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  • Gutser's Avatar
    Today, 2:19 PM · 185 replies and 18960 views.
    Please, no. Git gud with camera drone.
  • sak75's Avatar
    Today, 2:17 PM · 14 replies and 75 views.
    Gracias Ilo te lo agradezco. Pero si les tus comentarios y lo último de que ya tienes un grupo de CQC. ¿No te da la sensación de que estabas trolleando? Por lo menos a mí me lo ha parecido....
  • Arnoldo's Avatar
    Today, 2:17 PM · 4971 replies and 416269 views.
    Hey, +1 for sticking with the journey if not the main body of the exped; see you on your return!!
  • EISENHORN01's Avatar
    Today, 2:16 PM · 33 replies and 400 views.
    Totally lost me the moment you said “combat players will be forced to use the fss” as if that would be a bad thing. Gee I’m sorry the games getting in the way of combat players or just you which ever it is.
  • Micha's Avatar
    Today, 2:16 PM · 35 replies and 2050 views.
    So I -thought- it was mentioned in a livestream which contained FDev staff, however, I'm not re-watching hundreds of hours of those and, like IanD, can't find a concrete reference. So without proof positive I'll have to go with IanD's assertion that it's an unsubstantiated rumour. My apologies for keeping it going. Also sorry for the late reply - was off scuba-diving!
  • kpmop's Avatar
    Today, 2:15 PM · 33 replies and 400 views.
    It's a game: You have to have a common set of rules and mechanics for everybody. You can't have a special easy exploration mode for combat pilots or it devalues the exploration gameplay. It'd be like having a special mode for traders who don't want to get blown up in open during CGs...
  • Arnoldo's Avatar
    Today, 2:14 PM · 22 replies and 485 views.
    still haven't had a system location which makes it problematic to offer advice/look at route options. The presence of only WD and NS and the ranges between the systems indicates he may be somewhere high above/below the plane or that he's filtering star types (I once called the Rats 'cos I forgot I was filtering on NS and WD :), wont be the last to do this). More info please Cmdr and check your filters..
  • Sunyavadin's Avatar
    Today, 2:14 PM · 33 replies and 400 views.
    Yeah, because you're the kind of player who goes for completely scanning systems. The galactic features which those of us who have an issue with the current implementation look for are things we could spot the likelihood of from the data in the system map. It varies from person to person, and a wide variety of the sorts of things we're looking to find have already been listed in plenty of these threads. Once we'd spot a system with something potentially interesting, we'd fly to it and check it out, but that could take hours of jumping, scanning, checking the sys map, and moving on. The new mechanics make it faster for people going for full scan completion, or who would scan high payout items, but slower for the rest of us because the data we got from the ADS which told us if there was anything we might find interesting, now requires scanning the entire system. We're fine having the new mechanic as the only means to get tags, find planetary objects, get payouts for anything... We don't care about...
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 2:14 PM · 90 replies and 2584 views.
    I don't think the OP is talking about planetary rings, but rather outposts and megaships shrouded in "fog". I'm personally fine with the dust and ice particles found in rings, for the very reasons you give (and it does look cool).
  • ilo's Avatar
    Today, 2:13 PM · 7 replies and 86 views.
    No idea, but definitely not the next 4-5h, im still out.
  • Burke's Avatar
    Today, 2:12 PM · 33 replies and 400 views.
    Nope. Just stay off my lawn. Its wrong to trample over a certain group of players. Our view is just as valid as yours and we have the benfit of being the status quo. The new system is obvioulsy not right, its obviously going to upset some people. The decent course of action, the thoughtful way would be to delay it until its better/ready. Its a free update after all, not like they are obliged to meet any date on our behalf
  • eyeonus's Avatar
    Today, 2:12 PM · 44 replies and 616 views.
    Not me. I'm with these guys.
  • FabFox's Avatar
    Today, 2:11 PM · 3 replies and 40 views.
    Thanks for those suggestions guys. Space Engine does look like something I should mention and may indeed be a better subject for a talk. I actually follow Obsidian Ant for his ED videos. What I have heard of KSC is also really good but I had discounted it because I thought that the universe it was based in, although realistic, was also completely fictional and I wanted to go to real exoplanets. I have not seen anything to change my view on that, am I wrong? I wasn't thinking of this as a tutorial for them to try, just an excuse to show a little bit of ED. But I will definitely have a look at Space Engine and and may use that instead.
  • Golgot's Avatar
    Today, 2:11 PM · 16 replies and 271 views.
    I found I could spot surface minerals at some range, and while in passing / doing something else etc in an ice ring. That was something ;) Think someone else mentioned adding an adjustable spectrum to the scan, and that sounds like it could be an attainable 'quick fix'. (More so than colour variety, which would probably a fair bit of work & reworking of the visual system, cool as it would be. Especially with the 'reflected glow' false positives which seem to exist, and seem like a good thing for 'tracking down the source' gameplay. Could be cool to have colours overlapping and requiring a discerning eye though for sure. Nightmare for the colour-blind too though ;)) POSSIBLE SOLUTION?: Add 'atomic weight' & 'mineral type' sliders for the scan? (The atomic weight is cited in the commodities description for metals etc, although would maybe need to be flagged somewhere more prominent. Minerals would need some form of taxonomy though. Maybe just the basic rocks / ores / gems would work, with perhaps...
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Today, 2:11 PM · 82 replies and 2179 views.
    I keep looking for that REP button, but alas, it's nowhere to be found! Anyway, I agree with you 100%.
  • Red River's Avatar
    Today, 2:11 PM · 13 replies and 399 views.
    I want it pick my SRV so I don't have to land my ship. again..
  • mrxtheta's Avatar
    Today, 2:11 PM · 84 replies and 2328 views.
    mrxtheta replied to a thread On gankers. in Dangerous Discussion
    For fun you should pay or be punished severely...
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 2:10 PM · 84 replies and 2328 views.
    How original.
  • Marc_Hicks's Avatar
    Today, 2:09 PM · 33 replies and 400 views.
    Aww, boo-hoo, you lost your God-honk. Sorry, am I meant to feel sorry for you? Contrary to your claim, the new system does *not* waste your time. I find it much quicker than the old system, with the key difference that I feel like I am DOING something, not merely being some passive bystander.
  • Orvidius's Avatar
    Today, 2:08 PM · 18 replies and 646 views.
    All three of the Saud Kruger ships are in the 55+ lightyear range, and the added slots just make all of this easier. I think they're all strong choices. Some things that I find notable about the removal of the slot restrictions: Beluga now has same number of unrestricted optional internals as the Anaconda, making those two the only ones with 11. Orca now has 8 such slots, matching the Krait(s), and directly between the AspX and the Python. Dolphin now has 7, matching the AspX, and in the "small" category it is only beaten by the Cobra MkIV, with its 8 slots.
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