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  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 2:04 AM · 371 replies and 6814 views.
    Kerrash replied to a thread Aliens are ruining PvP in PvP
    And yet a week later people are still misinterpreting what I was saying...
  • varonica's Avatar
    Today, 2:04 AM · 2330 replies and 174576 views.
    Sounds interesting, I am on my way to the Fallows, so not that far away. Also a green system with vulcanism is a bonus, the volcanic vents and fumaroles concentrate the rare minerals making gathering jumponium a piece of cake, I will definitely check them out.
  • TenakaFurey's Avatar
    Today, 2:03 AM · 751 replies and 35699 views.
    End of the day...NMS and ED and SC and other games such as DU are all trying to develop the same sort of game with a similar but not identical list of features. It won't be good to have one win...because the genre also needs credible competition. But the big difference looks like its going to be graphical style and feel more than the feature list.
  • Mano d'Oro's Avatar
    Today, 2:02 AM · 15 replies and 298 views.
    I've had the engineer invite but not brought the gold to unlock him yet (although it's on my 'To Do' list!), so thanks for the heads-up on the gravity. As for the specific problem you've encountered, it sounds like you're further along the 'gittin' gud' with FA Off road than I am, so kudos for that too!
  • varonica's Avatar
    Today, 2:01 AM · 2330 replies and 174576 views.
    The blue circles are usually human debris or mining installation, the tiny blue points are what we look for. Sometimes the tiny blue points turn out to be nothing but rock, but if you have found a tiny blue point and have dropped down and see nothing it may simply be that you are a hundred metres away and they are hidden by rocks of even down a canyon, it's hard to zero in on the blue dot. When I have problems what I do to zero in is to change the radar setting, the tiny blue dot will get bigger and you can position yourself in the exact centre, that will usually get you within ten or fifteen metres of the object, whatever it is. Just don't forget to zoom your radar out after you finish. More than once I have taken off and started searching forgetting I had zoomed the radar in and had to turn around and go over the same ground just to be sure. Oh yes the crystals aren't scannable, they are collectible, shoot them and grab the ores they release. Personally I think there should be some sort of science we...
  • Sentience's Avatar
    Today, 2:01 AM · 9 replies and 93 views.
    I want missions that pay me for the time I put in them. Spending 40 minutes ferrying some "adventurer" around to 5 different systems 400LY away for 4 million credits is insulting. Carrying 20 economy passengers to a drop off point 10,000 LS away for 40,000 credits is equally insulting. I want to land on a moon and not see the same random pattern of rocks, boulders, and pebbles that I see on every single moon. I want to land on our Moon. I want engineering without RNG, or having to build up favor after every single "special" modification I make. Favor is favor....stop treating it like a currency.
  • Zeeman's Avatar
    Today, 2:00 AM · 8 replies and 88 views.
    If you don't want to overclock at all, skip the K chips, and skip the Z boards in favour of cheaper models that don't offer overclocking. No point paying for an unlocked chip/chipset that you aren't going to push. That will also help in terms of saving some cash. Don't skimp on the cooler. Noctua make excellent air coolers that are quiet. They are by no means the only one, but I find them to be at the top of the heap, and easy enough to get hold of where I am - their fans are excellent. Also, consider assembling the PC yourself, lots of "how to" guides on the net, and it is pretty easy. You're not likely to ruin anything, especially if you pay attention to the guides. I'm sure you could also find someone that would help you out for a beer, I know I'd help someone learn to build for one. It's very satisfying, and a worthwhile skill. Your call though. If you can build a small lego kit, you can build a PC. As a rift owner, I agree with the Vive, in terms of tracking at the very least. Room scale with...
  • HazardousMatt's Avatar
    Today, 1:59 AM · 21 replies and 316 views.
    You guys are right about the balancing. It was never my intention to come off as complaining I was just questioning it. I can understand everyone's argument and can agree.
  • Heavy Johnson's Avatar
    Today, 1:59 AM · 25 replies and 567 views.
    Depends on what you're looking for, but a goal is *always* a good idea. Even if it's "this is the next waypoint", because it's easy to go space mad.
  • bAdbUd's Avatar
    Today, 1:59 AM · 4598 replies and 525303 views.
    The New Mission Panel is a great addition, especially when you are trying to Ally and get Permits. Superb.
  • foobaron76's Avatar
    Today, 1:57 AM · 24 replies and 262 views.
    My PS4 is hooked up to a 27" computer monitor, though it's a pretty cheap one that only does 1920x1080 with no HDR shenanigans. I sit pretty close to it, but I seem to be one of the lucky people that don't see many graphical problems with the newer ED patches.
  • TenakaFurey's Avatar
    Today, 1:57 AM · 751 replies and 35699 views.
    Can FDev add space legs to ED? Quite easily. In a sense, they've already it. Change the SRV model to a character and slow it down. You have space legs. The real challenge with space legs is providing the content to make it worthwhile. Being able to walk around is impressive enough to make it desireable and put it on the to-do list....but without something to do, it can only ever be far down the list. SC and CIG is discovering this for itself. Pilots meet mission givers in bars. ED uses a vid phone. SC pilots help stack cargo. ED does it behind the scenes with an automated cargo delivery setup. legs offers the chance for some unique gameplay. It will require cities and bases to be procedurally generated. Where worlds would be populated with plants and animals, cities and stations would be populated with different NPCs. Cities would allow for exploration to find unique one of a kind items from merchants and ne'er do wells. Space legs would allow for EVA...for walking around ships and...
  • Heavy Johnson's Avatar
    Today, 1:57 AM · 1 replies and 7 views.
    My two favorite 'dark side' locations: CPD-65 2513 BD-12 1172
  • Mrat's Avatar
    Today, 1:57 AM · 37 replies and 798 views.
    That's a fair point actually. We could bounty hunt with our ship out of system, while we do everything in an SLF. Would mean we wouldn't need multi crew either, if done like with the SRVs.
  • meusmc's Avatar
    Today, 1:56 AM · 25 replies and 567 views.
    meusmc replied to a thread Exploration strategies in Exploration
    Are you still dragging the passenger along? I hope so, because I find that thought to be hilarious.
  • Sysmon's Avatar
    Today, 1:56 AM · 2330 replies and 174576 views.
    AUCOFS EH-E B28-0 A 1. Metal-rich body with Iron Magma. Found some fumorales at -56.1639 lat, 167.4500 long in a canyon. Weird system in general. :D S
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