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  • Sandro Sammarco's Avatar
    15/05/2018, 12:58 PM · 1351 replies and 74887 views.
    Hello Commanders! As well as having a good old chew on Squadrons, were loading up a side order for the Focused Feedback Forum, because, frankly, we want to get more feedback! Importantly, this is an additional topic and does not replace the line-up announced earlier for Squadrons, Mining and Exploration. Were considering a package of tweaks to Powerplay and wed like your thoughts on them. Note that this is not a fait accompli, just something were investigating. The concept behind these changes is not to completely change Powerplay, but address a few important issues as efficiently and nicely as possible. Some of these changes are subtle, others very significant. The idea is that as a whole they form a rounded update that provides improvements to the core experience of Powerplay. As a flash topic, this will be the only thread, so all relevant replies can live in it. Please use the headings listed below with your replies to make it easier for us to process the thread, and of course, please...
  • Earth Ultimatum IV.'s Avatar
    15/05/2018, 1:59 PM · 790 replies and 17823 views.
    If this goes through I'm definitely buying a few ship kits to support this decision. Powerplay should have been open only from the start. It never made any sense to allow it outside of open in the first place, since it doesnt offer any additional gameplay elements over BGS other than PVP (which people who played in PG/solo don't get anyway). This willl be an amazing move in the correct direction, Frontier.
  • yminale's Avatar
    16/05/2018, 4:39 AM · 670 replies and 15196 views.
    First we lose offline mode, the we get ignored and now features like Power play are being denied to us. Solo players make up 1/3 of the player base if not more if you count consoles. It's obvious that Fdev no longer considers us even though we put in the same amount of money if not more in to the game. Fdev needs to either compensate us in some other way or allow us to ask for full refunds since they sold us a crippled game. Remember "all modes are equal" Fdev you are facing serious legal repercussions if you don't acknowledge this issue.
  • Genar-Hofoen's Avatar
    17/05/2018, 10:58 AM · 520 replies and 7623 views.
    EDIT: Additional points added below the OP... I posted this as a response to Sandro's thread, but it needs discussion here where normal replies can be made without incurring the wrath of breaking that Feedback section's rules.. Hi Sandro. I did some research. Waaaaay back in Newsletter #72, Powerplay information was released on the 23rd April 2015.
  • Malkano's Avatar
    19/05/2018, 10:53 AM · 485 replies and 6986 views.
    Hello everyone, I have been thinking a bit about the powerplay being open only and while I am firmly on the side of no but for the sake of arguement that Powerplay did go open only. I was curious what should/could solo and PG players get that is exclusive to their modes? I believe taking away something from I would say a decent sized portion of the player base should be compensated in some way. Just what sort of things/ideas people have. My personal take would be NPC wingmen you could hire like our pilots or even be able to use more then one fighter at a time. No this is not a troll post but merely a discussion on what people might want to see.
  • m0rl0ck's Avatar
    18/05/2018, 11:06 PM · 423 replies and 8943 views.
    I thought the Engineers was as low as it was possible to go in bad game design, but here FD is thinking about changing the basic nature of the game after we bought it. Not that i really care whether pp is open only or not, but just on the principle that FD shouldnt be rewarded for changing the basic nature of the product from what was advertised and sold, I am thiniking about asking for a refund. This sets a precedent i dont want to see play out. A vendor removing basic features from a product after its sold and the money is in the vendors pocket seems unethical, maybe fradulent, and possibly illegal.
  • CMDR Ivana Kolchak's Avatar
    17/05/2018, 11:02 AM · 317 replies and 7052 views.
    ... is that FDev will slowly realize open only and a player shaped game world would have been infinitely better from the start. Seriously is there any other reason? I very much doubt it.
  • Andro's Avatar
    15/05/2018, 7:59 PM · 253 replies and 5796 views.
    I definitely agree that Powerplay actions should be restricted to Open only, but I think these restrictions should be taken further. For starters, UA bombing should only be allowed in Open, in that if at any point while carrying UAs the player enters Solo/PG, the UA can no longer affect stations, and the same for Meta-Alloys. BGS should still be able to be influenced by Solo/PG, but possibly in a reduced state (25-50% of normal influence changes). Just my opinion.
  • Jex =TE='s Avatar
    17/05/2018, 3:15 PM · 254 replies and 5013 views.
    As well as locking out Solo players, FDev also want to kick Mac users to the floor and also non Horizon players - can't Eng your ship? Don't even bother playing PP, right? So Mac users get it worse because they literally cannot buy Horizons.
  • mephisto9466's Avatar
    16/05/2018, 8:53 AM · 227 replies and 5348 views.
    Right now im thinking about selling the vette. I have no use for it. I have all 3 big ships and right now, the vette is honestly the worst of the big 3. Crap jump range, crap speed, horrendous weapon placement, mediocer hull and shields when compared to the conda and the cutter, the only 2 things its got going for it is its manuverability and the 2 huge hardpoints. However arguably the cutter has much better damage over time than the vette and its cargo space is pretty meh. What reason is there to keep the bloody thing when i can do everything that it can do just better in the conda and the cutter? excluding manuverability?
  • Blight Born's Avatar
    15/05/2018, 7:49 PM · 211 replies and 5329 views.
    If you're talking about the Xbox Live and PSN, can you even access the FDev servers to even play in Solo? I'm pretty sure you need a connection to even play the game, so I'm not sure why this is an argument point. That said, I haven't played the Xbox version since I got my VR set last fall for my PC, but I haven't heard of Fdev charging a fee to access Open network.
  • znrt's Avatar
    18/05/2018, 12:03 AM · 221 replies and 4480 views.
    this is about the proposal to make powerplay open only, about the game in a broader sense and about us, the players. the proposal has garnered immediate enthusiasm from many, and also stiff opposition from others, all of which is respectable and totally understandable. i can relate to both views: the enthusiasm is logical since this change announces, for the first time in the short history of ed, a much sought after environment for direct player confrontation with consequences, where pvp can trascend the casual encounter and drive a greater conflict based on group action. this is a whole new dimension for the game. the opposition is logical since this effectively takes away existing game content from players who are not into pvp and don't want to get into it. it also raises legitimate fear that this change signifies a trend of future decisions favoring pvp aspects of the game, in detriment of the currently established principle that all modes are equal and all content is available to all. i...
  • Rinzler o7o7o7's Avatar
    18/05/2018, 11:44 AM · 249 replies and 3047 views.
    So just for the record, it's only powerplay that is going to be locked into open only. You can still trade/explore/grind the BGS in solo/private, but this discussion is only about powerplay. I am not convinced that undermining/fortifying/preparing from within solo play is healthy for powerplay as a whole.
  • babelfisch's Avatar
    16/05/2018, 11:27 AM · 170 replies and 5008 views.
    See thread title. :)
  • Aaron T's Avatar
    19/05/2018, 11:06 PM · 175 replies and 4208 views.
    I broke my neck in the Army while serving others, and I am in pain 24/7. For me to play an hour straight is a sacrifice of any comfort. My hands are very weak and shaky, and it takes me forever to get a mission set up and under way. So for me to be griefed after an hour of setting up a 45 minutes trip, lose the reputation with factions, credits, etc, is a huge deal. I therefore fly in solo, to avoid being griefed for nothing, because the loss will cost me hours, to regain the rep and credits, etc, and every hour as stated before is in pain and great discomfort.
  • Truesilver's Avatar
    16/05/2018, 9:46 AM · 143 replies and 3369 views.
    Via the perfectly accurate (?) medium of a forum thread, I would like to ask Dangerous Discussion users (who may have huge, little or no time in PP) two questions: 1. Are you in favour of Frontier's Open-only Powerplay proposal? 2. What proportion of your in-game time do you estimate that you have been pledged? The latter out of: A. 76% - 100%
  • john willi's Avatar
    16/05/2018, 6:57 PM · 177 replies and 4702 views.
    Hi Cmdrs, There appears to be an irrational fear if not hysteria regarding the mode, when reading the opinions reported on these forums. I just wantd to report my experiences as a player who plays almost exclusively in open - for over 5200 hours to this point. Firstly, as I rarely play in the 3/4 most popular systems I rarely see another player, I think it has been about 5 days of play currently and this infrequency is far from unusual. Secondly, in three years and over 5000 hours I have had 8 negative interactions with other player Cmdrs.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    16/05/2018, 6:54 AM · 203 replies and 2796 views.
    To maintain the idea that all modes are treated equally, in order to compensate for the (potential at this time) loss of PP, PG/solo players need something in return. My suggestion would be NPC wingmen. Its a long requested feature, and maybe a part of the DDF (?), so why not make it exclusive to PG/solo, where winging up is more difficult or not possible. Thoughts? What do you think PG/Solo players could get in return?
  • fuub's Avatar
    16/05/2018, 2:47 PM · 183 replies and 3150 views.
    ... the whole game has always been handicapped to keep everything equal between solo and open, don't you think it is fair that just one feature which is pvp focus can exist only in open and finally enhance the gameplay? The game really needs some core change to stop being so shallow and this could prove to be a major improvement to ED depth. Also, you can still join open and participate in PowerPlay if you want, so you are not blocked of nothing. PS: Its almost 2020, stop using slow internet as a reason.
  • S~P's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:29 PM · 137 replies and 5691 views.
    Got kicked off and now can't get back on. Anyone else having trouble?
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