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  • SergMx's Avatar
    Today, 5:53 AM · 91 replies and 3216 views.
    Ну вряд ли там динамика быстро меняется. Вот к примеру дома динамичсекий ИП и если раутер и если канал не терять ( перегрузка раутера так как свет отрубали ) то этот ип будет очень долго. Но дело не в этом какой бы не был динамический ИП, лаунчер ( скорее всего имеет жесткий ип или хотя бы днс имя ) для начального конекта. И как только юзер подключается к нему, тот ( хз как ) получает на даный момент активный реальный список ип 4 или 6 ) и сообщает ЭТО клиенту. Т.е. по сути ФД могут выдать ( урл, скрипт или еще чего ) где виден в конкретный момент времени список серверов. Хз понятно ли описал, так что ФД не дают список адресов потому что он динамический это не правда.
  • Henkka77's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 AM · 4432 replies and 318582 views.
    And we have still one basecamp before Beagle Point so dont rush there just yet. ;)
  • cargorunner1969's Avatar
    Today, 5:52 AM · 0 replies and 0 views.
    Severity Minor Frequency All of the time (100%) Time of occurrence 0547 Date of occurrence
  • Valorin's Avatar
    Today, 5:50 AM · 432 replies and 7117 views.
    That's a bit harsh I think. I'm also against in-system jumps, but there was no rage or hard complaining in OPs post.
  • Garud's Avatar
    Today, 5:50 AM · 99 replies and 6992 views.
    Well, technically he already answered. FDev will take care of Apple customers on a case by case basis and it is not his job to do that. No need to be passive aggressive.
  • JonnyRedHed's Avatar
    Today, 5:49 AM · 1330 replies and 165423 views.
    Weekly Update #108 Originally posted by I-NovaeKeith CEO & Cofounder - source link
  • KingofthePurge's Avatar
    Today, 5:49 AM · 12 replies and 309 views.
    TLW. JP. JP/// -- JW - 50/50 equally.
  • Valorin's Avatar
    Today, 5:47 AM · 55 replies and 1344 views.
    How would I react? I would cheer hard! I'd love to see more gameplay decisions made based on science rather than convenience. Despite loving the game that's a trend I really don't like and just starts with the flight model. Things don't have to be hyper-realistic, we're still playing the game, but the space flight feeling gets lost bit by bit with every turn deciding for convenience and user friendliness instead of science and logic.
  • Sapyx's Avatar
    Today, 5:44 AM · 13 replies and 158 views.
    There were 333 new player factions inserted into the game in the last couple of days. I wouldn't be surprised if a few get popped into areas where other player-backed factions have been working, and the larger your sphere of interest, the more probable you'll spot one, or more than one. In the 15 LY radius of my current home system (a system chosen specifically for the lack of PMFs within a 15 LY radius), there's one new PMF just appeared, a Polish player group running an Indie Theocracy. The galaxy is getting more and more crowded. I wouldn't be surprised if, within a year, FD either cull some of the "dead" PMFs to make room, or stop adding new PMFs altogether.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 5:42 AM · 54 replies and 1392 views.
    So maybe if more people asked frontier for constructive, practical fixes, that don't fixate on what other commanders do, ie just "make the other commander's experience suck because mine is more important" we'd finally be able to--oh. Sorry. Never mind. Frontier made pads a limited resource on purpose. It's intentional. Including outposts and mega-ships. Either frontier believes their player base has actually shrunk to the point this isn't actually an issue for the most part any more; or they want to allow commanders the ability to lock down pads in open. Or, they just haven't really thought about the concept of people actually playing in open, still. Personally? I think Frontier doesn't really concern themselves with practicalities; that's our problem to solve. Including someone hogging the pad because they potentially had any number of sudden reasons to step away from the computer and haven't returned in a timely fashion. I'm quite sure they're being an utter dick on purpose though. Because of course...
  • Firkrayt's Avatar
    Today, 5:41 AM · 601 replies and 40611 views.
    and one more bug: System report almost always says that there are no stations
  • Valorin's Avatar
    Today, 5:40 AM · 99 replies and 6992 views.
    That Frontier tried to make the game available for Mac users in the first place should be valued. Apple isn't really struggling to keep their systems compatible to gaming in general, and at a certain point games cross the line and leave it behind. People who complain about that should complain on an Apple forum, not here, and be thankful the game worked that long on a lifestyle machine not made for gaming. Yeah, well, the game does not end. It just ran past Apple's efforts of making their machines viable for games, which is close to zero.
  • viper666's Avatar
    Today, 5:39 AM · 1 replies and 84 views.
    Wow, now that was shocking. Made me glad I build my own rigs.
  • BravadaCadelanne's Avatar
    Today, 5:39 AM · 1715 replies and 213026 views.
    Your stats and description sounds like some of the systems you are travelling through you have traveled through in the past. In this case, each additional visit of a system will have a star on it, but it won't increase the number of systems you have discovered. The negative differences suggest that another player has submitted old logs that predate your first visit to one or more systems. EDSM takes the first discovery as the earliest FSDJump submitted to EDSM for a system, which is not necessarily the first FSDJump submitted to EDSM. On some stars you have no star for in EDSM yet there is no tag on the main star, note that many people don't scan the main star, and so won't get the tag on the system's arrival star. Occasionally, commanders will lose their ship, whether by crash landing on a planet, overheating too many times, or being jumped by a pirate while returning to inhabited space, losing their Universal Cartographics data, and so while any logs they have submitted to EDSM would have them as...
  • CMDRvenerian's Avatar
    Today, 5:37 AM · 22 replies and 398 views.
    This was a super good read! I realize you already have a squad but hey, if ever you are feeling like trying out new things (even combat, who knows) without too much risk, I would be happy to show you around! Keep up the good work. Also you could make a video narrating your journey at some point, I would watch that!
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 5:34 AM · 273 replies and 5457 views.
    jasonbarron replied to a thread The PvP Subforum's Purpose in PvP
    Any time. Send me a friend request and we'll meet up in Shinrarta and make it happen in stock ships of your choosing.
  • Sebastian Rooks's Avatar
    Today, 5:34 AM · 54 replies and 1392 views.
    What was a Clipper doing at an outpost? Rooks o7
  • Godnamedthor's Avatar
    Today, 5:34 AM · 7 replies and 73 views.
    Godnamedthor replied to a thread Quick question..... in Xbox One
    ^This! I lost count on how many times I left station without limpets:D
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 5:30 AM · 18 replies and 329 views.
    How about story missions; with proper voice narration, cut-scenes (omg!) where frontier actually offer a multi-step mission that builds on challenges and has some actual, genuinely cool reward at the end, like access to a new ship, with the resulting choice based on how you responded to the various tasks (so that you could redo a few times, with different choices and different outcomes, to access others). Maybe have it be a bit "spoiler" and surprise us? Actually give something that connects us to the experience more than jaded station attendants tut-tutting speeding and the same tired and half-zombie looking faction representatives blathering on about the same inane, pointless missions with all the soul of a masonry block to the equally half-attentive commander who's long since heard it all before? Anything? Something? *crickets* Okay, just me then. :/
  • Faramir's Avatar
    Today, 5:29 AM · 38 replies and 1052 views.
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