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  • BluStar's Avatar
    17/08/2018, 7:29 PM · 499 replies and 11991 views.
    Disappointment with elite dangerous is generally increasing. Comment sections on trailers are getting more and more negative and toxic. (check new trailer comment section) People dont expect anything great anymore from Fdevs. Put the time on half year or year, you can see decreasing playerbase in this game after thargoids got released. Either frontier wakes up, or this game is going to die sooner than they expected. Many people from player faction im part of are slowly leaving or taking long term breaks, myself included.
  • mephisto9466's Avatar
    15/08/2018, 2:59 AM · 338 replies and 5970 views.
    Alright i just want to know your guys opinions on combat logging. The "legal" way which is to hit esc and wait 15 seconds to log out, the other way which is task manager it, and just the whole combat logging in general. Opinions please. REMAIN CIVIL
  • Cmdr-Wotherspoon's Avatar
    16/08/2018, 7:05 AM · 220 replies and 9023 views. So, wearable, mixed-reality computing, to be formally announced at an "expo" October. This seems full of potential for what might happen after the end of Beyond. Also, what gaming conventions or Expos are there in October? I can't think of any.
  • Requiem Mortis's Avatar
    16/08/2018, 7:06 PM · 186 replies and 11359 views.
    Announced on livestream @ 6:30 Thanks to Bryski for Teaser Trailer Link
  • Edward Lewis's Avatar
    16/08/2018, 7:58 PM · 146 replies and 10639 views.
    Greetings Commanders! Load up your calendars and make sure to mark the 28th August because Elite Dangerous Beyond: Chapter Three is on the way! This brand new update (3.2) is focused on bringing you some engaging new content in the lead up to the larger Quarter 4 update later this year (Chapter 4). We'll have more information coming out of Gamescom about the next update (Chapter 3) next week, so as usual keep an eye on the forums and our social media channels for the latest official announcements. o7 Watch the teaser here:
  • amadeus1171's Avatar
    15/08/2018, 11:16 PM · 195 replies and 5651 views.
    Let's face it. Only gankers and murder hobos use this because they can keep their recticle on the target with little difficulty. And whoever heard of piloting a spaceship with a mouse?! Come on! That's just silly. Use a joystick, controller, HOTAS, or keyboard. The mouse should only be for pointing. Agree/Disagree? Discuss
  • Heater's Avatar
    15/08/2018, 8:33 AM · 129 replies and 5121 views.
    First off I am all for open play etc. and have no problems with PVP what so ever, But I saw a new low last night, two players in cobras one in the station one outside, Waiting for large ships type 9’s type 10’s to enter the slot and then both would enter the slot from each side to wedge their ships between the player’s ship and the slot and wait for the station to destroy all 3 ships. Sad when you think about it.
  • Paul_Crowther's Avatar
    16/08/2018, 2:54 PM · 120 replies and 4895 views.
    Greetings Commanders! Tonight from 7PM BST on join Ed and Will as they continue the epic Bug Hunt as the duo chase down the Thargoids! They will be checking out some Guardian ruins to see if it will help improve their chances against the insectoid threat. We’ll be opening the livestream with a special announcement, so make sure you tune in at 7PM BST.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    15/08/2018, 7:48 AM · 109 replies and 2896 views.
    So Sir T.J. (upon whom we turn our blamethrowers) started a thread back in uh 2014. So, like uh, 1290 years ago. Thread: What's your first impressions of Elite Dangerous? Post in here and tell us So anyways a few years ago, I went back and updated my original post, and I did so again today. Now a lot of you won't have put something in that thread. But I'm interested - find your oldest post and re-read it.
  • Un1k0rn's Avatar
    17/08/2018, 12:15 AM · 137 replies and 2188 views.
    Everyday is just wake up. Eat. Turn on computer for a 12 hours. Fall asleep. Repeat. But oh no everyone around me would rather I just stay in my room all day. Much easier than getting me out of the hole I was shoved into. Why did I have to get bullied? Why did have to be agitated so much that it literally drove me insane? Seriously, why couldn't they beat up someone else for a change? Well, here I am. Alone, a prisoner in my own home. Bloody hate it. I hate the way I've been pushed to the bottom of the barrel.
  • Blight Born's Avatar
    Today, 2:37 PM · 117 replies and 1345 views.
    Have you heard the saying "Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life"? I always hate it when I see other CMDRs complaining about the engineer grind. I hate to see when people say "Oh, I refuse to do engineers. I'm not about that grind life. Everything I have is stock". Listen, it's only a grind if you let it become a grind. If you enjoy the game, then you are already on your way to engineering, because the game practically hands you the materials you need for doing nearly every activity, anyway. I actually like surface mining. It's peaceful, there are some fantastic views, and I LOVE driving around my SRV in VR. Me in my little cockpit bubble turning this way and that, doing jumps and flips!
  • M00ka's Avatar
    14/08/2018, 1:14 AM · 91 replies and 2334 views.
    Okay, way too much doom and gloom on the first page, time for a light hearted post I think :D Being an avid forumite plus still actively playing the game for way more hours than I probably should be, I have come to a realisation that after 1,600 odd game hours there are still significant aspects of the game I have never touched - I have never mined an asteroid: Yep, this core activity is probably the one I will never do, just doesn't interest me in the slightest. Hat's off to those who enjoy it, just not my cup of tea. I have never killed another Commander: But by god I have killed a lot of those nasty and naughty NPCs. Even though I avoided Open for a while, I have started playing in the big kids playground for the last couple of weeks. Don't know what I will do if I find myself in conflict with another Commander, meh probably end up in a cloud of cosmic dust then the rebuy screen. But yes, as it currently stands, I have not killed a fellow player. I have never used a limpet: Probably...
  • BoggiBlanko's Avatar
    19/08/2018, 5:16 PM · 84 replies and 4312 views.
    Is anyone invited? Will anyone be there tomorrow already? Some private persons will get access too, hope they'll keep us updated!
  • Metal Angel's Avatar
    19/08/2018, 10:57 PM · 97 replies and 2367 views.
    Right? The Federation has 3. The Alliance has 2 (presumably 3 by next update) and the Empire has none. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we have the Clipper, but it would be nice to have one or two more in that size range (but a little smaller so they could land on a medium pad). Maybe something a little multi-role leaning for delivering imperial slaves or culture shock propoganda, and a combat focused one for putting the pesky federal assault ship in its place.
  • amadeus1171's Avatar
    15/08/2018, 11:25 PM · 82 replies and 3254 views.
    ED's user interface is horrendous! There are many things missing in the game that third party developers took upon themselves to add what FD would not but should be in the game. Brett even said himself that it's necessary to implement things in the game because third party developers already did it. Seriously?! Seriously?!?! So instead of putting things in the game that should be there the responsibility is abdicated and not the users are left to fend for themselves. So, what am I talking about? Well here is an incomplete list: Finding material traders - The interface is just broken
  • CMDR Ziggy_GG's Avatar
    16/08/2018, 8:33 PM · 81 replies and 2880 views.
    Commanders! Did you get your wedding invitation yet? Just got mine and I'm sooo happy :D So I hope I will see you in Cemiess system next weekend? This will be a glorious wedding! P.S. Only Kings serving under Princess rules for more than half a year got invited.
  • Jeruth's Avatar
    19/08/2018, 10:50 PM · 72 replies and 2107 views.
    for me, its when my federal corvette exploded because I ran out of my oxygen mear inches away from landing on the landing pad, really that's the most stupid way to watch your ship explode into stardust in my opinion. your character would merely die leaving a hulk of a ship left behind possiblu as a way recover it using a siedwinder or a locally soarced fighter but insteed it simply explodeds making you rebuy the whole thing and because of this i have lost my will to keep playing this game after grinding 3 weeks to get it
  • Flimley's Avatar
    15/08/2018, 9:25 PM · 77 replies and 2976 views.
    Received an email today regarding reserving your squadron name. ...Just wondering, is the general consensus to name these squadrons the same as ones player group? Or something else entirely? Update Kindly received an email from Will F clarifying a question from a couple of Cmdr’s... Not sure yet if ones chosen squadron name will be permanently embedded on the Carrier ship. Yet? But Will F did mention that squadron features are not able to be revealed at the moment. So I’m thinking that this one may well be in discussion currently ?
  • rp198419's Avatar
    16/08/2018, 6:59 PM · 78 replies and 1942 views.
    I'm fed up with seeing two empty seats and unattended computer desks when flying my Anaconda. I would dearly like to see someone...anyone...sitting in those empty seats. So, why can't those seats be filled without me having to engage in boring, difficult to arrange multi-pew? I don't have the answer. If you do, please express your thoughts below. Hell, I'd even pay for it. :)
  • M00ka's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:06 AM · 75 replies and 2480 views.
    I finally made Elite last night (yay for me, and yes I did do a happy dance around the desk lol) and was naturally granted access to Founder's World and all the goodies associated with it. Since I have heard a lot about the wonderful place where all things are available to the restricted few, curiosity got the better of me so I jumped in the DBX and went for a looksee. And I can safely say I was kind of disappointed. Here is the home of the Pilot's Federation, that one bastion where you have to prove your worth to be allowed to visit. It was just another station, nothing stood out, no pretties, no banners, heck I have seen a lot more stations that are more pleasing to the eye. I'm not sure what I was expected, but something more than just a run of the mill station. You would think that such an important facility would be at least a little unique, something you wouldn't get to see at any other system. Kind of poor form FD, you could have spent a little effort and made it something worthy of a...
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