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  • Bortas's Avatar
    09/11/2018, 10:43 AM · 359 replies and 12922 views.
    With the Phantom coming it's time to say goodbye to the good old Asp explorer... The Phantom has: - The same hull mass - The same FSD size - More speed - More hull - More shields - More internals
  • Will Flanagan's Avatar
    14/11/2018, 10:52 AM · 181 replies and 16520 views.
    Hello Commanders, Please find the beta patch notes for the third week of beta. New Ships Krait Phantom (Falcon DeLacy) With a spacious cargo hold and a relatively generous quantity of hardpoints, the Krait Phantom is a versatile ship suited to a range of roles. It has enough firepower to hold its own against larger targets, and enough straight-line speed to outpace smaller targets. The ship also offers eight internal compartments, allowing the pilot to tailor the ship to their requirements. And while it lacks the firepower and fighter bay of its sister ship, the Krait Mk II, it is both faster and lighter.
  • Will Flanagan's Avatar
    13/11/2018, 4:00 PM · 93 replies and 13272 views.
    Hello Commanders, We’re pleased to announce when the next set of beta content for Beyond - Chapter Four will be deployed to the beta server! We will bring the beta servers down at 10:00 (UTC) on 14 November. Following the update, the beta server will be live at approximately 11:00 (UTC) on 14 November. There is a chance that this could run over, so we really appreciate your patience. As usual with these updates we'll keep you as up to date as possible. As we've said previously, in order to focus the public testing on specific aspects of Beyond - Chapter Four, we will be unlocking different content over a number of different weeks. You can find out the beta content schedule here:
  • oliviajayden's Avatar
    09/11/2018, 1:51 PM · 151 replies and 3328 views.
    I have heard mixed things. Some say it s a fun space sim with a galaxy of possibilities, and some say it s an extremely hard, boring trek through nothingness. What do you guys think?
  • FatFreddysCoat's Avatar
    09/11/2018, 5:34 PM · 151 replies and 4321 views.
    “Which integrated docking computer?” I hear you say. The one that allows your ship to launch and land again when commanded to from the SRV. C’mon FDev - you cant deny it’s there: let us use it without having to install a separate module.
  • Olivia Vespera's Avatar
    11/11/2018, 3:37 AM · 158 replies and 3993 views.
    In that spirit please refrain from name calling. (sjw, snowflake, idiot, etc) Introduction: I read this article recently called We need to change the way we talk about space exploration by National Geographic Then I started following the links and started reading The Racist Language of Space Exploration by the outline and Event Horizon by Reallifemag And then How decolonization could reshape South African science by Nature
  • Will Flanagan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:15 PM · 124 replies and 4635 views.
    Hello everyone, As is fitting with the elusive Thargoids, we've got a surprise announcement for you! In addition to all of the content we've revealed thus far for Beyond - Chapter Four, the Thargoid threat continues to infest the galaxy in the form of new Thargoid Incursions and Thargoid Conflict Zones. Please read on for all the details! New State: Thargoid Incursion As time progresses, various systems will find themselves attacked by Thargoid Scouts and Interceptors. Commanders will need to defend the system by killing Thargoids, if they fail to kill a certain number of Thargoids, the system will enter a new Background Simulation state: Incursion.Incursion is a system-wide negative background state that impacts all the factions within that system.Players defend the system (before and during Incursion) by killing Thargoids in that system.
  • Alwayslate's Avatar
    09/11/2018, 12:59 PM · 119 replies and 5317 views.
    Just did a few test in the beta server, picked a fight against a fully engineered Federal Corvette. I'll still compare it with the FDL and quote some data from coriolis, since they seem to have got it right this time. Overall, my opinion doesn't change. The Mamba is no match for the FDL now. 1. Maneuverability. When boosting, the Mamba draws obviously less from the distributor, but boost for less time. The use of boosting can be objective, so I'll leave it to the professionals. In a heavy combat loadout, the Mamba has approximately 10% more speed than the FDL, while the FDL has roughly 40% more pitch, 20% more yaw, and 12%more roll rates. Far from comparable. Mamba, a racer, has pitch/yaw/roll rates close to a multi-role, a combat kitted Krait II. 2. Internal slots. Less than the FDL as said before (but slightly more hull for HRPs ). 3. Shields and Armors. Now the Mamba has slightly more armor than the FDL, but it doesn't make up for the loss of maneuverability. Shield value stays as said...
  • psylim's Avatar
    13/11/2018, 5:13 AM · 140 replies and 4230 views.
    The iClipper has the one advantage that it can outrun any murder hobos in their FDLs/Large 3. It makes it a pretty safe barricade runner. Looks like the Mamba will match if not outrun the iClipper. Will the Mamba spell the death of the last remaining vestige of usefulness remaining in the iClipper?
  • SenseiMatty's Avatar
    14/11/2018, 6:44 PM · 129 replies and 3755 views.
    Maneuverability it terrible both normal flight and SC. I guess it's one of the worst ship at the moment. It really needs to be improved.
  • TheoJones's Avatar
    10/11/2018, 11:48 AM · 135 replies and 2877 views.
    The VR issues in trying to play the new Mining content are just ridiculous for a Beta... so much stuff that is instantly obvious the second you pull a VR helmet on... how has it not been caught? I tried the new exploration stuff last week - and almost everything exploration is bugged in VR. We have the planet mapping overlay being on one eye only, we have planet shadows showing left eye only, we have the 'fuzzy blue dots' in the FSS being inverted (left image goes to right eye and vice versa). This week, I tried the mining stuff... or at least, I tried to... When you map a ring system, a shadow of your cockpit is projected - the left eye image is being presented on the left eye as well, just fainter. When you try to use the wave scanner, the blue "wave" lights everything up, then the orange glow appears inverted (wrong eyes), and out of position (too high). There appears to be another bug where if a system is 100% mapped, the minig scanners don't show up anything - no hot spots, no fissures, no...
  • OxKing's Avatar
    14/11/2018, 12:35 AM · 99 replies and 2878 views.
    With all the additions of the last and current season (crime and punishment and now mining and discovery) i think the game has come far to complex to anyone not in the game yet. To be honest, the complexity of the base game at release was for many people that i know already to high, but now it got bonkers! Especially in the upcoming part. A dedicated weapon and analyzing mode, and (what? 8 or so?) different probe controller types, special Weapons against Ships and Weapons against Aliens. Four Types of Mining Lasers and Missiles... Discovery Mode, Surface Scanner Mode (Or how the heck this stuff is named). I don't know, i think Frontier should rework all that stuff and make it more streamlined and simple. By just putting more and more features into the game it isn't necessarily becoming better. Heck, I really have trouble to remembering all my different Hotas Button Combinations by now! Let alone the Firegroups and Powermanagement settings on my Exploration and Mining Anaconda. It is getting...
  • Branithar's Avatar
    14/11/2018, 12:01 AM · 128 replies and 2061 views.
    People gripe a lot about PvP, and act like the game is full of griefers and bullies. But most people are just as worried about losing their ships and their work as the next guy, and don’t want to ruin other people’s fun. If I ever get interdicted by another commander, it’s because I throw caution to the wind and don’t take precautions to avoid being interdicted, or name my ship something really corny and silly to bait people. Normally I’ll just see who has an FSD Interdictor and see what they’re up to. And most the people who like PvP aren’t garbage, antisocial human beings. Is nonconsensual PvP that much of a problem, or is it overblown and people are overly cautious?
  • Kaybe's Avatar
    12/11/2018, 6:39 PM · 106 replies and 2049 views.
    Looks like absolutely nothing has changed, nor seems planned on changing with the upcoming patch, so it looks like it's time to resurrect this issue. The previous thread can be found here, locked after 43 pages worth of comments:!/ Frontier, listen ... we've been patient. Back in January or February, Sandy advised us that he's aware of this issue and the need to change the NPC crew mechanic to be less punitive and undesirable. We've heard nothing since then. Here are the problems associated with the current NPC crew mechanic that REALLY NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED ALREADY: 1) NPC Crew Permadeath. What the hell, Frontier? No other mechanic in the game has permanent loss like this. If your ship blows up, you still get to keep all your custom made engineered modules. If your ship blows up, you keep all your materials. If your ship blows up, you keep all your ranks. If your ship blows up with your highly trained NPC...
  • evanevery's Avatar
    13/11/2018, 5:10 PM · 110 replies and 1332 views.
    I don't know if this has already been asked (couldn't find a thread if it has), but... Would you pay an additional license fee to have a second CMDR (or more) added to your single ED Account? (Not whether you would buy a second CMDR on a second account - as we know we can already do this...) I'm busy buffing up my second account and was thinking about how nice it would be to be able to share resources (ships/credits) from my primary account. IOW: pay a full subscription fee, but add an additional CMDR (or more) to your primary account. Only one CMDR could be used at a time, but each CMDR could exist in different locations, potentially with different faction rep and notoriety. Sharing resources and ships just like a two-cmdr "company" might. Maybe faction rep (and notoriety) should also be shared by both cmdrs (like a company). I would pay for a second cmdr on my primary account. I would also continue to keep my second account though.
  • peppi's Avatar
    12/11/2018, 3:41 PM · 110 replies and 1947 views.
    I already made some comments about that the PvP ships and its outfitting is no contest for even the corvette or cutter these ships are mostly outfitted for bounty hunting, CG or even hauling cargo. We all know that its these ships that are targetted by PvP players and the fun is running out The open play factor is for the majority a place to interact with other players and do missions together at this moment its almost impossible to make friends in open play only in the safety of a station. I would suggest that there is a section added for PvP play not just a section but a whole new setup specificly for PvP play that means that these groups can do contest against each other and find other ships that are fitted for PvP play to give them theire own CG specificly for PvP play lets say a kill order for clans or wings and hand in the kills
  • aybkamen's Avatar
    12/11/2018, 9:51 AM · 133 replies and 2143 views.
    Arkos Ceti decia por ahi: Jajajaja, te ha faltado acusarme de subir la prima de riesgo y de limpiarme el culo con la version original del Quijote. Puestos a inventarte cosas, al menos que sean creativas. Y bueno, el deshonor es dedicar tu esfuerzo a crearte la nave de combate perfecta y luego ser incapaz de combatir porque la gente sabe escaparse mejor de lo que tu sabes capturarlos. Si no sabes forzar un combate, aprende a pilotar y deja de ir a llorar por ahi porque la gente se te escapa y no sabes pararlos. Es que el combate en ED me aburre bastante, asi que no le voy a dedicar mas que el esfuerzo minimo necesario. Si a ti el combate te divierte, pues bien por ti. Adelante, ves y busca gente para combatir y diviertete. Y si alguien me interdicta con ganas de combatir, como que a mi no me apetece voy a huir del combate (que me entretiene bastante mas), y si no lo logro, prefiero que se destruya mi nave y pagar la recompra a combatir, porque me aburre. A lo que voy es que es mi juego, he pagado...
  • Dicehunter's Avatar
    12/11/2018, 8:11 PM · 90 replies and 2416 views.
    Had a bit of spare time on my hands and hate to see a bar only three quarters full so ground out the remaining ranks for both factions, I know there is no reward or access to anything after Duke and Rear Admiral but why give the option of being able to go higher when we don't gain access to anything ? This is not a moan I'm just genuinely curious.
  • The_GaryxGaming's Avatar
    14/11/2018, 7:51 PM · 104 replies and 1871 views.
    MAIN ISSUE The Mamba, a racer prototype, ship half engine, only has class 5 thrusters along with copypasted FDL core modules I'm suggesting it will have the thrusters upgraded to class 6, same as both Kraits and Python (which engines are way smaller than Mamba's on the model, yes this is correct as Mamba's engine assembly won't fit in Python's frame) Increasing the size to 6 for Mamba would serve 2 purposes, firstly it would allow it to reach it's full potential regardless of loadout as the ship doesn't have the ability to tank damage like FDL and secondly it would make more sense (Those assemblies are huge) As seen from the size comparison, the thruster size class makes no sense as the ship has so poor internals there is no justification for all this empty space other than large thrusters Second big grief is the abysmally small FSD that barely allows a fully tanked up Mamba to travel anywhere with it's tiny fuel tank, forcing people to spend credits on transfers. This is rather problematic as...
  • jahrv's Avatar
    11/11/2018, 11:05 PM · 70 replies and 2764 views.
    It was the best VR game when it add support for VR but after spend some hours this weekend the game is out for me. I have uninstall it. - Fly trough any system is tedious. It has no sense. You spend hours and hours flying around any system where planets are about 10 minutes away in many cases. - Refuel is terrible, the speed of refueling is horrible. - Missions ended stupidly when you aproach a hub and suddenly witthout any second to react you are hit down. Do not understand at all. No time to negotiate a bill or something, just hundreds of shots firing at you and you are end after four or five hours flying around to try to end an eternal mission. Horrible boring. The game has ended for me. It is a pity because I love the VR support but I cant suffer anymore the slowness of this game, and in VR a game must be minutes, not hours. Bye bye Elite. Let's try another things.
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