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  • Raiko's Avatar
    Today, 1:31 PM · 2301 replies and 240587 views.
    Raiko replied to a thread [EVENT] Buckyball Racing Club in Dangerous Groups
    Oops lol! Yes, you're right of course, I'd gotten it into my head for some reason that your race was originally where it is now in relation to 3.0's drop, rather than straddling the drop date and so (in my head) there was now a free week. And I didn't check the calendar. In that case I'll run the race in between yours and furrycat's so long as the rescue scenarios remain in the game. :) Incidentally, my wife is due to have a baby by c-section on 6th March if all goes to plan, so if the stress test weekend is a disaster then my participation in Chicken Run won't be guaranteed. I was most likely to have opted to run after your race anyway because of that! Lol. I'll manage to get onto the forums during that week (so would have been able to post race updates), but won't be in game much. :)
  • TheSynopticVision's Avatar
    Today, 1:30 PM · 9 replies and 179 views.
    Well OK, at this distance this isn't too different from what I see. Still, I think we can agree that this "random distribution of islands" could look a bit more convincing. Or well, it does look convincing, but they all look the same. In fact: are they actually the same texture or is it simply that they are procedurally generated and therefore very similar?
  • John Xenir's Avatar
    Today, 1:29 PM · 20 replies and 356 views.
    Not in system, but rather closer to the planet surface. Trust me, trying to spot that POI from 10km high in 'conda is a pain the thruster. SLE would be a much better idea of quick and nippy POI search. Also, CANYON RACING!
  • Rebel Yell's Avatar
    Today, 1:29 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    It shouldn't be "extras" (as it wasn't mentioned as "extra").
  • Krieger's Avatar
    Today, 1:29 PM · 6289 replies and 358073 views.
    If you have Horizons you should be able to land on planets. Have you tried it? I'm a PC player and not too familiar with Elite on XBox but AFAIK you only need the Horizons expansion to land on planets. All core functionality is included in Horizons, same as on PC. On PC we can choose in the launcher to start Elite with or without Horizons. I don't know if that is the same on XBox. If so, maybe you accidentally launched Elite without Horizons?
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 1:28 PM · 6 replies and 222 views.
    Agony_Aunt replied to a thread Cross My Path... in Exploration
    LOL.... well, i might be bad, but not as bad as that Alintil guy... he's all over the place.
  • Sweet&Dandy's Avatar
    Today, 1:27 PM · 4 replies and 32 views.
    Sweet&Dandy replied to a thread 89%... in Xbox One
    Just hit pioneer today with my latest commander. In no rush to go further ATM.
  • Zetta's Avatar
    Today, 1:27 PM · 4590 replies and 277015 views.
    Isn't that meant to be part of the RP experience though? If players are the marines and standing around doing nothing until someone boards the ship it's going to get boring very quickly. If they're changing fuses, putting out fires, cooking, playing cards, mopping floors etc, it might keep some people strangely entertained.
  • aybkamen's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 PM · 11 replies and 313 views.
    Entiendo tu sentimiento. Por si acaso, puedes asignarle una tecla a activar/desactivar las lineas orbitales. De este modo es rapido activar las lineas para recolectar combustible en el sol (y asi tener una guia mas para evitar chocarte) y luego desactivarla para pasearte por el sistema y tener las vistas. En cuanto lo tienes en una tecla que activas y desactivas a menudo, deja de romper la inmersion y pasa a ser una funcion mas del sistema de exploracion, del tipo "Muestrame el calculo de proyeccion de orbitas...humm, interesante, esta luna orbita en un plano diferente del resto...voy a echarle un ojo...desactiva vison de orbitas"
  • Cmdr Nemo LXXI's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 PM · 9 replies and 145 views.
    I've got three conda's, a vette, a python and an FAS. Though the FAS might get replaced with the Chieftain after I get a chance to check it out. In addition, one can have up to 60 modules in storage also. Thus one can have one or two ships and simply convert them when ever they wish. Which I use to do, now I simply jump from one to the other, though if you can't afford it, shipping can be a bit to much to handle. It's based on size, value and distance. Thus having a lot of mods in storage is a cheaper way to go. Shipping takes just as long, but mods don't cost near as much as whole modded out ships.
  • Jynessa Loraeyn's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 PM · 151 replies and 8345 views.
    Yes - under the new system, that is also possible. However, in practice, I'm not sure how often commanders will actually bother KWS scanning Clean ships to see if they turn Wanted. Honestly, I doubt that's going to happen much at all, though it's kind of cool that the possibility is there :) For the most part, I think commanders using KWS only ever scan Wanted targets, so the effect is just going to be that they get a bunch of extra bounties of the same value as before... so not much practical change at all.
  • Mad Mike's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 PM · 44 replies and 786 views.
    Indeed. Coop and touch support and it would be fighting for top spot as best vr game imo up there with pCARs, lone echo and of course ED
  • Seizewell Warrior's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 PM · 4 replies and 75 views.
    I would be happy to exchange 6 units of carbon or iron for one of germanium or the other components of jumponium fuel. As I noted in a separate thread earlier, my material storage is now 80% full (on current capacity) with stuff that has no immediate or obvious use. So quite looking forward to trading it rather than fly-tipping into a star.
  • Alec Turner's Avatar
    Today, 1:26 PM · 100 replies and 1897 views.
    Oh god - absolutely! Have it display the name (and category if we get those) that you've given to the bookmark when you click on that system or body. I can't remember exactly where but currently, when you select a system with a green friend marker on it, doesn't it display the commanders name somewhere? Anyway, something like that so I can see why I've bookmarked that system.
  • Steve's Avatar
    Today, 1:24 PM · 228 replies and 60587 views.
    Hi Andy, Sorry for the delay in replying. I went away for a few days and forgot to take the laptop! :o I had already set the following in the config file loadPanelTexturesToVideoCard=0 loadCabinTexturesToVideoCard=0 loadGameTexturesToVideoCard=0 loadPlanetTexturesToVideoCard=0
  • Greylock's Avatar
    Today, 1:23 PM · 44 replies and 786 views.
    Wish it had co-op :-(
  • CMDR labrunning's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 PM · 660 replies and 32449 views.
    Bit more info? If you can tell me exactly where I can buy it, where I take it I can haul with my T9 this weekend.
  • marx's Avatar
    Today, 1:21 PM · 20 replies and 356 views.
    Or maybe they did consider taking out SRVs in multicrew and whatnot, and it's just technical limitations that kept them from doing it. Multiplayer can be a fickle beast , and what would sound like good ideas in theory might not turn out to be feasible in practice. Don't forget that with online gaming, there's the problem that you have to shoot for the lowest common denominator, and that is low. Customers will be trying to run the game on very slow and high latency connections, over cheap networking hardware that's poorly configured. (Might not even be their fault, maybe their ISP will just give them the cheapest modem and AP they can get.) Then of course it's the game's fault that that doesn't work. So you have to design with plenty of tolerance, but that means sacrificing many things. As for the helm being limited to the host, I believe that's a design and technical limitation too. The design part is that Frontier doesn't want to have to deal with people turning over the helm to someone else, then said...
  • Seizewell Warrior's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 PM · 24 replies and 391 views.
    Interesting... I will check that out so at least I can amuse myself with a bit of WRC or FO4 while waiting.
  • Raino's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    Raino replied to a thread Will COVAS be paid content? in Xbox One
    my hope is they open a slot for further variations, store, 3rd party... who knows
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