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  • Ensign Ward's Avatar
    Today, 7:40 AM · 42 replies and 999 views.
    I'm not.
  • WordSmith's Avatar
    Today, 7:40 AM · 11 replies and 191 views.
    Yes,seen that. But how do i get that to appear i side Ed? Im either in the dash 2.0 or im in ed, I can't seem to get any interaction between the two.
  • Faybs's Avatar
    Today, 7:37 AM · 13 replies and 312 views.
    There's no reason for the most powerful thrusters to be at the back of the ship, in fact if you put them in line with the ship's center of mass (near the center of the ship, assuming mass is evenly distributed) it makes controlling the ship easier. So having the smallest thrusters at the back, with the remaining space in their nacelles taken up by the rear landing gear, does make sense.
  • lilwacky's Avatar
    Today, 7:34 AM · 119 replies and 2461 views.
    Check out some of the low orbit stations, amazing sights, you can even see yourself and the planet moving. Laming orbital and azaban orbital are a couple.
  • varonica's Avatar
    Today, 7:31 AM · 5 replies and 83 views.
    Sometimes I let my sarcasm get the better of me. I purchased ED because it's a space ship flying game and nothing else. I looked at ED, EVE, NMS, Star Citizen but settled on ED because it was a) available (where NMS and Star citizen weren't) b) it had a decent sized and supposedly accurate galaxy, where EVE's is to small and NMS didn't even pretend to be accurate and c) I could fly spaceships! Turning it into a point, click auto dock process would probably make me leave the game. To the OP, sorry about my overflowing sarcasm earlier, but you aren't the first to come up with this idea by far, but the reason people play this game is to fly spaceships, the trading, mining, exploring and etc they are all just icing on the cake. Take away the spaceship flying bit and it loses all of it's desirability. It appears to not be the best game for you to play since the core mechanics don't suit you, I suggest looking at star citizen as a possible replacement or EVE if you want a game that is actually available...
  • Scytale's Avatar
    Today, 7:31 AM · 1489 replies and 145774 views.
    You mean like Raxxla being the Graal of this storyline ? I bet you can figure out how both quests can be related by analogies, Doc. Oh my ... So many ? Where to start ?
  • Chocolatier's Avatar
    Today, 7:31 AM · 194 replies and 9961 views.
    Count me in on being a Repair Rat.
  • Narfiam's Avatar
    Today, 7:29 AM
    Actualmente en mi Anaconda tengo dos Taipanes Gelid G, pero he pensado que quizá hice mal en poner el mismo caza en los dos huecos pues debería tener diferentes para variedad de situaciones. Puse los Gelid G porque tienen laser continuo y mi Anaconda es full multicañones, con lo cual considero que es lo que más me ayuda para bajar escudos enemigos. No sé si los cazas imperiales o los Condors son mejores que los taipanes, o es indiferente, no tengo ni idea de caza, y me gustaría saber que variedad de caza consideráis la mejor y que combinación para los dos huecos. Por si sirve de algo, también diré que llevo conmigo un piloto experto.
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  • ToyTen's Avatar
    Today, 7:28 AM · 51 replies and 3445 views.
    ToyTen replied to a thread ACTIVE CG Simbad Regime Campaign (Trade) in Community Goals
    Yes i saw this one in EDDB too, but precisely this distance from entrance in that system keeps me away from going there...
  • Hairy Polo's Avatar
    Today, 7:27 AM · 32 replies and 658 views.
    OP, I have one. It's good for piracy and/or smuggling. It's a good blockade buster too.
  • CMDR Theowuld's Avatar
    Today, 7:16 AM · 17 replies and 236 views.
    I realize they like having the whole "linear increase in efficiency vs exponential increase in cost" thing, but with something like a limpet controller, it makes less sense for it to do so in tonnage. If you are remote controlling multiple drones you just need separate controller programs, transmission frequency deconfliction, and probably distinct antennas to cover the various bandwidths. So...the main change for hardware is extra antennas. So it shouldn't increase weight very much. Energy requirements on the other hand will get crazy. Also having a lot of stuff running at once may jam your own comms or sensors. That would be fun lol
  • Faybs's Avatar
    Today, 7:14 AM · 124 replies and 3819 views.
    Exactly. I'm quite sure that we're going to see lots of threads explaining why pulling the plug when the ATR shows up is not really combat logging, because reasons. The only way FDev can counter that is for ATR to keep following the perp until either they get away legitimately or get destroyed.
  • CptXabaras's Avatar
    Today, 7:11 AM · 105 replies and 10892 views.
    This, i was looking at the render screenshot on first post. They look like C3 sized Multi. Now imagine: 2 C3 , 2 C4(!) and SLF... one can dream, right?
  • damon8r351's Avatar
    Today, 7:10 AM · 13 replies and 312 views.
    Am I the only one that gets annoyed when people spell it "Chieftan"? It's "Chieftain". :P
  • NewBlacksmurf's Avatar
    Today, 7:07 AM · 3 replies and 283 views.
    Wait...what? Ive read like 10 different threads or 5 vids. Is there a simple explanation with screenshots? Everyone writes about it as if they are talking to someone whose done it before
  • Nene's Avatar
    Today, 7:05 AM · 4 replies and 78 views.
    Got it! I was having trouble reproducing it, so I set out recalling the fighter, then cancelling it later and later with "maintain formation" on the joystick. Eventually I watched the fighter come in, on the external camera, and waited until it was in the pipe before cancelling. Bingo! When I switched to the fighter, the weapons are not deployed, and cannot be deployed. Everything else in the fighter works correctly, and it flies normally, but you have no weapons. If you get jumped whilst you're recalling the fighter, this could be a bit of an issue. Video here: I couldn't find anything in the netlogs that related to it I'm afraid. Sorry it took so long to do this, I'm afraid I work somewhere that frowns on me starting Elite: Dangerous whilst I'm working and I've not had much free time.
  • krylite's Avatar
    Today, 7:04 AM · 5 replies and 122 views.
    Right, from what I saw, I couldn't get my npc fighter to attack the base without targeting a base structure where the base was already attacking me ( where a player invited into multicrew piloting an SLF could go yahoo and get me wanted by attacking the base or a station) My fighter ordered on defend didn't attack the base, only attacking patrol ships in the instance. But when I was able to target a base structure, goliath rover or turret, I could order the fighter to attack the target before I lost target lock. You'll see what I mean about the finicky targeting if you try it out.. But these days, I'd rather not do skimmer, goliath or base attack missions. The wanted status lasts too long just for those. I'd rather do pirate assassination missions or massacre CZ missions instead for bgs influencing which still pay decent credit reward.
  • Arvel Yael's Avatar
    Today, 7:03 AM · 14 replies and 257 views.
    Right. Finally. 6 hours and 20 minutes later, I'm 16,000Ly away from where I started! I've seen enough jet cones for tonight!! For this week, even!
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