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  • Steve's Avatar
    Today, 1:24 PM · 228 replies and 60587 views.
    Hi Andy, Sorry for the delay in replying. I went away for a few days and forgot to take the laptop! :o I had already set the following in the config file loadPanelTexturesToVideoCard=0 loadCabinTexturesToVideoCard=0 loadGameTexturesToVideoCard=0 loadPlanetTexturesToVideoCard=0
  • Greylock's Avatar
    Today, 1:23 PM · 43 replies and 786 views.
    Wish it had co-op :-(
  • CMDR labrunning's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 PM · 660 replies and 32449 views.
    Bit more info? If you can tell me exactly where I can buy it, where I take it I can haul with my T9 this weekend.
  • marx's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 PM · 19 replies and 356 views.
    Or maybe they did consider taking out SRVs in multicrew and whatnot, and it's just technical limitations that kept them from doing it. Multiplayer can be a fickle beast , and what would sound like good ideas in theory might not turn out to be feasible in practice. Don't forget that with online gaming, there's the problem that you have to shoot for the lowest common denominator, and that is low. Customers will be trying to run the game on very slow and high latency connections, over cheap networking hardware that's poorly configured. (Might not even be their fault, maybe their ISP will just give them the cheapest modem and AP they can get.) Then of course it's the game's fault that that doesn't work. So you have to design with plenty of tolerance, but that means sacrificing many things. As for the helm being limited to the host, I believe that's a design and technical limitation too. The design part is that Frontier doesn't want to have to deal with people turning over the helm to someone else, then said...
  • Seizewell Warrior's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 PM · 24 replies and 391 views.
    Interesting... I will check that out so at least I can amuse myself with a bit of WRC or FO4 while waiting.
  • Raino's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    Raino replied to a thread Will COVAS be paid content? in Xbox One
    my hope is they open a slot for further variations, store, 3rd party... who knows
  • aybkamen's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 PM · 24 replies and 633 views.
    aybkamen replied to a thread Incongruencias in Discusión General
    Los cazas los precargas antes. Un hangar de cazas tiene un caza ya ensamblado, y 6 paquetes con lo necesario para ensamblar un caza. De este modo, cuando se te destruye un caza, el sistema pilla un paquete y ensambla un caza nuevo. Los hangares de VRS no tienen esta tecnologia y no puedes ensamblar VRS nuevos cuando se te destruye el tuyo. Pero es de esperar que en un futuro apliquen la tecnologia de ensamblado a los hangares de VRS. En el mundo real, en la Frontier Expo le pregunte a Sandro Sammarco explicitamente por este tema. Me dijo que la idea de ensamblar cazas se les ocurrio cuando estaban trabajando en los cazas, que piensan que estaria muy bien portarlo a los VRS y que van a hacerlo. Pero con las limitaciones de tiempo, tiene que ser puesto en la lista detras de otras cosas mas prioritarias.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 PM · 20 replies and 409 views.
    Is it still a thing that the vast majority of naval rank missions are "Naval Strike Contracts"? I recall, a few months ago, I was asking about this and I was told something had got messed-up and you now only rarely see a variety of naval rank-up missions, with the vast majority of them being these "Naval Strike Contracts" instead.
  • Navigare Necesse Est's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 PM · 21 replies and 537 views.
    DeLacy doesn't build that much, it's mostly done by licensees. No corp would be able to handle that amount of resources and logistics for the day-to-day carnage. And that's the reason you see the odd coffee stain - sloppy licensees fixing stuff together to specs.
  • Bunkerkind Anni's Avatar
    Today, 1:19 PM · 321 replies and 42571 views.
    dormant bounties will be purged before patch, and the mechanic for them wont exist after patch anymore
  • CMDR labrunning's Avatar
    Today, 1:18 PM · 3 replies and 62 views.
    Not sure if you saw my post about this elsewhere, but check out the 'coastline' on this video of OAs; (Old Duck: DO NOT LOOK - it will only upset you). I've edited the start time to go straight to the relevant bit. (Well it seems the clunky old forum doesn't want to honour the start time for YT clips. Skip to about 9:05. This makes me believe there aren't any platforms without major graphical issues.
  • Jynessa Loraeyn's Avatar
    Today, 1:18 PM · 150 replies and 8345 views.
    1. If you're trading/exploring, nope, don't see why you would mount a KWS - isn't this true of the old system as well as the new? I personally wouldn't stop to KWS a ship that interdicted me if I was in a trade or exploration ship in the current live game. 2. The new KWS is definitely more easily managed than the current live one as regards rep gain/loss. Currently, if you kill a Wanted ship belonging to anyone other than the ruling faction in a system, you lose rep with them. This means your reps with other minor factions go down, even as you gain rep with the ruling faction for killing Wanted criminals in their space. That's something you have to keep track of now in the live game. One of the changes to the new KWS is that if you use it on a Wanted ship that doesn't belong to the ruling faction, it removes that rep loss. You've officially connected to local law enforcement and told them you have found a ship which is Wanted in the system, followed all the protocol, and basically the local minor faction...
  • Bunkerkind Anni's Avatar
    Today, 1:18 PM · 150 replies and 8345 views.
    repped for the good summary you just didn't include that now additional NPC can be legally shot down, that previously could not. there are those "clear" NPCs that you can scan with the KWS, you reveal a bounty (that you only see in the contacts list and is not written into the journal so i can have it tts read to me), but they are currently remain "not wanted". in 3.0 you have chance that the KWS scan will make ships wanted, without them opening fire on you. (yay for defending yourself against a bounty hunter NPC)
  • Abigor's Avatar
    Today, 1:16 PM · 3 replies and 32 views.
    Abigor replied to a thread 89%... in Xbox One
    i hope you don't make it.....nothing personnel but.....i really hope that you don't make it
  • Ashnak's Avatar
    Today, 1:16 PM · 2300 replies and 240587 views.
    Ashnak replied to a thread [EVENT] Buckyball Racing Club in Dangerous Groups
    Check your Calendar. Thursday, 22nd was yesterday 3.0 drops on Tuesday, 27th next Thursday would be March 1st Chicken Run starts on March 3rd (first weekend of 3.0 - stress test :p, but there's a full second weekend) and finishes on March 11th next Thursday after that would be March 15th I think you're missing a week here :).
  • John Xenir's Avatar
    Today, 1:16 PM · 10 replies and 112 views.
    John Xenir replied to a thread The BGS in The BGS
    Thanks, Adhock, I'm starting to understand the bucket analogy in terms of game play mechanics.
  • CMDR Zadian Lichtfrost's Avatar
    Today, 1:16 PM · 15 replies and 204 views.
    How would that be different to a CG with CZs in the target system? (Having a CZ very close - in viewing distance - to a station would be cool.)
  • fishgotnosole's Avatar
    Today, 1:15 PM · 5 replies and 170 views.
    Deserves a +1 rep just for the examples used.
  • dreampage's Avatar
    Today, 1:14 PM · 1 replies and 0 views.
    One of the most awaited things in the 3.0 update (for me at least) is the new male ship voice (COVAS) that we can equip on the livery screen. Now, the only thing I've missed so far is this: will we have to buy the new voice pack from the store, or will it be in the game automatically? I know additional voice packs will be paid content in the future, but what about "Victor"? Is this free or will we have to buy it separately? Thanks for the info.
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