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  • Gengaeldelse's Avatar
    Today, 3:04 AM · 68 replies and 4323 views.
    This is also happening to me. Sold Imperial Slaves and Arinack - Nicolet City. Here's a video.
  • CMDR GTR2014's Avatar
    Today, 3:02 AM · 114 replies and 4249 views.
    Gets my Vote leave this way. only triangles should have the diference. so you can fake NPC...
  • Tom Melegaris's Avatar
    Today, 3:02 AM · 6 replies and 172 views.
    If Chuck Norris and Tony Curtis shook hands a supernova would be born...
  • Lestat's Avatar
    Today, 3:02 AM · 166 replies and 4294 views.
    I wonder when people make a post like this forget about the fuel rats. So all you have to do is call for help.
  • ballingham's Avatar
    Today, 3:01 AM
    Hey guys, fitting my combatconda and painstakingly RNGneering it, can't decide on huge pulse laser or beam laser. Right now I have 2x c2 turret pulse (focused 1 phasing sequence and 1 scramble), 2x c1 turret pulse (long range both phasing sequence), 2x c3 multicannons (1 incendiary and 1 corrosive), 1x c3 beam laser (efficient G5 healing) and a C4 beam laser (efficient G5 thermal vent) Still need to RNGneer the medium and small lasers and tweak the multis. (have c1 pulse have scramble instead)
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  • CMDR RageJ's Avatar
    Today, 3:01 AM · 106 replies and 2924 views.
    It won't do a thing But removing engineer's from the game will make combat more balanced.
  • Tom Melegaris's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 AM · 17 replies and 292 views.
    wear a smile then.....
  • mp4x's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 AM · 12 replies and 250 views.
    What does it look like from a second CMDR point of view? If it's meant to be there, I imagine someone watching from another angle would see it too
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 AM · 826 replies and 22208 views.
    What you think? Have no significance. Because the last thing i'm going to be intrested in, what a griefer thinks of my state of mind. Especially considering, if something is wrong with it? Whose fault is that? And the another reason why no one gives a damn about what you think? It's your interest to make the other looks alike an unhinged madman, or anything. Yet again, ad hominem, as "reasoning"... That's all left to you guys, because nothing else works, and you lots already seeing the light at the end of the wormhole. And it's a proton torpedo. ;)
  • Spoil-t's Avatar
    Today, 2:56 AM · 15 replies and 167 views.
    Spoil-t replied to a thread Not again in PlayStation 4
    They have a mission board now, trade networks, system conflict levels, all new planet graphics, new combat, 30 hours of new story, etc. It's basically identical to ED now just with much more pur-tee planets to land on.
  • Cmdr Frawd Digger's Avatar
    Today, 2:54 AM
    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere else... I thought it would be really awesome if FD would allow pre-recorded voice from ED cmdrs in station comms chatter. These would be randomly added to the comms chatter, maybe around the stations where the player has allegiance. FD could have this as a "product" for sale in the FD store...the higher price paid the more recordings a cmdr could make. FD? Frawd
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  • Phazon Xenomorph's Avatar
    Today, 2:53 AM · 1 replies and 40 views.
    For the Merit grind before hitting 4th Week in powerplay, just find an Anarchy system controlled by Archon, then make sure you have an interdictor (high pop systems seem to spit out more ships in Supercruise from what I've seen, not sure that's any sort of fact though). Just blow up every single Kumo Crew ship you see (wings are juicy and make for quick merits if they are in a wing). It's the fastest way if you have a combat capable ship. As for unlocking the rank, I preferred using the Bank of Quince Planet Scans then took a jaunt over to 17 Draconis and gave the Feds all my money until I had the rank.... then I went back to Quince and now have the Empire Rank for a Cutter and am farming up the cash for one (and an Anaconda, and a Beluga...cause whynot... I need fancy things....).
  • CMDR Vorox97's Avatar
    Today, 2:50 AM · 12 replies and 250 views.
    Its probably just distortion coming from the gas. Same as when you see waves in the air on a really hot day.
  • Baelydon's Avatar
    Today, 2:49 AM · 114 replies and 4249 views.
    I say leave it as is! It'll add some much needed excitement, suspense, and for a lack of better words... it'll add a sense of "danger". Flying around in SC (for example) is boring! If I see a bunch of solid squares, I could fall asleep and not worry one bit, because npc's are so predictable I know that fight or flee... I'll survive. If I see a hollow square, I can easily chose to jump right back out of that system/avoid that player in number of ways, or prepare in advance for a fight and take my chances, but that takes away any surprise. When I jump into a new system and see some squares on my scanner, I'll have to consider who's who, I'll have to actually pay attention, perhaps actually sit on the edge of my seat (so to speak) and see if any of them change direction when I pass them in SC, as opposed to my just ho-humming along in a straight line on my way to drop off my trade goods, without a care in the world. (Because again, NPC's are predictable, fight or flee I know I'll live, just to rinse &...
  • Legion2015's Avatar
    Today, 2:47 AM · 5 replies and 255 views.
    Hi Mitch Not a one off. It happens to me in the same system all the time. I thought it had something to do with the type of star in the system.
  • Cmdr Nemo LXXI's Avatar
    Today, 2:46 AM · 15 replies and 167 views.
    Cmdr Nemo LXXI replied to a thread Not again in PlayStation 4
    I started with booms and data deliveries when everyone else was off doing other things. In a three weeks, I had made a billion credits, then I switched to doing nothing but legal passengers. Did that and aquired an additonal 2.5 billion cr's. Though I've spent most on my learning curve, I've still managed to hang on to a half billion plus my two pythons which is all I need. Now it time to earn the rank which unlocks different avenues and or aspects of the game. Though I'll quit when I get to test drive a Corvette. After that, I don't really see a purpose. But hey, anything can change. That's the cool part of this game. Just about the time ya got it figured out, there's something new added by FDev or ideas from other players. I'm loving it!
  • Faybs's Avatar
    Today, 2:46 AM · 96 replies and 3525 views.
    I got to my three billion by playing way too many hours (steam says over a thousand, and I don't always run the game from steam) and mostly flying small or medium ships so my costs are low. My one large ship, which I take out once in a blue moon when I need to give the BGS or a CG a sharp bump, is outfit for trading which is way cheaper than an A rated combat ship would be. Like others above, I also don't grind for credits - I do stuff to fulfill some goal and the credits come in. For example, I made quite a few million from missions while trying to get modular terminals for Marco Qwent. If you want to make money fast without burning out from grinding broken missions, take part in CGs. You can make a lot of money for not a lot of effort.
  • Asp Explorer's Avatar
    Today, 2:44 AM · 5006 replies and 329322 views.
    I really hope it fixes the framerate :D
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Today, 2:42 AM · 277 replies and 6325 views.
    Read the article. It'll help.
  • andreaspada's Avatar
    Today, 2:40 AM · 166 replies and 4294 views.
    Interesting suggestions, IMO.
  • Cmdr Nemo LXXI's Avatar
    Today, 2:39 AM · 15 replies and 167 views.
    Cmdr Nemo LXXI replied to a thread Not again in PlayStation 4
    Even with the new addition's, it's still basically the same game. After playing it for 7.5 months 10 hours a day and six days a week. I had done it all. They can add more, but it's just basically the same ole' thing. UNlike ED, where you can do anything and everything you want, not so with NMS.
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