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  • Goose4291's Avatar
    Today, 4:49 PM · 8 replies and 119 views.
    It's just a different type of gameplay. The point is to have one of your mates constantly pounding them with HE to damage weapons and cause fires, while the other two guys in your division chip away with the AP.
  • CMDR Carbo's Avatar
    Today, 4:49 PM · 12 replies and 121 views.
    My favorite Blueprint(s)? Let me formulate it like this: In order to unlock all Shock cannon types (come in different sizes) you need the following materials: Vanadium: 181 Tungsten: 181 Rhenium: 156 Technetium: 188 PowerConverter: 22 Ion Distributor: 20 Power Transfer Bus: 24
  • KurKiller's Avatar
    Today, 4:48 PM · 4 replies and 132 views.
    El enlace a la MKII no se ve... :( Cierto que los potenciadores te quitan velocidad y añaden peso con lo que conlleva de agilidad y salto, pero es que la Anaconda es igualmente lenta y pesada, así que en mi opinión es mejor blindarla. Si quieres compénsalo con blindaje y paquetes de refuerzo aligerados, ya que realmente cuando te caigan los escudos la nave estará casi muerta y el blindaje en la mayoría de casos solo sirve para ganar unos preciosos segundos para saltar. Aunque como siempre he visto cosas increibles con Anacondas y escudos Bi-weave, sin potenciadores, etc., pero son builds extremas que solo funcionarán situacionalmente (y que casi todo el mundo sube videos de sus éxitos y no de sus fracasos).
  • Oss133's Avatar
    Today, 4:48 PM · 28 replies and 342 views.
    Oss133 replied to a thread Mercenary NPCs in Dangerous Discussion
    Sorry, but NPC wingmen is not a rewrite of the game rules in a game that already includes player wingmen, and game modes already have exclusive features in that Solo does not have player wingmen or multicrew. Greater interaction with NPCs generally would go a long way improve "mah immurshun" so I would welcome any steps in that direction.
  • Maolagin's Avatar
    Today, 4:47 PM · 27 replies and 389 views.
    That would be excellent! (Although for game balance reasons I would kinda expect FDev to refuse to add the Rewards filter.) As a bonus, if mission server load is an issue, waiting until after the player has set these filters to generate a palette of missions would probably greatly reduce the total number of missions the system has to output. Especially if it was clearly hinted that, if your filters return few or no missions, don't bother flipping but instead go look at the BGS state to understand why your desired mission parameters aren't available right now. Although if we're pretending to simulate some kind of market economy, BGS disfavored missions should probably still exist, but just pay really poorly.
  • Misaniovent's Avatar
    Today, 4:45 PM · 57 replies and 1165 views.
    Misaniovent replied to a thread Kill it. in Powerplay
    It wasn't wasted. I and many others have found outstanding communities because of it and we even enjoyed it from time to time. We still enjoy it, sometimes. The waste is not revisiting it.
  • Maenden's Avatar
    Today, 4:44 PM · 7 replies and 75 views.
    If you're doing a scan find an Interstellar Factor before you leave for the mission. (Find one as close as possible - if you have a large ship make sure they have a large pad. Bookmark it) Then go to the ISF immediately after completing the scan mission.
  • mossfoot's Avatar
    Today, 4:44 PM · 2848 replies and 165213 views.
    Not as far off as you might think. I was playing an Apollo 11 VR experience that lets you dock with the LEM as well as land on the moon, all in a very similar way to the way the astronauts themselves did. I couldn't help but think about how someone would complain about the mini-games they were subjected to and why can't they just land already, completely missing the point. :D See, you're saying playing the game Battleship while taking a break from sailing a battleship. Others are seeing it as manning the radar station on the Battleship for a moment instead of being at the helm. They see both as part of the whole, not as separate and unconnected entities. I mean, the number of people who called interdiction a mini-game as part of their complaints... ghah. Sure, technically ANYTHING in the game is a mini-game. Supercruise is a mini-game. Requesting landing permission could even count. But interdiction to me does not FEEL like a mini-game to me. It feels like a mechanic. It's how the world...
  • sak75's Avatar
    Today, 4:43 PM · 17 replies and 255 views.
    Ilegal no. Más bien fuera de la legalidad establecida. Ya le he expresado en otros post. Estaciones para piratas donde hacer mercado negro y coger misiones de asesinato. Un módulo especial que te muestre donde están y que sólo tengan los piratas para localizarlas.
  • SystematicChaos's Avatar
    Today, 4:43 PM · 187 replies and 5385 views.
    I thinking of those of us that have spent many months searching for barnacles, brain trees etc. Given that some days you might have to visit a dozen or more systems to find one with any likely candidates worth DSSing to then find out if they're suitable for searching, then how long would it take with the new system? Would we still be looking or have given up completely?
  • Toumal's Avatar
    Today, 4:43 PM · 64 replies and 2716 views.
    Ok so who broke the timeline? ;)
  • Chris Simon's Avatar
    Today, 4:42 PM · 8 replies and 119 views.
    The CV rework looks interesting. Though I doubt it will make me actually try CVs. More likely it will just alienate the current CV players... I'll stick with my USN cruisers. Though I am tempted by the Vanguard. I am kind of cross with the RN battleship line. Half of them are for trolling other players and the other half trolls you...
  • Rubbernuke's Avatar
    Today, 4:42 PM · 52 replies and 728 views.
    ATR reset on system exit, so you can jump in and back and carry on. The only time ATR become a pain is high sec + lockdown, where they pop up in seconds, meaning you have to pick a soft target to ensure its destruction.
  • Cmdr Eagleboy's Avatar
    Today, 4:42 PM · 90 replies and 3024 views.
    It is quite obvious that Q4 goal is refresh that engagement, as FD have put all resources meant for this year into it. So I don't think they need some DLC pronto after Q4. At least FD thinks they don't need that.
  • Jex =TE='s Avatar
    Today, 4:41 PM · 6929 replies and 574743 views.
    I assume it's cheaper then on GOG but I don't know how you can make 2 versions of the game. It's a total dumbass move by Hello Games and 2018 and they actually made and released a version that doesn't have MP?
  • marx's Avatar
    Today, 4:41 PM · 394 replies and 31808 views.
    Mind giving me the examples? As far as I know, the only player-CG deep space builds I know of were some of the stations (bases, etc) on the Colonia highway, and the only PMF megaship that ever left the bubble was the Gnosis. Neither of which are on any scale approaching what the DW2 proposals request, especially since they were one-off events, not a series of community goals over a span of months. Content has to be set up, and when you're talking about something this long and complex, support will become a necessity. You can't realistically expect there not to be any problems. Of course, how much both would cost FD is up to them to estimate, and not us. We don't know if it would be a little or a lot. Still, my main point was that the whole thing is not a simple question, so it should be no surprise that FD didn't reach a decision quickly.
  • Rock-Hermit's Avatar
    Today, 4:41 PM · 2848 replies and 165213 views.
    We can only dream. Those dev diaries were awesome. I wonder what happened to that game.
  • Maenden's Avatar
    Today, 4:40 PM · 4 replies and 0 views.
    He had a fuel scoop in the one that was destroyed. The 15cr is the insurance cost of buying a replacement in the new ship.
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