) It would interesting to hear how long people have been scanning (average time) to get any of those data? Hours? Days? WEEKS?! Tell me that it won't take weeks or even days :D
  • Sterlino's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM · 55 replies and 1975 views.
  • Morbad's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM · 244 replies and 4611 views.
    Yet you are advocating exactly the opposite. Anyone who uses the block list is deciding who other players, and not just those on said list, can encounter. I don't use the former at all and the later sparingly as I explicitly want to avoid imposing my idea of who is or is not worthy of being in my instance on others.
  • Red Anders's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 PM · 14 replies and 549 views.
    It's not my sheet, I just linked it. I didn't link the thread it's posted in because it was originally developed to track spawns of Modified Embedded Firmware (although it includes information on lots of different types of engineer data including CIF) and the thread is titled accordingly, I thought that in itself may cause confusion since this thread/sheet is specific to cracked industrial firmware. Here's the thread, which includes numerous questions about the abbreviations with corresponding answers. If I were you I'd go and make a brew first though - at least you'll see why I didn't attempt to summarise it :D The sheet that Harry linked is specifically focused on CIF and identifying those locations which spawn it a high proportion of the time, so if it's specifically CIF that you're after it's probably the best thing to use.
  • wrmiller's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 PM · 89 replies and 1966 views.
    I've been a hard-core gamer since my Apple II-c days, so this is just another one to her. I do spend time doing things for/with her so that when I do get on the PC she doesn't react in a negative way. She also already knows the answer if she were to ever give me an ultimatum like 'it's either the PC or me!' It would be hard, especially after over 25 years of marriage, but the computers are not going anywhere. :D
  • MarkAusten's Avatar
    Today, 5:54 PM · 89 replies and 1966 views.
    Noooooooooo! Not Marmite!!!
  • Tkael's Avatar
    Today, 5:53 PM · 2305 replies and 195385 views.
    Would you please add that feature request to Github here: Thanks!
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Today, 5:53 PM · 1 replies and 56 views.
    Bah! Those guys haven't visited Masszony 1A, which has Masszony 1AA hanging in the sky, above it, less than 1,500km away. Frankly, I'd be interested to see the math's which would confirm that would be viable. Saw an interesting video on Youtube where a camera moved through our solar system at the speed of light. The first installment was around 45 minutes long and covered all the inner planets. The 2nd part was going to cover the rest of the solar system but the video would have been 8 hours long and I don't think it ever got uploaded.
  • Daniel Cloudsifter's Avatar
    Today, 5:53 PM · 337 replies and 12023 views.
    I would have to say Exploration/Navigation, with several suggestions/mini-points: 1. Stop making us point to items to scan them. Let us do it in gunner mode. Even better, let multicrew help and also get rewards. 2. Make scanning interactive. At a very base level, you could do some kind of stupid minigame. Please see Star Trek Online for a plethora of scanning minigames. 3. Let us actually scan the damn planet from orbit and find the places we want to go instead of having to fly over them at low level using mark 1 eyeball. 4. Let us place waypoints on the planet for navigation - both while in ship and while in SRV 5. Mutlicrew SRVs (two launched from same multicrew ship, new SRV with two seats, both, etc.)
  • Dantedante's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 PM · 50 replies and 1462 views.
    Nope. It is not Restore System. It is Restoring "Licenses". This will just reinstall the licenses and its nothing dangerous. It's in Settings>PS4 Account settings.
  • Novo Mundus's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 PM · 337 replies and 12023 views.
    Deep engaging interlinked missions which can be started anywhere, triggered by anything. Failing that, exploration mechanics.
  • MarkAusten's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 PM · 244 replies and 4611 views.
    It is exactly the solution. You do not get to choose what other players do, only for yourself. You may choose to use this feature or not for yourself only. Other commanders get to make the same choice. Having made the choice you then live with the results. If you find it hypocritical or counterproductive to use it, then don't. But, let other commanders make that choice for themselves. Block List or Friend list, use them or not as you decide for yourself.
  • Cmdr Tel's Avatar
    Today, 5:51 PM · 337 replies and 12023 views.
    Well my dolphin would like to go for a swim.... so water world landings. Submerged bases etc included. Depth restrict some ships except the whales of course (yes I am playing favourites) The deeper you go the darker it gets so headlights would actually have a use (also hiding the compulsory beige sea floor) and beautiful coral vistas to look at in the shallows (how much fun could that be....alien coral like structures....that could produce some interesting sights and some color for a change) Strange creatures swimming about (some could be dangerous) and shipwrecks to explore and salvage. This would make exploration a bit more fun since exploration in general needs some love as well as a variety for planetary landings.
  • Duedy's Avatar
    Today, 5:51 PM · 89 replies and 1966 views.
    It wasn't HP sauce shes been putting on your bacon sandwich MUHAHAHAHAHAAAA
  • Starman 1966's Avatar
    Today, 5:48 PM · 14 replies and 239 views.
    I'm not sure if something really has changed. Already some weeks ago I wasted 50 G5 rolls for slightly buffing my Asp's FSD beyond 52%. Came back the other day and got 54.xy % with the fourth roll. It's still all RNG business methinks.
  • wrmiller's Avatar
    Today, 5:48 PM · 60 replies and 1042 views.
    While expressing an opinion is fine, issuing absolute statements about what the OP will or will not need/like is a bit arrogant. I know, many do it here, but that doesn't make it right. Let the OP make up their own mind?
  • Daniel Cloudsifter's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 PM · 89 replies and 1966 views.
    It's threads like this that make me appreciate being single. *Sigh* Seriously, I should've been a priest (I'd say or Monk, but I don't think they get to play videogames).
  • Ceekay's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 PM · 670 replies and 102544 views.
    Ceekay replied to a thread Python Python Owners' Thread in Ships of Elite
    Apparently the ship kits add too much mass and cause a lot of drag ;), TBH that's the first decent one I've seen on a Python makes it more aggressive looking. Similarly engineered the pitch rate is close (around 40 @ 4 pips), the Python rolls better but the FDS has around 40% better yaw rate, that will make crossing target tracking easier as you don't have to roll into the pitch axis to keep centred on the target (the FGS has even better yaw around 55% more than a Python), also the increased cargo capacity adds a lot of mass when fully loaded so that impacts on agility on top of that the Python (pitch 31 @ 2 pips) is more affected by pips than the FDS (pitch 34 @ 2 pips) using similar thrusters.
  • skullblits's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 PM
    I'm still new to the game. and was just wondering. is rep for the feds or the alliance global. or just for the system your currently in? if I do things to increase my rep does the next fed system also go up? if not. and there's a system with one of them ships that you need high rep for. am I basically bound to that system until I increase it enough? thanks
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  • PigKiller's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 PM · 2082 replies and 46552 views.
    "There is nothing to discuss," the source said. "The President has the plenary power of pardon. He can pardon whomever he likes." -Fox News John Roberts article Actually as written they do suggest it.
  • jonluv's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 PM · 2 replies and 33 views.
    A stock Puthon will earn you good money --- but you may wish to have more cash than you currently have in case of rebuys and make sure you have the materials needed for engineering The Aspex is a great ship perhaps do few " rares" runs to boost cash then buy your Python---do not understand the drift issue never experienced this
  • Daniel Cloudsifter's Avatar
    Today, 5:45 PM · 32 replies and 1223 views.
    Ok, so the Thargoids are turning space to liquid then propelling themselves through it with supercavitation? Or they could just have gravitic drives? Ever heard of Occam's razor? Seriously... P.S. And yes, the supercavitation torpedo is neat. But how accurate is it? I always hear lots of hyperbole about Russian tech...
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