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  • Kitfox's Avatar
    Today, 2:13 PM · 26 replies and 378 views.
    Got another review for you. 'A contemporary view upon a person's daily struggle against the largess and excesses of today's modern corporate capitalist diaspora. Because, after all, don't we all want some seed?' some big name in the Cannes film festival circuit. Yanno, I had you wrong Uni. I thought you would have cracked and gone full sparkle-horse again by now. And seeing as we're doing this thing, mine is the foxeh from the cutesey and simple platformer game Seasons After Fall. From the cover of the soundtrack vinyl LP.
  • Kzak's Avatar
    Today, 2:12 PM · 8 replies and 93 views.
  • Dommarraa's Avatar
    Today, 2:08 PM · 8 replies and 93 views.
    Good luck, but plot appropriation never ends well.
  • BL1P's Avatar
    Today, 2:05 PM · 8 replies and 122 views.
    Persistent NPCs would be so hard to do in this game. I really want them but... well... instances and shared galaxy :(
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 2:04 PM · 53 replies and 1526 views.
    On the flip-side, since credits are worthless, why do we need a big ship just because they do things "better"? I've been fighting Thargoid Scouts in my Vulture and having way more fun than I was doing this in my Annie. While I was at the rescue ship (which was near the AXCZ), I loaded my Vulture with passenger cabins and rescued a bunch of people from a burning station. Sure, I could have helped way more by using my Type-7, but I don't need the credits, and I'm not sure the BGS is actually working when it comes to counting how many people get rescued (if anything, stations seem to have infinite numbers of people to rescue), so I just did it for fun. Yes, I think small ships are FUN. If you don't, then fly a big ship. I don't see the problem here.
  • SYN_Mars's Avatar
    Today, 2:04 PM · 1 replies and 48 views.
  • Burke's Avatar
    Today, 2:01 PM · 161 replies and 2983 views.
    Its only an insult if you read it as such. Nothing wrong with being young is there? or owning a console... No i would suggest the fault lays with clueless uncaring devs who managed to identify almost a dozen types of explorer and yet managed to leave out the only kind of explorer anybody recognised. :p
  • Ian Doncaster's Avatar
    Today, 2:01 PM · 13 replies and 299 views.
    Well, you might also have spotted it while looking through the discoveries section for Inner Orion Spur, which you might have found while getting the Scout rank for Farseer by discovering that the Inner Orion Spur contains K-class stars and HMCs. "Try reading the knowledge base" isn't the toughest puzzle in the game to solve. Elvira is probably the only other potentially tricky one, since all the other rare goods engineers ask for are named after the system they come from. Agreed that missions in general would be more interesting than pretty much all their unlock requirements anyway, though.
  • Lendud's Avatar
    Today, 1:59 PM · 3 replies and 52 views.
    Lendud replied to a thread [ED64 - 3.3.05 - Horizons] Scanned Brain Tree not registering as being scanned at all in PC Bug Reports
    Thanks, Nuno. I've also travelled to a nearby system with Braintree Sites and encountered the same issue. The Guardian Site, however, scanned fine as did any other objects. o7
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 1:55 PM · 161 replies and 2983 views.
    Insulting people who like the FSS is not going to bring back the ADS....
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 1:54 PM · 96 replies and 2081 views.
    Not in this game.... :(
  • CMDR Yates's Avatar
    Today, 1:53 PM · 15 replies and 508 views.
    Yeah, the new Combat Zones are great! So are the megaship assault scenarios, really challenging and fun, although it would be nice if a heist didn't spawn ilke clockwork every single time I visit one.
  • starman's Avatar
    Today, 1:53 PM · 96 replies and 2081 views.
    Request has been received as specified and delivered..
  • kilvenny's Avatar
    Today, 1:51 PM · 2661 replies and 142955 views.
    It reminds me of the Panini sticker collections where you paid lots of money for overpriced stickers, stuck them in the book and then came the realization that half the players now played for a different team or were injured and didn't go to the World Cup finals. Then you looked at the pile of unused stickers that were doubles of the ones in the book and you suddenly appreciated the cost of being a completionist wasn't worth it.
  • Delmonti's Avatar
    Today, 1:51 PM · 5 replies and 74 views.
    Delmonti replied to a thread One armed gamer in Elite Support
    Have you contacted these people? They are a charity dedicated to adapting tech for gamers. Well worth visiting. They should be able to help.
  • Support Vulcan's Avatar
    Today, 1:50 PM · 4 replies and 81 views.
    I think I've replied in your other thread but if you are still experiencing problems, please send us a ticket via: and we'll be happy to help.
  • Neilski's Avatar
    Today, 1:49 PM · 9 replies and 212 views.
    Yeah it's hard to believe, eh? But if it were possible I'm sure an experienced person would have chimed in with "here's how..." by now. Another thing that bugs me is that you can't even see a simple text list of the systems that are in a calculated route - the only way to see them appears to be to spin and zoom the galaxy map about until you can see each slightly-bright star or bend in the line...
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 1:48 PM · 0 replies and 8 views.
    Last time I tried to use the Squadron search feature built into the game, it didn't work. I'm more interested in being part of an active Squadron than I am a player group (though I understand these can overlap), so maybe we can use this thread to promote popular, active Squadrons on PS4. I'm personally interested in joining two Squadrons right now (I know I can only be in one at a time). I want to join a Squadron focused on Exploration, but where members have the freedom to explorer wherever they want. The idea is that we are just a bunch of explorers who gather together to share our stories at the local "pub", rather than something overly regimented like DW2. The other Squadron I'm interested in is an "Earth Defense" Squadron, particularly in regards to the recent Thargoid incursion deep towards the center of the Bubble. Again, I want my autonomy, but it's also nice to be part of a "team". Speaking of team, I'm currently limited to Solo play due to bandwidth constraints, so I'm not looking to wing...
  • Support Vulcan's Avatar
    Today, 1:47 PM · 7 replies and 102 views.
    Please do get in touch via: if you're still experiencing problems.
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